Hello, everybody! 2014 is here, and with it comes a new legend spinning out of American Woman, I present to you my newest foray into Kick-Ass Fanfiction…One-Man! Now, in case you haven't read the conclusion to American Woman, I unfortunately have to talk about that series as this is the continuation of that fanfic. As such, there are spoilers, so if you wish to read the story for yourself first, I suggest you read that one first. Now, in American Woman, we were introduced to Abby Adriene, a normal local high school student from New York who was inspired by years of reading comics, and the heroics of Kick-Ass to become her own superheroine American Woman. Her first test-run as a superheroine ended with Abby getting her ass handed to her by The Red Mist, now The Motherfucker, who pushed Abby off a Five-Story-Building and then shot her in the chest. Fortunately, Abby was rescued by Hit-Girl who with the help of Kick-Ass restored Abby replacing the broken born with metal plates similar to Kick-Ass's. After an encounter with new superhero 'True Hero' and rescuing a pregnant woman, Abby became a sensation as American Woman. American Woman is even given a TV Movie with Scarlett Johanson in the titular role. Abby also develops a relationship with True Hero and even begins to consider a future with him. Unfortunately, Abby's super-hero alter came to an end when True Hero was revealed to be Red Mist's sixteen-year-old-cousin whom Red Mist made a hero only to lure American Woman into a sense of false security. Red Mist kidnaps Abby and forces her to fight to the death, before True Hero ultimately sacrifices his own life to save Abby, taking a blade right in his heart. Plauged by the guilt that she caused the death of a sixteen-year-old, Abby quit being American Woman, vowing to never get involved with Super Heroics ever again. That's basically what happened in American Woman. Now chronologically-speaking, this continuity is based on a mix between the comics and the movies of Kick-Ass, so Abby's story ended a few months before The Motherfucker made a mess out of Dave's life, before leaving to travel the world, and returning with his gang. This story takes place a few months later in the aftermath of The Motherfucker's attack, in which Kick-Ass is trying to break Hit-Girl out of prison. For the mixing of the comics and movie of Kick-Ass 2, Hit-Girl basically got away as she did in the movie, but a few months later was arrested as her comic-book-counterpart was. But for now, the year is 2014, and we are now ready to be introduced to our newest Fanfic star. With that said, I hope you enjoy. Oh, and I own NOTHING except my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes ONLY, so please don't sue! With that said, enjoy!

"So…did you hear about the latest superhero captured tonight?"

I turned to seem my best friend; Billy Fischer. He was a 15-year-old boy, and my best friend since Pre-K.

Now, who am I, you might ask? My name is Doug Iancruz, and this is the story of how I became a superhero.

I was your average ordinary Senior-middle-school-student, living in Florida with my Mom and Dad. No superpowers, nothing. I was a fan of Doctor Who, various video games, comics, and real-life superheroes. I was born to two parents who barely had any time for me and were far too busy with their time as homes salesmen.

Truth be told, it's hard to live in Florida even though I'm probably a couple hour's ride away from Disney World or Universal Florida. Usually, you really got to worry about the cops down here. Ever since Superheroes became outlawed in New York, different states decided to take matters into their own hands and were trying to get laws passed for their state. Florida got it worst. Already a mostly-republican state, police are authorized to take out any vigilante by any means necessary, even though Florida has yet to declare its stance on Superheroes yet. I know some places around the world were willing to let them stay, but some others just didn't want any more real-life heroes after what happened with New York.

I don't honestly remember much about the fall of superheroes. I figured I had nothing to do with them, and because of it, things went by so fast that I barely got a chance to know about any of them before they were forced into hiding. The only heroes I had was my Homework helper, Ms. Adriene.

Ms. Adriene was my babysitter, who often stayed with me when my parents couldn't. She came down to Florida about sometime last year, and volunteered to work with me when my last sitter left. Ms. Adriene was a nice woman, but I couldn't help but feel at the time that there was something more to her. She apparently came from New York where the real-life Superhero craze started. I had asked her before what it was like and she told me she didn't care about it anymore. If only I knew what she really meant by that.

"Dude?" Billy asked, snapping me back up, "Earth-to-Doug? Are you there?"

"Sure." I said, not even caring, "Whatever, yeah."

