The sound of breaking glass stopped her.

Caroline had woken up in the middle of the night, desperately needing a drink of water. She got up, went into the bathroom, and came back to realize that Daniel was gone. She wouldn't have thought anything of it, but he had been acting strange lately. They had spent of all yesterday together, and he had been shaking. She knew that he was taking his meds, because they had gone back to the doctor together a few weeks before when she had found out he was still seeing Natalie. She watched him take a pill almost every night.

She pulled her robe over her nightie and tied it, walking down the hallway. And that's when she heard it.

"No! Stay away!"

"Daniel?" Caroline started to run. Something in Daniel's voice sounded very afraid, and not of a hallucination, but of something real.

She ran into the living room and saw Daniel holding up her coffee table book on Impressionism like it was a weapon. The glass dish that usually held fruit was in shards on the floor, the apples nestled among the glittering fragments of glass.

"Stay away from me!," he yelled. She looked around the room frantically, but no one was there.

"Daniel?," she whispered, carefully placing her hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at her, his eyes wild.

"Caroline," he breathed, putting down the book. He wrapped his arms around her and she felt his entire body shaking, even worse than yesterday.

"Something is wrong," he whispered into her hair. "Very, very wrong."

When she finally calmed him down, they sat on the couch and he explained everything to her. Caroline tried to hold his hands and soothe him, but he was still trembling too much.

"I'm taking my meds, I swear I am," Daniel said, running a shaky hand through his hair and tugging on it. "And she's the only one I see. But she's different now… she's sad and lonely."

"What does she say to you? Does she threaten you?"

He shook his head, staring at the floor. "No, no. She… she just stands there, tears running down her face, pleading with me. Pleading for…"

"For what, Daniel?," Caroline asked softly, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

Daniel looked into Caroline's eyes. "For me to make a choice. But every time I say that I've chosen you, she just shakes her head and stands there."

"Why were you yelling at her?"

"Because, I… I want her to leave me alone!," Daniel muttered, frustrated. He stood up and started to pace. "I know she isn't real, and I just want… I want to be with you." He took Caroline's hand and pulled her up to stand in front of him.

Daniel cupped Caroline's cheek. "I love you, Caroline. I want to be with you, not Natalie. You are real and you are here and I want you."

Caroline sighed and kissed him tenderly.

"I love you too," she whispered. "We'll figure this out, okay? I promise."

He nodded, pulling her into his arms. "Okay."

There will another chapter up soon, sorry that this one is a bit short! This fic was requested by Greta forever ago, and here it finally is! :) Feedback would be greatly appreciated.