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Chapter 9: Summer Time!

"The sea~~~~!"

"Summer's the best!" Yamamoto exclaimed, getting a snarky reply from Gokudera.

'To get to come to the beach with my friends...it's amazing!' Tsuna thought. "And I already learned how to freestyle at the pool. This time I can try swimming freestyle!"

"Sorry I'm late." The three turned and saw Fuyu walking up to them.

"Look at those girls! They're so cute!"

"Are they models for a magazine?"

"Let's go talk to them."

"Sorry boys, but ya can only look, no touchin'." They turned and saw Haru and Kyoko each in a two-piece swimsuit. They also saw another girl walking with them. They all walked up to the boys. "Tha goes for ya guys too." The woman said, pointing to the boys.

"Psh! They have guys with them."


"Who are you?" Yamamoto asked, looking at the woman.

"I thought it was courtesy in Japan to give yer name before askin' someone else their's." The woman said as she took her sunglasses off. They saw her eyes and noticed that she had blue eyes. She also had golden eyes and a slim waist.

"Haha! That's right! I'm Yamamoto Takeshi!" The baseball player said happily.

"I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi. It's nice to meet you." The brunet said with a small bow.

"Gokudera Hayato." The bomber said, looking away.

"Well hi there. My name is Jennifer. It's nice to meecha." She said with a small wave.

"Tsuna-kun, we met Jen-san when we were changing." Kyoko stated.

"Fuyu? Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Yamamoto asked, looking at the other.

"Oh. Right. My name is-"

"I already know what it is, dummy!" She said as she got him in a headlock. Fuyu just looked shocked and a little confused.

"Um...Do I know you...?" He asked. She pulled him back and looked him in the eye. "Are you oka-"

"Ya bastard!" She slammed her fist onto his head, making him eat some sand. "Don act like ya don know me!"

"A-ah! Y-yamero!" Tsuna said as they all tried to stop the raging woman. "He doesn't remember much from his past!" She turned her head to him and he gave a small yelp.

"Really now..." She said in a dark voice.

"I see. So tha's how it is." Jennifer said after they got done explaining everything to her. "Hehehe. Sorry about beatin' the shit outta ya then."

"It's fine." Fuyu said as he rubbed his head.

"But yeah, me and yer lil 'Fuyu' go way back." The blond woman said with a grin. "I use ta be his teacher and kick his ass."

"Is any of this ringing a bell?" Tsuna asked, looking at Fuyu.

"Hm...A little..." He said as he closed his eyes and tried to focus. After a few seconds his eyes shot open and he hid behind Yamamoto with a scared expression. "G-g-get that crazy bitch a-away from m-m-m-me!" He yelled and pointed to her.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yup! He definetly remembers me!" Jennifer yelled while she continued to laugh.

"Jen-san, from your name I can guess that you're American. So what are you doing here and how can you speak such fluent Japanese?" Kyoko asked. The blond stopped laughing and turned to the other girl.

"Oh. Right. Well I came here 'cause I was told there was some trouble and it needed my assistance. As fer ma fluent Japanese. I speak tons of languages, so of course I'd know Japanese." She then looked like she realized something. "Tha's right! Ya guys use honorifics, don't cha?"

"We didn't come here to talk about this stuff!" Gokudera suddenly yelled.

"Hahaha! He's right! We came here for some fun in the sun!" Yamamoto said, trying to get Fuyu from behind him.

"It was nice of onii-chan to invite us here." Kyoko said. "It's nice out here."

"I heard that your brother is gonna stay here." Yamamoto said, none too happy about his own statement. Tsuna just sighed at this while Fuyu froze for a second.

"Yep. A senpai who's a lifeguard asked him to help." Kyoko said. Tsuna was just amazed and remembered a little traumatic thing from when he was a kid. Something about almost drowimg and stuff like that.

