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Lyla's POV

"We're never going to win" I said to my friend Annalise.

"What makes you say that?" Annalise replied.

"Oh, I dunno, maybe because we're down by seven and there are two minutes left!" I exclaimed.

"Well, there's still a chance-"Analise tried to say, her voice getting cut off by Jordyn.

"Lyla, your in for Jordyn!" called coach from down the bench.

Tweet! The ref blew his whistle and motioned for me and a girl from the other team to sub in.

"Jordyn!" I called out, "Who do you have?"

"Forty-four" she replied.

We were pressing them, it was a three one one trap, and I was in the midde of the three. That spot is the most tiring because you have to run from sidto side, trying to trap the person with the ball. It's especially annoying when the person who's supposed to be helping you is standing in the completely wrong spot and not helping you trap! Anyway, we were doing that press and I got a steel.

"Lyla!" coach screamed. He had to, because the gym was SO loud! "Go for a lay-up!"

As I went in for one, something appeared right under me! I had no idea what it was, but I fell right into it...and into someone's unsuspecting arms.

"Wha-?" I tried to ask, hen I felt a cloth againsst my face. 'That's never a good sign.' I thought. I started to feel groggy, and my eyes woudn't stay open, however hard I tried.

"Shhh," I heard a voice whispering, "I'll get you to the infirmary as soon as possible." Then I lost control of my body and embraced the warm, fuzzy darkness that was sleep.

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