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Chapter 5

(Tsukune's POV)

"Aono Tsukune, you are hereby under arrest on account of you being a human!"

I froze. My blood ran cold from his words. All around me my classmates began to gasp in shock and whisper about me. I could feel Mizore's and Kurumu's eyes on me, silently asking me if what the blonde haired man said was true. Behind me I felt Moka tense.

The first person to recover from their shock and say something was Ms. Nekonome. "What are you talking about Kuyou-san?"

The blonde man now known as Kuyou stepped forward with a smirk on his face. "Ms. Nekonome, I am afraid to inform you that you have a human in your class. A human by the name of Aono Tsukune. However, it would seem that we also have a traitor amongst us all." He brought his hand up and pointed behind me, right at Moka. "Akashiya Moka, you are also under arrest for harboring a human."

If my blood ran cold before, it must have completely drained from my body now. Moka was being dragged into this because she was friends with me. I couldn't allow that. "Moka has nothing to do with this." From my words, Kuyou turned to look me in the eyes. "Leave her out of this and I will come willingly."

His smirk never left his face. If anything, it looked like it got slightly bigger. "That's actually commendable for a human. However, she is also to be taken for questioning. But, since you would come along willingly, I promise to bring no harm to her."

I relaxed a little at his statement, if only by a little. "Fine, then let's go."

"Tsukune, you can't be serious!"

Behind me Moka called out. "You can't go with them!" I turned and looked at her. I could see it in her eyes. She was worried, worried and afraid. I put on a reassuring smile.

"It will be okay. Just trust me." I turned back to Kuyou and nodded before walking to the front of the class. "Ms. Nekonome, I'm sorry but you will have to excuse me. It looks like I need to get some things sorted out." With that, I walked out of the classroom, Moka not far behind me.






We were walking in the forest. Moka and I were surrounded by PSC members all around us with Kuyou at the front, leading everyone. Up ahead I could see what looked like an abandoned shelter from the outside. I didn't recognize the area we were in. We must have been in a very remote place on the island. Kuyou stopped and turned to face us once we were right in front of the building. He smirked before I felt pain and lost consciousness. The last thing I heard was Moka calling my name.

(Back at the classroom)

Kurumu and Mizore were still in shock from what they heard. But above all else, they were confused. As soon as Tsukune and Moka left, everyone broke out into conversations except for the two of them. While everyone was throwing insults and arguments around, they took the time to think things over.

They were recalling what happened the day before. They remembered how Tsukune had sprouted a pair of white and blue wings. No human could ever just grow a pair of wings. Nor could they ward off a Succubus' charm either. But then there was Tsukune's scent. Mizore is a Yuki-Onna, a race of yokai women who constantly abduct men to reproduce and repopulate due to the small time frame they have to bear children. Kurumu on the other hand is a Succubus. Her race is known to enslave men. In a sense, the Yuki-Onna and Succubae were similar when it came to that regard. It wasn't uncommon for human males to be a part of the ones that were either abducted or enslaved. Due to this, they both were somewhat familiar with the scent of humans. And Tsukune's scent did indeed smell similar to that of a human's. So did that mean he too was in fact human like he was being accused of?

They both couldn't take it. They looked at each other and nodded, having come to the same silent conclusion. They weren't going to get the answers they needed by sitting and doing nothing while who knows what was happening to Tsukune and Moka. It was stupid to believe that the two of them wouldn't be harmed by the PSC. It was a well-known fact that you didn't want to get on the PSC's bad side. Being accused of being a human and a traitor was definitely putting Tsukune and Moka on their bad side. With that in mind, Mizore and Kurumu both got out of their seats and raced out of the class, ignoring the calls of their fellow classmates as well as their teacher.

They raced through the school before coming to the front gates. Both looked around trying to find any clues as to where their friends were taken. "We need to hurry. Something might happen to them if we don't find them in time," Mizore said worryingly.

The sound of fabric tearing was then heard. Mizore turned to see Kurumu with her wings out, transforming into her true form. "I can fly us around to see if we can spot them from the sky." She then held out her hand for Mizore. "Come on."

As soon as they had a good hold on each other, Kurumu took to the skies. They both looked around to see if they could spot their friends. It wasn't long before Mizore noticed something, or rather someone. "Hey, look over there. There's someone walking in the forest." She pointed in the direction and Kurumu descended to the area. When they landed, they came face to face with someone they didn't think they would.

"Gin? What are you doing all the way out here?" It was Kurumu who was the one to ask. Mizore simply tilted her head to the side in confusion while awaiting his answer.

"So, they went and took them. And now you know what he is."

That answer threw them off guard, or rather make them feel on guard. "You knew about Tsukune the whole time," Mizore stated. "How?"

He simply pointed to his nose. "I'm a werewolf. From the first time I met Tsukune, or actually from the first time I saw him, I knew. I could smell it. His scent has human all over it."

From that information, Kurumu blew up. "What?!" She walked right up to him and pulled him closer to her face by the collar of his shirt. "You knew?! How long have you known?!"

He laughed nervously while scratching the back of his head. "Umm, well let's see. It's been a few weeks since that incident. And it was a week before that when I beat him up and blackmailed him-"

"You did what?!" Kurumu shouted.

From the corner of his eye, Gin could see Mizore transform her hands into her ice claws. "Well there may have been a little incident between us, but that's all behind us now, I swear!" he started waving his hands in front of his face to try and look innocent. "And it was a couple of weeks before that incident that I found out. So you could say I've known for about a month and a half, give or take?"

