Runin's POV:

Usually all that needs to happen for an attack to be triggered is something small lie a word someone says, a piece of a memory fragment, or even the mere mention of a nearby pack of Orcs. So listening to a voice that I recognized, yet don't at the same time sent my mind into a frenzy. Even though the pain was immense and horrible I didn't allow myself to put Thorin, Fili, or even Kili in any more danger than they already were. Slowly and silently I did the only thing I could do, which was ease my hood over my pounding head, and cradle it gently with my hands hoping desperately that I would be able to quell the pain. My efforts were in vain of course, and at this point the only thing I could do was suck it up and attempt to focus on the scene below me.

The only person I recognized as human came forth and spoke softly yet powerfully, "What are you doing venturing so close to Imladris?"

Thorin growled at the man, his demeanor emanating anger and annoyance. "I do not see why that is any concern of yours Human."

A tall man with long brown hair came forth from behind the human. He wielded a bow that had an arrow drawn in case a fight broke out, yet his arms were relaxed proving that he thought that a fight was not going to happen. He laughed at Thorin's words, "I don't think you are in the position to be snippy Master Dwarf. I will not ask you or your company again, what is your purpose for venturing near Imladris?"

Thorin was about to lose it when Fili stepped forward, attempting to reason with them, "We mean no trouble to your watch. We are merely venturing home to Erebor after a long journey."

The brown haired man relaxed his stance even more at Fili's words, "Tis right of you to not want to give us trouble. Not only would my friends wipe the floor with you on a normal day, tonight is especially dangerous for you Dwarves to be getting on my bad side." Shaking his head slightly he turned to the human standing next to him, "Estel, roita-hain*."

In that moment the world seemed to slow and stop, he just talked in tree speak. How in the name of Durin would he know how that. The mere thought that this person knows the same language as me made the pain in my head double. I staged slightly catching myself on a nearby branch and stopped. The leaves rustled slightly around me, causing the tall man to look in my direction. I want that loud I know that, there should have been no way that he heard me. As the human Estel, I suppose was his name, began to walk towards Kili to search them Fili resisted causing the man's gaze to snap back in the direction of the Dwarves. If Fili wasn't mad before he was certainly quite infuriated now, "What we have in our pockets is no concern of yours."

The man with the bow laughed crudely and sarcastically, "I believe that it is my concern when there are four packs and beds, but no fourth Dwarf. Who is hiding in the trees I wonder? Haldir, why don't you bring forth the last piece of Dwarven scum."

If I wasn't already in so much pain maybe I would have heard the person sneaking up behind me, but by the time I realized his presence it was too late. I turned around quickly as he tried to grab my arm. I lost my footing and fell, the blonde man made an effort to reach out for my arm, but it wasn't much of one. The trees tried to catch me, but I was falling hard and fast, all they did was cut my arms and rip my cloak as the frozen ground approached quickly. I screamed once and attempted to cover my face with my arms when I finally hit the ground the wind left my lungs and anything that hadn't hurt before I fell certainly hurt now. I think I heard Thorin call my name as I hit the cold, hard earth, but I was too busy trying to catch my breath to hear him.

I curled into a ball in the dirt and clutched my head in my hands trying hard to focus on taking a breath. My chest hurt so badly but my head was worse, the world seemed like it was spinning. I heard someone sigh obviously not caring at all about what just happened to me, "Great job Haldir. Now Elrond is going to have my hide along with yours."

It was like a switch was flipped on in my head, that name Elrond, for some reason I know that name. Why I recognized it I have no idea, but the simple fact that I was able to recognize it a little made the name play over and over and over again in my head. Like a record player that was suck on a word all that I could think about was the name Elrond. I curled into myself and began choking on air, trying desperately to breath as I fell into the embrace of the worst attack that I have ever experienced.

Fili's POV:

I have known Runin long enough to be able to recognize the oncoming signs of these "attacks" as she calls them. I know that when I saw her land on the ground, it had already begun and it was too late to sop it. In that moment I didn't care if Sauron himself was standing in front of me, I wasn't just about to leave her on the ground without anyone there for her. I ran to her and took her in my arms, of course I was panicking, but when I realized that she couldn't breath immediately I called for Thorin who was in shock with what had just happened.

He immediately broke from his trance and ran towards us, ordering my brother to bring his pack he sat down next to me and began to shakily undo the clasp of her now ripped cloak. As my brother ran to get Uncle's pack one slammed down next to me that belonged to the human, named Estel. He spoke quickly to my uncle who made no effort to let him near Ru, "I am a healer, if you do not allow me to help I fear that she will die."

Runnin was seizing in my arms, attempting to take small gasps of air, her face was tinted a deep red, and her emerald eyes which were usually filled with happiness and joy were open but unseeing. Fear clouded them, and in that moment I have never seen my Uncle swallow so much pride, as he allowed the human to take his spot next to me. I watched helplessly, seeing her in pain staring death in the face broke my heart.

Estel worked quickly and quietly, I watched as he took some herbs from his bag and crushed it in a bowl. When he held the crushed herbs under her nose and there was no change he placed the bowl on the ground and turned to my uncle, "I need to knock her out in order for her to calm down, she's panicking and her airway is closed. If her body doesn't relax then she will die."