"You're finally here!" They saw Ryohei sitting on one of the lifeguard seats. Fuyu let out a small yelp and quickly ran away before the boxer could see him. "With my lion strength and fish-like agility, I'm going to be an apprentice lifeguard this summer!" Gokudera just objected the statement while Ryohei got down from his stand. "Then allow me to introduce my colleagues. First, it's someone experiencing a bit of sunstroke..." They saw that it was Reborn in his elephant hat and boxing gloves. "Paopao-sensei." Tsuna just asked what he was doing here. "And also..."

"Hey, don't litter!" They saw three guys yelling at a kid. "You guys wanna increase our workload, is that it?" The man asked, liffting the kid up. He dropped the kid and started to walk away. "Then you can clean up the area around here."

"These are my lifeguard senpai." Ryohei said, shocking them. "Senpai use to be in the Namimori boxing club."

"Oh! Are you Ryohei'a little sis? Your just my type." The guy said as he and the other two put their arms around the girls' shoulders and starts to take them away. "Then we'll keep these girls company." Jennifer just smiled at them, grabbed the guy's arm and flipped him over her shoulder, smile never leaving.

"I said that her only loud ta look." She said, turning to the other two. "Would ya two like ta end up like yer lil friend here?"

"Senpai! I invited them to come and have fun, not to be lifeguards!" Ryohei yelled.

"You still don't get it, Ryohei?" The leader said. "We just want to teach these lovely lowerclassmen about the glory of being a lifeguard."

"Yellin' at kids ain't what a lifeguard does, ya know." Jennifer said with a blank look.

"We just wanted him to make sure that he understood that it's not nice to litter." The guy said.

"Ya also told em to clean up the area. He is just a kid." The woman said again, looking irritated.

"He needed to learn to be responsible." The blond took a deep breath and calmed down, for the moment.

'I'm gonna stop before I punch these morons in the face.'

"I see!" Ryohei yelled.

'He's gonna be after them.' She thought with a tick mark on her forehead.

"Why the hell are you greeing with them!?" Gokudera yelled.

"Onii-san's being used by his senpai!" Tsuna yelled.

"I will help my brother then." Kyoko said as Haru agreed, mentioning Tsuna's name.

"Heh. Who's this Tunafish-san?" The guy asked as Tsuna just yelled that she was an idiot. "Are you Tunafish-san? Then you must swim well, huh?" He asked as the other man got up and they looked at Tsuna. Gokudera threatened to kill them which turned into a challenge. "Three against three, a swimming race. The losers will be slaves for the winners.

"Sounds interesting." Reborn said, hitting Haru in the mouth to shut her up. The others tried to argue, but also got hit in the mouth. "We accept the challenge."

"Then it's decided. We'll swim to that island and loop around...no restrictions on swimming style, best two out of three wins." The guy explained.

"I'll go first." Yamamoto said.

"The third contest can be the 10th, then!" Gokudera said with Tsuna objecting.

"Why can't Jennifer-san do it?" Tsuna asked.

"I'd end up drownin' one of the." She said simply.

"Then let's start the race!" Just as Ryohei was about to pull the trigger, Kyoko stopped them.

"Hold on for a moment, someone is coming in. It looks like he has something with him." True to what she said, Fuyu, with a fake mustache, came in on a motorboat with a raft tied to the end.

"Where the heck didja get the boat?" Jennifer asked.

"It was already at that island." He answered in a different voice, pointing to the island that they were suppose to circle. "When I got there, these people tired to attack me and kicked their asses."

"Hm. So ya tried ta cheat?" The blond woman said as they all looked at the guys. "I say we still continue this." They looked at her like she was crazy. "I want to see them get their asses beat. If they really are pros, then they shouldn't have ta cheat ta win, right?" They all just stayed quiet for a moment and nodded.

"Now let's start!" Ryohei yelled again and pull the trigger. "Go!" The two jumped into the ocean and started swimming. As they got closer to the island, the guy turned to Yamamoto.

"We've undergone diffrent training them you middle schoolers have." Yamamoto just smirked.

"Is that so?" He started to pick up speed. "But if it's regular training, I won't lose." He was gaining the upper hand and made the turn, putting him in front.

"Oh! Yamamoto's winning."

"Woo! Go Takeshi!"

