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"Elsa, I really don't want all of these people to start thinking that you've lost your mind, so could we please have this conversation somewhere private?" Jack requested.

Elsa wanted to shake her head and say no right away, since she had yet to present her creature and Olaf to her audience, and she didn't want to leave without giving a good reason. However, Elsa could tell that from the look on Jack's face that he was very serious, so she didn't feel like arguing with him right now, but she still wanted an explanation. Elsa figured that her audience wouldn't mind it if she took a ten minute break, since that could be enough time for Jack to tell her why he couldn't be seen by any of the French citizens.

"Mesdames et Messieurs, je vous remercie tous de vous apprécierez ce que je vous ai montré jusqu'ici, mais je vraiment besoin de prendre une pause en ce moment. (Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate that all of you enjoy what I've shown you so far, but I really need to take a break right now.)" Elsa informed her audience.

When Elsa saw a bunch of people start to frown while others furrowed their eyebrows in confusion, Elsa knew that she had to give them a reason why she needed a break.

"Chaque fois que je me sers de mes pouvoirs, je me sens un peu fatigué, donc je juste besoin de dix minutes pour retrouver ma force et puis je vais revenir tout de suite. (Every time I use my powers, I feel a little tired, so I just need ten minutes to regain my strength and then I'll come right back.)" Elsa explained.

Elsa had slightly expected her audience to groan in disappointment or to start complaining, so she was quite relieved when everyone nodded their head in understanding.

"Merci. (Thank you.)" Elsa said, then quickly walked over to Jack, who still hadn't changed the expression on his face. "I hope ten minutes is enough for you." She added.

"Yes, Elsa, it's plenty of time," Jack replied, before he began to hover above the floor Elsa and her audience stood on. "Just please follow me, and I'll tell you everything."

Instead of saying a word, Elsa turned to her creature and gave a look to tell it they'd be going somewhere, so her creature waited until Elsa and Olaf were on top of it before standing on all fours. The reason why Olaf didn't ask Elsa why they were leaving is because he'd managed to overhear her conservation with Jack, so the snowman was looking forward to Jack's explanation just as much as Elsa herself. Both of them kept quiet as Elsa's creature took off from the Eiffel Tower's floor and followed Jack above the city, and only a few minutes passed before they landed on the roof of a nearby building with enough space for all of them.

"Okay, Jack, we're alone," Elsa said, before her and Olaf got themselves off of her creature as soon it lay down on the roof. "Now you can tell us everything." She added.

Even though Jack had a feeling that Elsa wouldn't believe him, he knew that he had kept this secret from her long enough, so Jack took a deep breath before speaking.

"To be honest, Elsa, I've been invisible to people for a very long time, and you might not believe this, but I've been around before you were even born." Jack confessed.

"How long have you been around, Jack?" Elsa asked, and even though she didn't believe what he just said, Elsa was trying her very best to keep an open mind and listen.

"Give or take, one hundred and forty years." Jack revealed, and only a few seconds passed before Elsa's and Olaf's eyes widened at the same time from what they heard.

Jack expected at least one of them to laugh in disbelief or say something, but when Elsa and the snowman did neither of those things, Jack knew he had to explain in more detail.

"I remember waking up and coming out of a frozen lake, and I didn't know why I was there or what I was meant to do, but I was given my name by the the Man in the Moon. I know this because I was floating in the air while facing the Moon as its bright light shone down on me, so to this day, I still believe that there's actually a man up there. Anyway, once my feet were back on the ice-covered lake, I took a few steps before my foot hit something, which was a wooden staff, and I reached down to pick it up. When the staff began to glow a bright blue, I almost dropped it, but when the base of the staff hit the ground, I noticed frost shoot out of it and spread across the lake.

It wasn't until I touched a few trees with the staff and saw a stream of frost go up their trunks that I realized this staff was magical, and so I decided to have a little fun. Now that I felt more confident, I spent some time running around the pond while using the staff to make frost patterns all over it until a gust of wind sent me high up into the air. I floated up there for a moment only to fall back down into the trees, and I quickly grabbed onto a tree branch so that I wouldn't head straight for the ground along the way. When I pulled myself up onto the branch, I could see a small town off into the distance, and I figured that I might be able to get some answers since I still had questions.

Getting to the town wasn't such a big problem, since I discovered that I was able to fly by riding the wind, and because it was my very first time, I did have a rocky landing. I didn't recognize anyone in the town, most likely because I don't remember being in that town before, but I still went ahead and greeted people, but no one noticed me. It wasn't until a boy literally ran right through me that I realized why I had nobody's attention; I was invisible, so I didn't see a good reason to stay in that town anymore." Jack explained.

Obviously, the very first thing that Jack did after taking for so long was take a deep breath, and once he did that, Jack waited for either Elsa or Olaf to give him an answer.

"So. . .all this time, nobody could see or hear you, Jack, not even when you show your powers?" Elsa asked, to which Jack gave his response by simply shaking his head.

Elsa didn't think that Jack would joke about something like this, so she really appreciated him being honest with her, but there was one more thing she wanted to know.

"First of all, Jack, thank you for finally telling me, but I'd really like to know why you didn't tell me before, like were you worried that I wouldn't believe you?" Elsa inquired.

"No, Elsa, and I wasn't going to keep it a secret from you forever; I just thought I didn't have to bring it up since you didn't plan to leave your ice palace." Jack answered.

"Let me guess, Jack, you didn't think that I would talk about you when I did show off your powers, or that I'd talk to anyone when we finally got here." Elsa presumed.

