Chapter 1: I'm Found.


A crying voice could be heard in the middle of the night, as a small 5 year old, pink haired child continued to weep. All alone, no where to go, and eventually he would not last long in the state he was in. Blood dripped from his face, as he held a hand over his left eye. He continued to wail for what seemed to be a endless night. Just then, the boy felt the ground shaking.


The boy stopped crying and looked around, his vision blurred from what might have been blood loss, as he tried to focus on the source of what sounded like foot steps. BIG foot steps. The vibrations and sounds were getting closer and closer as the child scrambled to get up.

"Whats...going on?" He thought as he slowly was trying to get up, but with the ground shaking, it was making him lose his balance as he fell face forward on the ground. "Ow! Ugh, that hurts." He moaned as he grabbed his left eye. It was then he realized that the earthquake had ceased. He looked around but he could barely see, his vision was blurred, it was dark, and to top it all off, he felt like he was about to faint.

Just when he was about to close his eye and pass out, he heard what sounded like a mighty voice from a god right behind him.

"Well, what have we here?"

The boy jumped at the sound as he spun around. And what was in front of him was...something big? "Huh?" Was all the boy said as he looked at the large form in front of him. He tried to get a good look as his eye adjusted to the dark. He made out what looked like a large long neck, clawed feet, and 2 tails that seemed to be wrapped around itself. It was then he realized what he was looking at, as his eye grew.

"WOW! I've seen lots of geckos before, but your the BIGGEST I've ever seen! And you even got wings!"

The large "gecko" did not sound pleased as he yelled at the child."WHAT?! YOU DARE MAKE A MOCKERY OF ME, THE GREAT AZURE DRAGON, VENIGON?!" The child was confused as he looked at the enraged dragon. Did he say something wrong? It had a tail, and it was on all fours, and had scales covering his body. If it wasn't a large gecko then what else could it be?

"So...not a gecko?"

"NO! How could you compare me to something on that scale!?"

"Well I've never heard of a "dragon" before, so I thought maybe you were like a giant winged gecko of some kind."

The dragon just stared at the young human with a look of bewilderment. Sure he has had times where people would run or scream at the sight of him, even call him a monster or something similar, but a GECKO of all things? The human race has gotten strange indeed he thought. But he realized something else, the child wasn't doing any of those things. As a matter of fact he just stood there looking innocently like a lost puppy.

"Hmph, you amuse me child. What is your name?" The boy blinked a few seconds before finally answering.


"Natsu, hm? And what brings you out here to my mountain? I was deep in slumber before I heard what sounded like a dying beast."

Natsu then held his eye as a bloody tear came out of his left eye." I was running's gone." He began to sob. "Hmm, so you are alone I take it? Natsu nodded his head as he tried to wipe away his tears."Natsu," He began, as Natsu looked up at the dragon."How would you like to come with me?"Natsu looked at the dragon as his face lit up.

"Really?! You mean it!?"

"Of course I do. As a matter of fact, I was looking for someone to take as a student."

"Student?" Natsu said confused. He suddenly felt like he was at his limit as he began to fall backwards, only to be caught by the large hand of the dragon." Rest Natsu. For when you awake, I will begin to teach you a power that is as mighty as I am."

After that night, a certain pink haired boy would be reborn as something that would change the fate of all of Fiore.

A Dragon Slayer.

My first FanFic, hope you enjoy it!