He was discussing to me another arrest of a real-life superhero. Apparently someone calling themselves 'The Savior' went and tried to beat-up a gang hiding out in a warehouse in upstate Georgia, but instead accidently managed to set the place on-fire and everyone got arrested. I never understood what the deal was with real-life Superheroes becoming outlaws. From what I heard, there was a battle in New York a short while ago where a supervillain had held the city hostage in an attempt to become a real-life version of Heath Ledger's Joker. Yet it was the one who started this trend, Kick-Ass, with his team of heroes that ended up saving everybody. Yet for some reason the cops decided to arrest him and everyone else in a costume making everyone an outlaw. If anything, they should've just arrested the villains! Life didn't make a lick of sense to me, and my own was about to get a whole lot more confusing.

Ian just nodded. It was at times like this I was glad to have a friend who would stand by me like this.

Finally, the bell rang, and we all exited, as I walked out into the school's front entrance, Ms. Adriene was already there waiting for me waiting in front of her car. Her light brown hair was tied into a bun, and she was wearing one of those min-skirts, and a 'I survived Jurassic Park: River Adventure' T-Shirt. Taking off her sunglasses, she walked up to me and gave me a high-five.

"Hi, there, Rock Star." She greeted, "How's it going, Iancruz?"

"Nothing much." I admitted, "I got an A on that English report we studied for."

"Nice." She smiled, "We'll let's get going back to your house, then."

Abby's POV:

As I took Cruz back to the house, I reflected on what had happened in the past year.

After I had caused True Hero's death, I gave up on American Woman as well. I took the costume and anything else that was left of my alter ego and threw it out in the East River. I didn't want anything else to do with it, and I knew deep down inside that an outlawing on heroes was inevitable.

I tried to warn Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, but they were too stubborn to go. Last I heard, a couple of months ago, Hit-Gril (or Mindy MacCready as she was now known thanks to her apprehension being everywhere on the news,) was arrested with her adopted father, and there was no sign of Kick-Ass anywhere in the news. My best guess is that he either dropped off the radar, or he was killed in the final showdown with The Motherfucker in Times Square. I understand that a lot of heroes were taken in, and Kick-Ass somehow managed to avoid arrest. From what I gathered, Kick-Ass managed to push the Motherfucker off a building, and he ended up getting worse than what I got. As I heard, The Motherfucker landed so hard that his legs and arms were practically too damaged to repair so they had to amputate him instead.

I shivered at the thought of him. I had sex with his younger cousin, for Christ sake! A boy probably just as old, if not one year older than Cruz is! Red Mist's cousin was just somebody who thought his cousin was giving him the life he always wanted and his wish killed him again.

After that, I came down here to Florida to study law and a little bit of politics. It might actually come in handy if I want to help…no. I brushed that thought aside. I just wanted to be a senator, or at least MAYBE make something for myself, but nothing life-changing like what I had lived before. I was done with that. No more heroes. No more adventures. No more American Woman. Ever again.

Doug's POV:

After we arrived home, we worked on some algebra problems, and then finished up for the night. Ms. Adriene then told me to go upstairs, and shower so that afterwards, we'd have dinner and play some of her Kinect games she brought over, seeing as how my parents were visiting South Florida and wouldn't be back until tomorrow morning.

But when I entered the room I noticed something that was imminently out of place.

Placed on my bed was a suitcase. One that looked old and worn. That DEFINITELY wasn't there when I left.

I walked towards my bed and opened the suitcase, to my surprise, there was some sort of costume in there!

Inside was a white swimsuit, red gloves and boots, a blue mask with white stars on it, and a cheerleading jacket with the American Flag on the back. Where-in-the-name-of-Mother-Eye did THAT come from?

Putting the costume to the side, I looked through the other stuff. There was also a newspaper article in there. One of a woman wearing the costume now on my bed as she was beating up some thugs.

I was wondering what that all meant, and then I saw it.

My eyes widened as I picked up a comic book encased in a plastic covering. It was of that Black Widow comic series that came out in 2009, (I think it was to promote Iron Man 2,) with a note that read 'To Abby; The Best! Scarlet Johansson.'

There was only one Abby I knew and from the look of the heroine in these photos, it was all beginning to make sense. This was Ms. Adriene!

Looking at the costume and then back at the other memorabilia, it all suddenly made sense. There was only ONE explanation for this.

Ms. Adriene was a Superhero!

"Doug!" I heard a voice declare, snapping me out of my discovery.

Abby's POV:

I stood there, jaw dropped. I had come upstairs to ask Doug if he'd mind going to sleep on his own tonight since I had to have an exam early tomorrow, and now he was somehow in possession of my old costume, and other previous possessions! Everything that I had thought was thrown away was now back in my life and in the hands of a kid I was tutoring!

