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I sat next to Ms. Adriene as she drove the car faster than usual. I kept looking back to her to see that she had an uneasy twitch in her face. Something was definitely eating her up inside, and I had to know what it was.

"Ms. Adriene?" I asked, "What's bothering you? Is it because this villain is calling herself by a swear? It's okay, it's not like anybody tries not to swear today, so…"

"Doug…" Ms. Adriene said, exhaling deeply, "I'm going to put you in perspective here; the last time I faced her, I couldn't even take her down on my own because I wasn't trained enough."

"So how did you survive?" I asked.

"That's a discussion for another day," Ms. Adriene said, simply, "For now, what you need to know is that although I'll be keeping your back from my point, I still have to ask you to not by any means underestimate her."

"I promise I'll do my best to not let you down and get myself killed." I said, holding up one hand to show my vow.

"I hope it doesn't come to that." Abby said, pulling into a nearby parking lot near where the construction site was, "Here we go. Remember everything I taught you, and let's pray to god this doesn't go bad."

I nodded as we both got out of the car. I made my way up the stairs of the construction site, trying my best to mask my own fear. I quickly checked my phone before pocketing it away in my belt. It was 8:59 PM now.

Suddenly, as I turned the corner to face a view of the neighborhood, I felt something ram into the back of my head, sending me to the ground.

"And so, One-Man reveals himself at last." The voice said.

I turned and sure enough there was the so-called 'Bitch,' herself.

"You're one minute early." She replied.

"Whatever." I said, "I came didn't I? I would've expected a better welcome, but I suppose not EVERY super villain is that courteous."

"I'm here to tell you to stop." The Bitch replied, simply, "Stop what you're doing and go home. Drop the mask and live the rest of your life normally."

I looked at her confused, but still maintained a defensive position.

"That's all you have to say?!" I asked, in utter shock, "You hijacked a whole TV showing, demanding I come down here, just to tell me to stop?! You couldn't have just asked when you took over the news station?!"

"It doesn't matter." The Bitch said, "My employer has plans that do not involve you in the future, so he asked me to make you to stand down."

"Do I know said employer?" I asked.

Before she could respond, there was a scream and we both turned around to see someone wearing a Japanese robe, and with a white hood that concealed his face. He was carrying a Katana sword as he rushed towards The Bitch.

Normally, I would be ecstatic to meet more superheroes, but this was neither the time nor the place for help.

The Bitch simply repelled him by spinning around and kicking him in the groin, causing him to fall in pain.

"I told you not to bring anyone!" She declared, "Now I'm going to end his life and we're going to get SERIOUS about this little negotiation."

My body was frozen, but not because of how cruel she was. But because I recognized the scream and the size of the newcomer.

This person seemed to be the exact same size and had the same voice as Billy. Ms. Adriene always told me to be careful of who to help in times like this in case of a set-up, but I didn't care. If it was Billy, he was in no condition to fight, and I wasn't going to let my best friend die.

So before she could bring the sword down, I pushed her out of the way, and she fell sideways. I quickly got back on my feet, readying myself, as I took out my metal slugger bat.

"You're really gonna do this?" She asked, "The hell is so important to you that you feel you have to save him?"

He's my best friend. I thought to myself.

"It's my job to protect people and stop those like you." I lied as we rushed at each other head-on.


No, Doug! I thought as I watched him tackle The Bitch through the scope, What the hell do you think you're doing?!

It was bad enough some newbie tried to stand in, but now Doug was ignoring my orders to save his life.

I readied my sniper rifle, preparing to fire at the Bitch's kneecaps, but before I could fire, someone clonked me on my head as I fell to the ground.



I prayed that the training Ms. Adriene had taught me, as well as the various times I watched Mark Hamill in Star Wars would pay off now, as I continued to block the Bitch's attacks with my own bat.

This villainess was relentless and I didn't know if I could hold out against her much longer.

Suddenly, she caught me off-guard, and slashed at my belt. A pouch fell off and I froze. It was the pouch containing my phone. The Bitch went in to grab the phone, as I dove forward. However, before she could get her hands on it, something flew right at her, stabbing her through the palm.

The Bitch screamed and pulled away, swearing her mouth off. Any other amateur superhero would've stopped to ask what had happened, but Ms. Adriene also taught me to NEVER waste an opportunity moment when presented to you in the middle of combat. So, I swung my bat into her palm where she had been stabbed and then swung it upwards, hitting her in the jaw, and knocking her out.

