Lovino for the life of him couldn't find out why oh why he fell for the Spanish man. why on earth out of everyone! Why him! He didn't know any thing at this point in time. All day he had tried oh so hard not to look at Antonio when he could feel the Spanish man's gaze on his back. This was way harder than he thought. Antonio just always looked at him. It was one of the most annoying thing ever. Lovino may have told him that he didn't mind them getting together but this was going over the top.

As the second bell rang Lovino took off. He took his stuff and ran as fast as he could out the door. Past the crowds and into the safety of the bathroom. After a few seconds he walked out now able to feel at peace. Happy that Antonio was long gone. He closed his eyes leaving out a sigh as he turned the corner. He ran into something hard. He looked up and right there was Antonio.

"Well damn." Lovino said looking up. Antonio gave him a bright smile.

"Lovi~ I thought I missed you. You took off really fast." Antonio said. Lovino was fighting a losing battle.

"Damn it Antonio. I told you not to talk to me at school." Lovino hissed.

"No you told me not to talk about last night." Antonio smiled.


"Toni~ you were with Lovino last night?" a blond boy tossed his arms around Antonio and smiled down to Lovino. Lovino about had it with this kid already.

"No wonder you ran off after school." A white haired boy smiled popping up behind Antonio.

"Hey Francis! Gil! What are you two doing here?" Antonio asked.

"Mon cher~! You did not answer." Francis pointed out flipping his blond hair back.

"Oh well-"

"He couldn't do his damn homework and stalked me home so I could help him!" Lovino yelled out turning red from anger. Francis raised an eye brow.

"Is this true Toni?" the blond asked. Antonio nodded.

"Yeah! It was fun because-"

"Because he met my damned little brother!" Lovino butted in again. This time the white-haired boy raised an eye brow.

"Well Lovino~ since you seem to be doing the talking. What happened between you and Antonio?" Gilbert asked. Lovino's last shred of patience snapped. He pulled the blond man's hair who fell to the floor crying about his hair then punched Gilbert in the face leaving a nice red mark. That was not all. He glared at Antonio and stomped on his foot and walked away with his head held high. Antonio hopped around, well Gilbert sat on the ground rubbing his cheek, and Francis cried about his hair being tainted. Lovino felt like it was a job well done. He just walked to his next class with out a word to the three. He didn't have to tell them any thing.

If Antonio were to say a word? Well. You see. He would have some trouble walking after Lovino cut off his balls. Lovino was not one to kiss and tell but if Antonio was then he would make sure that the Spanish man were to be killed. In a painful manner.

~~~Time Skip~~~

Lovino huffed as he looked over at the already trashed room. After school the trio decided to stop on by and who do you think let them in. Feli did. The small Italian was given many 'aws' and 'How cute' and 'Your really Lovino's little brother?' Lovino hated them. And now well trying to find any thing to hold against Romano the trio messed up the room.

"GET OUT!" Lovino yelled at the trio. He was sick of them. He kicked the three out of his bed room and did not stop there. Once they were out he made sure he trapped poor Antonio in the corner and stepped on him. Antonio laughed the whole time and Gilbert and Francis only watched. Feli did two as he really couldn't move since every time he tried to get up the two would pull him right back down.

"Lovi! Don't you think he had enough?" Feli asked softly. Lovino looked back at his brother and sighed.

"Guess your right. Time to cut Francis hair." Lovino took out his pocket knife and the blond was gone. Before the four knew it the front door slammed and the girlish scream was heard fading as Francis ran away. "And you." Lovino glared at Gilbert and Gilbert smiled.

"Can't hate me~. You got nothing against me!" Gilbert smiled. Lovino pointed at him and opened his mouth but shut it. He didn't have any thing against the white-haired boy. Now the blond hit on him so he had a reason for him. Antonio. Well that was easy. He took Lovino's first kiss. So yeah. It was also easy to hate him.

"Well. Then give me a reason to kick you out." Lovino pointed out. Gilbert thought for a second.

"I can't give you one. Me and you buddy were a lot a like~!" Gilbert smirked. Lovino's eye twitched.

"Why do you think that?" Lovino snapped.

"Well... Your kind of awesome. And I'm awesome. You have a little brother I have a little brother. You live with your grand father. I live with my grand father. See. We have a lot of reason's to become friend's." Gilbert smiled and Lovino sighed. He at least was nice enough to have a reason to kick someone out of his house.

"You have a brother?" Feli asked as he looked up to Gilbert. Gilbert nodded.

"Ja. His name is Ludwig. He would be your age and would be in your grade but you don't go to school." Gilbert stated. Feli lost his smile for a second and then smiled again.

"I will next year! Maybe I'll meet him!" Feli said happily. Gilbert thought for a moment and gave him a bright smile.

"I can give him a call! Bruder is always yelling at me for making people mad! So I'll tell him I need picked up! Your get your first friend!" Gilbert smiled. Lovino looked at him not to sure about this.

"Is he nice?" Lovino hissed. He didn't want his brother to get hurt. Antonio jumped on the Italian's back and hugged him around the waist resting his head on Lovino's right shoulder. Lovino didn't seem to notice. Gilbert smirked and nodded.

"Ja. He is very nice. He's really big and tough but also kind of a wimp. He would scare any one but you give him a puppy and he's a big huge adorable lug!" Gilbert stated. Lovino nodded at this.

"I guess it's fine then. As long as he doesn't hurt my brother, make him cry, yell at him, touch him, talk to him, look at him, and or even breathe the same air." Lovino huffed crossing his arm's.

"Well.. I can tell you he won't hurt your brother or make him cry but sadly he has to breath and he isn't blind." Gilbert stated. Lovino huffed again.

"Fine. I'll be fine with that." Lovino stated. Feli gave a bright smile.

"I'll really get to have a friend!" Feli got super excited and Lovino nodded. He even gave his brother a smile.

"Si." he said. Gilbert and Antonio both were at a loss for words. Lovino smiled. And to Antonio it felt like the world stopped just so he had time to see the wonderful smile he never got to see.

"A friend!" Feli called out with a huge smile. He was so excited. Lovino even felt a tab bit happy for his brother. Maybe then Feli wouldn't always look so lonely.