"That day Tsukune first joined the Newspaper Club," Mizore started. Both Gin and Kurumu turned to look at her. "You freaked out a little when you saw him. Why?"

Now both Mizore and Kurumu turned to look back at him again, waiting for his answer. Gin adopted a serious expression on his face as he looked up at the sky while standing up straight. Kurumu was about to shout at him to answer the question before he cut her off. "He beat me." They both looked at him in confusion, waiting for an explanation to his answer. It was about a minute before he continued.

"Tsukune and I fought each other twice. Well the first time I can't really call it a fight since I basically gave him a one-sided beating and left him unconscious so easily." He looked at both of them in the eyes before continuing. "But the second time he definitely beat me. It was even under a full moon too. You see, under a full moon, werewolves get exponentially stronger and faster. Overall, we can get powerful enough to even match a vampire. But even then he beat me."

Still seeing the looks of confusion on their faces, he continued. "You both are wondering how he did it right?" Their nods where the confirmation he needed to know he was explaining what they wanted to know. "You both saw it yesterday, those wings he has."

It was Kurumu who spoke up for the both of them. "Yeah, I was wondering about that. If he is human then how come he has those wings?" Mizore nodded in agreement to her question.

"Tsukune is human, there's no mistake about that. But he isn't an ordinary human. I've been doing some research about some old stories and legends of the monster realm, and if I'm right, it would explain why he beat me." With that, he turned to walk off, heading deeper into the forest.

"Wait, where are you going? And what exactly is Tsukune? Why was he able to beat you?" Kurumu called out to him.

He looked back at them over his shoulder. "Weren't you both going after Tsukune and Moka to save them? Well I know where they are, so let's go."

This time it was Mizore who spoke up. "Why are you helping us? By doing so, you would be helping out Tsukune."

His answer was one they never would have expected. "They're both apart of the Newspaper Club. Even if Tsukune is a human, he is still a member of the club. And as the president of the club, I won't allow any of my members to get hurt." Then his voice dropped to barely above a whisper. "I won't let it happen again."

Even though he only said it in a whisper, both Mizore and Kurumu heard the last part of what he said. However, they didn't comment on it. Gin was going to help them and that meant they had a better chance to save their friends. With a final nod from Gin, all three club members ran off into the forest. All heading towards the abandoned shelter.

(Tsukune's POV)

"Ugh, what happened?"

When I awoke I felt a pain in my head along with all over the rest of my body. The last thing I remember is following Kuyou to the old looking building. After that, I don't remember a thing. I must have been knocked out. I looked around and found myself in a cell of some sort.


I turned and noticed Moka in a cell next to mine. Her clothes seemed to be slightly wet. Little beads of water would trail down her skin and her body was giving off small electric shocks every now and then.

"Moka!" I called out to her. "Can you hear me? Are you okay?"


She called my name but she sounded really weak. They must have thrown water on her while I was unconscious to keep her under control and make sure she couldn't fight back. They also probably beat me while I was out if the pain my body is feeling is anything to go by. That must have been why they threw water on Moka. They made it so she would have to watch while not being able to do anything.

I crawled to her cell to try and be closer to her. I reached out my hand and held hers in mine. It was faint and weak but she squeezed my hand back slightly.

"Just hang tight Moka. I'll get us out of here soon."

Even though I said that, I had no idea how I would make it come true. I had no idea where we were. My body hurt all over and Moka doesn't look like she would be feeling better any time soon. Then I began to feel angry. Kuyou promised me she wouldn't get hurt, but it seems he lied in the end. Why is it always her that has to get hurt? Because of me, Moka was dragged into this. Because of me, she was currently in pain. I had to find us a way out of this.

"Well, well, well, it looks like you are awake Aono Tsukune."

I turned. There standing in front of my cell was Kuyou. "I didn't think you would be up so soon."

"Kuyou," I spat out. "You broke your promise to me!"

He raised an eyebrow at my statement. "Oh? And what promise would that be?"

"You promised me you wouldn't hurt her!" I roared.

He started to smirk. "And why would I ever keep a promise to a pathetic, disgusting human like you?"

"You bastard," I growled out. He was really pissing me off.

His smirk only grew. "Come. It is time to put you on trial." As soon as the words left his mouth, four PSC members appeared to open the gates to Moka's and my cell. Two picked me up by the arms and started to drag me out. I looked over to see the other two walking to pick up Moka, but not before splashing her with more water.


"You bastards! LET HER GO!" Kuyou's smirk only got wider before stepping to me and planting his fist in my gut.

"Guagh!" I started to cough a little bit of blood.

"Let's go." With that, Kuyou turned and started to walk away. Moka and I were just dragged along behind him. One monster tried to reach out and grab him. However, he was lit ablaze and left to burn to death before he could even touch him. Whatever Kuyou really is, it's not something I think I can face and walk away alive.

The place we ended up in looked like some sort of meeting room. The room itself was very large. On the far side there was a large table laid out in a half circle with chairs all around the outside of it. Kuyou walked around to the seat directly in the middle. The PSC members that were dragging Moka and I dropped us on the floor in the middle of the room before leaving.

"This is where your sentence will be carried out Aono Tsukune." He held out a hand and a fireball was made. The heat the fire was radiating was so intense it heated up the whole room. The air was becoming very dry as well. "Any last words?" I could only look up and glare at him.

"No? Then die!"

