Lovino sighed as he closed the doors to the house. He turned around looking around the main hall. He was wondering where is brother would be at this time of day. As if the younger had been able to read his mind he came walking out of the kitchen. The two looked at each other for a moment before Feli dropped his plate running over to Lovino and hugging him.

"Lovi you're home! I missed you!" he cried out. Lovino rubbed his younger brothers back softly.

"I missed you too Feli." Lovino said now hugging his brother back. Just happy to be home again. Away from the people in that miserable place.

"Lovino?" an older voice asked. Their grandfather came down the steps looking the two over as they departed. "What are you doing home? You have six hours of school left." Romulus stated. Lovino looked up to his grandfather as he made his way down to the two.

"Go to hell. I refuse to go back to that horrible place!" Lovino stated. Feli took his brothers hand looking back and forth like a game of tennis. His grandfather walked over to the two.

"You have to Lovino." He stated. Lovino rolled his eyes.

"Like hell I have to. Home school me again! I don't want to go back there! The teacher hates me, The class stares at me, There are way to many rooms, The class knows my life story, And the stupid Spanish man keeps talking to me!" He yelled. Feli hugged his brother again tears spilling from his eyes.

"Please Grandpa! Please Let Lovi come home! I miss him!" Feli cried. Their grandfather looked them over and left out a sigh.

"Starting tomorrow Feli will be attending the school." He stated. The brothers eyes went wide in shock before Lovino's turned into his famous glare.

"If you do that I swear old man. You will never see the light of day again." Lovino hissed.

"Then you will go with no problems. If you try to stay home or come home early then Feli will also be punished. Got it?" their grandfather said. Lovino felt defeated. He knew his grandfather would punish Feli for Lovino's wrong deeds. It was the only was to hurt the older one.

"Fine." Lovino said and took his brothers hand pulling him up the steps and down the hall into their room. Lovino hugged his brother tears still in his eyes.

"Fratello? Was it really that bad?" Feli asked. Lovino took a seat on the bed and Feli sat next to him.

"No, but the kids were looking at me. The teacher hates me, and that stupid Spanish bitch kept trying to talk to me. Damn Antonio. If he would have shut up when I told him to I wouldn't be here." Lovino hissed. Feli tilted his head a bit.

"So you made a friend?" Feli asked. Lovino blinked and looked at his brother.

"I don't think he'll go for it. I told him to go to hell and yelled at him for calling me Lovi. Then said never to talk to me again." Lovino admitted.

"Well if he truly wanted to be your friend then he will try again right?" Feli asked. Lovino nodded his head softly.

"True." He stated. "Maybe you should come with me." Lovino added. Feli perked up a bit at the words.

"No." Feli said. "What if someone picks on me? A gang of them? And you were to weak to fight them! Cause you had no friends! We would be in trouble!" Feli yelled. Lovino smiled lightly at that.

"True." He agreed. "Fine I'll try this whole. Friend thing." Lovino said. Feli's face light up and he gave a bright smile.

"That a boy Lovi! Give this Antonio a shot!" Feli cheered. Lovino fell back on the king sized bed and left out a sigh.

"What time is it?" He asked him. Feli looked to the clock on the wall.

"It's twelve. We've been talking for two hours." Feli said. Lovino rubbed his eyes and left out a yawn.

"Oh..." Lovino sighed.

"I missed you." Feli said laying next to his brother. Lovino looked at him.

"I missed you too. Looking at a class and not having you there holding my hand was really odd." Lovino said. Feli giggled.

"But. It will be good to be apart right? We can't depend on each other forever." Feli said. Lovino nodded and hugged his brother closing his eyes.

"True." Lovino muttered as he fell asleep.