"Antonio are you alright?" Lovino asked as he walked over to the Spanish man. Antonio's head was down on the desk. He left out a slight moan and Lovino poked him with a pencil. "Antonio?" Lovino asked him again.

"Sorry." Antonio said as he sat up a bit. Bags under his eyes. "I didn't sleep well last night." Antonio yawned.

"Oh? Why so?" Lovino asked. Antonio rubbed his eyes sitting back in his desk.

"I kept waking up from the same dream." He said. Lovino kept staring at him waiting for him to go on. "It was with you and you kept taking my lucky tomato." Antonio said. Lovino gave him a you got to be kidding me look.

"Really. I don't like plastic thank you. Why do you think I hate fake people. Barbie dolls and Kens. They all look alike to me." Lovino said. Antonio smiled to him.

"And because I'm real you love me right?" Antonio asked.

"Yeah." Lovino said thinking for a moment. "Wait what!?" He yelled his face going red.

"Awe~ How cute Lovi~" Antonio smiled moving up just an inch away from Lovino. The Italian started to panic and closed his eyes. There was a kiss placed on his nose and he blinked open his eyes going cross eyed.

"Hey!" Lovino yelled grabbing Antonio's shirt. Antonio laughed at the blushing boy. The two were so into talking to each other they didn't notice the rest of the class staring at them in shock.

"Lovi~ So cute!" Antonio chimed. Lovino clenched his teeth and just let all the anger go. He dropped the Spanish man and just went back to his normal mood. "Lovi?" Antonio asked.

"Toni." Lovino said. Antonio's face light up at the sound of his nick name.

"What is it my tomato?" Antonio asked. Lovino slowly lifted his hand pointing to the door way where Francis and Gilbert stood. Lovino was about to murder the Spanish man. Now realizing they were acting a bit to cutesy in class.

"You're both dead men." Lovino said picking up his pencil and gripping it tightly. Antonio got up his seat tipping over.

"Lovi! You love me right!? You don't want to kill me! Please!?" Antonio begged. Lovino sent him a glare and then looked at the other two who started to run. He knew he would get the Spanish man latter so he ran after the blond and the albino. Even though the bell ran and the halls were empty it was rather hard to keep up with the two. Even after they split up Lovino went after Francis. Knowing Gilbert was over at his house now and again thanks to Ludwig. He chased the blond out to the court yard but stopped when he couldn't find him.

"Francis! Come get what you deserve!" Lovino yelled a out. He looked all over the place for the blond boy. When he wasn't in site he knew Francis was either hiding or had ran off. With a calming breath Lovino turned around to start heading back to class. As he pushed open the doors two rather large men came out. They looked down to him and smiled.

"Hey you're the new kid right? The Italian that hags with Antonio and his crew?" the biggest one asked. Lovino might talk big but he was a wimp. He took a few steps back moving his hand to his back pocket. He opened it up pushing one of the many buttons hopping it was the speed call button for Antonio. He begged that the Spanish man would answer his call. There was a small Hola from the phone and Lovino felt bigger then these chumps.

"Yeah so what if I am?" Lovino asked them.

"Well we heard you were kissing Antonio. Getting a bit gay for each other?" the other asked.

"So? I can date who I please." Lovino said. "Now excuse me. I have to get to class." Lovino said going to go past him. They pushed him back and he fell to the ground. His phone skidding across the grass. "Hey!" Lovino yelled. "You can't just push someone around in the court yard!" Lovino yelled out. They two men laughed. "The two of you need to be taught a lesson!" Lovino screamed at them. They laughed more wiping tears away from their eyes.

"You're alone. Who will teach us a lesson?" They asked him.

"Me." Gilbert said coming out from behind them. They looked back and moved back. The German wasn't big but he brought his brother with him. They both smirked at each other and that's when they seen a very angry Antonio behind the German's. The two looked at each other before they took off running. Lovino looked at his wrist. There was a slight pain in it but he didn't think it was to bad.

"Lovi are you alright?" Antonio asked running over to him. Lovino blinked in surprise as he picked the shorter up. The two German brothers laughing at the sight.

"Toni." Lovino said closing his eyes as he had kisses placed all over his face.

"They didn't hurt you did they? You're all dirty." he said sitting Lovino down. The Italian smiled to him lightly thankful that he cared so much. "I love you Lovi." Antonio said tears in his eyes. He hugged the Italian and Lovino blinked just standing there. He looked at the two brothers who left before things got to romantic. Lovino pulled away a bit and looked down to the ground.

"It's fine. I'm fine. They only pushed me down. I'm not a girl." Lovino said. Antonio took his wrist and kissed it before looking back to Lovino. "I'm alright Toni." Lovino said. Antonio smiled before he hugged him again.

"Thank goodness. I can't lose you Lovi." Antonio cried. Lovino hugged the other back to both their surprise but he pulled away fast.

"Yeah yeah! Just! Let's get back to class!" Lovino yelled out red faced. Antonio nodded and started to walk with Lovino by his side. Lovino now noticed how much Toni loved him. Lovino just needed time to know what he felt.