And then he threw the fire at me. I couldn't do anything. My body was in too much pain to move. I didn't have enough power to activate Divine Dividing. I watched as the fireball drew closer and closer to me. I looked back at Moka. She was looking at me. Eyes filled with emotion. Anger, worry, and above all else, fear. Anger for not being able to do anything. Worry of what will happen to me. And fear of losing me, of knowing I was going to die and there wasn't anything either of us could do to prevent it.

All of a sudden I felt the temperature drop. Right in front of me, out of thin air, a structure of ice was formed to block the path of the fireball.

"I'm glad we made it in time."

"Tsukune, Moka!"

I turned to the sound of new voices. There, behind us, were Mizore and Kurumu.

"Mizore, Kurumu. What are you doing here?"

"Silly Tsukune. We are here to save you!" Kurumu exclaimed.

"That's what friends do," Mizore stated.

Then someone else stepped out from behind them.

"Geez Tsukune, I thought you said you wouldn't let anything happen to Moka?"

"Gin?!" Even Gin was here. "What are you doing here?"

"Didn't Kurumu just tell you?" He moved till he was in front of me, blocking me from Kuyou. "We're here to save you."

"The Newspaper Club." In front of us Kuyou started to grin while creating another fireball. "You would all try and protect a human?"

"Tsukune is a member of the Newspaper Club. I won't let you bring harm to them."

"It doesn't matter if he's human. Tsukune is still Tsukune!"

"Human, Monster, it doesn't matter. You need to just chill!"

Gin, Kurumu, and Mizore. They really came to protect us.

"Tsukune is mine, do you understand me? I'm not going to let you hurt him!"

Kurumu couldn't help but shout at what she said. "What the hell! Was that a confession?"

Moka. Everyone. These are all my friends. All of them are willing to protect me even though I'm human. I have to stand up. I have to fight too.

"This actually works out for me. With all of you here, I don't have to hunt the rest of you down later." Kuyou's body was enveloped in flames. His body started to transform. He got down on all fours. Fur started to grow all over his body. Four tails seemingly made out of fire sprouted from his back. Overall, he started looking like a fox. Flames danced around him as he stepped forward. "I am going to kill you all here."

I stood up on shaky legs.


[Right, partner!]

I gathered as much energy as I could.

"Divine Dividing!"

All my friends smirked while Kuyou looked amused. "What the hell is this," he asked. "A human with wings? It makes no difference. I'll still kill you!" With that, he opened his mouth and shot a fireball our way.

[Partner be careful. He is a Youko, a fox demon. They are very strong and can control fire. The amount of tails they have is a symbol of their power with nine being the most.]


"Scatter!" I yelled.

We all jumped away. Gin ran up to Kuyou. As he ran he transformed into his werewolf self. "Try and keep up!"

In an instant, Gin vanished. He reappeared above Kuyou with his fist cocked back. Before he could follow through with hitting him, Kuyou jumped back and threw him away with a swipe from his tails. The force behind the blow was enough to send him crashing into the far wall. "Tsukune, use your powers!"

"I have to touch him first. I can't do that though if he's fast enough to dodge your speed!"

"Then how about we freeze him in place!" Behind me, Mizore jumped forward with her arms thrust out. "How about you cool off!"

Around Kuyou, ice started to form and surround him. He tried to jump away again but Kurumu and Moka were already above him to kick him down. The ice slowly made its way up his legs, holding him in place. All three girls then called out to me, "Now Tsukune!"

I ran forward with my arm stretched out. I just needed to touch him. If I did, I would be able to divide his power in half. If that happened then we would have a greater chance of coming out of this together.

"Don't get cocky!" Before I could touch him, Kuyou enveloped his body in more fire. He let it build and explode. Kurumu, Moka, and I were all blown back by the force of the sudden burst of his yoki. "You all are nothing but insects before me!"

I got up and Gin appeared next to me. "Can you use that armor?"

I shook my head. "I can only use it for 10 seconds at most. Even though I have gotten stronger since the time I fought you, I'm still not strong enough to use it for that long due to the power requirement to maintain it. And even if I do use it, I won't be able to use my powers afterwards. If anything, it's more of a last resort."

He nodded at my words. "Okay then. We will just have to create an opening for you to reach him and if you need to then use the armor to end it." He held out his hand for me to take. "Let's do this."


The girls all looked back at us and nodded in agreement. We all rushed forward together. Mizore shot icicles out of her hand towards Kuyou. He sent a fireball in return to melt them. However, the icicles were just a distraction. It gave Kurumu enough time to fly up for a dive kick. Again Kuyou dodged by jumping out of the way. But he didn't count on Gin being there to meet him. Before Kuyou could react, Gin wrapped his arms around his body.

"Let's see if you can fly!" With that, Gin picked Kuyou up and threw him in the air. He tried to right himself but- like Gin- Moka was waiting for him.

"Know your place!"

She flipped and axe kicked Kuyou back down and towards me. I flew towards him with my right fist cocked back. "Kuyou!" I smashed my fist into his face with a hook. It probably didn't hurt him compared to everyone else's hits but it didn't matter. I wasn't looking to hurt him.

He got back up a second after he landed. "Is that all? I must say, yours Tsukune, was by far the weakest hit compared to all of you friends," he said with a smirk.

At hearing his words, I couldn't help but smirk myself. "Who says I was trying to hurt you? Did you already forget what I told Gin earlier?"

It took a second before realization dawned on his face.


As soon as my sacred gear said those words, Kuyou staggered a little. "What did you do to me?!"

