After getting the corrective surgery of his scoliosis, Sam became a white shirt, but remained on campus as the adopted child of Dana Smith. He became the leader of The Division after Taylor left the campus and lead the next generation of agents into the life of an agent, becoming a mentor for Ben Wilson and others, while also teaching at campus.

Eventually Sam graduated college to become a teacher at a local school. He mainly teaches English, French and Biology. He still has physical therapy once a week with a therapist who isn't going for the soft touch. When he and Cat got their first child, he worked part time to take care of his son, John Peter Robertson. He even turned to writing, but has yet to publish anything.

He and Rick kept contact over the years and went on a couple of weekends during their time at college. The friends continued to see each other on a regular basis after college, even appearing at each other's weddings.

Sam and Cat got another child two years after John, a daughter named Lily Jane Robertson. Their children eventually enrolled in CHERUB themselves and befriended children from their parents friends.


During her final years at CHERUB, Cat retained her campus titles in fencing, winning tournaments years in a row, earning her a place in CHERUBS Hall of Fame. She graduated top of her class as well, having been granted a scholarship for medical school.

Cat went to college and started in medical school, but later three years, she decided that medicine wasn't her thing and converted herself into a nurse. However she retained several skills and knowledge which made her a real asset in the theatre, thus becoming a surgical nurse. After a couple of internships and hospitals, she found herself in the OR of Mia Swift, chief of surgery. She offered Cat a new contract and they have been partners ever since.

Catherine Gibbons became a two time mother to the children of Sam Cross, John and Lily. She named her daughter after Lily Potter and her own mother. She still works as a nurse, but prefers to work on the children's ward.

She said yes to Sam's proposal and they got married in a small ceremony, with a couple of old friends attending. She was the one who was most eager to have her children enrolled at CHERUB.


Rick retired as an agent with his best friend Sam Cross after their final mission in the prison. He returned to the track and became campus champion on the long distances. He went to college and eventually graduated as a marine biologist. He travelled the globe and documented a lot of animals in their natural habitat.

He and Emily got married and had a child which they named Charles.

After retiring as an agent, Emily Thornhill went to college and medical school and became a doctor. Eventually she became a doctor on campus when their child was enrolled at CHERUB. Rick became a teacher who taught biology to the advanced class at CHERUB.


Mary Collins retired as an active agent not long after the death of her beloved friend and guide dog, Finn. She maintained her fencing skills and became campus champion after Cat left. After CHERUB, Mary turned to sports and became a known judoka and biathlete. She is the first athlete to participate in the Summer and Winter Paralympics.

When winning her gold medal at the 2024 Paralympics in judo, she smiled and caused a bit of scene when stating the following during an interview: "Firstly, I'd like to thank my coach, Chloƫ for the hard work and secondly, eat shit, Taylor."

Besides sport, Mary became a dog trainer for guide and comfort dogs.


After CHERUB, Taylor McKnight went to college and law school eventually becoming a lawyer. As a lesbian and disabled lawyer, she has fought numerous cases of discrimination in court, gaining her the nickname of 'The One Armed Crusader'.

After a couple of years, Taylor participated in a trial for a new generation of prosthetics, both robotic as not robotic. In the end she got a new robotic arm to replace her left one and she was moved to tears when it responded for the first time.

Like most Brits she was watching the final of the judo tournament at the 2024 Paralympics when Mary won her medal, but unlike the rest of Britain she laughed when Mary spoke the line that would be featured in the best of TV in 2024. She raised her glass to her old friend.


Helen Smith left CHERUB and the Broken Wings to pursue a degree in computer sciences. After attending college, Helen continued and obtained a PhD. She wrote several well-received articles on artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Helen continues to combine her academic career with a consultant position at Francis' and Sarah's security company where she joined former highly skilled Cherubs like Delta's John and Julia to create protection for their clients which included the Intelligence Services.


Michael Wilkins became an engineer after his career at CHERUB. After college and a first couple of jobs he eventually started focussing on designing things that would help people with disabilities, such as new prosthetics, wheelchairs, canes and others. He was a member of the British team that created one of the first functional exo-skeletons that was used by a paraplegic man.

As a former CHERUB mechanic and car enthusiast, Michael also did some consultant work for companies that were trying to create greener vehicles.


Scott Freeman is the sole member of the Broken Wings who combined a degree with a sports career. Scott pursued a psychology degree and became a member of the Paralympic team for the 2024, participating in both weight lifting and shotput. He won a silver medal in weightlifting and was a finalist for the shotput competition.

Scott eventually became the coach of a British Paralympic weightlifter and got his degree in psychology.