Rushing over to him, I snatched the old newspaper article of me that he had been staring at and I quickly began ripping it to shreds. I then took another of the newspapers and did the same.

"Where did you get this from?!" I demanded, gathering my old costume and storing it all in the suitcase.

"You were a superhero?" Doug asked me.

"NO!" I snapped, "Not anymore! I gave that up a long time ago! Now how the hell did you get this?!"

"It was just lying on my bed." Doug said, honestly, "Why'd you retire?"

"Doug!" I told him, racing downstairs with the suitcase under my arm while he followed, "I want you to forget EVERYTHING you knew about this! You are not to say a single word, or let anybody know what's happened tonight."

"What are you going to do?" Doug asked as I entered the living room.

Grabbing the fireplace remote, I set it for the highest heat level and watched the flames go up as I went for the last remnants of my past life.

"I am going to burn this and walk away!" I declared; ready to literally throw the case into the flames.

Before I could, I heard a knock at the door.

"Hello?" A voice asked, "This is Florida Police. Can we talk to you for a second?"

"Shit." I cursed, turning the fireplace off, and throwing the case to Doug, looking at him seriously, "Doug; you need to go and hide that case! I don't care if you have to hide it in the toilet! Just find a good hiding place now! I have to talk to this guy."

Doug just nodded and left. I straightened myself out and went over to the door looking outside. It was actually too dark for me to see who it was, but it looked like a feminine figure.

"Yes?" I asked, "Who is it?"

"It's Florida Police, Ma'am." The voice told me, "We just need to talk to you."

"Okay." I said, opening the door.

Suddenly, the door burst open and I found myself sent flying back, the door falling right on my chest, taking me off-balance.

Ever since my retirement, I've been out of shape. I'm not fat by any means, but I seem to look more like a tad more closer to pre-middle age than 20 years old. I hadn't been working out in my spare time as much as I did when I was American Woman, so it was only rational that I would be a bit out of shape by this point.

I coughed loudly as I saw the doorway was on fire. I could only imagine how pissed Doug's parents were going to be when they got back.

As I tried to push myself up, a huge boot pushed the door hard against my body, pinning me to the ground. Looking up, I saw a mysterious new figure. It was some guy dressed in a priest costume with a gas mask over his face. He was also holding a machine gun in his right hand, held next to his head like some schlocky B-Movie hero.

"You will die for your sins." The man exclaimed, pointing the gun towards my chest.

He shot me once there as I cried out in pain. I still had my metal plates in there from all those years ago, but I knew that if I didn't get help soon, than I would die quickly.

For a brief second, I was crazy to consider fighting back, but then I looked in horror as I saw Doug looking over from behind the wall to the kitchen.

"Doug!" I coughed out, spilling blood from my lips, "Call 911! NOW!"

Doug's POV:

This was all too crazy.

I went to put away Ms. Adriene's costume in the garbage like she asked when I heard an explosion.

Imagine my surprise when I found a nightmarish-looking priest that looked like something out of the next Bioshock game, pinning Ms. Adriene down to the ground and holding a gun to her head.

I didn't know what else to do, but stand there, trying desperately not to shit or piss myself.

Then the man turned to me, finally taking notice of me.

Oh. Shit. I thought.

"Well," The man smiled, turning to Ms. Adriene, "What a shock! I guess you slept with someone else after all!"

Slept with someone else?! What the hell was this man talking about?!

Turning back to me, he grinned as I took cover behind the wall as he opened fire on where I had been peeking from.

I was gasping quickly now, as I heard the footsteps getting closer.

Turning to my right, I saw the garbage bin over there.

I then had an idea. It was a crazy idea, but it would have to work now. There was no other way as I saw it.

I grabbed the can and waited until I thought he was close enough and prayed to god that this plan would work.

Just as I figured he was close enough, I ran forward, trash bin in my hand, fortunately, my timing was perfect, and I swung the can out as the man came around the corner, promptly knocking him in the face, and sending him to the ground.

I was so amazed that it worked I could only stand there.

Until I heard Ms. Adriene's voice again.

"Doug!" She coughed, "Help me up!"

I went over and grabbed the door, pushing it off her. Ms. Adriene got back to her feet and ran off to the basement, reappearing with a fire extinguisher a second later to put out the flames. I noted that by now my neighbors might've called The Police by now. Nobody was allowed to get involved with superhuman or villains in Florida any more. The law here was if you see something, call the police.