"I knew that you'd talk to people, Elsa, since they'd easily notice you, Olaf, and your creature, and I'm sorry for not telling you about this much sooner." Jack apologized.

Even though Elsa had a very good reason to be angry with Jack, since he'd kept something from her for a while, she remembered that nothing good will come from her being upset. If it hadn't been for Jack, then Elsa would've never made such good progress so far, such as travel with Jack all the way here to Paris and have the courage to show off her powers to the city's citizens. Instead of asking another question, Elsa went forward and embraced Jack, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, while Jack didn't hesitate to hug Elsa back, as he slowly put his own arms around her waist.

"Thank you, Elsa." Jack whispered in the woman's ear, as he felt so relieved that she wasn't upset with him like he thought. "I'm glad that you're not angry." He added.

"Of course I'm not angry, Jack," Elsa replied before pulling back from their hug to look him in the eye. "So, would you like it if we went back to my ice palace?" She asked.

"Wait a minute, Elsa, you still haven't presented Olaf and your creature to all those people at the Eiffel Tower, and I can just stay here while you do that." Jack responded.

"Are you sure, Jack? You really don't want to come and watch up close, because I can just tell them that you were an imaginary friend when I was a child." Elsa informed.

Just when he was about to say no, Jack started to think that was actually a good idea, since it would make him feel better, but he had to ask Elsa if she was sure about it.

"Really, Elsa?" Jack said, as he stepped closer toward to Elsa at the same time. "You wouldn't mind telling that to your audience, even though it's a harmless fib?" He added.

"I wouldn't mind at all, Jack, and you've spent more than enough time being alone, so I don't want you to stay all by yourself on this roof. I want you with me." Elsa insisted.

A smile instantly appeared on Jack's face as he actually felt his heart beginning to swell with happiness, and he believed there was no point to try and change Elsa's mind. It was also right then and there at that moment Jack knew he'd never have to feel sad and lonely ever again when he had Elsa around, and this made him a lot more grateful for finding her on that mountain. Jack thought it was now time for them to return to the Eiffel Tower, since ten minutes must have passed already, and he didn't want Elsa's audience to start getting impatient.

"In that case, Elsa we should head back, because your audience is waiting for you," Jack reminded before motioning Elsa to go first." After you, my Queen." He added.

Elsa smiled at Jack's polite gesture, then she looked down at Olaf and motioned him to follow her, and it wasn't long until they were both sitting on top of her creature.

"We're all ready, Jack." Olaf announced happily, and a few seconds passed before him and Elsa saw Jack starting to hover above the roof while having a smile on his face.

Elsa held on tight to her creature and Olaf held on tight to Elsa as her creature took off into the sky and headed for the Eiffel Tower, with Jack following not far behind. Jack now wished that he met Elsa when she was a child, because if they knew each other back then, they would've been spared many years of isolation and loneliness. The immortal's train of thought came to an abrupt stop as Jack heard a noise, and he soon realized it was Elsa's audience cheering after they saw her coming back to them. Elsa wanted to thank the audience for their patience, but she waited until everyone was quiet and her creature lay on the floor so that she could get off and face them.

"Tout le monde, je vous remercie de votre patience et d'attente pour moi de revenir. (Everyone, thank you for being so patient and waiting for me to return.)" Elsa said kindly.

"Vous vous sentez mieux, Elsa? (Are you feeling better, Elsa?)" A French woman asked, and Elsa gave her answer with a smile and a nod of her head before speaking again.

"Oui, je me sens beaucoup mieux, je vous remercie d'avoir posé, et en fait, j'ai assez d'énergie pour vous montrer plus de ce que je l'ai fait avec ma magie. (Yes, I'm feeling much better, thank you for asking, and in fact, I now have enough energy to show you more of what I've made with my magic.)" Elsa answered.

Elsa's audience began to cheer once again, since they were obviously thrilled to hear that, but they kept quiet after Elsa raised her palms and slowly brought them down.

"Avant de le faire, il y a quelque chose que je veux vous dire d'abord. Combien d'entre vous ont un frère? (Before I do that, there's something I want to tell you first. How many of you have a sibling?)" Elsa asked.

Right after hearing that question, most of the people in Elsa's audience raised a hand, and this made Elsa feel good to know that she had something in common with them.

"Ce qui est bon de savoir, parce que j'ai une soeur nommée Anna, et quand nous étions jeunes, nous aimerions jouer ensemble tout le temps avec ma magie. (That's good to know, because I have a sister named Anna, and when we were young, we'd play together all the time with my magic.) Nous avions toujours aller à la salle de bal royale à jouer, généralement parce qu'il était assez grand pour avoir beaucoup de neige. (We'd always go to the royal ballroom to play, usually because it was big enough to have lots of snow.) L'une de nos activités préférées était la construction de bonhommes de neige, et une nuit, nous avons construit un bonhomme de neige qui je l'ai nommé Olaf, et dit qu'il aime les câlins chauds, et Anna est arrivée immédiatement avant de donner un à Olaf. (One of our favorite activities was building snowmen, and one night, we built a snowman who I named Olaf, and said that he liked warm hugs, and Anna immediately came forward to give a hug to Olaf.)" Elsa revealed.

Most of, in not the entire audience instantly made an 'aww' sound, which meant not only were they enjoying Elsa's story, but they also thought it was sweet and touching.

