As Cade walks slowly through the tomb door he feels naked having nothing but his skills and wits about him in the double pillared tomb with walls jutting out from the right and left sides and a stone coffin, which is in the middle of the room as it is the same for all the Deathstokes but Slade's tomb which had four pillars and a statue of him in his armor, that has the design of Deathstroke's mask with a roman numeral beneath it signifying what generation Deathstroke they were. He moves cautiously in the uninhabited resting place of a Deathstroke to be. Who else was in here, how did they find the tomb he was never followed the other times he visited the, what do they want, what are they here for. These were all the questions that were racing through his head, but those thoughts were interrupted by the faint noise of a gun being cocked.

"Not much time to think now Cade. MOVE!"

Is what Cade thinks as he dives to the right, as a man from the wall on the left and starts shooting. Cade is behind the wall on the right since there was not much cover in the first place. Cade peaks out a little to see how many there are and only sees one man standing in front of the doorway that leads to the stairway, and snaps his head back to cover. One guy are you serious. Cade peaks out of his cover and has to pull his head back quickly as a bullet embeds itself into the wall that Cade is behind. Cade crouches down and runs to the coffin in the middle of the room, skipping the pillar because it wouldn't give him enough cover while he is still crouched, and as this happened bullets are whizzing past his head and hitting the ground in front of him, for the trigger man didn't know how to shoot a gun or didn't understand the concept of it by what Cade saw. To Cade the man can barely hit anything that wasn't standing straight and walking to him, he also didn't understand that when you try to hit a moving target you don't aim for where the target is at; you aim for where it is going to be so when you pull the trigger the bullet and the target will meet and the target is dead. But Cade didn't mind it just made this much easier. He is now behind the stone coffin. Ok now how am I going to get this guy? Just as Cade finishes this thought he hears the click of an empty gun. Oh this is going to be fun.

Cade smiles to himself and he side vaults over the coffin and rushes the man as he is changing the clip to his gun Cade slams into the goon into the wall, with his shoulder, the goon gets the wind knocked out of him and Cade places a forceful kick to the thug's sternum and knocks him out. I do need someone to tell their boss that this place is off limits; Cade checks for the man's gun.

"Damn it must have gone down the stairs. Great I'm still here without a weapon." Cade deadpans. Cade checks the unconscious body; his search leaves him with nothing useful but a lighter with a flaming skull and crossbones on it and half a pack of cigarettes.

"Might as well take these even though these are some cheap ass smokes." Cade says as he puts the lighter in his front left pocket and the pack of cigarettes in his back right pocket of his pants.

Cade steps over the body and goes down the staircase to next floor; everything seems quiet, he pulls out the pack of smokes and the lighter and takes out one cigarette and puts it his mouth and puts the pack back in his back pocket. He lights the lighter and brings it to the cigarette and covers the lighter with his left hand and puffs a breath of smoke out of his mouth as he extinguishes the lighter and puts it back into his pocket. Cade has his eyes closed as he takes a long drag of the smoke for some odd reason he has the song Paper Planes by M.I.A. in his head. He visualizes the room and everything in it he knows something is off there would be no reason why he would only be met by one goon alone without more the further down he goes. He opens his eyes in time to see two men coming out from behind the back pillars that are closer to the staircase opposite of him. One with a JRC 9MM semi-automatic rifle and the other with a Gemtech Viper Mac 10, Well shit this is gonna be a b- his thoughts interrupted by the need to dive for cover as a spray of bullets, from both of the goons, hit the wall and the staircase. Cade is on his stomach behind the coffin of a Deathstroke that has yet to occupy it. Damn it where's my smoke I really need it right now. He finds his smoke laying where he stood previously. Cade gets in a crouching position and creeps to the end of coffin and gets ready to make a dash for his smoke but as he focuses on the smoke he sees the gun from the thug that he knocked out on the top floor behind the pillar on the right, I can always grab my smoke on the way back. Cade rushes out from his cover still crouching down to give the two thugs a harder target to hit, as he gets closer to the pillar with the pistol behind it, he does a baseball slide to go the rest of the way and grabs the gun, and scrambles to the pillar, he stands upright and tries to make sure that his frame is covered by the pillar.

Ok now exactly how much do I have in this. Cade checks the mag. Two ok I can deal. Cade takes a deep breath and quickly pokes his head out of cover and quickly brings it back behind the cover of the pillar as a storm of bullets rush past the pillar. He takes another deep breath and jumps out of cover facing the two thugs and pulls the trigger and hits the thug on the right in between the eyes. Cade lands hard on his left shoulder and pulls the trigger once more sending the bullet straight to the goon's sternum; he slumps against the wall dying slowly. Cade lets out a big sigh and gets up and walks over to the goon with the bullet between his eyes. He finds nothing useful on the body; he searches the other body and still finds nothing that can help him. None of you guys carry a radio how the hell would you know what happen or check in? Cade checks the guns; both are out of rounds and neither goon has any extra ammo. And you don't carry any extra! Dumbasses. Cade looks back at where his cigarette laid. Smoking's bad for you anyway his last thought as he goes down the steps to the next resting place.