"I possess what is called a sacred gear. It gives me the power to divide a person's power in half and then add their strength to my own." At my words, his eyes grew wide with disbelief. "The only down side is the requirement for me to touch someone before I can use my power and how I can only divide someone's power every ten seconds. Speaking of which-"


"With this, you won't be hurting any of my friend's Kuyou!"

Then Moka's voice called out. "Everyone, now!"

As soon as the words left her mouth, we all charged. With the first divide, I felt overwhelming power flow into me. My body didn't hurt as much as it did before. But then the thought hit me. After the first divide, power was already being expelled out of my wings. That could only mean Kuyou was a lot stronger than he was letting on. He was only playing with us because he really did feel as if we were nothing but a nuisance to him.

Gin was the first to act. He disappeared and the reappeared behind Kuyou. Afterwards, Kuyou was blown back. One of Gin's specialty is kitting his opponent many times in the blink of an eye using his speed. Kuyou was able to dodge him earlier but with the divides, he seems to be slowing down.


"Take this!" Both Kurumu and Mizore circled around behind Kuyou. They both brought their claws up, Kurumu's being her elongated nails and Mizore's being made of ice. As soon as he was in reach, they brought their claws down and slashed across his back.

I looked at Moka and she nodded. She appeared in front of him as he was stumbling forward and did a back flip. As she was flipping, she used the momentum to kick him upward where I was waiting. I took a page out of Moka's book and brought my leg down to axe kick him back down.


Moka then brought her foot back and kicked him across the room. Again I was waiting. I brought my hands together above my head. As soon as he was close enough, I brought my hands down to send him rocketing to the floor. When he landed, a crater was made and dust picked up. We all waited for it to clear; all of us tense with each passing moment.

When the dust cleared, it showed Kuyou looking unharmed.

"What?!" Kurumu cried out. "After everything, we didn't do anything to him?!"

"Why are you so surprised? Did you really think you could really bring harm to me? I'll admit you all surprised me a little, especially you Tsukune. That ability of yours can be troublesome if I let this draw out any longer." The flames on his body started to grow bigger as he raised his yoki. The fire then concentrated around his tails. The heat was so intense I could feel it from where I stood. "I'll send you all to the afterlife with this! Hazy Rolling Flame!" He launched the fire from his tails at us, a mass of swirling flames.

As the flame vortex drew closer, the temperature only kept climbing. I would be burned to ashes. There was nowhere to run. But before I knew what was going on, Mizore jumped in front of the flame. She knelt on the ground and place her hands on the floor. From there, a wall of ice was made. As soon as the flame made contact with the ice wall, we were all blown back. Steam filled the air.

When the air cleared, Mizore was on the ground not moving. "Mizore!" Kurumu cried out. She rushed over to her.

"It seems the ice woman used up all her strength to block my attack," Kuyou stated. "However, she won't do so again." He started to gather his flames to his tail again.


Even with me stealing his power, he is still too powerful. I broke out into a cold sweat; I couldn't move. I was feeling fear; I was afraid.

"There won't be any disruptions like that again, Tsukune." He smiled. "Hazy Rolling Flame!"

Again he threw his attack. Again I could only watch as it flew at me. I closed my eyes and waited for it. But like last time, I only felt the force of the attack knocking me back. Did that mean Mizore made another ice wall to block it again? I slowly opened my eyes and shuttered. There in front of me was Gin.

He was standing with both arms stretched out wide, his back to Kuyou. Without a word he fell to his knees. He was reverted back to his human form and fell completely over.

I yelled out to him, "GIN!"

His back was burnt black. He took the full brunt of Kuyou's attack. He coughed before tilting his head a little to look at me. "Man….what's wrong with you? Didn't look like…..you even tried moving out of the way…..of his attack." His breathing was shallow. He was wheezing out words more than speaking them.

"Why, Gin?"

He coughed again before answering. "Didn't I….tell you? You're a member….of the club. I can't….let anything happen….as the president." He coughed again before continuing. "Tsukune. You have to…..beat this guy. Do you…understand?" He was losing consciousness. "Don't let him…..hurt anyone….else." After that, he lost consciousness.

I stood up. I clenched my fists so hard a thin trail of blood was trailing down my hands. My eyes were being shadowed by my hair.

"Well it looks like the job is getting done one way or the other." Kuyou then began to laugh. "I was just going to kill them all anyways after I killed you, but I guess the order doesn't really matter."


Behind me Moka called my name. She tried to step closer to me. "Moka, get back."

She started to protest. "What are you-"

"I SAID GET BACK," I yelled out. I looked over my shoulder at her. As soon as her eyes met mine, any protests she had died out.

I was pissed. All around me my friends were being hurt. All of them were being forced to suffer because of me. All of this was happening because I was human. I was going to put a stop to this. "Kuyou," I spat out his name. "I'm going to stop you and end this!"

In front of me, Kuyou merely chuckled. "Oh? And how do you plan to do that?"

I looked up at him, eyes full of anger and hate.


[Vanishing Dragon Over-Booster]

My body was filled enveloped with white light before being covered with a white armor. Blue gems were embedded in certain areas like the knees, shoulders, arms, and chest. The whole armor itself had the motif of a dragon. My balance breaker, Divine Dividing Scale-mail.

Once the light died down, Kurumu who had never seen me in the armor before gasped.

"What the hell is-" Kuyou started, but was cut off as he was forced to dodge my punch I had aimed for his head. Before he could say anything, I threw my hand forward.

[Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!]

If he could, he would have doubled over due to me draining his power but he didn't get the chance due to the punch I managed to land on him. I didn't stop at that though. My time was running out so I had to make every second count. With that in mind, I gave it everything I had.

