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"Ooh pretty boy talking to his girlfriend" Morgan teased "shut up" Reid mumbled then answered the phone "hey Spence looks like your coming earlier than we thought?" The Mystery Woman's voice came through the speaker.

"what? Why? is he there did Edward come to the house" Spence spoke in to the phone. "Yeah he's hear and wont go." Bella replied after that was Reid rushed out of the office the team following behind him. " Well the team and I are just getting out of the office now getting on a plane to come help with a case in forks so tell your Dad we will meet him in the airport." Reid spoke then hung up the phone.

Reid turned to the team and said "come on we have to go now before something happens to her." The team just scrambled on the plane. When Morgan said " Reid you do know we want an explanation for this right" Reid just answered with a simple "on the plane."

As the plane took off all eyes turned to Reid " Okay so...(if you read or watched new moon you know what happened)then i met her in a collage lecture 3 years later she got a degree in Psychology and art and is a Psychologist more specifically Art therepy and my Girlfreind well wife and now said ex-boyfriend is back and wanting to controll her life again." Spencer explaind whispering the end part. All the other agents stare at him in shock not by the fact that he has a girlfreind but the fact that he is married but Emily was the one who vioced the question they were all wanting to asked. " Reid is there anything else we need to know?" Emily asked " Okay so i may also have a 3 year old son." Reid answerd

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