Thorin nodded at what the human said, my brother tuned his head not wanting to watch as Estel pressed down on a pressure point on her neck. After a moment of nothing slowly her eyes closed and her body relaxed and grew still, as this was going on her breathing regulated and color began returning to her face. Her breathing was raspy but she was breathing, I held her tightly in my arms and buried my head in her neck trying to fight back the tears that came because I knew she was going to be alright.

Suddenly we heard battle cries storming through the trees, but it turned out it was just Balin and Dwalin. They had not been traveling far behind us and heard Runin scream, knowing it all to well they rushed to our position weapons ready to defend her life. I was in too much shock to move, I didn't care about anything else in this moment. I was so scared I was going to lose her, sure havehave faced Trolls, Orcs, Elves, and a Dragon, but this was by far the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

Dwalin and Balin were confused for a moment, but once they realized what happened they walked towards us and began inquiring about what had happened. I released Runin slightly to allow Estel the chance to bandage her minor wounds and check her pulse. As he did so he began to speak to my uncle and the rest of us. "I am Estel adopted son of Elrond, this is Elladan my older half-brother, and this is Haldir Marchwarden of the Golden Wood. You are Thorin son of Thrain correct?"

My uncle regained his hard composure before he stepped forward and answered the human, "Aye."

It seemed that the brown haired elf, Elladan, could keep his mouth shut no longer. When he spoke anger seeped from his words and voice. "She's an elf!? What is she doing with Dwarves, you are not her kin? Who and where did you steal her from?"

I have known my uncle since the day I was born I know what face he makes when he is about to scream at someone, but Balin shushed him before that could happen. He answered for him, "She is kin to us and that is all that matters." Dwalin walked over and joined me on the ground, we exchanged a glance and I handed her to him knowing that Runin means just as much to him as she does to me.

Dwalin's tough demeanor melted as soon as he held Runin in his arms. He stood holding her staring at her bandages, his eyes unmoving he spoke to my uncle, his voice shaking slightly, "We need to get her to Erebor Thorin. Her mind can't take much more of this."

"Hold on!" demanded Estel, "She is in NO condition to be traveling. Erebor is more then a fortnight's journey. Rivendell is not far, we should take her there and let Lord Elrond look her over."

Thorin was going to protest, but the aurora that hovered over Runin made him change his mind, I saw it in his eyes. Begrudgingly he agreed to follow the Elves As I turned to get on my horse I saw the human smile slightly to himself. That man will forever have my respect and trust after today.

I held Runin in my arms on my horse as my little brother lead the pony. I didn't know that to say, so I took to whispering things to her in ancient Dwarvish. She didn't move until we neared the gates of Rivendell, and even though she was only beginning to stir, my heart filled with joy and I placed a kiss on her forehead.

Runin's POV:

The first thing I realized when I woke up was the pain that was everywhere. My head was pounding, it hurt to breathe, and everything hurt when I moved. Fili gently called my name, but I just nuzzled myself further into his cloak. I began to wonder where I was when suddenly it all came back to me. Immediately I felt shame, I wanted to apologize, but hiding seemed like the only plausible option.

I heard something large and metal creek open slowly, followed by fast footsteps of someone coming towards us. "Elladan and Estel Half-Elven! What in the name of Valar where you thinking?!"

I flinched at the persons loud voice and curled further into Fili who began to gently hum to me quietly as someone responded to the loud person talking, "Good evening to you as well Lindir, do you happen to know where Adar is?"

The man's, who I assume was Lindir, tone was now quieter and confused, "He is in the healing chambers. He expected one of you to be hurt, allow me to take you and your guest's horses to the stables while you go see him."

After a moment or two Fili shifted and his humming stopped, "Ru I'm going to hand you to Kili so I can get off." Kili was the last person I wanted holding me was, but I did as Fili asked and remained silent as I was exchanged between the two brothers. I flinched at Kili's touch, and as Fili was getting off his horse Kili whispered a half-assed apology into my ear. I turned away from him, but in truth it felt nice that he apologized.

When I was placed into Fili's arms, I began to protest quietly but Fili just shook his head and smiled. I looked him in the eyes as he pressed his forehead against mine, "No way, you're too light as is. I don't want my little flower blowing away in the wind."

I saw Elladan tense up at that, but I shrugged it off. "Come," he spoke curtly, "the healing wing is this way."

As we followed behind him I peaked my eyes out form Fili's cloak. I was shocked when I saw the beautiful carvings that littered the walls. The walls were a beautiful white wood, littered with beautiful paintings and carvings, while the floor was composed of tan stone. My eyes landed on Fili's face, which was laden with concern and worry, "Fii?" I called in a hushed tone.

"Hmm?" he spoke, as his eyes met mine.

Quickly I averted my gaze too guilty to look him in the eyes, "I'm sorry I'm such a burden to you, and everyone else."

I felt him inhale sharply but he simply kissed my forehead gently and spoke, "We shall discuss this later."

The rest of the walk was uneventful until we passed two Elves taking in the hallway. One had brown hair and the other had golden, they seemed to be in the midst of an argument, but when we passed them the decided to follow. My headache returned full force. It was then that I had decided to stop looking around the halls because my head hurt too much to focus.

Suddenly someone started shouting from down the hall, "Estel and Elladan Half-Eleven! What in the name of Valar...?" His voice trailed off and the footsteps stopped suddenly. "Bring her here, Elladan escort the others to the parlor."

I was scared so I started shaking slightly. Fili thought this was another attack so he started to panic, which made everything worse.


roita-hain - search them