Left hook! Right jab!





Left jab! Right hook!

I then grabbed him and threw him above me. With the speed the armor granted me, I appeared above him, my hands cupped together and smashed them against his skull. As he hit the ground, another crater was formed. And while I was descending my time ran out and the armor vanished in particles of white light.

I stood a few paces away from the downed Kuyou. I was breathing heavily and my legs were weak. Before I knew it, my legs gave in and I fell to one knee.

"You did it Tsukune," Kurumu exclaimed. I looked over my shoulder and saw she had a look of relief on her face before it was replaced with a smile.

"Tsukune…" I turned to look over my other shoulder at Moka. She had a look of concern on her face while she was clutching her chest. I could see the worry for me in her eyes. I tried to show her I was alright by putting on a grin. She gave a small smile in return.

"Everything is going to be okay Moka," I assured her. "It's ov-" I tried to speak but I couldn't. All of a sudden, an overwhelming pressure started bearing down on me, freezing me in place. I could see Kurumu struggling to breathe normally. Moka's eyes went wide, filled with shock as she gasped.

"You really are full of surprises, Tsukune." My eyes went wide. That voice! There was no way he could be okay after what I did to him!

I could feel the temperature in front of me rise drastically. I turned to look forward and was met with a column of blue fire shooting up through the roof and into the sky. I had to shield myself due to the intensity of the flames. From the fire, a figure emerged. Standing there, on two legs, was Kuyou.

His legs retained their fox nature while his upper body looked more humanoid. On the upper part of his torso and his face, tattoo-like markings appeared. His hands resembled claws. On top of his head, two fox like ears were formed surrounded by fire. Behind him, all four of his tail whipped around aimlessly. However, the fire of his tails as well as the flames surrounding his entire being was now blue instead of the reddish-orange hue it held before. The flames burned with a greater intensity than they did before.

"I didn't think I would need to reveal this form." He looked down at me. "This is my Battle Form, my ultimate form made strictly for combat." He smirked. "What's wrong? Where did that armor you were wearing before go? Don't tell me that little time was all you could maintain it for?" He brought his foot back and kicked me in the gut. It hurt more than when he punched me earlier; the kick itself strong enough to lift me off the ground momentarily.

"Guagh!" I coughed up blood again. I tried to pick myself up but before I could, Kuyou picked me up and back handed me away.

"TSUKUNE!" Moka cried out and ran at Kuyou. She sent him a flurry of kicks that he either blocked, dodged, or brushed off like they were nothing.

"What's wrong? You are supposed to be a vampire right? Is this really the extent of your power? Or are you still feeling the effects of having water dumped on you earlier?" He asked her with a wide grin on his face. "By killing you, my rank will increase to the point where no one would think about ever challenging my authority!"

Moka just grit her teeth in anger. A vampire's major weakness is water, it disrupts their yoki flow and drains their strength along with causing harm to their bodies and shocking them to where they are too weak to move. Since we got here to before we started fighting Kuyou, they torched Moka by constantly exposing her to water. Right now she isn't at her best.

"Leave her alone!" Behind him, Kurumu called out. She flew at him, her claws poised to strike.

"I think I'll make Tsukune suffer by having to watch his friends fall one by one before I kill them. The werewolf and the snow woman are already down. You're next!" He coated his hand and forearm in his fire before making a swiping motion in her direction.

The result was the fire erupting forward, catching Kurumu in it.

"AARGH!" She screamed out. Her body was hit by the fire. The force of the attack sent her flying back against a wall before she blacked out from the pain.

"DAMN YOU!" He turned to see Moka rushing at him again, her leg preparing to kick him. But before she could connect it, he hit her in the gut. The air left her and she was left gasping for air while she held her stomach in pain.

I tried to move- to get up- but I couldn't. I was already feeling weak from using the armor. The hits he gave me only made it worse. All the pain I was feeling from earlier was now catching up to me.

"KUYOU," I yelled out. "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!"

He looked over at me in amusement. "Oh?" A chuckle escaped his lips. "Watch closely now Tsukune." He grabbed Moka and lifted her with on hand by the collar of her shirt. "I wouldn't want you to miss this." He brought his fist back and let loose on her.


He punched her in her stomach again.

"KUYOU!" I cried out.


He punched her in the face.

"LET HER GO!" I tried to get up only for my body to give out on me.


She coughed up blood when he kneed her in the gut.

"DAMN YOU!" Tears were falling from my face.


He wrapped his hand around her throat, all the while was laughing from enjoying himself.


She was gasping for air.


My anger was boiling. My hate grew bigger and bigger.

He threw her towards me. She landed in front of me, out of reach. He then held out his hand where a fireball was made. All the other flames he's made so far were weak in comparison to this one.


I looked at Moka. She was weak, bloody, and bruised. Our eyes met. She started to cry but she held a faint smile on her lips.


Kuyou threw the fireball at her but I didn't stop looking at her. Time seemed to slow down as I was looking in her eyes. Memories started filling my mind, playing through my head.

The time we first met when the school year started

The first time she sucked my blood


The times we walked to class together

I can't lose her...

The times she would worry and check up on me when I would get injured

I have to do something but I can't move!

The time she spent training me

Why am I so weak? I wanted to get stronger to protect her, but I'm still so weak!

The time we spent in the Newspaper Club together

Power, I need more power!

The first time I saw her in the window of the classroom

Albion, help me! PLEASE! There has to be some way for me to save her!

