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What. Is. Pongo's. Story?

Final Chapter of Safe and Sound

"How long has she been gone?"

After a moment, Peter shrugged. "About three hours."

I sighed. My head went back to rest on his shoulder and I listened to his slow, steady breathing. It was the only thing about him that hadn't changed while being locked in here. He said the same about the beating of my heart.

Keeping track of time had become pointless. What purpose did it serve for two immortals being imprisoned? Either we were going to get rescued or we were not.

It was Wonderland all over again. The days seemed to morph together into one big, awful blob. We'd wake up in the morning and Peter would magically clean and dress us in fresh clothes. It was the only thing Zelena allowed him to use his magic for simply because she refused to let us out for any reason other than the bathroom.

But she had no real reason to worry. Aside from the fact that she controlled both of the Dark One's, each of them more than capable of catching me under her command, she misjudged me if she believed I would try to run and leave Peter here alone.

His dark fits had become more and more frequent. Practically every time Zelena entered a room or when I didn't show enough emotion.

"Don't you dare shut down on me!" he'd snarl, to which I had to pull myself together and promise him that I wasn't.

It was hard not to. In some ways Wonderland had been easier to handle than this. Jefferson let me block out the world. He'd allowed me to let my mind swallow me whole and protect me from the pain and sorrows that my mother inflicted with her cruelty towards others and lack of love for me.

Here I was trapped in a tiny cage twenty-four/seven with my should-be-husband refused to allow me to bottle everything up and save it for later.

My skull was on the brink of cracking open as I slowly began to lose my mind.

"You feed the madness and it feeds on you."

I groaned. If I was going insane then Rumplestiltskin could put everyone and everything to shame back in Wonderland. He muttered to himself daily, rarely being sane enough to talk to Peter and I. Sometimes it felt like I was talking to Neal. Other times I had to try and focus on blocking out his mad cackling that would only stop when Zelena came back.

Or when Peter threatened to castrate him once he was let out of the cage.

The voice that now guest starred in my nightmares rang through the room. "I'm back! Hope you all behaved while I was gone."

"Actually I poisoned your water supply."

She merely smirked, as though it were a simple sisterly banter and not a threat I really wished I could do. Either she couldn't take a hint or she was just a complete bitch.

I opted for the latter.

"Now, now," she tsked, as though I were a toddler. "Is that anyway to greet someone who provides your food and water?"

I rolled my eyes. "I clearly just told you the water is poisoned, Green Bean."

Being rude to her had become my favorite way of passing time. Peter slid his hand onto my knee and squeezed it, cautioning me to watch what I let pop out of my mouth. But I ignored my little hypocrite. He was usually much worse than I was.

She raised an orange eyebrow at me. "Do you want to eat tonight or not?"

I immediately shut my mouth, for Peter's sake. We both learned the hard way that when one of us bad-mouthed her, she wouldn't give either of us anything to eat until we "behaved".

We'd really been reduced to nothing more than her pets locked away in a cage.

I was surprised she hadn't smacked me with a newspaper yet.

Seemingly satisfied at my decision to play nice, Zelena waved her hand and two bowls of a steaming hot stew with bread and water appeared in front of us. For the first couple days, Peter refused to touch anything she gave us, despite my insistence that he had to keep his strength up. When that logic didn't work, I pushed my own food away until he gave in so that I would eat.

Zelena gave Rumplestiltskin his own food before leaving. The man didn't even seem to notice it at first, humming to himself as he continued his spinning. When he did though, however, he devoured it like an animal. I swore I heard him growl at one point.

I wished I could eat as easily. I found it was getting harder and harder each day. Regina was a much better cook. That thought only made me miss her more, along with Belle, Serena, and all the others. So much that the mere thought of them made me physically hurt. I forced myself to swallow and tried taking a bite of the bread but it tasted like sawdust to me. Finally, I gave up and set the full bowl and bread aside.

Peter dipped his bread into the stew and took a bite of it. He chewed it slowly, eyeing me thoughtfully.

I shrugged. "I'm not very hungry," I murmured.

"Do you need me to feed you?"

I couldn't help but laugh, making him grin.

"I thought you finally let that go!" I exclaimed through giggles. That had been the first and last time I had ever taken a sip of alcohol, yet no one could forget it.

"Amy, you told me that I always fly because I 'never land'. How will I ever forget that?"

I covered my blushing face as I started laughing harder. "Come on! That was comedy gold and you know it!"

"Very comical. I especially liked the part when you ran off and got sick."

"I think Felix got a kick out of that too," I agreed. I tried his technique and dipped the bread in the stew before taking a bite, discovering that it helped a lot.

When we both finished, we chucked the bowls and cups out of the cage and onto the floor for Zelena to deal with later. Of course, it was easy enough to clean up with magic but I think we both found that the little things gave us a lot of satisfaction at the moment.

"On the bright side it tasted better than your cooking," I commented, mostly joking. He was in a better mood today and I intended to take full advantage of it while I could.

