A/N: Right, you heathens, you get your way. Inquisition meets Harry Potter is an irresistible combination. Full speed ahead?

Sorry this took so long. I knew pretty early on where I wanted the plot to go, but to make it work I had to explain magic, the Fade, all the gods, the Blight, spirits and lyrium. Without contradicting myself or being unbelievably deviant from cannon lore. I wrote a book on that before I started.

Ugh, my head.

But now! I know where I'm going, who and what Harry is going to mess with next, basically, if you haven't gathered it by now, the sequel is being posted. I'm committing myself to another monster story, this one probably longer and messier than the last.

And I'm looking for a beta reader, this time. Any volunteers? PM please.

Before that happens, if you, (like me), have completely forgotten what happened in this story, you should read the last two or three chapters for a hint. Or don't. But you may never understand the consequences of a sticking charm to a dragon's arse, and that's an important life lesson for anyone.