And the promise I made to her on the first day of school

[There may be a way partner. But with the condition your body is in, you might not survive.]

All these memories filling me, rushing by. The look in her eyes told me she was remembering our time together as well.

I DON'T CARE! Tell me what I have to do! Whatever it is, I'll do it!

[There is a way to grant you the power you need. By making a sacrifice, I will give you power. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward.]

My heart…..take my heart…..

[Are you sure? If you survive, you won't be human any longer. By changing your heart into that of a dragon's, you yourself would become a humanoid dragon. Are you prepared for that?]

Do it. No matter what happens to me, I'll endure anything if I can protect her!


I could feel it


In my chest


It hurt, a lot. My chest felt like it was going to explode.


But I was going to endure it like I said I would.




[Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker!]

(Moka's POV)


That was the only thing I could feel in my body at the moment. Kuyou beat me like I was nothing but a helpless child. His blows were hard and unrelenting. With each hit, my body felt heavier and heavier. My muscles and bones screamed in agony. Then without warning, I was being choked. I gasped for air while my strength failed me. All the water I was exposed to earlier had taken its toll on me along with the pain I was receiving from Kuyou now.

When he was done, he threw me towards Tsukune.


He was on the ground from the beating her received from Kuyou moments ago. He had used the armor and the power it granted him for the ten seconds he was able to maintain it for. In those ten seconds, he unleashed everything he had on Kuyou. But in the end, he got back up and even transformed again and became even more powerful. The form in itself wouldn't match a true vampire's strength, but because of the water, I was nowhere near my normal power. Having exhausted his strength from using the armor, Tsukune was made easy prey for Kuyou.

After knocking him down, he forced Tsukune to watch as he turned to me and attacked. Even through all the pain, I heard Tsukune shout at him, telling him to stop. And not long after tears started falling from his face.

"Tsuku…ne…." I called out his name.

He turned to look at me. His eyes were fountains of emotions. He was worried about me and didn't want me to get hurt. He was angry at Kuyou for hurting me and at himself for not being able to stop him. And there was also hate. He hated Kuyou for hurting all of us, but he was also hating himself for not being strong enough to stand and do anything about it. He was blaming himself for the situation we were all in. I put on a small, faint smile. It was my promise to him that even after everything that has happened, I will never blame him for any of this.


Behind me, Kuyou created a fireball in his hand and threw it at me. It was hotter and more intense than his other ones. As it approached me, I kept my attention on Tsukune. Memories of our time together since the first day of school raced in my mind. I cherished every single moment I've had with him. I will never forget what he told me and the promise he made to me that day.


[Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker!]

All of a sudden a burst of white light shot up into the sky and filled the room, the source was Tsukune. It blasted the fireball away from me and sent Kuyou stumbling back a few steps while also blowing apart the rest of the building. I had to shield my eyes due to the intensity of the light. Then I felt warmth fill me. It was gentle and soothing. I opened my eyes and found myself in Tsukune's arms while he was wearing the armor again.

(Tsukune's POV)

I set Moka down near the others before standing and turning to face a shocked Kuyou. The building was completely in ruins now. The setting sun was slipping away over the horizon.

"So, you managed to summon that armor again, huh?" Kuyou tried to hide his worry with arrogant confidence. "It won't make a difference! I'm going to end thi-"

He was cut off from what he was saying by the lack of air in his lungs. Before he could finish his sentence, I flew at him faster than he could follow and planted my fist in his gut, making him cough up blood. I quickly followed up with my knee to his face before punching him away.

"Dam you!"

He lit his body ablaze before hailing down fireballs at me. I merely raised my right hand forward and muttered a single word. "Divide."

[Half Dimension!]

All his fireballs were divided continuously until they were erased from existence. Half Dimension was a new power to me, it was the second ability of my sacred gear. It allows me to half the size of an object or living thing. By using it on his fireballs, I made it so I had nothing to worry about from his flames anymore. I then continued by dividing his strength.

[Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!]

No matter how strong he may have gotten from transforming into his battle form, having his strength halved 26 times in a row would take its toll on him.

"Dam you! I'LL DESTROY YOU!" He yelled and charged at him. He had his fist cocked back and engulfed in flames to punch me. I just raised my hand and caught his punch. He stared in disbelief.

[Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!]

His legs buckled underneath him. His aura of fire was diminished. I was going to make him feel weak. He was going to feel the pain he gave to my friends. I kneed him in the gut before punching him in the face. He was sent flying at a broken wall but before he could make contact with it, I appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the face. I then held him forward before crashing him through the broken wall and into the forest beyond where he also went through multiple trees.

We came to a clearing before I dropped him. He struggled to get back up. "You….think you've beaten…me?! DON'T MOCK ME!" He threw a flaming fist at me again. I didn't move and merely took it. When it made contact with my face, I didn't even budge. His eyes were wide with disbelief again.

"Is that all?"

He could feel it, his strength was withered away. The pain his body was feeling only got worse with every use of divide. With his strength leaving him, he didn't have the power to ignore and endure the pain like before. His punches didn't carry the power they did and his flames were turning cold.

I lifted up my fist and punched him in the face again.

"That was for Mizore!"

As he stumbled back, I grabbed his collar to pull him closer before head-butting him. The force of the head-butt caused my helmet to shatter and break off.

"That was for Gin!"

I moved in close, my center of gravity low. My fist was pulled back before shooting up and delivering and uppercut that sent him flying up in the air.

"That was for Kurumu!"