"Malheureusement, Anna et moi avons grandi en dehors au fil des ans, et finalement, je fini par quitter la maison et de trouver une nouvelle place dans les montagnes. (Unfortunately, Anna and I grew apart over the years, and eventually, I ended up leaving home and finding a new place in the mountains.) J'ai raté ma soeur tellement, et je le fais encore, donc une nuit, je décide de faire une copie exacte de l'Olaf. (I missed my sister so much, and I still do, so one night, I decided to make an exact copy of Olaf.) Je ne savais pas à l'époque que mes pouvoirs rendraient la vie sensible, mais en ce moment, j'avoir la preuve réelle que je peux vous montrer. (I never knew at the time that my powers could make sentient life, but right now, I have real proof that I can show you.)" Elsa informed.

After saying this, Elsa walked over to Olaf, but instead of saying a word, Elsa smiled as she held out a hand for the snowman, who gently took it in his own while smiling back. Some of the French citizens widened their eyes from the sight of Olaf, and others made an 'aww' sound again, while there was a few who did both at the exact same time. This made Elsa feel very relieved that nobody felt scared or creeped out by the snowman, but she hoped that it stay that way after her audience heard Olaf speak to them.

"Hi, everyone," Olaf said with a smile across his face, and then he spread his stick arms out for a hug. "I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!" He added with a cheerful tone.

When nobody in Elsa's audience said a word, Olaf believed that they were still surprised to see a living snowman for the first time ever, but Elsa knew the real reason.

"Olaf, all of these people only speak French, and that's why they didn't understand you, but I'll tell them in French so they can give you a warm hug." Elsa revealed.

Even though a frown had appeared on Olaf's face from the French citizens not understanding him, it was soon replaced by a smile from the last thing he heard from Elsa.

"Juste pour que vous le savez, Olaf dit salut et se présenta à vous tous et dit qu'il aime les câlins chauds, voilà pourquoi ses bras étaient étalés tout à l'heure. (Just so you know, Olaf said hi and introduced himself to all of you and said that he liked warm hugs, so that's why his arms were spread out just now.)" Elsa explained.

After hearing that, practically every single person from Elsa's audience let out a sigh of relief, since they were all very glad to know what the snowman had told them.

"Salut. (Hi.)" All of the French citizens greeted Olaf, with some waving a hand, others giving the snowman a smile, and a few even doing both while saying his name.

Elsa felt happy to see this happening, but still, Olaf had yet to receive a warm hug, and suddenly, she noticed one of the people in front of her audience raise their hand.

"Pouvons-nous donner s'il vous plaît Olaf un câlin maintenant? (Could we please give Olaf a hug now?)" A French girl asked, and Elsa didn't hesitate to answer right away.

"Oui, vous pouvez, mais une seule personne à la fois, et je suggère les étreintes ne pas être trop long, parce que j'ai une autre chose que je voudrais montrer tous. (Yes, you can, but one person at a time, and I suggest the hugs don't be too long, because I have one more thing I'd like to show all of you.) Elsa requested.

Each of the French citizens took a turn in giving Olaf a hug, with the teens and adults crouching down to the snowman's level, and the kids simply walking over to him.

"This is the best day ever! I got to have hugs from a bunch of people in a completely new and different place!" Olaf exclaimed, but not until everybody had given him a hug.

Elsa couldn't resist giggling from Olaf's happiness of being hugged by so many people, and she thought it was adorable, but she believed that Jack had been chuckling too. As much as Elsa wanted to turn around and know for sure, she knew that Jack wouldn't want the audience to become suspicious and ask her about what she was looking at. Jack would want her to not only continue, but also finish the rest of the presentation of her powers to the French citizens, so Elsa decided to tell them what Olaf said first.

"Tout d'abord, je tiens à vous remercier pour saluer Olaf et de lui donner une accolade. Vous devriez savoir qu'il est très heureux maintenant d'être embrassé par un grand nombre de personnes dans une nouvelle ville. (First of all, I'd like to thank you for greeting Olaf and giving him a hug. You should know that he's very happy right now to be hugged by a lot of people in a new city.) Elsa revealed.

Most of the people in Elsa's audience either told her 'your welcome', or said that they were glad to know their hugs made Olaf happy, or even told Elsa both things in French.

"Tout le monde, il y a une chose que je voudrais vous montrer, et je suis sûr que si je ne l'avais pas créé, alors je ne serais pas debout devant vous tous, en ce moment. (Everybody, there's one more thing that I'd like to show you, and I'm sure that if I hadn't created it, then I wouldn't be standing before all of you right now.)" Elsa said.

After saying this, Elsa turned around and she took only a few steps toward her creature when it suddenly got up on all fours and walked over to be at its creator's side.

"Ceci est une autre créature sensible fait de mes pouvoirs. (This is another sentient creature made from my powers.)" Elsa declared as she gestured to the icy creature.

Elsa could already tell the French citizens were amazed by the sight of her creature, since their eyes widened and their mouths went agape now that they could see it more closely.

"Contrairement à Olaf, cette créature ne peut pas réellement parler comme nous le faisons, et son corps et la crinière sont tous les deux fabriqués à partir de la glace, tandis que ses ailes sont fabriqués à partir de flocons de neige. (Unlike Olaf, this creature can't actually speak like we do, and its body and mane are both made out of ice, while its wings are made out of snowflakes.)" Elsa explained.

Once again, Elsa's audience made a lot of ooohing and aahing sounds from what Elsa told them, and only a few seconds passed before a French woman raised their hand.

"Vous pouvez aller de l'avant et caresser ma créature, et je peux dire à tous vous voulez faire des regards sur vos visages, mais une seule personne à la fois s'il vous plaît. (You can go ahead and pet my creature, and I can tell all of you want to do it from the looks on your faces, but only one person at a time please.)" Elsa permitted.

