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Jem's POV

"C'mon Magnus, just open the portal! It may go into the future, and I'd like to see who I'm getting with!" Will whined.

"Will, what happens if we accidentally change the future? Or, if we make it worse! Awful things could happen." I said.

"You alway were the level-headed one, Jem. But I like the fierce ones better." said Magnus Bane, winking at Will.

"Ugh, do you have to do that in front of me?" I exclaimed. They knew how I didn't like it when they used such suggestive themes, especially around me. But, Magnus was right, of course. I was the level-headed one, and Will was fierce. Rash, one might even say. That was what made us perfect parabatai. We were like yin yang. He was dark, I was light. He was rash, I was thoughtful. He courted many ladies and had a string of lovers, I have never courted a single girl. Probably because they don't notice me, because I'm always with Will, and they only ever see him. I only wish to find the girl of my dreams, marry her, and live our lives together.

"Oi, Jem!" Will shouted, waving his hand in front of my face. "We're about to do it!"

"Ok..." I said, hesitantly. Still not a good idea, I thought.

Magnus said a spell of some sorts and the portal opened. It looked normal, except- BANG! It made a huge noise, and it looked like something- no, someone was coming through it. It looked like a girl, who was falling, staight into the portal, which I was standing right in front of. When I finally put two and two together, she was already at me, so I steadied myself as best I could and caught her. She was suprisingly light and very wet and smelly. Will took one look at her and tuned away, his nose held high in the air.

"Wha-?" she asked, sounding very groggy. I got a wet cloth and put it on her head to cool her down, because she was burning up! She looked to be sweating more than Will and I after a demon hunt!

"Shhhhh," I comforted her as she fell asleep in my arms."I'll get you to the infirmary as soon as possible." Aaaaand, she was gone.

"Will, help me take her!" I exclaimed.

"Why should I do that? We don't know her, she could be a threat to everyone here at the Institute. Haven't thought of that yet, have you Jem? Too busy trying to play hero." he said bitterly as he stalked out of the room.

"What's gotten into him?" I asked Magnus.

"I have absolutely no idea." he responded.

"Can you help me? Please." I begged.

He did end up helping me. Magnus, that is, not Will. Will retreated to his room for the remainder of the day and all night too.

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