He quirked an eyebrow. "That's quite the bold statement to say to your only source of entertainment."

I mockingly raised my eyebrows back. "Is that so?"

My face flushed when I met his eyes, that mischievous gleam I had come to know so well clearly there. To further tease him, I crossed my arms, putting on a bored expression.

"I love when you pretend your heart isn't nearly beating out of your chest," he said in a low voice. To prove his point, his hand slowly went to rest over my heart.

"There it is. After all this time it's still pounding away for me."

I bit my lip, fighting back a smile. "And what about yours?" After a quick glance over my shoulder, I saw that Rumplestiltskin was lost in his own little world in his cage. I draped my leg over Peter's and settled myself on his lap, facing him. He didn't even bother to hide his smirk as I slid my hand up his shirt to rest over his own heart.

Before I could even point out the fact that his was too in fact beating, his hand weaved into my hair and fastened my lips onto his hungrily, biting my bottom lip and caressing my tongue with his. I shut my eyes and shoved the world out of my mind, focusing on only his lips moving against mine and the way his hand felt running up and down my thigh.

We spent our days just waiting for this stolen moments together, where we could pretend that we were home and didn't ever have to stop. Peter couldn't care less if Zelena walked in on us or if Rumplestiltskin snapped back to sanity for a bit and caught sight of us. The thought of either of those things horrified me.

As if he was reading my mind, he broke off the kiss and rasped out, "Change your mind yet, angel?"

I sighed. "You know it's not a good idea," I said gently.

"I swear you're going to kill me before Zelena."

I smiled ruefully. "Sorry." Deciding that we should probably stop before we made this even harder on ourselves, I started to move off him but his hands gripped my waist, stopping me.

"Just lie with me for a bit," he murmured. "I didn't sleep much last night."

That was an understatement. I knew he stayed awake whenever I slept, as though he thought Zelena would slip in and slit one of our throats if at least one of us wasn't awake to watch.

I just smiled. "Of course." I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding on to him as he laid back, letting his head rest on the pillow we shared. There wasn't much room to stretch our legs but we managed.

"I'm going to get you out of here," he whispered in my ear. "I promise."

"I'm not going anywhere without you ever again, Peter Pan," I replied. "So whatever plan you come up with better include you getting out too."

"As her Highness commands."

"I won't bother to grace you with a response."

Peter woke up to the sound of Rumplestiltskin giggling, which was not unusual, but the words that followed it were something that definitely caught his attention.

"Wolf's blood. Dragon scale. I've tasted this brew before."

Peter cracked an eye open and saw Amy lying with him still, with her finger pressed to her lips in warning.

"We're about to take an unplanned trip, my pet. The curse is coming."

Peter covered Amy's mouth with his hand before she could gasp. She stared back at him with wide, confused eyes. Peter wracked his brain quickly. Those ingredients were extremely hard to come by and together only used for a potion for retaining memories, he was sure of it.

"You failed," Rumplestiltskin said in a sing-song voice. "You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed."

"Don't be so dour," Zelena scolded him. What I need to do-" Peter heard the sound of Rumple's cage door opening. "-can be done from any land. I will succeed in changing the past. My spell will work."

Peter fought back the urge to scoff. Change the past? No one has ever been able to accomplish a time-travel spell before and he certainly didn't think Zelena was capable of being the one to do so.

But only," Rumplestiltskin said. "If you remember it."

"Which I will. With this. To keep my valuable recollection safe and sound." There was a pause, giving Peter the chance to crane his head up to look across the room where he saw Zelena standing inside Rumplestiltskin's cage, her back to himself and Amy. She was drinking something out of a small bottle before handing it to Rumple.

" Here. Drink it. Dump it out. Sing it a song. Your brain's still mine. If you want to remember the loss of your son, so be it. But, if you prefer to stumble about blind and stupid with the rest of them, be my guest."

"What about the other two?" Rumplestiltskin asked with a flourish.

Peter immediately took that as his cue to pretend to be asleep again, Amy doing the same.

He heard Zelena chuckle. "Do you really think I want Amethyst and her betrothed to remember despising me?"

"How very touching," Rumple giggled. "You care. But if you succeed then she-"

"Won't exist," Zelena cut him off. "I'm aware, thank you. Perhaps there may be a way for her to still be born, or maybe there won't be. Either way, I can't have her screwing anything up and to do that she needs to trust me."

Whether she knew Peter and Amy were awake, Peter wasn't sure. She simply left without saying another word. If she did know, then she obviously thought it didn't matter since they would forget once this curse, whoever had cast it, hit.

Except there was one little flaw in this plan of hers.

"Peter," Amy whispered. "We kissed each other's hearts. We won't lose our memories."

"Memories are pain," he heard Rumplestiltskin say. "Pain is strength." He sat up and saw Rumple wandering around the room and uncork the small bottle in his hand. "For vengeance." He raised a hand to drink it when suddenly spasms seized his body and he began to shake violently.

