Author's note: This is my first time posting a story; I'm rather self-conscious about my writing. Please no flames, but constructive criticism is appreciated. I had this in one of my notebooks for a while, but never typed it up or thought about submitting it. I would like to thank Angel of deaths darkness, who said I could submit this. Angel of deaths darkness story, Who are you, shares some similarities and said it was okay for me to write this. Who are you is a really great story and if you haven't read it you should. This mixes anime and manga and takes place after the battle with Asura. I own nothing, especially not Soul Eater.

Soul and Maka had been fighting for at least an hour. Of course fighting was nothing new for them lately. Maka was a little happy actually, normally it was a silent battle at least now he was talking to her. Hell, this was the most he had said to her in a while. It was known by most of the school that they could barely resonate anymore.

It had been a few months since the fight with Asura and things weren't going well at all. Most of everyone's time was spent on missions or rebuilding, especially when it came to Kid and the Thompsons. She only saw them when she was passing them in the hall on their way back from missions.

Black Star and Tsubaki were sent to Japan about a month after the battle and hadn't been back since. Crona was off doing rebuilding work and helping others, Maka hadn't seen Crona since right after the battle.

Soul, well Soul was…well he was being a dick. They had gotten together a week after the battle. Things had been good and she had thought they were both happy. She guessed she hadn't been enough for him or given him what he wanted, cause three months later he dumped her. He never gave her an exact reason. The next day he was dating a girl named Rochelle that was part of a new group of students from New York. Some of the boys had been friends with the Thompson sisters during the time.

The Rochelle had boobs that rivaled Blair and was a meister. Not to mention a complete bitch. She and her group had instantly pounced when they arrived, two months after the battle, and started bulling her. They were careful to never do anything in front of her friends, until lately when they started calling her slut and whore in front of Soul. They were making her life a living hell. They had managed to turn the whole school against Maka, most of them either didn't talk to her or picked on her so they wouldn't get bullied as well.

At first it had just been the group and no one said anything. Then they got other members of the school to pick on her. Then they had spread rumors about her, that she stuffed her bra and such. Said she went around making out with guys behind Soul's back and only acted innocent. That was when it all went to hell and the whole school avoided her like leper or like she was dirt.

She felt so alone. She barely saw her friends and had no one to talk to. She couldn't talk to Liz because she was dating Rochelle's partner, who was one of the bullies. Kid was almost never there because he was busy being son of Shinigami-sama. It was at this point that Soul became distant. Then when they broke up he stopped talking to her, no it was a week before the break up.

Ever since the break up the only time he did talk to her was to call her a whore, hypocrite, and slut. From what she heard Rochelle and her friends had showed him a picture of her with a known male prostitute. She had tried to defend herself, but he didn't believe her.

She cried for the first time that night. She cried a lot lately, when she knew Soul and no one would hear. They made her feel like trash and less than dirt. They could barely stand to look at each other. When she tried to defend herself he always said it was simple because she was jealous. Which she wasn't.

It wasn't hard to wait to cry till he was asleep, on the rare occasion he was there. She hadn't been sleeping well. She stayed awake most nights or tossed and turned in her sleep. She kept feeling like something was missing, something was off or wrong with her. She just didn't know what.

Then when she did sleep she had this strange dream where she would be walking and then a voice kept calling her. It was a lovely voice; she just didn't know who it was. It kept telling her to come and all was well. When she asked who it was the voice said, everything.

Since she and Soul could barely resonate they didn't go on missions. She knew he was going to get a new partner; he just had to find one.

She had honestly thought about hurting herself, save him the trouble. She could never go through with any self-harm. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

She had retaliated once. He had crossed the line and she slapped him. It was odd. Not only had there been a red hand mark, but also scratches like he had been scratched by a dog.

Her dad wasn't around lately either. When she tried to find him he wasn't even at the bars.

"Say something!" Soul yelled.

"Sorry tiny tits, shorty, whore, slut and hypocrite aren't doing it when it comes to me responding these days." Maka hissed. She was starting to get fed up with this shit.