Ms. Adriene was NOT doing that, as she grabbed the priest guy's body, dragging him behind the wall so no one could see her.

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Ms. Adriene asked, taking the machine gun and pointing it at the guy's head, "I'm going to blow this guy's brains out before he wakes up and tries to kill us again!"

"Ms. Adriene, NO!" I yelled.

"Go ahead." The man smiled, "Kill me like you killed your boyfriend."

I saw Ms. Adriene give a horrified look as she continued to point the gun towards the villain's head.

"How do you know that?!" Ms. Adriene declared, "Who the hell are you?!"

"I am the first of many." The man smiled.

Ms. Adriene looked at me, and then back at the guy.

"You know something?" Ms. Adriene asked, "Guns were never my type of thing."

With that, she clocked the guy in the head with the machine gun, as he fell unconscious.


I sat there as the police continued to question Ms. Adriene. My parents had been called and were coming home now. Ms. Adriene made me swear to not tell anything about the costume and I did as she instructed. Finally, the police left after taking the villain away and Ms. Adriene sat down next to me.

I don't know why I blurted out what I did next, but I suppose it was because I had felt a sort-of rush. A sense of excitement and thrill when I helped Ms. Adriene take down that guy. Culminating with my love of comics and real-life superheroes is probably what made me say to her what I did.

"Ms. Adriene…" I asked, "I want to be a superhero."

"Absolutely out of the question." Ms. Adriene said bluntly, getting up and retrieving the briefcase.

She walked me upstairs and made me get ready for bed. Once I was tucked in, I asked her one question before she left.

"Why'd you quit?" I asked.

Ms. Adriene stopped in the doorway and looked at me.

"Doug…" She said, "Trust me. It's for the best that you don't know. I was once like you and thought that being a superhero means you don't get hurt. Just trust me, you can't do this."

I didn't understand what she was saying, but I just nodded unsurely.

"Go to sleep now." She half-smiled, "Your parents will be here in the morning."

With that, she closed the door on me and I went to sleep.

But all I could dream about that night, was how I should have been terrified by that guy who attacked us.

Instead, I felt something completely different. I felt…I felt joy.

I guess it's kind of like what happens when someone takes a drug. I've never taken drugs, and I don't know anybody who does, but from what I understand, they usually feel some kind of enjoyment that usually gets them hooked onto whatever it is they're on.

That's how I was feeling right now. I was so hooked on the fact that I was able to take down a supervillain that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Ms. Adriene couldn't stop me, and if she wasn't going to help me, then why the heck should I listen to her and forget about it.

I had made up my mind and decided I wanted to be the first real-life Superhero to operate here since the ban on Supers. No matter the cost.

Abby POV:

DAMMIT! What the hell's wrong with me?!

I made a vow to never be American Woman again, and yet something Doug did is getting on me!

As I got in my car, I reflected on his face when I told him it was too dangerous for him to realize. In many ways, it was like me when I first decided to be a super hero. Young, optimistic….dammit! Stop thinking about it!

But as I continued to drive, I kept thinking back to my younger days; the more carefree days. The days when I used to be happy as American Woman, the days when I thought True Hero and I would one day…NO! STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

I needed to burn this piece of shit as quickly as possible now.

So as soon as I got back to my apartment, I quickly raced to the roof and set up a little bonfire. There was an old empty oil rig up there, so I lit some newspapers and tossed them in before grabbing my old gear. As I prepared to toss it in, though, I heard a voice from behind me.

"Hi, Abby."

I spun around to see...Me. Rather a younger version of me dressed from head-to-toe in my old uniform. My 'Glory Days' as it were.

"Miss me?" The younger Me asked.

I shook my head.

"You're not real." I reasoned, "You're just a figment of my imagination. You're not here."

"Maybe." Younger Me suggested, "Or maybe I'm your conscience here to get you back on track."

"I'm not doing this." I explained, "I made a choice to stop being a hero and I'm sticking by it. I'm American Woman no more!"

"Then why am I here?" Young Me asked.

"What're you saying?" I demanded.

"You know what I'm saying." Young me said, walking in a circle around me, "Yes, we accidentally killed somebody. Maybe not directly, though. But you saw what happened in New York and you've seen how crime is beginning to rise again. Don't you think those could've been avoided if you had stayed a hero? Okay, realistically you couldn't have saved everybody, but you could have made some kind of difference. And isn't that one of the reasons why you became a superhero? To make a difference in your life?"

