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Kyle: Let me just say what a great story Pike Aftershock was and my inspiration for going into Fusionfall Fanfiction and my message is that Fusionfall lives own in us and we are it's legacy now lets begin the story.


"Hey mom. Have you seen my hat?" asked Conner. Then at that moment the door bell rang and Conner went to answer it.

"Hey young man. You have been accepted into the Fusion Fall Academy." said the Grim Reaper in a Jamaican accent. "

"Yes!" said Conner in a burst of excitement.

"Mon, most are not so happy to be drafted much less apply." said Grim in a shocked tone.

"Well you see I'm one of the teen's hit with the light ray and want to control my powers." said Conner in a responsible tone.

"Which one did you get?" said Grim in a entrusted tone.

"I went down to the community center, and I learned that I have Anodite powers." Conner said excitedly.

"Well you leave on Friday." said Grim as he disappeared in a poof of black smoke.

The next few days went by fast. He told all his friends in Bellwood that he was leaving for the academy and he had to go to Tech Square. "All right maggots. Let's get to the null void." said a man none as Chris MacLean, host of Total Drama.

"It's Chris from Total Drama." I heard someone say.

"All right come on." said Chris in his normal "Chris" tone.

Once we were in the Null Void we got our class schedule and Dorm numbers. Connor's was 15a and my classes are hand-to-hand training with Buttercup Utonium, Hover-car and Hover-Board training with Kevin Levin, Weapon Training with Ben Tennyson, Athletic class with Wilt, and Academics with Blossom Utonium. When I got to my room there was only one bed as you don't have a roommate until you moved on to Providence. Conner unpacked and set up his room then someone knocked on the door. "Who could that be?" said Conner. Conner opened the door and it was Ben Tennyson.

"It is an honor to met you, Mr. Tennyson." said Conner in a excited tone as he shook Ben's hand.

"You can call me Ben. Mr. Tennyson is my grandfather. I came to tell you we have an assembly. Come on." Ben said in a laid back tone.

"Ok, coming." replied Conner.

As he was walking Conner bumped into this boy. "Hey, watch where your going." said the boy in a crabby tone.

"Sorry it was a accident." said Conner in both a apologized and annoyed tone.

"There you are, Pen." said a boy who was floating.

"Are you floating?" asked Conner in a surprised tone.

"Yes I am. I was hit with one of the light rays and got Powerpuff powers. Name is Mark Valentine, and his, Pen Mertens.

"Nice to meet you I'm Conner Caster and I have anodite powers." said Conner in a proud tone.

"Hi guys! We found you." said two girls with brown hair and Conner recognized one of them. It was Courtney from Total Drama.

"I know you from Total Drama. What are you doing here at the academy?" said Conner in a surprised tone.

"I want to help in the front lines of the battle and get some training so I can be prepared." explained Courtney.

"Cool and who's your cute friend over there?" asked Conner, blushing.

"I'm Rebecca Storm and I enrolled here to help in the war with my friend who graduated all ready. Pike Aftershock, you may have heard of him." said Rebecca proudly.

"Yeah, I heard of him from a friend of mine. He became a legend ever since he survived a battle with Fuse." said Conner.

"Well, want to come with us to the assembly?" asked Rebecca, sincerely and with a hint of flirting. "Yeah. I can't say no. See you then!"

Diary entry: August 12,2014

Ben Tennyson

I met these five kids. They can be great friends. It's just that Pen has a shady past, so they best be careful with him, but maybe with help from their tutors and guides...they may be the ones to take down Fuse and his Fusion copy's of us. Let's hope this year goes better then the last.

Entry ended.

Ghost: Wow, the newbie did better then expected

Pike: Yeah, and it's great to see that this guy isn't coming on to me girl, unlike SOME PEOPLE (fake coughs) Ares.

Ares: I heard that!

Pike: You were supposed to! Also, glad to see Rebecca likes someone else.

Rebecca: You know I'll always love you, Pikey ;)

Pike: F***********CK!

Ghost: Congrats newbie

Ghost: Well damn, it's been so long since I got something from this story, and it's a reboot xD Well, better then what I'm doing lol

Pike: Yeah, what about that sequel series?!

Ghost: Like I said on my profile, looking for writers to work on my new ideas, so I can can handle the old ones, like your series

Pike: Fine...

Ghost: Well, like I said, looking for writers that can write the various ideas that pop into my head and updat frequently, while i try to satisfy demand for all the stuff that's already here xD So yeah, I'm TRYING. Gimme a sec! You wanna help, I got new fics that are lined up for whoever wants to take a crack. Again, congrats Kyle, you're doing great, just update more often.

Pike: Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?