"Maka just talk to me," Soul yelled running a hand through his hair.

"You want to talk?" Maka laughed bitterly. "When I wanted to talk, whenever I want to talk you don't respond. When I wanted to discuss the picture you refused to even listen. You chose to believe someone else. You assumed. As my partner, no as my friend, you should have listened to me. As my partner you should have trusted and believed me, you should have stood by me!"

So much for being willing to die for your meister, he didn't even trust or listen to her.

"I saw the picture you whore!" Soul yelled. He took a breath. "This isn't working Maka. I can't have you jealous just because I didn't choose you."

"That isn't it!" Maka yelled. "I swear you listened to that ogre more than you listen to me lately. Your right this isn't working."

"I know," Soul nodded. "I talked to Shingimi-sama."

Maka nodded, knowing that it was time. She walked into her room and began to pack; she already had some stuff. She found it odd, she felt nothing. She was starting to find it was that way a lot lately. She either felt anger or too much emotion to work through, or most of the time she felt nothing at all. She was just starting to feel numb. She guessed it made sense she was dead inside anyway.

She put the last few books inside her suitcase. She packed a few clothes and photos. She didn't pack any with her and Soul. What was the point? He didn't want her around, maybe it would be best just to forget that the partnership ever existed.

She lugged her stuff out to the living room; Soul was sitting on the couch, just sort of studying her.

"Maka-chan," Blair said as she entered the house. She noticed Maka's suitcase and frowned. "Where are you going?"

"Soul and I are no longer partners." Maka told Blair walking past her. "Rich boy doesn't want to be partners with a slut like me. He's whipped me off his shoe."

Maka heard Blair call her back, then as she made her way down the street she heard Blair yelling at Soul to make her come back.

She felt the rain begin to fall with the night. She had been walking for an hour. She should be freezing, but she felt nothing.

She realized she had nowhere to go. She stopped and sat on the curb. She didn't want to stay with her father. Black Star and Tsubaki weren't back yet as far as she knew. Kid was probably on a mission. Would they even care anyway?

She didn't have enough money for a hotel, she had just paid her part of the rent, that was a kicker make her pay and kick her out.

She smiled at herself. Soul wouldn't be able to make the next rent unless his new partner moves in or if he went whining to mommy and daddy.

She had to admit to feeling a little strange lately. She felt cooped up in that place where she wasn't wanted. She just wanted to run and be free, have a little fun. She had taken more notice in guys; maybe that was why Soul had dumped her, though one of those guys was Soul. She wanted to kill Soul at the moment. Her anger was worse lately.

She felt her stomach let out a hungry growl. She smiled as she heard something in a bush, a little rabbit. She smiled and leapt. Somehow managing to cut the thing and gobble it up. She stared down in horror. What had she just done? How had she done that?

She stared at her blood stained hands in horror, rubbing them against her clothes to get them out. She had just eaten without cooking the meat. What the hell?


Maka looked up at her father. He seemed unsurprised to see his daughter covered in blood. He picked up her luggage and gave her a sympathetic smile. "We need to talk. There are some things I need to explain. Shinigami-sama has agreed to transport us."

The next day at the DWMA

Stein sat in the front of the class as usual. Only there was no cage near him, just a large mirror. He seemed to be studying the class, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Mostly seemed to be staring at Soul, which was making him nervous. Black Star and Tsubaki were back, Black Star bragging about the epic deeds he had done in Japan. Soul just felt Stein's eyes as they bore into him.

"Soul, where's Maka?" Kid asked confused. Seemed he and his weapons would be attending classes again. "She doesn't normally miss class. Is she sick?"

"I BET THE BOOKWORM WAS UP READING TOO LATE!" Black Star yelled with a laugh.

Soul shrugged.

Stein cleared his throat, gaining everyone's attention.

"Class today we have two very important things to discuss, two lessons that you must learn. First, I have been told to inform you that we believe that a new kishin may be in the works, but we aren't sure."

There were whispers among the class.