"He's got his one in the bag." They all cheered. Yamamoto reached the sandy beach first, getting them the first point.

"Second up, ready!" The bang was heard and both raced of into the ocean. They both turned the corner and could hear the cheering. Both made it to beach with Gokudera being the first one to step on the sand.

"Looks like we win." Jennifer said with a smirk.

"Did you expect anything less?" Fuyu asked as he took the fake mustache off and rubbed his lip. "Man this thing is itchy."

"Kaito!" Fuyu froze, slowly turned and saw Ryohei about to run to him. He cursed up a Storm as he started to run like a madman.

"Well that happened." Jennifer said.

It was now a lovely time in Namimori. Tsuna was with the kids at a summer festival where he just planned on watching the kids and looking around.

'Darn, I have to babysit for the summer festival. I wish everyone was here.' Tsuna thought. He then remembered the three guys. 'Then again, I don't want to deal with those nasty upperclassmen any more..." He noticed that there was a lot of commotion at one of the stands. He went to go look and saw Reborn shooting all of the targets on a game. He ended up getting everything and the owner just complained that first he was pickpocketed and now he had no prizes. "Nothing good happens when I get involved with Reborn. Pretend I don't know him, pretend I don't know him..." Tsuna said, backing up. I-Pin walked up to him and told him that's he wanted something. He looked and saw that she wanted a chocolate covered banana. "Even if it's 400 yen, that's okay. May I have one?" He asked.

"All right! We dip it in French chocolate after we get the order!" A happy voice said.

"I said it was from Belgium!" Another voice yelled. "Here you go."

"I thought it was France too!" A third voice called out.

"Gokudera-kun, Fuyu-kun and Yamamoto!" Tsuna yelled as he saw his friends running that stand. Gokudera just replied that he was shocked while Fuyu and Yamamoto just said hi. That's when Reborn came over and explained that they needed to raise money for a wall that Yamamoto had broken and that the charge was directed at Tsuna. "You were probably the one who did it anyways!"

"Geez. Doesn't it piss you off? It was Yamamoto's fault." Gokudera said.

'I think it was Gokudera-kun's fault, too.' Tsuna thought. 'Well, if those three are going to do it, I should do it too.' That's when some people started talking and one told Tsuna to get a placement fee ready. "A placement fee!?"

"It's kinda sounds like a tradition in Namimori to pay to be allowed into an area." Fuyu said.

"We plan to follow it and pay the fee." Yamamoto said.

"How much is the payment anyways?" Tsuna asked.

"50,000 yen." They saw that the collector was Hibari. Gokudera and Tsuna just questioned why he was there and of the payment was going towards the committee. "It's for our activity funds. If you can't pay it, I'll crush your stand." In the backround you could see some of the committee destroying a stand.

"You can try, but I'll just kick your ass." Fuyu said with a shrug and a grin. Hibari huffed and left.

"Wow~. You have a stand?" Kyoko asked, looking at Tsuna.

"Um, yeah..." He answered. 'Kyoko-chan's yukata is cute~.'

"What as pity. We wanted to see the fireworks together with everyone." Haru said, looking a little sad.


"Well if ya hurry up then we can all watch em." Jennifer said.

"Well, good luck." The girls said as they walked away with the banana's in hand.

"Ah, bye." Tsuna replied. "Aww, I wish we could've seen the fireworks together.'

"But if we sell everything, we can see the fireworks too, right?" Yamamoto said getting agreements.

'That's right! I still have hope.' Tsuna thought. "Want to work hard and...finish this up quickly!?" Tsuna asked, looking at the others.

"If that's what the 10th wants!" Gokudera said.

"Yeah, we should." Yamamoto said.

"This should be fun." Fuyu said.

For the next few hours they were all selling chocolate covered bananas, with a surprising amount of success. That's when an older I-Pin walked up to them and gave them advice on how to get more sales. Thanks to the advice they we able to get most of the money that they needed.

"We only have one more box of bananas to sell." Gokudera said.

"At this rate, we'll make it to the fireworks with more than enough time!" Tsuna exclaimed, excited to see them with the girls.