"En fait, Mme Elsa, j'allait demander si vous avez donné un nom à votre créature, car il semble vraiment un Pegasus pour moi. (Actually, Ms. Elsa, I was going to ask if you've given a name to your creature, because it really looks like Pegasus to me.) The French woman replied.

Hearing this question suddenly made Elsa realize that she never actually took the time to name the creature after creating it, but there was still one thing she wanted to know first.

"Si cela ne vous dérange pas de me demander, qu'est-ce qu'un Pegasus? (If you don't mind me asking, what's Pegasus?)" Elsa asked, now being more genuinely curious.

"Pegasus est l'une des créatures les plus connues dans la mythologie grecque. Il est un étalon ailé divin aussi connu comme un cheval qui est habituellement décrit comme blanc pur en couleur. (Pegasus is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology. He's a winged divine stallion also known as a horse that's usually depicted as pure white in color.)" The French woman explained.

Elsa was sure that she'd probably know about this if she'd spent more time in the library of Arendelle Castle, but obviously, that didn't happen since Elsa didn't want to risk hurting anybody with her powers.

"Eh bien, si ma créature ressemble à Pegasus, puis ce sera son nom, je veux dire son nom, et je vous remercie pour expliquer Pegasus à moi. (Well, if my creature looks like Pegasus, then that will be its name, I mean his name, and thank you for explaining Pegasus to me.)" Elsa responded.

Elsa had to admit she was quite relieved that she didn't have to call her creature 'it' anymore, but she wanted to know if her creature didn't mind having a name like Olaf.

"You know, I never gave you a name when I created you earlier," Elsa said to Pegasus as she placed a hand on his icy back. "How does Pegasus sound to you?" She asked.

Pegasus let out a neigh, but luckily, it wasn't loud enough to scare anybody in Elsa's audience, and she could definitely tell from the happy tone that her creature approved of the name.

"Bonnes nouvelles, Pegasus aime son nom!" Elsa declared, and this announcement with met with a warm round of applause from the French citizens clapping and cheering.

Elsa could even hear Jack doing the exact same thing, since he wasn't standing that far behind her, but instead of turning to face him, she let the smile on her face grow bigger.

"Donc, Mme Elsa, pouvons-nous s'il vous plaît toucher Pegasus maintenant? (So, Ms. Elsa, can we please touch Pegasus now?)" A French man asked, but waited until the cheering had died down.

Bien sûr, vous pouvez, monsieur, mais comme je l'ai dit plus tôt, une personne à la fois, et je demande humblement qu'aucun de vous prendre si longtemps pour que chacun puisse savoir ce que Pegasus se sent comme pour eux-mêmes. (Of course you can, sir, but like I said earlier, one person at a time, and I humbly request that none of you take so long so that everybody can know what Pegasus feels like for themselves.)" Elsa requested.

Elsa was positive that her audience wasn't scared of Pegasus, so she was very surprised when nobody came closer to him, but she soon noticed somebody raise their hand.

"Mme Elsa, Combien de temps pouvons-nous toucher Pegasus pour? (Ms. Elsa, How long can we touch Pegasus for?)" A French woman asked, and this got Elsa thinking.

"Pas plus d'une minute, parce qu'il ya beaucoup de gens, et je suis sûr que tout le monde veut avoir un tour et savoir ce que Pegasus se sent. (No longer than a minute, because there's a lot of people, and I'm sure that everybody wants to have a turn and know what Pegasus feels like.)" Elsa answered.

Elsa took a few steps back and watched as each person from her audience used their minute very well, from touching Pegasus' snowflake wings and his icy blue mane. She could tell the French citizens had become more amazed by Pegasus because she noticed their eyes widen as soon as they brought a ear to his side and heard his blood pumping through his icy body. Elsa was definitely sure that one of them would ask her if they could have a ride on Pegasus, but she wouldn't mind agreeing to that, considering that she didn't have anywhere to be at the moment.

"Elsa, j'ai une question. (Elsa, I have a question.)" A French teen asked, and Elsa brought her head down a little to face the boy and nodded her head to let him continue.

"Pourquoi avez-vous et votre sœur grandir en dehors, vous ne nous a jamais dit la raison, mais je comprends si vous ne voulez pas nous dire. (Why did you and your sister grow apart, you never told us the reason, but I understand if you don't want to tell us.)" The French teen said.

Elsa was a little surprised to hear this, since she'd been hoping not to tell her audience, but she suddenly remembered that she did mention it to Jack at her ice palace. She's already made such good progress with not only showing off her powers to these people, but also talking about her childhood, so it wouldn't be right to keep a secret from them. If Elsa had the chance to talk to Jack right now, he'd definitely convince her to tell the French citizens the whole truth, because if she didn't, then she'd probably risk losing their trust in the process.

"En fait, je vais vous dire, et tout a commencé quand moi et Anna jouaient ensemble dans la chambre royale. (Actually, I will tell you, and it all started when me and Anna were playing together in the royal ballroom.) Cette nuit-là, je crée des pentes de neige pour Anna à sauter sur, mais comme les pentes de neige sont devenues plus grandes, Anna avait obtenu beaucoup plus rapidement. (On that night, I created snow slopes for Anna to jump onto, but as the snow slopes became bigger, Anna had gotten much faster.) J'ai essayé de créer une autre pente de neige pour elle, mais je me suis retrouvé glisser sur le sol, depuis que je l'avais fait dans une patinoire pour nous, et comme je l'ai vu Anna sauter la dernière pente de neige, j'ai essayé de la sauver avec ma magie, mais je accidentellement son frappé dans la tête. (I tried to create another snow slope for her, but I ended up slipping on the floor, since I'd made it into an ice rink for us, and just as I saw Anna jump off the last snow slope, I tried to save her with my magic, but I accidentally struck her in the head.)