I spread my wings and took off after him. I appeared above him and as I did, I grabbed onto his face again before diving straight down back to the ground at full speed with him held in front of me.

"And this is for Moka!"

He hit the ground head first. The impact made a crater that blew away the surrounding trees. As I stood up, he didn't move. It was over. I flew away, back to where the others where.

I noticed Mizore, Kurumu, and Gin were all still out. Mizore and Kurumu seemed to be doing alright. Their injuries weren't as bad. Gin was also looking a little better. His back was burnt black before but now seemed to be slightly healing. It must have been a werewolf thing. I landed and rushed over to Moka. She was still sitting where I left her. Her eyes went wide as soon as she saw me. As I ran, my armor disappeared again in particles of white light. When I finally got to her I dropped to my knees.

She brought her hand up to my cheek and smiled at me. "Did you do it?" I merely nodded to her question. "I'm glad you're alright Tsukune."

At that, tears started pouring down my face as I looked down. "I was so scared Moka…I thought I was going to lose you…."

She sat up and brought her forehead to mine. "Hey….look at me. I'm going to be okay…..we're all going to be okay now." She started to cry herself. "I was scared too…I thought I wasn't going to be able to be with you anymore….."

"No! I WON'T let that happen. I can't lose you Moka."

"I know Tsukune….I feel the same way…."

[DO IT!]

Inside me, Albion was screaming out.

What the hell are you talking about?!

[You know very well what I'm talking about!]

What the hell makes you think I can do that here and now?!

[Fine, then do this!]

Albion sent a few images to my head. After everything that's happened, I don't know if I could argue with him about this anymore. If I did do it, it would change everything between Moka and me.

"Moka…" I grabbed her shoulders. "I'm sorry…."

"Wha-" she began but was cut off when I my lips met hers. She went stiff at the touch. After a moment, she relaxed. And to my surprise, she started to kiss me back. I was still scared she would kill me after this but since she was kissing me back, that was a good sign, right?

When we ran out of air, we pulled back and rested our foreheads against each other. We were both gasping for air and her cheeks were as red as her eyes.

"Well…." She began "That was certainly a surprise."

"A good or bad one?" I asked hesitantly, fearing the answer.

She smirked before planting her lips on mine. I was shocked at first, but I quickly got into it. She moved her arms around my neck as my hands moved to hold her by her waist. She leaned forward, pushing her body against mine. I slowly fell back until I was laying down with her on top of me, never breaking the kiss. When we broke for air again, she rested her head in the crook of my neck.

"So I take it as good then?"

"You idiot," she said while smiling. She then inhaled deeply, taking in my scent when it hit me.

I bought a hand up to her head and to gesture her. "Go ahead, it will help you right?"

"Are you sure? After everything that happened, you shouldn't do that for my selfishness." She was looking up to me with a troubled expression.

"Moka, I already told you before, it's no problem. If it's for you then I don't care."

With that, she extended her fangs a little before biting into my neck. This time, as soon as she tasted my blood, she started moaning. When she was done, she extracted her fangs before licking the puncture holes to seal them. "Your blood….it tastes a little different, but it tastes even better than before!"

I looked away. "That might be because my blood is different."

"Different?" She raised an eyebrow. "Why would it be different?"

"Well….because it's no longer the blood of a human."

"What do you mean?" She was confused.

"Moka….I'm no longer human."

Her eyes widened in disbelief. "What do you mean you're no longer human?!"

"When I thought I was going to lose you I made a deal with Albion."

"What deal?"

"I asked him for power and he told me he would grant it to me if I made a sacrifice. The greater the sacrifice I made, the greater the reward."

"What…did you….sacrifice?"

"My heart."

Then it dawned on her. She was piecing together what that meant.

"….A dragon. You're a dragon now aren't you?"

I nodded. "A humanoid dragon, yeah."

As soon as the words left my mouth she buried her head in my chest and started to cry. "You IDIOT!" She started beating on my chest. "Why would you do such a thing?!"

"I did it to for you!" As the words left my mouth she stopped crying and started shaking. I wrapped my arms around her tighter. "I told you…I couldn't lose you. If sacrificing my heart is what it took to save you then I would do it again, any number of times!"

She looked up at me, eyes filled with shock. "I didn't want you to leave me. I don't want to see you go."

She shook her head. "I won't."

I laid my head back. "Good," I said before passing out.






When I awoke, I noticed I was in the school infirmary. It was weird for me since I was hear not too long ago. I tried to sit up but I felt something weighing me down. I looked and found Moka to be on top of me with her head on my chest and her arms wrapped around me. Then I noticed how my arms were still wrapped around her. She looked to be fine and sleeping peacefully. I couldn't help but smile.

"It looks like you are finally awake, Mr. Aono."

That voice! I looked up and sure enough, there was the headmaster standing by the window.

"What happened to the others?"

"They are well. Their injuries are healing and their bodies are resting."

That was good to hear. I'm glad they are okay. "How did we get here?"

"I found you all in what was left of the PSC headquarters. You were all unconscious. I administered you all to medical treatment here in the infirmary. Ms. Shirayuki's injuries were minimal. She only really suffered from extreme exhaustion. Ms. Kuruno's injuries were taken care of. She only had a few burn marks on her. If I had to guess, Ms. Shirayuki must have awakened before Kuyou hit her and used some of her ice."

"….And Gin?"

"Mr. Morioka is also doing well. His healing factor as a werewolf helped him. Once he was tended to here, his injuries were healed."

I sighed in relief. "I'm glad. We all made it out alive." I looked back up at him. "How long was it this time?"

