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That was the color I saw, the color of her hair

Her silver hair flowed like the wind, as bright as the moon

Then there were her eyes

Red, crimson slit eyes that looked through you right to your soul

Red, crimson slit eyes which held loneliness in them

And the person these traits belonged to was absolutely breathtaking

She was beautiful beyond words but held immense pain

Not the physical, but emotional pain

Before darkness took me, I swore to change that, to ease her pain and never leave her side, to protect her

Chapter 1

Tsukune Aono- that's my name, I'm a typical average male. I have black hair and chocolate brown eyes, average height and slim body build. I'm a typical 15 year old male high school freshman. I am currently sitting in a bus on my way to Yokai Academy, a private school in the middle of nowhere. Now you may be asking how an average high school guy like me got into a private school. The answer is a little complicated, if not intervened by some other worldly force. See, I failed my high school entrance exams- in Japan that is a huge deal- which basically screwed me over for my high school career. However, by chance, my father came home one night with admission papers to Yokai Academy with my name already on it. The only problem was he had found the papers on the street. This is what I meant when I said intervened by some other worldly force. How on earth my dad was able to find admission papers to a private school I've never even heard of with my name already on them, I will never know nor understand. However, seeing as I failed my entrance exams, this was a blessing- although scary- being sent to me. I couldn't afford to pass the opportunity up. This brings me back to my current place and time.

"Hey kid, is this your first time at Yokai Academy?"

I looked away from the window to face the bus driver and responded with a simple nod. Strangely enough I was the only other person on the bus.

"Just be careful out there. That academy is a scary place."

Before I could respond or really even think about what the bus driver had said, he came to a stop and opened the doors, signaling me to get out.

As I exited the bus I heard the bus driving reminding me to remember his warning. The first thing I saw was a scare crow with a bus schedule on it which read the bus only came once a month.

I guess that wouldn't be too much of a problem since this is a private school i have to live in the dorms at

I started to make my way through the forest leading to school. Why this place was surrounded by a forest I will never know but I guess it all just alludes to the "middle of nowhere" statement I made earlier. I passed what I assumed were the dorms and made it to the school gate. The school itself was very gothic looking and I swear I even saw lightning flash in the sky for a moment.

As I continued to look over the school I saw a girl standing in a window of a classroom. What made me notice her was the fact she had silver hair. She was just staring down, looking at the people walking through the gate. It wasn't long before she noticed me since I stopped walking and was standing still by the gates. That was when I noticed her eyes. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me or it was the distance because her eyes looked red. No, her eyes were deeper than red, more like crimson. As we locked eyes I noticed there was something else in those red eyes of hers. However it wasn't too long before she broke away and moved from the window while I was left standing there, still looking up at the window.

I eventually found my way to the entrance ceremony. Afterwards I headed to my homeroom. As I entered I tried to find a seat away from everyone and lucky for me there were two empty seats in the back by the window. The very last seat said reserved on it so I took the one in front of it. It was then the teacher walked in.

"Hello class! My name is Shizuka Nekonome and I will be your homeroom teacher for the year. And might I add welcome to Yokai Academy! As you all know this is a school entirely of monsters whose goal is coexistence with the human race!"

This is a joke right? She is kidding right? This is seriously not funny I mean come on monsters? They don't exist!

"Why can't we just eat all the males and rape the women? That's what I would do."

I looked to see who said that and it was just my luck it was the guy sitting right next to me. As I looked upon him I could only think of one word to describe him, delinquent. That's right, this guy looks like nothing but a delinquent with his piercings, slouched posture, unruly hair, un-tucked and wrinkled shirt, and a mug of a face. Not to mention the scary, dangerous vibe he gives off. In other words steer clear. It was then that the door opened and in walked who I would have never expected.

"Sorry I'm late; I had to use the restroom after the ceremony."

It was the girl I saw earlier. The one with silver hair and, I guessed right, red eyes. It was now that she was in front of the class where I could get a good look at her I noticed how beautiful she was; no, not just beautiful, breathtaking or even drop dead gorgeous, or maybe end a goddess in disguise.