"Sorry, it can I excuse myself for 5 minutes." Yamamoto said out of the blue. "Every year I play the ball throwing games, and if I don't do it, it wouldn't feel right." He finished.

'This person probably makes venders cry, too!' Tsuna yelled in his head. "Alright. Since everyone is off seeing the parade, there are fewer people anyway."

"Sorry 10th! I'm going to the bathroom!" Gokudera said, leaving only Tsuna and Fuyu at the stand.

"Ok! Don't worry, just leave it to us two." Tsuna said. Reborn said he would go dance. "Alright."

After waiting awhile some kid grabbed the box holding the money in it and ran away. "The money! That kid is behind all of the robberies!? Now way!" Tsuna yelled. Both he and Fuyu started to chase the kid. "H-hey! Wait!" When the kid stopped so did the other two. They saw that the same guy from the beach was holding the box of money. "The lifeguard senpai!?"

"Robbing is our second job. Summer is the best time to make money." He said.

'Wha...What to do!? At this rate, the money we worked so hard for will be... For now, let me go get Gokudera-kun at the others.' Tsuna thought. As he was about to leave, more guys got in his way.

"Give that back. We worked hard for those." Fuyu said with a dark aura.

"Or what? What can you two little kids do?" The guy said.

"I'll kick your ass." Fuyu said as he lifted his leg.

"After the incident, every time I look into the mirror... I see how my pride was scarred..." The guy said. He grabbed Tsuna by the front of his shirt and pulled out a knife. "I've been waiting for this moment! I'll make sure you never speak again. Well, where should I start slicing you up?" The guy suddenly went flying and they all looked to see Fuyu with his foot in the air.

"Don't you ever lay a finger on him, you bastard." Fuyu said with a dark voice.

"Fuyu-kun..." They all heard a wail and turned to see what happened.

"I'm so happy, I'm trembling. I thought I found a delicious crowd, and then it turned out to be a great catch with the group of robbers we were after." They saw that it was Hibari with his tonfas out. He turned to Fuyu and his smirk widened a little. "Not only that, but I also get to fight with an omnivore."

"Who the hell is he!?"

"The disciplinary committee of Namimori junior high!"

"You've saved me the trouble of having to collect from several diffrent people. We, the disciplinary committee, will take all the money you stole." Hibari said.

"You can't have ours." Fuyu said.

"Another idiot who pisses me off. Perfect." The guy from before said, getting up. "Just to annihilate three junior high kids, I called over too many badass lowerclassmen of mine." He said, shaking his head.

"How many are there!?" Tsuna yelled, looking around.

"No need to go easy on them! Kill off that messed up kid, too!" The guy yelled as they all got out their weapons.

"Isn't this a little too much, even for Hibari-san and Fuyu-kun...?" Tsuna yelled, again.

"Then you jump in, too." Reborn said from a tree he was sitting on. "And fight."

"REBORN! FIGHT AS IF I WERE TO DIE!" Tsuna yelled as his clothes were ripped off.

"There are only three junior high kids! Attack them at once!" The guy yelled. There was a sudden explosion.


"The support has arrived."

"Annoying brats. Coming out like that." The guy said.

"It's the first time battling with Hibari." Reborn said.

"No way. The money that was stolen will go to me." Hibari said.

"Over my dead body." Fuyu said, getting ready to fight.

"Enough talking! Attack them!" The people all rushed at them, but they all fought back. They were also winning. "Are these guys really only junior high kids!?"

And so, Tsuna and the rest were able to gain victory.

"We were able to protect our money from Hibari, but..." Gokudera's aid as they all sat on the grass at a hill.

"We're trashed~." Yamamoto said.

"Looks like we won't make it to the fireworks~~" Tsuna said.

"I thought it was fun." Fuyu said.



"Guys!" They turned and saw the girl running up to them. "We found you guys."

"What're they doing here?" Tsuna asked.

"I called them over." Reborn replied.

"Re...Reborn you..."

"Don't get the wrong idea. This is the best secret spot to watch fireworks."

The baby said.

The fireworks they saw with were very beautiful.


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