I looked at her as she looked back at me.

"Let's face it, Abby;" She said, "You weren't through yet. You just dealt with too much at once and hit burnout."

"I don't have to listen to this." I said as I shook my head.

"If you insist," Younger Me said, "But what are you going to do about Doug?"

I froze with my hands clutched to the box, holding it over the bonfire.

"You saw how enthusiastic he was." Young Me continued, "He'll try to do something on his own and probably do something wrong like you did. Unless...he had the proper trainer."

My younger self was bringing up good points. But still...

"Tell you what," Young Me sighed, "Answer this for me honestly and I'll disappear forever if you tell me the truth. Do you want what happened to you to happen to Doug? Do you want him to end up like how Billy did? Do you want to help people still?"

I sighed. Slowly my hands brought the box away from the fire and against my chest. I opened the box and looked at the memorabilia from my past life. The Black Widow Comic I had signed by Scarlett Johansson, a news photo of me with Billy, and finally, my old costume. All of these things were finally making me give in to my own mental persuasions.

"Yes." I whispered softly.

"Then what are you doing up there?" A voice asked from bellow.

I walked down the stairs and let myself back into my apartment where I found my younger self sitting on the couch wearing normal clothes rather than the costume.

"Well?" My younger self asked, "Go ahead, list your conditions...and I'll tell you mine."

I closed the door and walked over to my younger self who was grinning happily.

"Let's set the rules." I explained sitting next to her.


"We do Doug's homework while training him."

"WHAT?!" Younger me asked.

"Hit-Girl helped us out when I was almost killed after my first patrol when I started out." I explained, "I owe that same luxury to Doug."

"Fair." Young Me said, "Second Rule; we shadow him while he's on patrol."

I opened my mouth before Young Me interrupted.

"Not in-costume, but just shadow him from a distance." Young Me elaborated, "Just as insurance."

I thought for a minute.

"Well," I said, "At least it helps to be there for him if something goes wrong."

"Very true."

I looked at Young Me seriously.

"One final condition," I stated.

"Yes?" Young Me asked.

"We train Doug at a run out place." I explained, "Somewhere where no one will look for us at."


"Perhaps to show that we train in secret...while healing our wounds."

Young Me smiled.

"Done." She said.

I rubbed my eyes with my hands and groaned.

"Okay." I asked, "What now?"

"You know what happens now."

I looked up to see that younger me was gone.

Doug's POV…

The next day, I sighed with relief, school was finally over, and I could relax for the rest of the summer.

"So how can John Hurt be the real Ninth Doctor if what I read says the blue elixir of life that good old Paul McGann drank is only supposed to be an artificial regeneration, and doesn't require any of his real regeneration energy? Shouldn't that mean Matt Smith was still the Eleventh Doctor and not Twelve?"

"I dunno," I admitted, "I guess maybe it's because David Tennant canceled his regeneration after getting shot in Journey's End by expelling it into his cut-off hand."


I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened last night. I had faced a real-life super villain and I should be terrified, but I felt some kind of rush from it.

I felt as if I wanted to do it again. Hell, I wanted to go out right now and fight crime.

I felt as if I wanted to become a superhero.

No. I KNEW I wanted to become a superhero.

"So you wanna see the new X-Men Film finally?" Billy asked me.

"Maybe tomorrow." I stated, looking ahead to see Ms. Adriene standing a few feet ahead of us. Her face seemed to have healed quickly since last night, and I noticed she was wearing a white tank top and jeans with black sunglasses. Her face was serious and stern.

"What happened to your tutor?" Billy joked, "Boyfriend breakup?"

"Shut up." I said, seriously but keeping my voice at a reasonable level for him to understand, "I gotta go. I'll call you later."

I got into her car, as she began driving.

"I know what you're thinking." She told me, "You want to be a superhero now, even though I told you no."

I froze, feeling as if she was going to kill me for it.

"I've had some…reflecting last night." She admitted, "And I'll tell you this...I understand where you're coming from, Doug. I know what it's like to want to become a superhero. But you're not trained well enough. You don't have the experience I've been through."

"What did you go through?" I asked.

"I'll tell sometime." Ms. Adriene told me, "Depends on one thing, though."

"What?" I asked.

We came to a red light, as she turned to me.

"Here's what I'm going to do;" She told me, "I'll let you be a superhero. But you have to train with me. I'll do your work with you after school while we do training and patrols, but it has to be in secret."

