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A Three Hour Tour, a Three Hour Tour

5 months 3 weeks 4 days until Reaper invasion of Earth

Nathan had just passed day three on the trip towards the signal so many years ago. Looking back on the small transport craft which he and his first wife had purchased so many decades ago so empty was depressing. Typically his daughters would be watching one of the many child videos he had saved up for them, "Perry the Pijak" was one of their favorite shows. His favorite episode featured a famous salarian scientist Mordin caused the beloved puppet to explode, and seeing the varren try to tear the thing apart was still one of the funniest moments for him and Marinai had seen on the vids in a long time. To help kill the time for the remaining week and a half in the journey he was watching some classic movies, he was watching one called "Dragon Heart." Sean Conery as the dragon was awesome and the effects, thou horribly dated would have been good back then, he always got goose bumps when they spoke the code of the knight in the ruins of Camelot. That and the old star wars movies, he like the originals the most solely because the effects had no computer generation anywhere near them, it was all classic models and puppetry. The computer started blaring about objects nearby, "odd, the system is still over a week away." Nathan walks towards the cockpit of the small craft, filling the view screen is a fleet of krogen vessels, a dozen frigates, six cruisers, and two kilometer and a half long dreadnaughts.

"Damn, those things date back to the Krogan rebellions. I better report this to Hackett, who knows, maybe with a bit of work those ships may help with the Reapers when they get here." Firing off a message to the admiral via the string of com buoys which he had been deploying all along his journey. He then shoots off the same message to Mariani, "she would probably like this as well, hell her mom and dad fought in the rebellions. Maybe they met on the mission to eliminate these ships." Reinitializing the autopilot, Nathan returned to reading manuals for a few of the antiquated guns he likes to maintain and even build with the old tools of the trade and movies playing in the back ground. This is why he never made it past N6, while he and Anderson had competed many times over the course of their careers, his focus was always divided. The doctors diagnosed him as a child with a serious case of ADD, typically treated with genetic therapy in the womb. His parents however didn't trust the therapies and thus his mind always had half a dozen things running at any one time. It also meant that his sole focus was not on his career. Which allowed him to live outside of the military while Anderson might as well have been married to the job.

Maybe that was why he took his Talia's death so hard, he almost quit the military life so that he could take care of their son Victor. He took a posting on Arcturus to facilitate it, however a desire for revenge plagued him with only his son and family keeping him grounded. During his time behind a desk he called in every favor he was owed to track down the krogan. It had been an old squad mate, Zaeed Masani, whom finally found the bastard. Nathan took of the very next day to Omega to join up with Zaeed and an asari, Mariani, to hunt him down. He was high on the chain in the Blood Pack so the fight was brutal. Killing their way thru vorga and varren, even a few smaller Krogan until they finally met him. He and Mariani used their biotics while Zaeed used his incindaries, in the end Nathan used his dual omni blades, a sword app on his omni tool, and sliced the monsters head off.

That night the three of them celebrated, Zaeed took the head to fulfill a bounty on the Krogan battlemaster which Mariani and himself found themselves infatuated with each other. A year later they were married and now here he was 10 years later on the biggest road trip of his life without her. The week passed in this steady monotony of comm relay launching, gun making, movies, messaging the girls, eat, sleep, repeat. Finally the trip ended with the massive planet appearing on sensors. Finding a nice gas giant was thankfully easy to discharge the drive core. The planet had two major continents with a third island continent about the size of Canada. "Terra, let's find the highest level of tech and get our ass down there so we can start the trip back."

The ship's VI started scanning the planet, "well claymore, the smaller continent appears to be a more tropical climate, with one primary species and industrial area level technology. Utilizing the Element Zero analog. The continent on the night side appears to be uninhabitable with some form of retro virus present in the majority of the continent save for a small portion connecting with the northern poll where a temperate climate exists and the area is resistant to virus. The resistant life forms are reclaiming significant tracks of the continent but are at a 'Roman' level of development. The third continent connects to the partner on the night side via the northern and southern polls. It appears to be almost split into several sections by an inland sea. The southern reaches appear to be recovering from the similar retro virus, while sections of the north are barren. Over all technology is mixed with large island tracks being identical to the smaller continent, along with other central northern areas holding significant amounts of the ezzo analog, while over all technological development appears to be 'Dark Age' with little air pollution and little energy development. There also appear to be approximately three different species on the surface while scans indicate subterranean development, unknown if this indicates additional species. However the ezzo analog appears to be in significant numbers atmospherically, this may interfere with my onboard systems, further analysis is recommended."