"Four days."

"Four days?!"

He smiled and chuckled a little. "Don't worry, you had company the entire time." He pointed at Moka. "Ms. Akashiya never left you side. In fact, when I found you, I couldn't separate you. When the staff tried to, both of you would growl at them unconsciously. Whenever she was awake, she would threaten the staff if they tried to have you separated from her."

I was shocked. "She never left me? What about her injuries and food?"

"It seems sucking your blood helped her own regenerative abilities to heal herself. As for food, whenever she got hungry, she would simply take more blood from you."

"That's fine." I smiled.

"I must also thank you for dealing with the PSC for me. They were really a pain in my side. I would also like to apologize to you for dragging you and your friends into this and having you all get hurt."

"It's fine. We are all alive so that's what matters. If it turned out one of them actually died, then you and I would be having a problem right now."

"I understand." His smile turned into a grin. "Picking a fight with the heavenly dragon isn't something I would necessarily want to do. Especially now that you are a humanoid dragon now."

"How the hell do you know that?!"

His grin got even wider. "Do you not remember Mr. Aono? There is little that happens on this island that I do not know about. After all, your unleashed power was rather hard to miss."

I sighed again before my expression turned serious. "And what about Kuyou? What happened to him?"

At that, the happy expression was gone and in its place was a deadly serious one. "His body was nowhere to be found. It seems he either left or he was taken. Either way, he is no longer on the island."

That troubled me. It meant Kuyou was still alive and that he could show himself in the future to attack us again. I clenched my fist. It would just mean that I would have to get stronger so nothing like this ever happened again.

"You all were excused from class do to your injuries. Any problems about you being human were dissolved. And new uniforms have been delivered to your dorm."

"I'm getting new sets of uniforms? Why?"

"Now that your body has had a few days to adjust to the dragon's blood in you, it brought out some physical changes."

"Like what?"

"You will see." With that, he turned to leave. "Good day, Mr. Aono."

Physical changes? I would think about it later. Not long after, Moka began to stir awake.

"Good morning sleepy head!"

"Tsukune, you're awake!"

"Yea I jus-" I tried to reply back but was quickly cut off when Moka crashed her lips against mine. After about a minute, she pulled back and we were both gasping for air. "Wow, talk about an amazing wakeup call."

Her cheeks tinted red. "S-Shut up! Do you know how worried I was?! Four days! You were asleep for four days! I thought you weren't going to wake up…" A tear rolled down her cheek.

I wiped it away with my thumb. "I guess I was really tired. I'm sorry I worried you. Buuuutttt, I heard me being asleep didn't stop you from eating." I said with a teasing smile.

Her cheeks got a little redder as she looked away. "S-Shut up. Your blood belongs to me anyways. And you said that if I ever needed to then it was fine so there shouldn't be a problem."

"Hahaha, I was kidding. I'm glad you were actually eating." Did I just call myself food?

She rested her head against my chest. "I'm really glad you're okay Tsukune."

I tightened my hold on her a little. "I'm glad you're okay too Moka."






After the nurses found out I was awake, they gave me a few checkups. That was when I found out what the headmaster meant by physical changes. It turned out I grew a few inches and was now standing at five feet and nine inches. My body itself was a lot leaner than before. All the baby fat I had was gone, in its place was toned muscle. I wasn't big and bulky so there wasn't that much of a change for my shirt size. Only that the ones I owned were now tight on my and really showed the muscle underneath. Overall, my body was like that of a swimmer's.

When they finally released me, I decided to go to my dorm shower and change. Moka told me she had some things to do first so she would see me when I was done. I entered my room and walked to the bedroom. I saw the new uniforms the headmaster was talking about hanging in the closet. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out, I found a familiar sight. Sitting on my bed waiting for me was Moka. However, this time it looked like she had luggage with her.

I was completely unfazed by the fact she was in my room. "What's with the luggage?"

"It's filled with all my things," she said while refusing to look me in the eyes.

"Umm, okay….so why is your luggage here?

"Isn't it obvious?" She asked me which just confused me more. "It's because I'm going to be living here with you from now on….."

I walked out of the room and into the kitchen. She watched what I was doing. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange cream soda. I opened it and took a few sips before spitting it out.


"W-What kind of reaction is that?!"

"Isn't I, you know, against the rules for a guy and girl to be staying in the same room, living together?!"

She looked away again. "It's okay because we have the headmaster's permission. He said that is why you have this room. Yours is a lot bigger than any other in the building. A normal dorm room is just one room with a bed, desk, mini fridge and closet along with a bathroom. Yours however, has a living room with a couch, a full kitchen with a small dining table, a separate room for the bedroom, a bathroom with both a shower and bathtub, and your own washer and dryer."

Now that she's said that, it was really weird that my room was so much bigger and had a lot more to it than everyone else's rooms. Thinking about it, the dorms did have a kitchen to for you to cook and the first floor along with a room filled with washers and dryers. Yet my room already had those things and the bed was large enough to be a king size. It was more than big enough for a person to live comfortably. Everything I would need is included in the room. But why would my room be different compared to anyone else's? It couldn't be because of my test scores on the high school entrance exam. My scores were only average or even bad compared to someone like Moka's, she was a genius compared to me. It couldn't be because I was human or the fact that I had Albion inside me, only the headmaster knew that. The headmaster. Thinking about it, he was probably the one who assigned me my room. He's the one who knew about me from the very beginning. If I really thought about it, it was like he was planning all of this ahead of time. My eyes widened…..


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