"And if I decide to go out without you?" I asked.

"Then I'll expose your secret to your parents instantly." Ms. Adriene answered, as we continued to drive, "Unless you promise to not go out. This isn't me being rude, but I'm just trying to tell you that you need my help to survive as a hero. So what do you say, Doug? Will you let me train you?"

I looked at her and nodded.

"I'll do it." I said.

"Good." She said, and began driving a bit faster, "Then hold on."

"Where are we going?" I asked.


Brent's Body Workout Gym…

Ms. Adriene had taken me over to an old an decrepit gym.

"This'll be our Batcave, if you will." Abby said, walking up to me with a Bible, "You are NOT to mention this place to ANYONE."

"So what's with the bible?" I asked.

"It's your initiation." Abby explained, "Like how Batman made Dick Grayson swear to being a hero, I'm making you swear to use your powers for good. Now place your hand on it."

I did as she looked at me.

"Now repeat after me," She instructed, "'I; Doug Iancruz…'"

"'I; Doug Iancruz…'"

"'Swear to be a hero from this dayforth…'"

"'Swear to be a hero from this dayforth…'"

"'And I swear to never question my instructor or her methods…'"

"'And I swear to never question my instructor or her methods…'"

"'For if I do, then I'm no longer a hero.'"

"'For if I do, then I'm no longer a hero.'"

Ms. Adriene smiled at me, as she put the bible under her arm and shook my hand.

"Congradulations, Ian…" She said, "Your new life as a Superhero starts now."

To Be Continued…


"My Name is Doug Iancruz. I'm a fanboy and now I'm a Real-Life Superhero In-Training. My homework helper is a former superhero who's also just become my Superhero Sensi."

(Shot of Doug and Abby doing Martial Arts together, with Abby blocking all of the attacks without breaking a sweat.)

"Stop fighting like a wimp and start fighting like Bruce Campbell!" Abby instructs.

(Doug continues his onslaught of punches only faster this time, and manages to land a hit on Abby's face and sends her crashing to the ground.)

"How's that?" He asks with a smirk.

"Ms. Adriene's a bit hesitant about me being a hero…"

(Shot of Doug stepping out of a black minivan. He's now dressed in his costume. It's a jean jacket with a red cape, a white eye mask, with black gloves, and orange boots. Around his waist is a utility belt that reads 'OM.')

"But I intend to show Ms. Adriene that I can be the one successful hero I know I am."

Close shot on Doug's eyes.

"I am One-Man."

(Quick flashes of Doug fighting villians, a man in a white business suit, a kid around Doug's age in some type of Samurai Getup, a young girl wearing some kind of glittering green swimsuit and mask with green gloves and boots, a man with some kind of weird top-hat with a spiral, and then finally a cut to black. We then see Doug looking tensely at someone and then we see it's Abby wearing her American Woman costume again.)

"You're in way over your head, One-Man." Abby says, "And I'm bringing you in!"

There you have it, folks! As Doug begins his training, Abby starts her reflecting! I thank you for joining me on this new story, and want to give you a behind-the-scenes look on how this came about.

As I stated in American Woman, I always knew the story would end with Abby retiring, but when I realized I wanted to write it sooner, I thought I could do a sequel story without Abby being the main focus of it.

When Marvel killed off The Ultimate Version of Peter Parker (who still had an infinitely more dignified version that Mainstream Universe Peter's, [and yes; two years later, I'm still pissed off and Dan Slott is still as f**king shitty a writer as ever, whom I sincerely hope croaks before he can ruin anything else at Marvel,]) and revealed the character of Miles Morales, I became fascinated with the concept of having a junior hero try to follow in the footsteps of someone much more experienced than him. Something that went along the lines of Batman Beyond, if you will, with a young protagonist discovering someone they know has a wonderful, but also dark legacy behind them, and convincing them to let them take up the mantle for a new generation.

So that's how the character of Doug Iancruz was born. And who better to tutor him than Abby? Oh, and that little sneak peak with Abby donning her outfit once more, that will not be the highlight closure of the main arc, as I've got a ton of more things I can't share right now because it's too good to say for now, I will say though that the final chapter on the first arc will be something that not many of you are going to be expecting I'm sure. All I can say is if you're reading this, thank you for taking a chance at this fic once again, and I hope you're ready to join me for the wild ride that is about to become the normal life of Doug Iancruz. As always, reviews are appreciated! See you next time!