With my foe finally down, I could see what had stabbed her. It was a ninja star, only it had been remade to look more like a four-leaf-clover.

"Well, I guess that's that, as they say." A female voice said, with the hint of an Irish accent that was trying to sound American.

I turned around and gasped. Standing before me was a woman around my height with beautiful red hair, wearing a green eyemask, with green lipstick. Her clothes were fishnet stockings, a green-colored jean-jacket with sparkles on there, and tight green pants with dark green boots. Underneath her jacket was a shirt containing a four-leaf-clover inside of a horseshoe. She looked stunning.

"Aheam!" She coughed, "Eyes up 'ere, One-Man."

"Who are you?!" I asked.

"You can call me Dazzle Diamonds." She explained, "Sorry for the quick entrance, but I already called the cops, and I also clonked this doll up on a nearby roof who 'ad a black costume getup an' a sniper rifle."

"WHAT?!" I demanded, "You can't do that!"

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because…" I said, improvising a lie, "Because you don't know if she's a hero or villain, do you?"

"Nope." She replied, as if this were a game to her, "But either way, I didn't clonk her that hard. I've been training for a week and I made sure to give her a wee lough tap to give us five minutes…"

She pulled my hands so that I was holding her waist as I began to feel really nervous.

"Alone to each other." Dazzle Diamonds finished, winking at me.

I was extremely uncomfortable now. I never had a girlfriend before, and now here was one that was practically gift-wrapped and ready for me!

What the hell did one do in this situation?

Unfortunately, we were interrupted by a nearby gunshot that went off near our feet.

Looking up, I saw Ms. Adriene, holding her sniper from a nearby building and looking not so happy with the situation.

"WALK. AWAY. NOW!" She called out.

"Or what?" Dazzle Diamonds asked.

Ms. Adriene fired another warning shot, making her gasp.


"Alright!" She declared, "Seesh! Leeme just get the unconscious kid and leave."

She turned to me.

"I'll leave you to deal with your Mom." She replied, grabbing the unconscious hero and pulling him away while winking at me.

"See you around, One-Man." She replied.

With that, she took off, as Ms. Adriene motioned for me to meet her downstairs.

As I raced down, I saw that there was no sign of Dazzle Diamonds or the other guy.

Suddenly, Ms. Adriene grabbed my arm and pulled me away to the car. We both got in, and drove off. I realized Ms. Adriene was behaving more irrationally than usual. She seemed extra upset today, and I could understand why.

"Who was it?" She demanded, "Who were those two people?!"

"I think one of them was Billy, my buddy. You remember him, right?" I asked.

Ms. Adriene had once accompanied me and my parents to Billy's birthday party, so she knew who he was.

"You think or you know?" She questioned.

"Why do you…"

"You need to tell him to stop." She said simply.

"Stop?!" I asked.

"He's gonna get him killed." Ms. Adriene elaborated, "Him and that other girl, who I DON'T want you hanging around anymore."

"Ms. Adriene…" I complained.

"Doug," She told me, "Something you must understand is that the world is NOT like The Avengers or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a very dangerous place with people who WILL kill you and will make you believe they're on your side to get what they want. I had to learn that the hard way that relationships, both friendly and romantic, lead to nothing but pain and misery in a superhero team. Now tomorrow, you are going to say that unless your pall to stands down, and if I so much as see that girl within a few inches away from you, I'm going to personally make them stand down myself. UNDERSTAND?!"

I was shocked, and had so many questions about what was happening, but I decided to drop it. Ms. Adriene must have had a reason for acting the way she did, but that didn't mean that I could tell this new hero as One-Man.


Later, at Abby's Apartment…


Late that night, I finally returned home after dropping Doug off. I was exhausted and felt like ten pounds of shit in a one-pound bag.

I turned it in for the night, hoping the night's rest would make me feel better about myself, but that night I was plagued by nightmares.

I dreamt I was in my Old Costume, running away from a dark shadowy figure as my homes in both Florida and New York burned behind me. I was chased across rooftops until I came across my parents and my old team who were all stabbed and lying against some wooden gravestones life scarecrows. Their expressions told me they were dead, and they all had a slit throat.

Suddenly, they all looked at me and I backed away.

"It's all because of you." They said in creepy unison.

"You lied to me and your mother." Dad said.

"You allowed us to die." Mom added

"The death of our team is on your hands." The Lasses of Justice replied in unison.

"No!" I cried, "It's not my fault! I tried, I really tried to protect you all!"

Suddenly, a hand grabbed me and turned me around so I could gasp at the figure of True Hero once more.