"Now, more importantly on to our lesson. I'm sure most of you have noticed the absence of Miss Albarn from class. She is our subject today. It was brought to the school's attention that you all have been bulling Miss Albarn to the point of harassment." He gestured at Rochelle, Soul and her three friends. "This group being the biggest culprits, but most of the class and school is guilty as well. Don't try to deny it."

"She's a whore," Rochelle scoffed. "We have a picture to prove it."

Rochelle's weapon, Ryan held the picture up in his hand.

Liz looked at her boyfriend in surprise. "What?"

Kid took the picture from Ryan like a flash and studied it with a frown. Soul had to admit there was sternness in his eyes and even he looked like he was frowning. Hard considering Kid almost never showed emotion.

"This isn't Maka," he said coolly, stating it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Of course it is," Rochelle snapped. "Soul saw it himself, and he knew it was Maka."

Soul nodded.

"Let me see," Stein said seriously. "Kim, Kilik and anyone else with soul perception come up here."

Many of the class got up and Kid handed Stein the picture. They all looked at it. "Turn on your perception as you look at the photo."

"Kid is correct this isn't Miss Albarn," Stein said throwing his finished cigarette on the ground. "The soul is different."

"What?" Soul and the others muttered.

"When you take a picture you take a picture of the person's soul as well," Stein explained as he lit another cigarette. The people with soul perception nodded and walked back to their seats.

"I was actually referring to the fact that the girl in this photo has a different eye color," Kid told them.

Black Star grabbed the photo. "Yeah this girl has brown eyes, Maka has green."

Soul shot up and grabbed the picture from his best friend. Sure enough the girl in the photo had brown eyes that could clearly be seen. How could he not notice that? As her partner he should have notice. Hell, Black Star, king of missing crap. He had just easily believed it. Why?

Because he had heard Maka was back mouthing him. At first he hadn't believed it. Then he saw the picture and it made sense. He had seen a different side of her. He felt shame and self-loathing. He had mocked her…no he had treated her like dirt. He heard the voices around class whisper about him and most of them echoed his own thoughts.

"He treated her like trash."

"Trash gets treated better than he treated her."

"She used to be so nice, she had anger issues but she never hurt anyone."

"We let them get away with bulling her."

"She must be so scared."

"She was always so nice to us and we bullied her," he heard Kim say.

"I wonder if she'll want revenge."

"Do you think she'll come after us?" Jacqueline asked in a scared whisper.

"Wouldn't blame her for it, we deserve it," Kim sighed.

"He dumped her."

"Left her for another girl from what I hear."

True, he had dumped Maka and then instantly dated Rochelle. Why? Maka had been a good girlfriend. Sure at times he had wished her breast had been bigger and she stopped looking like a child, but he had cared about her. So why did he dump her? Did he want someone with bigger breast? Did he want someone who didn't act look like a child and was hotter?

Yes but he hadn't wanted to dump her for those reasons. Truth was he didn't know why he dumped her.

"What do you mean bulling?" Black Star asked in a growl.

"Since we returned to the newly built school, the group from New York began bulling Miss Albarn to the point where it has run permanent damage to her soul." Stein informed all of them, his tone grave. "She has gotten to the point where she feels nothing inside, she's dead inside."

There were gasps among the class, Rochelle just shrugged and looked annoyed. Black Star was balling his hand into a fist and glaring daggers at his best friend.

Stein continued. "It is exceptionally bad since she is going through her change."

"Change?" Liz asked with a frown.

"You said that there was a kishin that was possible on the rise, is that what you mean by change?" Ox asked. "Are you saying Maka is turning into a kishin?"

"No, but she must fight and find the next one that rises," Stein attempted to explain. "As I was saying-"

"Are you saying she has to hunt and fight the kishin alone?" Jacqueline screamed.

Stein opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Kim yelled, "She'll die!"

There were worried protests among the class.

Stein glared at them, "Now you all care?"

The class went quiet.

"As I was saying, this is our main lesson of the day, the change Miss Albarn is going through." Stein said.

Soul could feel Kid and Black Star drilling four holes in his head with their eyes.

