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Bella- 25

Reid- 27

Hotch- 42

JJ- 31

Garcia- 30

Morgon- 31

Rossi- 56

Emily- 32

Spencer has been hiding a secret for 2 years from his team so will one slip up get the team to meet the mystery woman in Reid's life or will the team catch them in the acted.

Spencer was in the office taking to his Girlfriend with a smirk on his face the team had just come back from a case about a mother who killed innocent children because her own child died in a hit and run and after that she could not conceive another child so she snapped. But what Spencer didn't realize that the team were behind him standing quietly listening. " Angel you have no idea how happy you've made me." Spencer said quiet into the phone then turned around in shock almost dropping the phone because of said shock all you herd through the phone was.

" Spence baby what happened?" the Mystery Woman shouted through the phone that is when Spencer regained his sense's and announced down the phone " Nothing Bella just work I have to deal with gotta go bye." and hung up the phone and just sat there waiting for someone to speak.

Derek was the first to speak up " So who was that on the phone pretty boy?" Spencer just sat there trying to think of an answer for his friend's but had none so in the end the just told the truth. " Old friend from Arizona, Girlfriend to be precise." he answered, His friend's just stared at him in shock so he just said " So what have we got." he continued.

That was when JJ spoke up " Right there has been 4 murder's in Forks, Washington 4 Girl's brown hair, brown eyes all aged around 20- 25 names are Belle Campbell, Izzy Salvatore, Nina-Bell Lockwood and Iza Hart. All women were raped and murder by getting stabbed to death 16 times and a note left." JJ announced they all start thinking but Morgan is the first one to come out with something " Caucasian Male 20 maybe 21 also maybe out for revenge, what did the note say anyway?" Morgan asked

" It said she should of just said yes then this would not have happened it's all her fault when you find her tell her this is the reason the why the lion should never fall in love with the lamb. and that was all that was therein the note." Garcia updated. " Right Team pack up and ship 'em out in 30'" Hotch announced to the rest of them, all you heard was Reid's phone going off.

"Reid you might want to answer that." Garcia hinted as Reid picked up the phone

"Ooh pretty boy talking to his girlfriend" Morgon teased "shut up" Reid mummbled then answered the phone "hey Spence looks like your coming earler than we thought" The Mystery Womans vocie came through the speaker.

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