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Maka led them to the apartment.

"This place is a lot nicer than your old place," Liz noted.

Maka shrugged.

Kid noticed how Crona was hanging onto Maka. He was glad the pink haired meister had forgiven Maka so easily. Maka had always been like a security blanket for Crona.

The entrance to the apartment was a long hallway. It was your basic apartment with a living room, a kitchen, and a hallway that led to the two bedrooms and a bathroom. One bedroom door was painted blue, the other was red.

The place was decorated with masks from various places, pictures, and a dream catcher on the red bedroom door. The walls were painted white.

The living room was spacious with two coaches and an arm chair with a coffee table in front of them and they were facing so you could see the big screen television. The furniture was done in white, except for the glass coffee table and black rug on the wooden floor.

Kid managed to peek into the kitchen, which was chrome and wood.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" Maka offered. "We have tea, orange juice, lemonade, soda, water, milk, and hot chocolate."

"SODA!" Patty and Black Star cheered.

"Lemonade please," Tsubaki smiled.

"We'll just have water," Crona answered.

"Soda," Liz shrugged.

"Tea would be wonderful, thank you Maka," Kid smiled.

At that moment a white haired man, who looked a lot like Soul only with more muscle, walked out of the blue painted bedroom door.

"Hey pup," the man said.

"Hey Snowdrop," Maka hugged the guy. "Everyone this is Wes."

Maka made short introductions and then went to make drinks while Wes got stuff out of her room.

"How was school?" Wes called.

"Good," Maka called from the kitchen.

"My little brother didn't do anything to her did he?" Wes asked as he joined the group, carrying a stack of brown wrapped packages. They shook their heads in response.

"You really care about her don't you?" Liz smiled.

Wes nodded. "Maka's a strong girl, but also very sweet. She sort of became the little sister I never had. I don't want to see her hurt again, especially by my brother."

They all nodded.

"Don't worry, we aren't about to let anyone get away with that again." Black Star told Wes with a serious expression.

"Agreed, we aren't willing to risk losing her again." Kid promised giving Wes a sullen look. He hoped the fellow male would get the point of how serious he was.

"Okay, the hot water is on," Maka smiled bringing in the tray of drinks and setting it on the coffee table. "What kind of tea would you like Kid?"

"Whatever you're having is fine," Kid smiled.

"So what is up with the nickname Snowdrop?" Liz inquired.

"Wes has ice and snow related powers," Maka explained. "Think Iceman, or Jack Frost, or Elsa, or Grey from Fairy Tail."

"Grey-sama," Patty muttered in a breathy voice.

"Anyway," Maka continued, "when we were training there were a few…accidents."

"I told you that I didn't mean to summon that storm or freeze you," Wes smirked.

"I was discussing the time that you froze yourself and got your tongue stuck to me while I was in weapon form. There is a reason you weren't allowed to go to the DWMA as a meister." Maka chuckled then added in a raised voice, "And it took us hours to thaw me! Both times! Any normal person would have died or caught frost bite."

"So you call him Snowdrop?" Tsubaki was confused. She didn't see the connection.

"Not because of that, though it is justification," Maka giggled. "At one point when we were training during a light snow fall, someone transformed back and ripped his clothes. His chest hairs look like drops of snow. I just started calling him Snowdrop after that."

"Do the curtains match the drapes?" Liz asked.

"Liz!" Kid glared, embarrassed by his partner's vulgarity.

Maka laughed. "Yep."

"You know your dad will kill me if that ever gets out, right?" Wes mumbled.

Maka heard a whistle and headed back into the kitchen.

"She also says my hair looks like a Snowdrop," Wes muttered. "At least the nickname is no longer Fluffy."

"You will forever be Fluffy!" Maka yelled.

"Then you will be going back to being Snowflake!" Wes called back.

"Snowdrop and Wes it is then," Maka muttered reentering the room with a tray of tea. "He used to call me Snowflake because each one is unique and he couldn't think of anything else."

She handed it to Kid and muttered. "At least it is better than tiny tits."

Kid took a sip and found his was apple.

"Anyway gifts," Maka smiled. She grabbed a package and handed it out to each of them, even Ragnarok who came out of Crona's back demanding a gift.

"Why don't we let Crona go first?" Maka suggested, knowing how impatient Ragnarok could be. She sat down on the arm of the chair Wes was sitting on.

"You bet we'll go," Ragnarok answered.

Ragnarok tore into his gift while Crona slowly opened his. They were sitting on the couch next to Tsubaki.

"Chocolate! I can get that anywhere!" Ragnarok snapped.

"This is Belgium chocolate from the city of Brugge. It is some of the best chocolate in the world." Maka corrected.

Ragnarok shrugged.

Crona finally opened his and found a huge nesting doll that looked like Shinigami.

"Open it," Maka smiled.

Crona did so and found one that looked like Kid holding the twins in pistol form, next came Stein, then Liz, Patti, Black Star, Tsubaki, Soul, Maka, Crona, and finally Ragnarok.