"Since there has been death there has been a Shinigami to manage death," Stein told them. "There has also been madness. There was also an ancient race of werewolves that helped control the madness. They have stood beside many of the ancient gods, such as Oden. They could sense the madness within a person and in some cases the most powerful of them could cleanse the madness from people, creating the idea of the sin eater legends. For the longest time they lived in a realm with the gods, but later came to reside only in ours. They then went out to hunt down and destroy the souls of those who were consumed by madness, in a way becoming the first meisters. Since they worked beside gods and people went missing many stories have been written about them. They have been called hell hounds and other things.

"As they became more accustomed with reapers they began to join them. One was even a member of Shinigami-sama's eight powerful warriors. As time moved on people began hunting wolves and the number of this ancient race dwindled. There is still the main clan, or pack, of which the head wolf of the race still exists. The blood still runs through some of the families, but the alpha, or leader still derives from the original's blood.

"They are often described as studios or bookworms. They are cunning and aggressive. They often come to think of their friends as members of the pack, even if they are not wolves. They are fiercely protective of members of their pack, especially their offspring. If a friend or family member is being bullied they will step in and defend that person with their own life. Very loyal creatures, werewolves. If someone is flirting with someone they like, they will act hostile. The pack members even have mind reading abilities when it comes to their leaders. They really are fascinating." Stein chuckled. Then the amused look disappeared and he once more became grave. The spark that he got when looking at research disappeared.

"Whoever, when they feel exiled from their pack, especially in cases of the leader, they can become lost to the darkness within. You have to remember that werewolves are monsters, despite being good monsters." Stein sighed, adjusting his screw. "Back to the head of this immortal clan. The alpha of the pack is sort of an ancient guard dog against madness, guarding the door of madness. Only alphas can kill each other's, or be killed by very powerful madness."

"That's why we couldn't kill Free?" Tsubaki asked.

Stein nodded. "Free was a member of the ancient pack, a relative to the present alpha, but was exiled for some reason long forgotten. Werewolves can choose to be immortal or not. Some, like the present leader chose for their life to end with the reaper in power or the one they are loyal to. I don't know when they chose this, but I do know that the immortality and alpha killing alpha only comes into effect when they have come of age."

"Come of age?" Black Star frowned.

Stein nodded. "When they make their first kill and they go through the change of being a full-fledged werewolf. This is why some forms of madness kill them when they are young, especially alpha pups who are the most powerful. Of course they turn into werewolves before this, often when they are really young so they don't remember and then stop. Remembering is very rare. I have heard of some families making sure that their children keep changing and therefor they grow up with full knowledge. Alphas choose to keep their kids in the dark to protect them."

The class nodded.

"Anyway, only one of the wolves who has gone through his change has been accepted, and was the first werewolf allowed at the DWMA. He was also a weapon and became a death scythe."

"Spirit," Kid muttered.

Stein simply nodded.

"That means Maka…" Soul muttered. How could he not know this?

"Is a werewolf," Stein nodded. "She is going through her change. Her senses are becoming keener, her reflexes faster, her body is changing again, and she will make her first kill. Sometimes this is a kishin, sometimes this is an animal."

"That was how she was able to kill the kishin," Rochelle muttered.

Stein nodded again. "Technically he was her first kill. But the fact that she has a grigori soul and her courage is what gave her that ability, wolves are courage. Another thing I should mention, she is a weapon and her father is the alpha of the pack. She is next in line to take his place, which is a big responsibility. There has never been a werewolf with a grigori soul so she is very interesting. Anyway she is presently talking to her father and Wes Evans about all this."

"Why would Maka talk to him?" Soul asked bitterly. What did his brother have to do with this?"

"Most of your family is wolves. You are what they refer to as a dud, an offspring of a werewolf family that doesn't have the wolf gene. Your father carries that and the weapon gene. You're lucky you at least got that to make up for your lack of wolf."

Black Star laughed.

Stein waved his hand and two images appeared on the mirror, both were photos of Maka, mostly showing her soul.

"These are pictures taken with a special camera I invented that can help take pictures of a person's soul only. The one of the left was taken after the fight with Asura. The one on the right was take a week ago. Notice anything?"

