Jack's Hiccups

(Just a little something I saw someone wanted. Enjoy!)

Jack was flying through Burguss one very cold Winter morning when all of a sudden a very weird sound escapes him. Jack ends up smacking into a tree and landing on a tree branch in a complete daze.

'What the-?' he thinks, and he sits up.

Just then, another one escapes him, and he jumps.

'I better go find North,' he thinks, 'He'll know what to do.'

Jack faces the wind and says, "Take me to-,"

Before he can finish, he makes another weird noise, and he stops.

"Take me to North's," Jack says, rushing the words out.

The wind picks him up and flies him to the North Pole.

About 10 minutes later, Jack lands in North's workshop. North's sitting in his chair, currently preoccupied by an Ice Airplane he's making. Jack get's ready to say something, but just before he can, that stupid weird noise comes again. North jumps out of his seat, so startled that he doesn't even notice the Airplane crash onto the floor. Then, after a few seconds, he sees Jack.

"Ah Jack, what is the matter?" North asks, coming up to Jack.

Jack tries to speak again, but the weird noise interrupts.

North looks at him funny, and then laughs.

"It seems you have hiccups," North says, laughing still.

Jack looks confused, then asks, "How do I-" *Hiccup* "-get rid of-," *Hiccup* "them?"

North laughs even harder, and Jack starts glaring at him.

Suddenly, Jack feels someone tap on his shoulder, and when he turns around, he lets out a surprised scream.

Pitch is standing behind him in a pink tutu with Rainbow colored PJ's on.

Note: Okay, that's all I could think of on such short notice. Hope you guys like it! Also, Jack's Hiccups isn't going to have another chapter, cause his hiccups are gone. Use your imaginations of why Pitch is wearing that stuff.