Après ce qui est arrivé, une série blonde platine est apparu dans les cheveux de ma sœur, et je me suis vite appelé pour nos parents. Il ne fallut pas longtemps avant qu'ils ont tous les deux nous à un endroit appelé la «Vallée du Rocher Living '. (After this happened, a platinum blonde streak appeared in my sister's hair, and I quickly called out for our parents. It wasn't long before they took both of us to a place called the 'Valley of the Living Rock'.) Jusqu'à ce soir-là, je ne savais pas qu'il était une vraie maison pour les trolls sages et anciens, et je pensais qu'ils étaient seulement une légende, mais tout a changé quand je voyais toutes les roches dans la vallée de déplier pour devenir de petites créatures grises avec des jambes et les bras. (Until that night, I didn't know it was a real home for wise and ancient trolls, and I thought they were only a legend, but that all changed when I saw all the rocks in the valley unfold to become small gray creatures with legs and arms.)

Depuis ma magie avait seulement touché la tête d'Anna et non son cœur qui aurait été fatale, le roi des trolls a réussi à stabiliser l'état de Anna, et il l'a fait en retirant la connaissance d'Anna de ma magie, ainsi que de changer ses souvenirs. (Since my magic had only affected Anna's head and not her heart, which would've been fatal, the troll king was able to stabilize Anna's condition, and so he did that by removing Anna's knowledge of my magic, as well as changing her memories.) Au lieu d'un bonhomme de neige magique dans la salle de bal, Anna se souviendrait une scène d'hiver dans la cour. (Instead of a magical snowman in the ballroom, Anna would remember a winter scene in the courtyard.) Au lieu de flocons de neige dans le couloir, Anna se souviendrait des flocons de neige qui tombent en dehors de la fenêtre. (Instead of snowflakes in the hallway, Anna would remember snowflakes falling outside the window.)

Le roi troll a expliqué la véritable force de mes capacités, comme il m'a dit que mes pouvoirs ne fera que croître et il n'y a pas seulement la beauté en eux, mais aussi le danger, ce qui explique pourquoi je devais apprendre à les contrôler, ou bien , la peur serait mon ennemi. (The troll king went on to explain the true strength of my abilities, as he told me that my powers will only grow and there's not just beauty in them, but also danger, which is why I had to learn how to control them, or else, fear would be my enemy.) Une fois que nous sommes rentrés à la maison, mes parents ont ordonné que les portes du château être verrouillées, toutes les portes qui ont conduit à l'extérieur être fermées, et toutes les fenêtres sont volets fermés. (Once we returned home, my parents ordered that the castle gates be locked, all the doors that led outside be closed, and all the windows be shuttered.)

Mon père a fait une promesse de me aider à contrôler mes pouvoirs, et ainsi il a rempli la promesse en me donnant une paire de gants à porter, et me apprendre à «cacher, ne se sentent pas, ne le laissez pas voir". (My father made a promise to help me control my powers, and so he fulfilled that promise by giving me a pair of gloves to wear, and teaching me to "conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show".) Comme je ne voulais pas blesser Anna jamais, je gardais mes distances elle aussi bien que tout le monde dans le château, même si je encore pris contact avec mes parents tout au long des années. (Since I didn't want to hurt Anna ever again, I kept my distance from her as well as everybody else in the castle, even though I still made contact with my parents throughout the years.) Un jour, quand Anna et moi étions adolescents, nos parents a fait un voyage de deux semaines, mais malheureusement, ce serait la dernière fois que nous les avons vus, comme on nous a dit qu'une vague massive a chaviré leur bateau, ce qui les a fait se noient. (One day, when Anna and I were teenagers, our parents went on a two week trip, but unfortunately, that would be the last time we saw them, as we were told that a massive wave capsized their ship, which caused them to drown.)" Elsa explained.

Right after saying this, Elsa took a deep breath before closing her eyes as the memory of being told about her parents' deaths three years ago came back into her mind. Knowing that last piece of information obviously made Jack, Olaf, along with every single person in Elsa's audience have a look of sadness and empathy on their faces. Jack remembered Elsa mentioning her parents before, but she never actually told him if they were still alive, so it was obviously surprising to know that they were gone.

When Jack noticed that Elsa was still quiet while having her head down, he began to assume that she was either going to start crying or ask somebody to give her a hug. Jack was tempted to come forward and hug Elsa immediately, but he knew it would've caused her expression to change, which would then make her audience suspicious. It wasn't until the people in Elsa's audience had given their condolences to her that Elsa brought her head up, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes before speaking.

"Merci à tous pour vos condoléances et pour moi aussi donner un moment pour se souvenir de mes parents, mais il y a en fait plus que je dois vous dire. (Thank you everyone for your condolences and for also giving me a moment to remember my parents, but there's actually more that I have to tell you.)" Elsa revealed.

Jack suddenly felt his heart swell with pride that Elsa would continue talking about the history she had with her sister despite just revealing the death of their parents.

