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chapter 1

It was a wonderful evening in the manor. The residents inside were having a great time.

"Rahne catch!" Ray yells throwing a yellow disk to a red-headed girl

"I got it" Rahne yells transforming into a werewolf, caching it with her mouth "Here Jamie catch".

"I got it, I got it...Arrggh" Jamie yells out as he bumps into one of his clones and falls, landing on his back.

"Jamie, you ok buddy?" Bobby asks the younger boy.

"ugh, I need to work on that" He responded.

"He's ok" Sam yells out to them.

They continued playing, throwing the disks to one another. Inside the mansion the rest of the X-men were there. Jubilee, Kitty and Amara were chatting in Kitty's room. Kurt, Roberto and Piotr were eating breakfast with Logan reading the newspaper. Ororo was in the attic watering her plants, Evan helping his aunt. The professor, Jean ad Scott were discussing in the professor' office. Forge and Beast were in the lab doing who knows what. Rogue and Remy-

"will ya stop following meh swamprat!" Rogue yells at the former Acolyte.

"Remy would just like to spend time with you chere" He tells her.

"Swamprat, I swear-" She was cut off as a loud crash sounded through out the house.


"NO, NO I was so close" Forge's voice was heard.

The X-men, minus the new recruits, run down to find Forge and Beast surrounded by pieces of a machine. Gambit, Rogue, Bobby, Scott and Kitty looked around the broken pieces as the others checked on Forge and Beast.

"Are you alright Forge?" Ororo asked.

"There was a wrong calculation in the machine which caused it to-"Beast started.

"It wasn't my fault, I just pressed this button to see if it works" Forge says pressing a red button on his remote.

Suddenly part of the machine started to glow and Gambit, Rogue, Bobby, Scott and Kitty, who were near it, started to be enveloped in white light. When the light was gone a cry was heard from a pile of clothes.

"What happened?" Jean asked.

"Iz diz Kitty?" Kurt asked picking up a 2 year old from the pile of clothes.

"Fuzzy" Kitty said hugging Kurt.

"Where am I?" a 4 year old girl with a white streak of hair asks.

"Rogue?" Ororo says slowly approaching her.

"Who are you?" a Blonde 3 year old asks.

"Bobby?" Beast says.

"Why don't you have hair?" a 5 year old boy wearing big visors asks the professor.

'Of all the questions he asks it's about my hair' Professor Xavier says; telepathically.

"Scott?" Jean asks tentively.

"You're no gator" a 6 year old boy with a red on black eyes yell.

"I think something went wrong" Forge says.

The new recruits couldn't believe their eyes when they heard that some of their teammates were turned to babies until they saw them. Kurt was cradling a small sleeping 2 year old girl, who on closer inspection revealed to be Kitty. Ororo was holding a 4 year old girl with a streak of white hair; already looks familiar, calming her down. Beast was carrying a hyper 3 year old blond boy, trying to escape. Jean was carrying a 5 year old boy wearing big visors, talking with him. A 6 year old boy with familiar eyes was walking ahead looking at his surroundings. The professor was discussing with Forge and Logan about something.

"pwetty girl" the 3 year old boy says finally getting out of Beast's grip and running towards Jubilee.

"uh...?" Jubilee says.

"There was an accident" forge mutters.

"No one is to blame Forge" Professor tells him "Kitty, Bobby, Rogue, Scott and Remy have been turned to babies and it will take awhile for them to return to their correct ages".

"How long will it be till their back to normal?" Ray asks.

"Not sure yet but I'll work on it" Forge answers.

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