Soul looked at the pictures. For the most part her soul looked similar, same angelic orange soul. However the second one was surrounded by a black smoke and looked less bright.

"What is that black vapor around her soul?" Patty asked.

"That is the darkness and madness forming around her because of the bulling you all caused," Stein growled. "Slowly suffocating her soul and killing it. Not to mention the exposure to black blood from Evans. Her grigori soul was able to fight off the black blood and has been trying to fight off the darkness, but it can only do so much."

Soul noticed that most of Stein's glares and anger were at him. He looked down. They all had rarely seen him this angry. He was barely holding back.

"Maka has two options right now," Stein continued. "She can come back to DWMA or she can continue her wolf training, learning about her powers and abilities. If she takes the latter she may never come back here. "

Soul wasn't worried. Maka loved this place, besides she wasn't over him yet.

"Shinigami-sama has allowed us to take a look into this decision.

An image of Maka appeared on the screen. She was sitting at a wooden table with someone who looked a lot like Soul, only older and his teeth weren't as sharp. Maka was looking at the mug in her hand.

"So papa says you like me," Maka muttered.

Wes nodded. He gave her a friendly smile. "Have been since I was little. My parents made sure I continued going through the change, just never around Soul. I didn't want to scare him. You're not a monster Maka, most of those reports of us eating people are lies and the rest are just because we were caught hunting kishins."

"That's what papa said," Maka muttered.

Wes gave her a charming smile that made her blush.

"I've heard a lot about you, from Granny, the only person Soul actually talks to," Wes told her. "You're his partner, right?"

Maka paused, looking at her drink and stirring it slowly. "No, I'm not."

"Aren't you friends?"

"Yes…no…once, it's complicated." Maka muttered.

Wes sighed. "What did he do?"

"Our bond broke, we grew apart," Maka mumbled.

Wes reached out and took her hand. "Your father knew you were going to be going through the change soon. He wanted me to watch out for you when you did, be your mentor since he has to guard Shinigami-sama. So he had me…observe you for a little while. I know what happened."

Maka looked up at him, her green eyes wide.

"My brother is an idiot. As your friend and pack member I want to make him feel the pain he put you through. I can only imagine how your mate must feel," Wes growled. He shook his head. "I love my brother, so at the same time I want to protect him. I know he doesn't like me much, but you never really give up on family. Anyway, what about Lord Death's son?"

"Death's son? Kid?" Maka muttered in shock, blush filling her cheeks again.

"Did you guys date?" Wes asked noticing her blush.

Maka shook her head. "Kid is a gentleman and a friend."

Wes nodded. "Why didn't he and the others do anything? If they're your friends?"

"Kid has been busy, they all have. They had their own problems, they didn't need mine too." Maka looked away. "I'm fine."

He gave her hand a little squeeze and said softly. "Maka, I saw how they treated you. Most of that school, if not the entire school, hated you. They turned their backs on you, because they were afraid of being next. Weaker girls would have hurt themselves."

"I couldn't, wouldn't have solved anything. They would have just called me emo or something," Maka scoffed, the bitterness finally coming out. "I did cry…a lot. I just felt so alone. I felt dead inside; if I died on the outside none of them would care."

"Your friends…"

"As I just said busy," Maka growled.


"Can we discuss this later? He made it clear where his loyalty lies," Maka growled, removing her hand and looked away. "Aren't wolves supposed to be loyal and calm? You know everything my papa isn't."

"We are aggressive, loyal and calm." Wes took her hands again. "Spirit, he never found his mate. So he never settled he tried when it came to your mother. Wolves mate for life, when we find our mate, that's it. He is very protective of you; most males are of their offspring. But he does love you a lot."

Maka guessed he was right.


Maka and Wes looked up to see Lord Death in the mirror nearby.

"I have to know, do you wish to return to the DWMA? I assure you those who bullied you will be dealt with." Lord Death told her, his tone serious.

"You should forgive them," Wes told her. "It may take a while, but you should."