"That is quite alright, I was just giving introductions. Since you are up here, why don't you introduce yourself and then afterwards you can take your seat?"

As she looked over the room, her gaze fell upon me.

"My name is Moka Akashiya. If no one bothers me then we will have a peaceful year."

With that she started walking towards me.

Oh crap she is walking over here and she is staring right at me! What do I do?

She took the seat behind me but before she did, she stopped at my desk and said something loud enough so only I could hear.

"Meet me after class."

The rest of class went on with how this school is actually a school of monsters. The goal is coexistence with humans. Every person here was a monster in human disguise. The rule of the school is that every student must keep their human form on the entire time and it is also against the rule to reveal or tell others what your true form is. However, none of that mattered to me because the whole time all I could think about was why this Moka Akashiya wanted to talk to me after class. Eventually class ended and I would find out the answer.

After class she walked to my desk, looked at me, and started to walk. I took this as I was supposed to follow her. As I did, she walked out of the school and through the gates. I eventually found we were in the forest in a clearing by a cliff with a pond at the bottom. She stopped and turned to face me as I stood looking at her.

"Why is a human like you here?"

Crap she knows what I am! What do I do?

"Aha ha, what are you talking about?"

She looked me in the eyes with what looked like hatred and disgust.

"Don't play dumb with me! I'm a vampire and I lived in the human world for three years! I know a human when I smell one!"

"Well I uh, well what do you have against humans? "

"Humans are cruel! I attended middle school in the human world and during that time the humans were nothing but cruel to me because I was different! They made me an outcast simply because they didn't approve of and like me! I should kill you right here and now because of what you are but because I am curious as to how you got here and what it is you are doing here, I won't yet."

It was then I realized what her eyes held earlier when I saw her. She was lonely and in pain. She has never really had any real friends and she was hurt from her experience she went through during the time she was in middle school.

"Look I-"

Before I could finish replying someone appeared from behind a tree.

"Hey babe, what's a girl like you doing with such a boring, weak looking guy like him?"

It was the delinquent from my class. His name was Saizo Komiya. I can only guess he followed us out here.

"You should ditch this guy and be with someone like me!"

Moka glared at him with fury I thought I was able to feel flowing off of her.

"I'm having a conversation now so go away or you will regret it!"

"Come on babe, let's have some fun!"

With that Saizo transformed into what looked like an orc. I was so stunned from him transforming in front of my eyes, ultimately proving to me that monsters were indeed real, that I didn't react in time to the first he slammed into my body and throwing me into a nearby tree.

"Now that the trash is taken out, it's just me and you babe-"

However, before Saizo could react, Moka appeared above him as she brought her foot smashing down on him. The impact was so great it created a crater where Saizo once stood with him at the center of it. Moka then appeared at the edge of the crater as she looked down upon him.

"I told you that you would come to regret not heeding my warning. Know your place!"

She was just so amazingly strong and fast. I was barely able to see her move. She wasn't kidding when she said she was a vampire.

Amazingly enough, Saizo began to get up.

"That hurt! What the hell was that, what kind of monster are you? Wait a minute, those red slit eyes, you're a vampire aren't you? If I beat a vampire and make her my bitch then my rank will skyrocket! Hahahaha I know how to deal with you vampire bitch!"

Saizo then lunged forward and punched the ground where Moka stood. However she dodged it by jumping back as his fist broke apart the earth where she once stood. Saizo then grabbed a broken piece of earth and threw it straight at Moka while she was still in the air. This all seemed futile because she merely prepared to kick the piece of earth into tinier pieces. However, that was just a distraction for Saizo's tongue extended out of his mouth like a whip and wrapped itself around Moka's leg. Caught off guard, Moka wasn't prepared for Saizo throwing her off the cliff and straight to the pond below. As soon as she made contact with the water, I was witnessed a horrifying sight.


She cried out in pain and agony. She tried to make her way to the edge of the pond, back on land. Her body was writhing in pain and what looked like electric shocks. Saizo then jumped down after her.

"Well look at that! The rumors were true, vampires are weak to water! Man this was so easy and now I'm going to enjoy how easy it is going to be getting to rape you! Hahahaha!"