"Un enterrement a eu lieu pour nos parents, mais comme je ne voulais pas risquer de blesser quelqu'un avec mes pouvoirs, je suis resté dans ma chambre. (A funeral was held for our parents, but since I didn't want to risk hurting anyone with my powers, I stayed in my bedroom.) Depuis que je suis le prochain à être la nouvelle reine regnant, je passais mon temps à faire des leçons avec deux serviteurs, Kai et Gerda, pour les trois prochaines années, et je gardais toujours ma distance de Anna pendant cette période. (Since I was next in line to be the new queen regnant, I spent my time doing lessons with two of the servants, Kai and Gerda, for the next three years, and I still kept my distance from Anna during that time.)

Une fois le jour de mon couronnement est finalement venu, je suis évidemment inquiet parce que tant de gens venaient pour l'occasion spéciale, mais je me suis rappelé qu'il était seulement pour une journée, et après ce fut fini, les portes seraient fermées à nouveau et je pourrait revenir dans la clandestinité. (Once the day of my coronation finally came, I was obviously worried because so many people were coming for the special occasion, but I reminded myself that it was only for a day, and after it was over, the gates would be closed again and I could go back into hiding.) J'avais peur que mes pouvoirs seraient révélés quand je devais tenir le sceptre traditionnel et globus cruciger sans mes gants lors de la cérémonie de couronnement, mais heureusement, je réussi à résister à la proximité de l'exposition et aucun des invités remarqué quoi que ce soit. (I was scared that my powers would be revealed when I had to hold the traditional scepter and globus cruciger without my gloves during the crowning ceremony, but luckily, I managed to withstand the near exposure and none of the guests noticed anything.)

Après la cérémonie, Anna et moi avons été à nouveau réunis au bal pour célébrer mon couronnement, et c'est quand nous avons eu notre première conservation réelle au cours des années. J'ai eu aussi un peu de plaisir avec Anna danse avec l'un des invités qui se trouvaient être un danseur horrible. (After the ceremony, Anna and I were once again reunited at the ball celebrating my coronation, and that's when we had our very first real conservation in years. I also had a little fun having Anna dance with one of the guests, who happened to be a terrible dancer.) Même si Anna souhaitait les portes de rester ouvert pour que nous puissions avoir plus de moments comme ça, je lui ai dit qu'il ne pouvait pas se produire et n'a pas expliqué pourquoi, ce qui lui a causé à pied. (Even though Anna wished for the gates to stay open so we could have more moments like that, I told her it just couldn't happen and didn't explain why, which caused her to walk away.)

Après ma sœur a quitté, je continuai avec le parti en rencontrant plusieurs des dignitaires en visite et de parler avec eux pendant un certain temps avant que Anna est finalement revenu, mais je remarquai qu'elle avait apporté quelqu'un avec elle cette fois. (After my sister left, I continued on with the party by meeting more of the visiting dignitaries and talking with them for a while before Anna finally returned, but I noticed that she had brought someone with her this time.) Il était un homme qui se présenta comme le Prince Hans des îles du Sud, mais ce qui m'a vraiment surpris est quand on m'a demandé de leur accorder ma bénédiction pour leur mariage. (It was a man who introduced himself as Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, but what really surprised me is when they asked me to grant them my blessing for their marriage.)

À la consternation de ma sœur, je me suis arrêté leur randonnée à déclarer que les frères de Hans ne resterait pas avec nous dans le château, et lui et Anna ne serais pas me marier soit. (To my sister's dismay, I stopped their rambling to declare that Hans' brothers wouldn't be staying with us in the castle, and him and Anna wouldn't be getting married either.) Longue histoire courte, Anna et moi avons eu une dispute, et il a fini avec mes pouvoirs étant finalement révélé à tout le monde avec des tessons de glace qui sortent de terre, et je suis évidemment fui la chambre, depuis que je suis terrifié par ce que je viens de faire et les réactions de tout le monde, y compris ma sœur. (Long story short, Anna and I had gotten into an argument, and it ended with my powers being finally revealed to everybody with ice shards rising from the ground, and I obviously fled the room, since I was terrified by what I've just done and everyone's reactions, including my sister's.)

Les choses se sont encore pire quand mes pouvoirs ont été exposés à nouveau comme je figeai une fontaine à une foule immense à l'extérieur du château, et puisque tout le monde avait l'air tout aussi peur que les gens dans la salle de bal, je couru vers le fjord, mais quand je l'ai vu je pouvais geler l'eau, et je suis allé à travers le fjord jusqu'à ce que je l'autre côté. (Things got even worse when my powers were exposed again as I froze a fountain to a huge crowd outside the castle, and since everybody looked just as frightened as the people in the ballroom, I ran to the fjord, but when I saw I could freeze the water, and I went across the fjord until I was on the other side.) Je ne regarde en arrière comme je l'ai continué à courir à travers la forêt jusqu'à ce que je suis arrivé à la Montagne du Nord, qui doit avoir été miles de Arendelle. Je me sentais absolument découragé par tout ce qui est arrivé, de perdre ma sœur, laissant mon royaume et de ses citoyens, à tous moi et la douleur de mon passé me consommer maintenant que le public m'a vu comme un monstre craignant. (I didn't look back as I kept running through the forest until I reached the North Mountain, which must have been miles away from Arendelle. I felt absolutely downhearted by everything that happened, from losing my sister, leaving my kingdom and its citizens, to everyone fearing me and the pain of my past consuming me now that the public saw me as a monster.)

