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Chapter 7

"Woah! Vat happened to you guyz" Kurt asks them.

"Magneto thought that sticking us to the wall was a great idea" Jubilee mutters sarcastically.

"Yeesh, no need to go all sarcastic" Kurt replies.

"Help us get out" Rahne pleads.

"Vhere is Katzhen? maybe she has her powers" Kurt suggests.

"Magneto also thought that stealing babies are better than fighting us" Sam tells him.

"Vat?!" Kurt nearly screams out.

"That's why we need to get out, to look for them"

"Hold on"

They hold on to Kurt and in a puff of smoke they're in the living room, metal free.

"Sinister!" Magneto yells out.

"What have you found Magneto?" Sinister asks noticing the babies he is holding;both in his hands and with his powers.

"Imbecile" Remy mutters under his breath glaring at Magneto.

"Is that Gambit?" Sinister asks.

"Etes-vous stupide?!" Remy shouts aloud, which causes Rogue into yet another laughing fit.

"It seemed that some of the X-men's teammates have turned into babies" Magneto explains to him, holding out a sleeping 2 year old.

Sinister takes the 2 year old and examines her.

"Yes. they will be quite...useful for me" Sinister says heading toward his lab, Kitty in his arms.

"Keep those 2 busy for awhile" He says before closing the door to his lab.

"vous ĂȘtes un alligator stupide" Remy insults him.

"hahahahaha, stupide" Rogue mocks Magneto.

"I have more important matters to attend to, Marauders watch these 2" Magneto says pointing to the giggling 4 year old and the swearing 6 year old.

The marauders watch as Magneto leave them and they turn to the 2 babies.

"imbecile" Remy mutters.

"What do we do with 'em?" Harpoon asks.

"Who are you people?" Remy questions them.

"You don't remember us Gambit?" Scrambler asks the Cajun.

"You be gators" Remy yells out stepping back a bit.

"Gators?!" Rogue exclaims.

"RUN chere" Remy tells her.

"Oi, get back here" Blockbusters shouts.

"The big man ain't gonna like this" Prism says.

"Hmmmmm...interesting" Sinister mumbles as he looks over his charts.

"Funny old man" Kitty squeals, tugging at his cape.

"Your powers will help me little one, they shall help me conquer the world" Sinister says laughing evily.

Kitty giggles too, not knowing what's happening.

"No, your powers will help me be INVICIBLE, a living ghost" He evily laughs.

kitty squeals as Sinister takes the 2 year old and run some tests with her powers. After a few minutes he hears an explosion followed by a few curses.

"Oh shit, Magneto ain't gonna like this" Arclight, he assumes, swears.

"Stay away yah stupid gators" Remy shouts.

Sinister merely ignores them and continues with different tests for the 2 year old. Kitty just giggles and squeals as Sinister checks her powers, testing out what he could with this ability.

"your ability to walk through things is quite...useful, we will be able to turn you into a master assassin" He tells her.

Kitty just claps her hands at Sinister and smile innocently up at him then yawns; who could resist cuteness? Sinister shakes his head and Lifts up Kitty.

"Don't worry little one, we will be able to find you even if your little teammates take you back" He tells the sleepy 2 year old.

"Magneto took them?!" Jean says, alarmed.

"not all of them" Sam says pointing to the 2 only X-babies, at the moment.

"Where'd bald man go?" Scott asks them.

"Scott, the professor is right here" Sam tells the 5 year old boy.

"Not that bald man, other bald man with the-" Scott explains.

Sam covers his mouth whispering to him.

"They don't know he's that old Scott" Sam whispers.

"ohhhhhh, I mean metal man?" Scott asks aloud.

"You mean Magneto?" Jamie says.


"Metal man"

"Who's he?"

"he's Magneto"

"Who's Mageto?"


"Who's Magneto?"

"the metal man"

"who's the metal man?"



"Stop doing that" Rahne chided the 2.

"Doing what?" Bobby asks.

"Asking the same question over and over again"

"Which qustion?"

"Metal man"

"Who that?"

"He's Magneto"


"No, Magneto"

"Who Mag-ne-to?"

"Don't answer that Rahne" Jubilee warns her friend.