I watched as he slowly made his way towards her and it was then I started to become angry and possibly even be filled with hatred. I didn't even care about the pain I was in anymore. In fact, I hardly even felt the pain anymore. It was like the anger was erasing it. The only thing left was a burning sensation I felt on my back. It was like my body's way of telling me to move. As I began to pick myself up, the burning only increased and everything seemed to slow down. The next thing I knew I was in front of Moka so I picked her up and kicked off of Saizo who was standing over her at the moment.

"I won't let you lay a hand on her."

I landed a few feet away and set Moka down by the base of a nearby tree; she was too shocked by the fact that I had rescued her at the moment to focus on the pain she was in. I then turned to face Saizo who looked like a stick was just thrown at him. I ran after him and sent my right fist at his gut.

"Ha, I don't know how you got so fast or what the hell those wings on your back are but that punch right now just tickled!"

As soon as he finished saying that, he brought his fist down to try and knock me away again but this time I was ready for it because it all looked too slow to me. I kicked off him again and landed a ways from him. It was then I felt something strange. I somehow felt stronger. I felt better than I ever have before as if the pain I was experiencing earlier was nonexistent. The really strange thing though was Saizo started panicking.

"What the hell did you do to me? Why do I feel weaker? What the hell?!"

I didn't care what he had to say so I just continued to ignore him like I had been and just ran after him again. This time, when I punched him, he doubled over in pain and shock. Afterwards, I felt the strange sensation again and felt renewed strength enter my body, only this time it wasn't as great and only just continued to keep me feeling as amazing as when I first felt the sensation. However it was Saizo who again showed a strange reaction. At the moment I felt the strange sensation, he began to double over even more as if the pain he was in increased.

"What the hell are you?!"

I ignored him and as I felt another sensation fill me with Saizo again showing another reaction, I sent my fist crashing into his face. I felt his bones of his face break as I drove my fist further into his head and smashing it into the ground- to my surprise- making a crater.

With that done, I walked over to a wide eyed Moka and picked her up Bridal style as I began to walk off to a different part of the forest. I didn't know where I was walking and I didn't really care. Anywhere away from that scumbag was fine with me.

"What was that back there? How did you even manage to beat him? What are those wings, humans don't have wings?!"

Moka kept bombarding me with questions but I couldn't really focus on what she was saying. All of a sudden I felt very weak and then the pain I was in earlier came crashing back into me. Before I knew it, I had dropped Moka and I was lying on the ground. I didn't understand any of it. When I fought Saizo I somehow felt stronger as time passed, but now I fell completely drained like I'm coming off of an adrenaline high.

Moka made her way over to me and- to my surprise- laid my head on her lap. After she gave me that spiel about how she hated humans, this was the last thing I would have expected to happen, but I'm not complaining.

"Why did you save me? You, a human, went out of you way to protect me. Despite the risks of getting killed, you acted anyways. So tell me, why?"

I looked up to answer her when something came to mind; silver. That was the color I saw, the color of her hair. Her silver hair flowed like the wind, as bright as the moon. Then there were her eyes; red, crimson slit eyes that looked through you right to your soul. Red, crimson slit eyes which held loneliness in them. And the person these traits belonged to was absolutely breathtaking; she was beautiful beyond words but held immense pain, not the physical, but emotional pain. It was at that moment I made up my mind. So as a looked up into her eyes and upon her face, I reached my hand up and placed it upon her cheek and held it there.

"When I look into your eyes, even at this very moment, all I see is pain and loneliness. You told me you hated humans and you told me it was because of what you went through before in middle school. I know what it's like to be alone because I too was always alone in middle school and didn't have any friends. But I can only imagine how much worse it must have been for you since you are different. You were someone living among people who chose not to and didn't care to try and understand you and so you were an outcast. The pain you felt because of that on top of the pain of loneliness is more than anyone should have to bear. And I want to protect you from any more of that pain. I don't know why but I just feel that way. I want to be there for you and get to know you better. Maybe we can be friends."

With that, I felt my consciousness leave me as my hand dropped from her face. Before darkness took me, I swore to change the look in her eyes and to ease her pain, never leave her side, and to protect her.

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