Je me suis vite rendu compte que d'être seul signifiait qu'il n'y avait pas de possibilité plus de blesser ma sœur et les citoyens, et je pourrais être en mesure d'abandonner les règles que j'ai eues avec mes pouvoirs pour toutes ces années et enfin les embrasser. (I soon realized that being alone meant there was no possibility anymore of hurting my sister and citizens, and I could be able to abandon the rules that I've had with my powers for all these years and finally embrace them.) J'ai commencé en prenant le gant que je portais ce soir-là, étant donné que ma sœur avait arraché l'autre lors de notre argumentation de retour dans le château, et je suis devenu plus confiant et excité chaque fois que j'utilisé mes pouvoirs. (I started by taking off the glove that I'd been wearing that night, since my sister had pulled off the other one during our argument back in the castle, and I became more confident and excited every time I used my powers.)

Une fois que je suis allé plus haut dans la montagne, je prétendais comme ma propre en créant un palais de glace massive et cette robe de glace, puis déclaré que je ne l'avais jamais revenir à Arendelle comme je l'ai jeté la couronne pour mon couronnement et moi-même établi que la neige Reine, marquant le début de ma vie de liberté. (Once I went higher up the mountain, I claimed it as my own by creating a massive ice palace and this ice gown, then declared that I'd never return to Arendelle as I threw away the crown for my coronation and established myself as the Snow Queen, marking the start of my life of freedom.)" Elsa explained.

The first thing that Elsa did was take a deep breath once again, especially after talking for so long, and that's when the French citizens knew she'd finished her story. When nobody from Elsa's audience said a word right away, she figured they were only taking a moment to take in everything that she'd told them, since it was a lot. About ten seconds passed before the French citizens gave Elsa a round of applause, with half of them clapping her hands and the other half pumping their fist in the air.

This obviously made Elsa so happy as a bright smile appeared on her face, but then her eyes widened when she realized that she hadn't looked at Jack for a long time. Elsa turned her head to see that Jack had a smile on his own face too and she could definitely tell that he was very proud of her, which made Elsa feel a lot more happier. However, Elsa remembered that if she didn't face her audience again very soon, then people would start to get suspicious about what she was looking at, so she moved her head to the French citizens.

"Tout le monde, je tiens à vous remercier beaucoup pour l'écoute de toute mon histoire, pour rester éveillé et ne pas se endormir même si ce fut une longue histoire, donc quelqu'un at-il des questions? (Everyone, I want to thank you so much for listening to my whole story, for staying awake and not falling asleep even though it was a long story, so does anyone have any questions?)" Elsa asked.

Elsa wasn't surprised when she saw practically every single person raise a hand, but she knew it'd take too long to pick everybody, so she decided to be honest and say that.

"Je veux juste que vous le savez tous que je ne peux pas répondre aux questions de chacun autant que je veux, parce que je voudrais revenir à mon palais de glace bientôt, donc j'espère que vous comprenez. (I just want to let all of you know that I can't answer everyone's questions as much as I want to, because I'd like to return to my ice palace soon, so I hope you understand.)" Elsa informed.

The Snow Queen felt a little relieved that she didn't see any of the French citizens shake their head, and she quickly decided that she would only answer five questions.

"Je pense que je vais choisir. . . (I think I'm going to pick. . .)" Elsa said before pointing at a young French girl. "Vous, alors quelle est votre question? (You, so what's your question?)" She added.

"Mme Elsa, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît faire une réplique miniature de votre palais de glace, car il serait agréable de voir à quoi il ressemble. (Ms. Elsa, could you please make a miniature replica of your ice palace, because it'd be nice to see what it looks like.)" The French girl requested.

Elsa smiled once again as she was very sure that was definitely something she could do, so she held up the palm of her hand before conjuring a mini ice palace on top of it. She made sure to have the replica big enough so that everyone could be able to see it, but not too large that the replica's weight would end up bringing down her palm. Elsa figured that her audience would want to know more about her ice palace, since they knew what it looks like now, so she decided to tell them about the architecture.

"Tout le palais est centré autour de la forme hexagonale d'un flocon de neige. Un escalier impeccable conduit à des portes doubles qui peuvent ouvrir par eux-mêmes dans le palais. (The entire palace is centered around the hexagonal shape of a snowflake. A flawless staircase leads to double doors which can open by themselves into the palace.) La première salle a une belle fontaine glacée glacée et deux escaliers courbés le long des côtés qui se réunissent sur une plate-forme au-dessus et en face de l'entrée. (The first room has a beautiful frozen ice fountain and two curving staircases along the sides which join together on a platform above and across from the entrance.) Un autre escalier courbure branches de la plate-forme vers le haut dans le coeur du palais. (Another curving staircase branches off from the platform up into the heart of the palace.)

C'est la chambre avec un grand lustre de glace et mon flocon de neige signature et avec des portes doubles qui s'ouvrent à un balcon rond. (This is the room with a grand ice chandelier and my signature snowflake and with double doors which open to a round balcony.) Je viens de découvrir qu'au cœur du palais de glace, le sol et les murs changent de couleur pour correspondre à mes émotions, comme un anneau d'humeur: ils deviennent bleus quand je suis heureux, pourpre quand je suis triste, rouge quand je Je suis effrayé, et je suis ambré quand je suis en colère. (I've recently discovered that in the heart of the ice palace, the floor and walls change color to match my emotions, much like a mood ring: they turn blue when I'm happy, purple when I'm sad, red when I'm frightened, and I'm amber when angry.)" Elsa explained.

All of a sudden, Elsa started to wonder if she could be able to make her ice palace replica change color and she was sure that her audience would like to see it happen.

"Alors, tout le monde, voudriez-vous tous voir ce palais de glace changer de couleur? (So, everybody, would you all like to see this ice palace change color?)" Elsa asked.

Elsa knew right away that she was correct with her assumption when practically every single person from her audience immediately let out a "oui" in an excited tone.