"I had them done by a man in Russia who owed me a favor," Maka smiled.

"Thank you so much," Crona smiled.


Maka rolled her eyes, something's never changed. Though she doubted she would have Black Star any other way. Sure he was annoying as hell, but he was Black Star.

He ripped open his gift, throwing the paper everywhere. He finally came upon a brown box.

"Be careful," Maka warned.

Black Star slowly opened the box to reveal a little nut cracker version of himself.

"Since you have a big mouth," Maka smirked. "Besides, every god deserves a mini version of himself."

Black Star jumped up and quickly hugged Maka before sitting back down next to Tsubaki.

Tsubaki smiled and opened her own gift. First, she found a little white handkerchief with a T on it.

"We got that on the island of Burano, Italy." Maka informed her friend. "The island is famous for lace work and colorful houses. It is hand made."

Tsubaki then pulled out a figuring of Tower Bridge with snow on it. She studied it and found a wind up key at the bottom, she turned it and music began to play the British Anthem.

"A Tower Bridge music box," Maka smiled. "I got one that looked like it was during winter, because it reminded me of our mission."

"Thank you," Tsubaki smiled.

"ME NEXT!" Patty cried, jumping up and down in her seat next to Kid on the other couch.

"Sis, I swear you are becoming as bad as Black Star." Liz muttered shaking her head, she was sitting on Kid's other side.

Patty tore at the paper, finding first her own handkerchief with a P on it. Then she squealed and pulled out a wooden music box with a giraffe figure standing on a field.

"Wind it up," Wes smirked. He looked rather amused.

Maka glared at him. When she had asked for this to be made the wood carver looked at her like she was crazy and Wes had fallen on the floor laughing.

Patty did as she was told, placing the music box on the coffee table. As music started to play the giraffe's neck slowly bent backwards, and then went back up.

"Its neck is breaking!" Patty clapped.

"We got it in Germany," Maka informed her friend.

"I guess I'll go next," Liz smiled.

She carefully opened hers and pulled out a handkerchief with an L on it. She unfolded the handkerchief to reveal a silver necklace with a snowflake pendent on it.

"Is this crystal?" Liz asked. The object glistened in the light, but looked too clear to be real crystal.

"It is glass from the island of Murano," Maka explained. "They are famous for their glass work there. Wes picked it out. There should be one more thing."

Liz frowned and carefully pulled aside the tissue paper that was in the box. She let out a gasp.

She slowly pulled out a black lace Venetian mask with glass beads woven into it and three purple feathers coming from one side.

"I saw this on Burano and thought of you. The beads are from the island of Murano, which is famous for glass work." Maka explained.

"She can wear it to the masquerade ball father is throwing," Kid muttered.

Everyone looked up at him in surprise.

"Father insisted on having a ball to honor Maka's return to school," Kid explained. "I promised to try to convince you. It is on Saturday."

"Can Wes come?" Maka inquired.

Kid shrugged. "Sure, I think father is inviting Blair as well."

"Sounds fun," Maka smiled. "I do need to see her; I have a gift here for her."

"I can give you her address," Liz suggested.

"Since when did you and Blair become such good friends, sis?" Patty asked.

"Shut up," Liz hissed. She turned to her meister. "Kid open your gift."

Kid slowly did. He found three handkerchiefs, one with DTK on it, one with K on it, and another with a skull.

He spied another little brown box, opened it carefully and found layers of tissue paper. After the tissue paper came bubble wrap and he removed a Faberge egg. It was a black egg with silver engravings and a small skull latch. He carefully opened the egg and found a gold figure of a wolf.

"A man papa knows made it," Maka smiled. "I thought you would like it. I have something else if you don't."

"It's perfect," Kid gave her a warm smile. "Thank you, Maka."

"So is there any chance of Wes playing the violin for us at this ball?" Liz teased.

"Nope," Wes smirked. Sometimes he looked too much like his brother.

"Sleep over tomorrow, right?" Patty smiled. "At the Gallows of course."

Maka nodded. "Wes, would you like to come?"

Wes shook his head. "You always try to get me to turn into a wolf at these things. Besides, I've been freezing things in my sleep again."

Maka frowned at that. Wes only froze things in his sleep when he wasn't feeling well or when something was upsetting him.

She remembered when they first started traveling together. He had gotten sick and ended up freezing most of the camp site in his sleep, even the fire. She had lain with him to help him get back to sleep, doing the same thing she used to do with Soul. She had stroked his hair and sang softly.

She took a final sip of her tea and poured herself more. "It's nice to be back. Is Soul still living in the apartment?"

Liz nodded. "I don't know how he is paying for it though."

"I think he asked Granny," Wes muttered.

Maka silently excused herself and went to her room.

Soul stayed at the apartment.

She glanced at the two brown wrapped packages sitting on the chest at the foot of her bed. She and Wes had picked them up for Soul before they left England. Maka had never sent them for so many reasons.

