"So, how did it go with Rebecca last night?" Asked Mark

"It went really well, if you know what I mean." Said Conner with a pervey grin. Just then a earthquake struck the null void.

"What was that?" Asked Mark

"All student report to the gym immediately! This is not a drill, I repeat this not a drill!" Yelled Mary Test over the intercom.

"Come on, let's go." Said Mark as he grabbed Conner and super-speeded to the gym.


"What going on?" Asked Conner

"Attention, students their has been a fusion attack on the school. We ask all student stay here until further notice."

"I can smell blood and I hear heart stoping all over the school." Explained Pen

"We have to help them." Said Rebecca

"Well, let go." Said Courtney

Mary was blasting spawns with her freeze ray but she was being over run, just then a barrage of blue mana bolts came and destroyed all the spawns.

"You ok Mary?" Asked Conner

"I'm fine but we told you to stay in the gym."

"We thought you might need some help."

"We? Let me guess Rebecca, Courtney, Mark, and Pen are out helping."

"Mary, Fusion Finn has invaded the south wing of the academy!" Yelled Ben over the communicator.

"The south wing that, were Pen and Courtney are."

"Courtney near Fusion Finn! We have to help! Who is closest to them?" Asked Mary

"Mark and Rebecca should be able to help."

"Good. Radio them immediately."

"Well, well if is not Courtney Dawson, is the vampire your new boyfriend. I guess I will have to do to him what I did to the last one." Said Fusion Finn with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"No! Stay Away! " Yelled Courtney in pure terror.

"Leave her alone!" Yelled Pen as he super-speeded to Fusion Finn and pushed him up against the wall and bite the fusion. Pen quickly pulled away and throw up fusion matter on the ground.

"Did you not know that fusion matter was poisonous to vampires." Said Fusion Finn

"Leave him alone! Please don't kill him!" Yelled Courtney desperately as she was on the ground crying.

Suddenly Fusion Finn was blasted away from Pen by a combination of a mana blast and a telekinetic blast. Fusion Finn did a mid-air flip and deflected Conner's mana bolts. Mark then telekinetically moved Finn's sword away from him. Courtney then garbed the fusion sword and started swinging the sword like crazy.

"You killed him, I loved him and you killed him!"

Finn avoided effortlessly, grabbed the sword and kicked Courtney away. Mark pushed his away with a telekinetic blast.

"I don't have time for this." Fusion Finn said as he ran away from them at hyper-speed.

"Courtney are you okay?" Mark asked

"I sense multiple emotions coming off her. Fear, rage, but the most powerful is sadness."

"We can't all stay here, Mark you guard Courtney until she wakes up." Mary commanded

"Wait we're Rebecca?" Asked Conner

"We split up to cover more ground."

"She could be in danger. I have to find her." Conner said as he ran off on his own

"Should we go after him?" Pen asked

"No, his one of the most powerful of the new super humans. Pen follow me we have to get to the control room, Fusion Marceline is holding some of the student hostage."

'Rebecca' Conner called out telepathicly

'Conner, help me!" Yelled Rebecca in his mind

'Were are you?'

'I'm in the Gym but Fusion Butturcup is holding me captive.'

'Don't worry I can handle her.' I said to her as I kicked the gym doors open

"Well, well if it isn't another snot nose brat." Mocked Fusion Butturcup

"I can take you."

"Well lets test that theory shall we."

Butturcup charged straight at Conner as he formed a mana field as she broke though it effortlessly. Conner then fired mana bolts at her but she brushed it off effortlessly. Fusion Butturcup rubbed her hand together as a blue fireball formed and throw it at Conner as he did three consecutive back-flips. Fusion Butturcup created a Black Hurricane that swapped Conner up and throw him into the wall and knocked him out.

"Conner!" Yelled Rebecca

"Now I have two captives. Fuse will be pleased to have the Anodite in advanced."

Mick Uzumaki-Hailwell: It's great to be back

Rebecca: Why do me and Conner have to be the captives

Mick: Because Conner is one of the most important parts to the story.

Courtney: Why did you have to show my weakness

Mick: So the reader can have more Empathy for you because your reputation is not very Empathtic Courtney: Why is Conner and Rebecca getting all the spotlight. I will call my Lawyers

Mick: Courtney this is fanfiction. Pen do the preview

Pen: Next time me and Mary fight Fusion Macey and Courtney shares her past with Mark.