"Ok, maintenant s'il vous plaît ne soyez pas inquiet si je suis triste, bouleversé, et puis peur, parce que je vais seulement essayer de voir si cela fonctionne. (Okay, now please don't be worried if I look sad, upset, and then scared, because I'll only be trying to see if it works.)" Elsa informed.

Elsa waited until most of the French citizens gave her a nod to show that they understood, and it didn't take her long to think of which emotion she'd like to feel first. She closed her eyes as she thought of the close bond that she used to have with Anna during their childhood and all the happy times they had together before the accident. From having a big meal with their parents and also giving gifts to each other on their birthdays to playing together outside of the castle until the gates were shut.

What everybody didn't know yet was that Elsa was trying her best not to cry in front of them, since it was bittersweet to know that her and Anna didn't have that much joyful memories. Elsa suddenly reminded herself that she was supposed to feel happy so that she could make the ice palace replica turn blue, or at least a different shade of the color. She decided to stop thinking about her childhood with Anna and focus more on the moments they had during her coronation party back in Arendelle a long while ago.

A smile eventually spread across Elsa's face as she remembered how great it was to have Anna right next to her after keeping her distance from her for so many years. Since she still had her eyes closed, Elsa didn't even notice that her ice palace replica had slowly started to glow a deeper shade of blue, which left her audience amazed. Jack had been standing behind Elsa because he knew that she couldn't be able to introduce him to her audience, but he wanted to see the ice palace replica for himself.

"Hey, Olaf?" Jack said as he brought his head down to face the snowman, who quickly looked back. "Would you like to see the mini replica of Elsa's ice palace?" He asked.

"Absolutely, and I bet it's just as beautiful as the big one she made on that mountain!" Olaf exclaimed, and Jack couldn't help but smile from the snowman's enthusiasm.

"Okay, but we have to be very quiet, because I think Elsa is trying to make her replica do something cool right now, so we can't break her concentration." Jack informed.

Instead of saying a word, Olaf just smiled while nodding his head to show that he understood, and Jack quickly looked back to see Elsa's creature still laying on the floor. Jack immediately knew that Elsa's creature wasn't going anywhere, so him and Olaf slowly walked over to Elsa until they were standing in front of her like her audience. Before they did that, Jack had decided not to hold onto Olaf's stick hand, since he didn't want the audience to start asking the snowman about why he was holding his hand up.

"Whoa, it's beautiful." Olaf said in awe just as the glowing replica came into his sight, but he remembered what Jack had told him and made sure not to speak loo loud.

Olaf had heard everything that Elsa said to her audience, which meant he knew her ice palace on the North Mountain could change color, he just didn't realize it before.

"Eh bien, tout le monde, avez-vous aimé voir ça? (Well, everyone, did you enjoy seeing that?)" Elsa asked, and she wasn't surprised when everyone smiled at her before nodding their head.

"Je suis heureux de savoir que vous avez tous fait, alors de quelle couleur souhaitez-vous voir ma réplique changer maintenant? (I'm happy to know that all of you did, so which color would you like to see my replica change into now?)" Elsa asked curiously.

Elsa had assumed that many, if not all of the French citizens would instantly shout out words like rouge, violet, and ambre, which would obviously make it hard for her to choose one, but to Elsa's surprise, nobody in her audience did anything like that. Instead, most of them had a look of sympathy on their faces, and Elsa obviously couldn't resist wondered why this was happening all of a sudden, since she believed they must have been eager to see her ice palace change into a different color. Elsa knew that she'd never get an answer unless she went ahead and asked someone, and just when she opened her mouth to speak, a French man quietly stepped forward and raised his hand.

"Madame Elsa, je peux vous dire quelque chose? (Ms. Elsa, can I please tell you something?)" The French man asked, and Elsa simply gave her answer to him with a nod.

"Si vous ne voulez pas se sentir triste, en colère, ou peur, alors vous ne devriez pas avoir juste pour faire que la réplique de palais de glace changement de couleur pour nous tous. (If you don't want to feel sad, angry, or scared, then you shouldn't have to just to make that ice palace replica change color for all of us.) The French man said kindly.

Only a few seconds passed before every other person showed that they agreed with what the man just said by nodding their head, and this left Elsa absolutely stunned.

"Vous nous avez déjà montré beaucoup de choses merveilleuses et belles avec vos pouvoirs, madame Elsa, donc la dernière chose que nous voulons, c'est que vous ne soyez pas heureux. (You've already shown us many wonderful and beautiful things with your powers, Ms. Elsa, so the last thing we want is for you to feel not happy.)" The French man continued.

Hearing this had caused Elsa's heart to swell with joy inside and she almost felt like tearing up at that exact moment, but she didn't want to risk embarrassing herself.

"Eh bien, en fait, je ne voulais pas ressentir ces émotions, donc je suis heureux de savoir que vous êtes tous d'accord que je ne les sente pas, mais quelqu'un a-t-il des questions? (Well, I actually didn't want to feel any of those emotions, so I'm glad to know that all of you are okay with me not feeling them, but does anyone have any questions?)" Elsa asked.

Right after saying those last few words, most of the French citizens raised a hand, but Elsa didn't go ahead and pick someone right away, because she started to think about something else. It was now that Elsa realized she had made a lot of progress in the past few hours, and not just from showing off her powers to a group of people right here in Paris, but from telling them a lot of history. Knowing that all of these people had wanted her to be happy even after everything she'd told them made Elsa feel so much better that it actually helped ease the guilt she still felt from her actions in the past.