"I know," Maka agreed. She crossed her arms and bit her lip. But could she? "I'm just not ready yet."

Maka looked at Death. "Sorry, sir, but I feel I have nothing to return to. My friends are either too busy or to shallow to believe me. The whole school hates me and wishes I would die. My own partner would rather believe I was a whore than trust me. I don't see myself returning there ever. Okay, maybe someday. But at this point I never plan on returning to school, I have nothing to return to."

Shinigami nodded. "The door is always open when you want to return."

Back at the school…

They all stared at the mirror. His brother was a werewolf? His whole entire family was too, except him. Great.

Maka wasn't coming back.

"YOU'RE A DUD!" Patty laughed.

"Maka's not coming back," Kid muttered he didn't seem to be looking at anyone, just staring at his desk.

"What did you do?" Black Star growled at Soul. He wasn't yelling, that wasn't good. "How could you drive her away? You're her partner and you would rather trust others before her?"

"The picture," Soul started.

"How could you not notice the eye color?" Tsubaki growled. He really messed up if she was mad.

"How could we not notice what was happening?" Liz muttered to herself. She then looked angrily and glared at her boyfriend. "How could you have done that? We are over!"

"We have to be able to talk to her," Kid said with determination.

Something about that gnawed at Soul, he wasn't sure what but it was there. Soul stared at Kid, who took no notice. Something wasn't right. What was his motive? Why did he want to see her so eagerly? Spoiled brat.

What happened so far played in his head. Why was did Kid seem so upset? He was more upset than even Soul.

"Did anyone else see Wes and Maka action in the works?" Black Star smirked, he was so shipping them.

"He does have that charming British accent," Liz agreed, hoping this kind of thing would get under Soul's skin. She wanted him miserable for hurting Maka.

Soul scoffed, yet he felt his stomach boil in anger. He felt like he would throw up.

Maka and Wes?

"No way," Soul dismissed. Maka could do better and she still had feelings for him anyway. Yet this didn't help calm him at all.

"Why he has your looks only a he's nicer and he has an accent," Tsubaki spat. She was pissed that he had cost him her best friend.

The sudden sound of a chair being pushed out and someone getting up drew Soul out of his thoughts. Soul saw Kid grab his books and rush out of the room.

"Poor Kid," Liz muttered, she felt a bit bad for going along with the Maka and Wes thing.

"Why?" Tsubaki asked.

"Can't you tell?" Patty asked, her voice growing serious. "Kid loves Maka."

Soul felt his blood boil along with his stomach. He knew the reaper used to have feelings for his Maka, but not love. This was uncool. She was his meister, or had been his meister.

"You're not going to stay with Rochelle are you?" Liz asked glaring at his girlfriend.

"Yeah, why?"

"After what she did!" Patty yelled. "MAKA SHOULD LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD YOUR PIGS!"

"Patty that made no sense," Liz muttered.

"You would choose that slut over your meister," Tsubaki shook her head. "You are an uncool bastard!"

"Ex meister, I'm his meister now," Rochelle smirked triumphantly.

"You made my childhood friend cry, you will pay." Black Star growled.

"You don't have to worry," Stein drew their attention again. "Rochelle, Ryan, Ethan and Tray are to report to the Death Room so they can be expelled from school."

Soul watched his girlfriend leave the room. What had he done?

Author's note: I thought it would be funny to have Patty say that line. Is anyone a hundred percent sure how to spell her name? I've seen it done that way and Patti, on the wiki page it has both and in the manga it is spelled Patty. I thought it was interesting to have the whole picture thing in there. Also my werewolves are going to be based off Celtic/Norse mythology as well as Japanese. I based some of the bulling off my own experience.

Not sure how much I'll be updating since school will start again soon. I have the second chapter written in the notebook and I am working on getting it typed, but I'm also making adjustments to it. Sorry ahead of time. The title of the story comes from Blackmore's Night and the chapter title is a song by Celtic Women. I hope I didn't insult anyone with names that are the same or with that emo comment. I didn't mean anything by it, just know that some people would view it that way though I am not one of them.