Nathan thought he had fixed the computer calling him claymore Samara must have inserted a program forcing it to refer to me as claymore, she loves that nickname. "I'm sorry Terra, but we need data on the analog, which will for now be named Taliamite after the person whom made the original discovery." She would have hated me for that, but if this works like I hope it will she'll deal with it when we talk after I'm dead. "I'm taking over manual control, forward message onto Hackett along with all relevant data, send photos and planetary analysis to him and Mariani, message should read I found it and proceeding to investigate continent reported clear of all hazardous xenobiology, and be sure to tell Mari I love her. Also remind me to pick up something for the kids, Sariani would love a few rocks and some photos of native wildlife while Samara would love some of the more cultural aspects of the people. Also import tactical cloak to my omnitool, should come in handy incase more direct contact is required. One more thing, make sure my universal translator is up to date with some of the Citadel's translation software, and record all interactions with the locals and beam them to Hackett." With that Nathan headed for an unpopulated sector of the smaller continent.

Thedas: 5 months 2 weeks until Reaper Invasion

He landed about half a day's hard march outside a major city, sticking to the sides of the major roads he notices that a lot of them have been heavily traveled and is able to pick up enough of the local language to make translation possible. "Journal entry log, two weeks after leaving Earth, I have finally arrived and am making first contact with unknown species, referces to themselves as either Qunari or Kossith, not sure which. Maybe a religious difference, art work appears brilliant, I will have to remember to pick up a few on my way out. I would hate to steal them but sadly humans bear no resemblance to this species, so no way in hell would I be able to blend in, even in costume. They are robust, easily as tall if not taller than Turian's. Leaders or elders have large horns, similar to moose, maybe big horn sheep and African buffalo. Just be sure to look at the damn picture to see what I'm talking about." Nathan was sitting beneath an oak tree analog, uploading the language base along with photos and making his journal, as an amateur scientist he knew the importance of such tasks, no matter how annoying it was. With only his brawler IX (he always hated the new thermal clips), omnitool and biotics to protect him, he wanted to maintain a low profile. "They are heavily divided into a caste system, only no slaves, more of a technician, scientist, religious, warrior and overlord caste. The 'outcaste' among them have heavy collars and chains around their necks, the horns are cut off, and mouth sown shut. Aside from the horrors of this condition, they are otherwise treated as...not slaves but not free, always being watched by a member of the soldier class."

"Those wayfarer would be the dangerous things and the ones whom hold back the evil inside them. Now stand and be known." Nathan looked around, so caught up in the moment to finally relax a bit outside of his ship that he failed to stay aware. Well, this kinda sucks, caught on my first day. Looking around he noticed that most had what could have been massive flint locks and swords which would have fit on a krogan. Great, even with the therapy the corp gave me for better muscles, bone, and reaction time no way in hell am I fighting my way out of this without a lot of noise. "I am Kithshok wayfarer, once again, I order you to stand or die. I would prefer you stand as the Salasari wish to speak to all wayfarer, and the later would require significant written explanation as towards why I was unable to bring yourself before the Salasari." Good, someone else hates paper work.

Nathan stood up with his hands out, he had hoped his guillie cloak would hide him enough outside of his tactical cloak, but it didn't work obviously. Removing his hood, he remembers an old movie with a universal greeting. "Ba Weep Grana Weep Ninii Bong Kithshok," then splitting both hands between the middle and ring finger, "take me to your leader I guess."

"Odd, you do not appear as the other wayfarers have." My confusion must have shown on my face. "They possessed protrusions from their oblong heads, and acted as trash. They conducted...studies which not even the lowest of our trash would dare conduct. Poking areas not for them to poke."

Nathan couldn't help but chuckle, causing these Kossith to react with some significant fear. "It sounds like you're talking about Salarians, a species whom's curiosity knows no bounds." I don't think my translator is 100% judging from their expressions, oh well. "They did the same to us before we joined them in wayfaring. Well, shall we move out? After all, daylights wasting." Giving a slight chuckle, Kithshok waved his bolt action rifle towards a horse-ish looking creature drawing a carriage. Well this day just became more wonderful then I could have relized. Stepping up on the carriage, the driver immediately set off at a brisk pace, the ride was oddly smooth. Whomever made this road did a wonderful job, I wonder if their desire for perfect art spread thought the rest of their society. Wish I could have more time to study them, but sadly time is of the essence. "Hey, quick question, how did you find me?"

"Our dangerous things were able to track your...oddness." Well, that makes me feel better. At that point Nathan pointed his omnitool towards one of the collared Kossith it detected a significant amount of the analog, much like the ezzo within his own body. It is within their blood stream as well, I'll have to remember to get some scans of their common people, if I survive this. He spent the rest of the trip in silence. When they finally made it to the city, he was amazed with how much it resembled a lunar colony only surrounded by the lush jungles. Tall steel domes doted the city center, the asphalt was well poured and maintained, probably better than the old roads in his home town of Traverse City, Michigan. "This is the gathering place of our Salasari. Move inside wayfarer."