Reason one: she had been sure Rochelle would move in with Soul. She didn't need that bitch being madder at her.

Reason two: She was sure that Soul would reject the gifts because Rochelle told him to.

Reason three: She knew that he would be able to find her then. If he wasn't still Rochelle's lap dog, he would probably want to get her back when the truth came out.

She ran a hand through her hair, things were so confusing. She still cared about Soul, but also wanted to hate him for all he had done. She knew she would have to talk to him about it, put everything on the table. Still she was afraid.

She was also angry that he had stayed with that succubus. After he found out the pain that Rochelle had caused Maka, how could he still stay with her? Didn't he have any sense of loyalty?

She smelled him before she heard him or felt his presence behind her. His was the smell of fresh fallen and crushed leaves, warm apple cider with cinnamon, Halloween and autumn. A musky yet natural aroma that was uniquely him, that made her think of Halloween and autumn.

She turned, forcing a smile. "Everything okay Kid?"

"I should ask you the same thing," Kid said pensively. "He was an idiot you know."

"An idiot I loved," Maka muttered. "Most of what he said hurt so much. Can you believe he still called me tiny tits when we were dating?"

"He didn't deserve you," Kid told her. He shook his head. "I'll never understand why you were partners with him in the first place. Or why you stayed with him for so long. All he ever seemed to do was insult you, yell at you, and bicker with you."

Maka shrugged, "Security. He also protected me."

Maka had hoped Soul would be able to reinstate her belief in men. She had been so wrong.

Suddenly Kid's arms were around her waist and he pulled her into a tight hug. She didn't hesitate to put her arms around him and place her head in the crook of his neck. She breathed in his scent and listened to the comforting sound of his heartbeat.

He rested his chin atop her head.

"I've missed you so much," Kid whispered. "Things weren't the same without you here. It was like I lost you all over again. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you. I promise, I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."

"I missed you too," she managed to say.

She felt a warm feeling when he said he missed her, not we. He had thought about her then.

Before she had been with Soul, she had a crush on Kid. She had one on him when they were little as well. She had always dismissed the feeling. He was too good looking and out of her league. Every girl in school had wanted him.

Yet she had to note that they got along great and had so much in common. She had dated Soul, who was also considered one of the best looking guys in school. Perhaps, she did have a chance.

Since she left she had gained some confidence in herself. Maybe it was time to try to give males a chance again? Give herself a chance at love again?

"You are the most beautiful, intelligent person I know." Kid whispered, and then he kissed the top of her head and pulled away.

He started to walk off, she quickly grabbed his wrist. He paused and looked at her.

"The other gift," she said softly.

She went over to her desk drawer and pulled out a little black box and handed it to him.

He smiled and opened it. Inside was silver pocket watch with a skull shaped like his father's mask on the front.

Kid pulled it out of the box and turned it over. His initials were engraved on the back.

"Open it."

He did and found it was engraved on the inside.

Just call my name and I'll be there. I'll always believe in you. You are never alone.

Till Death,


Kid smiled. "Thank you."

As they went out to rejoin the others Maka couldn't help but wonder if Kid knew how much touch met to werewolves. Just like all senses, touch was hightened. Werewolves would touch each other to communicate just as much as they used sound or smell. Where someone touched was as important as how you touched them. Same for body language.

He had rubbed her when he rested her chin on top of her head, therefore marking her with his scent and her with his. It could be shown as a way of marking her as his own.

Of course that all would mean he knew. So did he?

Wes raised an eyebrow at her. She knew he could smell Kid on her. She gave him a look that told him to leave it alone for now.

They said goodbye after a few hours and a pizza order later, the sun had down.

Wes stared at Maka with a raised eyebrow and knowing smirk.

"He hugged me, nothing happened." Maka growled. He knew better than to push it.

"You like him," Wes teased in a song like voice.

Maka rolled her eyes. She had to admit sometimes Wes was childish, but at least he didn't try to hide it. Unlike someone.

He walked over and gave her a hug. "Just be careful, remember some guys are not worthy of you. Most humans aren't very understanding of our kind. You are the future of the pack, you need a good mate."

Maka hugged him back.

She had heard all this before. She had to choose someone who could handle having werewolf kids. Duds were rare when it came to alpha offspring, so unless she reproduced with a dud her kids would be wolves.

"Thanks dad," she teased.

"Night pup," Wes smiled heading to his room.

"Night Wesley," Maka smiled. He hated being called by his whole name.

She entered her room and closed the door.

She sighed before looking out her window. The moon was high. She wouldn't mind hunting tonight or running.

She glanced at the two packages for Soul.

Then she went to her closet and pulled out the gift for Blair, wrapped in brown paper. She smiled grabbing a messenger bag and placing Soul's gifts inside. She then went and grabbed his third from the drawer.

Grabbing Blair's gift she opened the window and carefully climbed out. She landed with ease on her feet from the two story fall.

With a smile she took off at a run, becoming nothing more than a blur to most people.

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