"Maybe that's your problem, Abby." He grinned, "Maybe you just tried too hard."

With that, a katana stabbed him through the chest, stabbing me as well.

I woke up with a shock and screamed my lungs out. Looking around, I buried my hands in my face for a minute, taking a second to recover from the dream.

I looked over on the table and saw my costume.

I now questioned my own authority. Was it my responsibility to help Doug make decisions. Granted on my own, I had failed in being a teammate and a detective to know when True Hero was lying to me, but I didn't know how it would be for Doug.

I was still going to make him his own hero and not have him be involved with others, but perhaps maybe if he could prove to me that he could trust these other guys, maybe then I'd 'graduate' him to working with other heroes.




The Next Day…

I was estattic. Despite Ms. Adriene's warnings, I had stopped a former enemy of hers from stamping out Florida, and I didn't see how this day could get any better.

But it just so happened that it did.

"Hey, Doug!" Billy exclaimed, running up behind me.

I turned around and saw him wearing an 'One-Man' T-Shirt, and clutching a newspaper in his hands.

"Did you..." He asked, almost out of breath, "Did you hear the news…about One-Man?"

"That he stopped that supervillain? Yeah, I heard about it." I answered.

"Besides that…" Billy said, "Wait! You didn't catch the broadcast last night?!"

"You focused more on the movie than you were on the film?!" I asked.

Ms. Adriene always told me to watch for details and if Billy was dealing with looking into the movie more than the event, taking into account the suspicious red eyes he had, then maybe it was a sign that my suspicions were correct.

"Look," He said, "I caught it…you're never going to believe who's playing One-Man."

I froze.

"What?" I asked.

"My parents just got the morning papers…" He stated, shoving the paper into my hands, "You'll never guess who's playing him…"

"Bruce Campell?"


"Chris Evans?"


"Then who?!" I asked.

Billy motioned to the paper as I read out loud.

"'One Man' is set to be the latest film based off of a real-life Superhero. The last attempt to bring a real-life Superhero into another form of medium was in 2012's 'American Woman TV Movie' starring Scarlett Johanson in the titular role. The new 'One-Man Movie' is set to be released around sometime next year with Matt Smith in the titular role…'"

I suddenly froze and read that last part over again.

"'With Matt Smith in the titular role…'"

My heart was beating frantically now.

Matt Smith.

Matt FREAKING Smith?!

I could hardly contain my excitement and fainted as a result.



In a Maimi High-Rise Hotel, a figure was sitting behind a desk with his hands folded. His minion, The Bitch, had been arrested, but thankfully, she'd be released later today with the help of his associates. But now was not the time for musing on failures, as he had other plans for One-Man now.

The doors to his office opened and in stepped a man wearing a fancy white tux with a blue inside buttoned-down shirt, and a white-and-blue-striped tie. He had spiky blonde hair which seemed gelled as if it were going to his right as if he had been going through a wind-tunnel.

"Devon," The figure said, "How are you doing my old friend?"

"Same old, same old." Devon smiled.

"How's the Ms.?" The figure asked.

"Which one?" Devon cracked, as the two shared a chuckle.

"There's some…problems I'd like to discuss with you," He explained, "It's about the One-Man problem."

"I understand that some super villainess came out of retirement to fight him." Devon said.

"Oh yes," The figure admitted, "She'll be released later today via my men, but there's something I want you to do. You still owe me one favor, after all."

"Sure," Devon said, "I got fired from my psychologist's job thanks to the economy so I don't have anything better to do."

"I'm glad to hear it," The figure explained, "You are a master of hypnosis, after all. A genuine down-to-Earth master unlike those hacks in Vegas. So I'm going to have my new associate train you to fight so you can take down One-Man and make him forget the reason he became a hero in the first place."

"Sure thing." Devon agreed, "I'm sure I'll be able to whip something up."

"Good." The figure smiled.

So, there you go, folks. Doug seems to have figured out the identity of at least ONE of his new allies, but who is the second ally? That's what you'll have to read to find out. Plus, with Doug getting an actual FULL movie starring someone both he and I respect to a great degree but not within the Dan Slott insanity territory, (and yes, I am still pissed off even after Peter's been brought back,) you can bet your last buck that Doug will try to find out as much as he can about the film. Some hints about Dazzle Diamond's identity will be revealed next chapter, along with a battle that will go down probably as one of the finest setups I've ever written. And yes, there will be feels. Hope you enjoy! As always, reviews are appreciated.