We all walked inside of a large white marble building, sitting in the city center. Sitting in the center of a large concaved room were three Kossith, the left was a female judging from the breast and slim build wearing what he guessed was traditional clothing of a white Toga, showing the midriff and a fair bit of cleavage. Yea, not getting that for either of the girls, maybe Mariani? She appeared to have lived an easy life compared with the other two Kossith in the room. The one on the right wore massive shoulder guards, leather bands crossed his torso, along with a leather skirt. The most notable aspect was that his horns were bigger than any other Kossith in the room, easily fifty centimeters at the mass of the skull, with another 2 meters, and his physical stature is a perfect match, hell he would give most krogan a challenge until their redundancies kicked in. Behind him was a hammer, whoms head was another meter in size. Yea, deffinitely going to give krogen difficulties, until they pull a shotgun to the face. The final Kossith in the center was another female, and she looks everything like an artisan if I've ever seen one, he toga was similar to the other female, but the material was significantly sturdier and covered in pockets with items for every project he has ever needed to complete. All three sat about even, considering the kossith warlord was nearly twice the size of the other two. The artisan rose from her seat, "wayfarer, why have you come to Par Vollen? If you have arrived to cause further annoyance then I shall allow the Arishok to slay you and return you to your vessel as a warning to all others whom arrive from the far sky."

Before answering, Nathan the hundreds of rules and regulations about first contact went screaming thru his head telling him that the path he was about to take was wrong. The Salarians have already made a crappy first contact here obviously, if I don't do this then everyone I know will suffer the Reapers arrival. With that thought now dominant in his mind, he took a step forward, "I do not come to probe and cause mischief amongst you as the bastard Salarians have done to most other species they deem intriguing. I come to try and find a method to save my lands and allies, of which I pray you be counted amongst them." Nathan went on to describe everything, from Sovereign's attack on the Citadel, thru the evidence he gathered on the galactic extinction events, only in terms which he hoped they could understand. "What say you, shall you, those whom were once considered nothing more than lab rats by the most annoying species in the galaxy, or shall you be known as saviors of the known lands."

The following week had been spent in rushed study of everything about the dangerous things, those Kossith whom were born with an attribute similar to bitoics but could fall prey to demons and things which Cross never believed could truly manifest themselves. I have yet to meet a demon whom could stand up to a small amount of prayer. He remembered boasting once on that continent when he was told why the beast couldn't be trusted and this was the safest path for them, and others around them. As much as Nathan hated seeing any creature suffer as these did, he did not have time to do anything about it, he needed to get his research back to the Alliance ASAP. All he could think of was to pray for them as he continued to catalog all the scans and store about 100 kilograms of Taliamite in cargo holds. Sadly the translator was never able to get a working translation on what it was called so he had no idea what else to call it. Walking up the ramp to the cargo hold directly beneath the engine. He waved a final good bye to Kithshok before closing the ramp. Making sure the togas and paintings for Mariani were packed and ready, while the dolls for the girls were also stowed in the same containers, well away from the Taliamite. He started his climb up the stairs, turning around a second set of stairs to check on the engine, the small ezzo core was in perfect order. Back down the stairs and thru the mess, along the crew quarters, he found himself looking at his daughters rooms, both decorated with lights and girly colors, lacking in most of the normal stuff animals they would have had if they had come with him. Victor's room was empty, as he had not gone on vacation with them for quite some time. Making sure his pet fish were being well fed by the VI. Up thru another set of quarters which were used for living room and his man cave where he kept all of his random projects, from old reperter rifles to a few home brew kits sadly sitting unused. He grabbed a bottle of the Jameson whiskey from the full case in the closet planning to celebrate a bit early after takeoff. Hell, with this much we should be able to make a cruiser, or over a hundred fighters, if they could strike with the same non-corporeal abilities as the dangerous things then we should be fine, hell those Reapers won't know what hit them. Making his way up to the bridge, Nathan sat down in the pilot's chair activating the engines to full, reducing the mass of the Valley of Peace and lifting off. All systems are green, a bit of weather on the exit trajectory, nothing serious, over all a good day to fly, what could possibly go wrong.

Thedas: 5 month 1 week 3 days until Reaper invasion

Flemeth stands over the unconscious body of a 40 year old man. She notices the odd ship on the cliff bluffs. His hair fights against the gray which has fully enveloped his temples while the remainder of it is red as fire. His face shows much age with wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, while his nose appears to have been broken and reset on multiple occasions. The black pants, tan vest, and red shirt display a well muscled individual. "If I were gentle, wayfarer, I would save you so much pain and kill you now. Perhaps that act would even save me from more trouble than even my own daughters have caused me." Voices carry along the coast, most of which she recognizes as children whom fate has decided to play with. "It sounds as if both Fate and Chance have decided for you to live, man of Cross. It shall be...intriguing to see if your ideas of honor survive the coming storm, which considering how often you enjoy throwing yourself into the abyss, we shall see if you can carry others as you fly." With that she was gone, a simple raven along the Wounded coast, and a city of chains just along the bend.

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