A/N: Just to clear things up a bit the x-men don't really know that Kitty has powers because they never saw her use her powers and Sinister did something to Kitty that will be explained in this chapter. Also, Magneto never really had anything to do he just didn't want to be stuck babysitting 2 powerful mutant babies...

Chapter 8

"How are you feeling little one?" Sinister asks the Still Sleepy 2 year old.

"Owie" Kity answers back rubbing her head.

"Yes well, we don't want you to get lost now do we?"

"Wost?" Kitty asks tilting her head.

"Yes little one, lost" Kitty yawns her head hurting.

"Come little one time for a nap"

Kitty yawns again as sleep overtakes her and Sinister carries her off to a bed in his lab.

"Watch out chere?" Remy asks "The gators comi'n".

"oh, hide oveh there" Rogue tells him.

Sinister watches as the 2 X-babies run through the doors to his lab and scurry off towards his desk to hide in. He then walks over to the 2.

"Now children running off from your...babysitters, is not very nice" He tells them.

"Who are you?" Remy questions Sinister.

"I'm...your uncle" Sinister lies to them.

"Uncle? yah seriously think we would believe you are our uncle" Rogue says; not buying that this lunatic is her uncle.

"I know all my uncles you not one of them imbecile" Remy glares at the man.

'It was worth a try' Sinister thinks.

"Kitty?" Rogue asks noticing the 2 year old on the bed.

"est la petite sœur endormie?" Remy ask Rogue.

"Ah think so"

"Psst...petite cadette"

"Don't bother her Remy, she's probably tired"

Sinister watches with interest as the 2 X-babies interact with each other and sees how close they really are.

"Can you find them Professor?" Jean asks worriedly.

"It is quite difficult Jean but I am searching" The professor tells her.

"Oh I hope they're alright?" Ororo says.

"Who?" Bobby's voice is heard.

"Metal man is Magneto" Jubilee replied.

"Magneto is metal man" Scott asks.

"They still don't get it" Rahne mutters walking in the room.

"Don't bother telling them then" Evan suggested.

"Cadette?" Remy asks the 2 year old.

"Remy don't bother her and let her sleep" Rogue urges the 6 year old.

"What's the imbecile doing?" Remy asks pointing to Sinister.

"Ah don't know" Rogue shrugs.

"Hey! Imbecile what are you doing?" Remy asks pulling at his cape.

"Behave children or I'll be forced to put this on you" Sinister says holding up a device with 4 red dots.

"What is it?" Rogue asks.

"This will be the key for me to ensure you little brats won't escape me"

"Ah still don't get it"

"It is a tracking device"

"A what?"

"I think the imbecile is messin with us chere" Remy says.

"Now children, run off while I finish up here, you're little sister will be awake when you get back" Sinister urges them out.

"now what?" Rogue asks Remy as Sinister walks back in his lab.

"Now we shall defeat the gators here" Remy says walking off, to find the marauders.

"Wait for meh" Rogue shouts trying catching up to Remy.

"I hope they're alright with the marauders" Sam says.

"More like if they survive with Magneto and the marauders" Evan mutters "OW! No need to slap me Sam"

"Hey, if you're gonna be negative someones gotta slap you some sense"

"I'm just as worried as you are"

"That did not sound like it"

"I was just being real, do you really think 3 babies could survive Magneto and his marauders"

"It doesn't help when you think badly of it Evan" Amara says.

"We should be out looking for them instead of sitting around" Jubilee mutters trying to control a hyper 3 year old.

"I'm Hungry" Scott tells them.

"C'mon Scott let's get you something to eat" Jean says holding out her hand.

"Me too, me too I wanna go too" Bobby whines his tummy rumbling.

"Let's get you 2 something to eat then" Jubilee says carrying Bobby.

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