"Neal!" Amy yelped as the Dark One's son burst from the body of his father, who dropped to the floor unconscious.

Baelfire staggered to the window, looking half-alive. "We don't need to remember. Emma does." He tore a piece of cloth from his sleeve and hurriedly starting writing something on it.

"We're going to Storybrooke?" Amy asked, looking at Peter in bewilderment. He barely noticed, keeping his eyes fixed on Baelfire.

Whistling, Bae walked to the window and there was the soft sound of wings flapping. "Find Killian Jones. On the Jolly Roger." He tied the small bottle in his hand and the note to the bird's leg. "Find Captain Hook. Go!" The bird took off and Neal stumbled back to his father's body and the two were one once more.

"Our lives rely on a man who drinks rum like water?"

Amy nudged him playfully. "You'd be surprised what a man will do for love."

Peter rolled his eyes, smirking slightly at her pointed remark.

"If you don't believe that then it's okay. I believe enough for the both of us."

Third Person P.O.V

There had been a lot of times in Felix's life when he'd felt helpless. It was the most disgusting, pathetic feeling. His mind so badly wanted to reject it from his body, but there was no way to do so.

Most of the times he'd felt it were when it came to Peter, his best friend. Such as all those years ago when he got arrested and beat, or when he was going to leave Felix to run off with Amy.

Most recently when he got kidnapped on his wedding day.

But this.

This was the clear winner.

He watched as the Wicked Witch flew off, while Snow White was distraught beyond reason over her now dead husband. It had been such a simple plan. Get to Storybrooke and find the Savior. She would defeat Zelena and save them all with her light magic.

But one little forgetting potion had destroyed all of that. David, a man that had even grown on Felix, had died in vain. Everyone had insisted Serena kill Felix for this curse, but this man stepped up for him, flat out refusing Felix's insistence that it had to be him. This man was going to be a father, he had a wife. Felix was just a teenage boy that hurt a lot of people. Why should he get to live?

"Because Serena needs you more than you know," was his answer.

Serena, who was now sobbing into Felix's chest, barely able to hold herself up. Felix wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, trying to comfort her the best he could. But what comfort could he give? Her friend was dead and in a few minutes none of them would know.

A pain that was worse than anything he had ever felt before clenched his heart. It felt like being stabbed in the heart repeatedly with a poisoned dagger.

"Serena," he said hoarsely. "You and I-we-"

She sniffled and looked up at him. "I know," she croaked.

He slammed his lips against hers, desperate to taste her for what may possibly be the last time. She clutched the front of his hoodie with the last bit of strength she seemed to have.

He felt as though he should be trying to console her, but what was the point? Soon neither of them would remember. They'd forget every kiss, every touch, every time this stubborn, sly girl made him feel more like a human being than anyone had for the last three hundred years.

"Regina, I need you to rip out my heart." Felix glanced over and saw Snow on the floor next to David, staring at Regina with tear-filled eyes. "Charming's right. We have been of one heart since the day he woke me from the sleeping curse. If you split my heart in a half, we can both survive."

Regina looked more sincerely sad than Felix had ever seen her, aside from Henry and Amy. "Snow, I know your love is strong, but this isn't like plucking a flower. How do you know it will work?"

"Faith," Snow White said desperately. "Belief. I believe. I believe that my heart is strong enough for the both of us."

"But if you're wrong, you'll die." The thought seemed to make Regina look even more depressed. For once Felix understood what she was going through. She'd lost Amy, Felix had lost Peter. They'd both gotten the hope that they would rescue them, along with Rumplestiltskin, and Zelena had swooped in and destroyed everything.

"Snow," Serena whimpered. "Think about this-"

"Please," Snow pleaded, completely ignoring the torn fairy. "Please, Regina. Do it."

There was a lot of hesitation on Regina's part, but she gave in. The moment her hand thrust inside Snow White's chest, Felix's brave little Tiger Lily broke down again, her anguished cries echoing loudly.

"Shh, don't look," he whispered, guiding her face to hide into his chest.

Felix watched as Regina carefully broke Snow White's heart into half. The pregnant queen had collapsed beside her husband. If she weren't already so pale then he might have guessed she was dead.

Regina implanted one half of the heart inside Snow White's chest, whose eyes opened. Felix let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. At the sound of Snow being revived, Serena whirled around, relief etched all over her face. Now they all stared anxiously at David, who hadn't even stirred.

"Come on, come on," Felix muttered.

David suddenly inhaled deeply. Felix grinned weakly and Serena let out a strangled laugh, collapsing back against him in wonder.

"Snow?" David said weakly. "Snow, what's happening?"

Snow gazed at him, teary-eyed. "You're okay. We're both okay."

The two of them kissed. Felix glanced up just in time to see the Dark Curse swirling towards them. With nothing left to do, Felix simply stared at the pink fairy.

"I love you."

She made a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob as the dark smog swam over the five people.

"I love you too."

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