A Sentinel walks out of the Hospital, there were many casualties

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5 months, 1 week, and 1 day until Reaper invasion of Earth.

Nathan woke with a start, cold sweat dripping down his chest. Beside him, his wife was sound asleep, her deep azure skin contrasting with the red velvet sheets and orange down comforter covering their queen bed. Looking around, he saw that he was back in his cabin in Michigan off of Big Blue lake, their bedroom overlooking the lake with a few birds starting their return from migration. A Loon made its haunting call from somewhere on the crystal clear lake breaking him from the terror as he remembered losing control of their ship over Nossith. "Just a bad memory," hearing footsteps in the hallway, he opened up the door to see his youngest daughter in her "My Little Ponies" pj's.

"Daddy, I had a bad dream, the monsters were back and about to hurt everyone on our ship. Can I have a glass of water?" He picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheak.

"Of course my little blue berry, let's get you something to drink and then I can get you into bed." Seeing she was about to say something, "don't worry about the monsters, daddy and mommy took care of all those over grown cuddle fish." That seemed to place some peace back in her eyes. After he got her some water and back into bed until he realized something was wrong but couldn't put his mind on it. Walking back to the bed room, he thought he saw the pictures on the wall, they looked fine but felt...off. He went to lay back down with Mariani, only to find she was awake and gazing out the star filled window of their ship. "Hey hun, we won't reach Thessia for another few hours. I'm sure your sister is fine so...why are...you...up? Weren't we just in Michigan?"

Mariani walked over to him, resting her hand on his shoulder and pulling him into a kiss. "You already know it is a dream, so why don't you wake up already and get your sexy ass home to me. We still have to save the galaxy so the sooner you wake up, the sooner we can celebrate." He looked around and the world was falling apart around him. "Stand-too Marine."

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Nathan woke up on a hard cot with a thin ruff blanket, the stone supports dotted the room, wait, am I underground? And God do I hate those hypnotic suggestions the corps drilled into me back during basic. Getting up from the cot, Nathan found he was only in his N6 boxers the girls had gotten him for his birthday those few months ago. It must be night since there is no one here, or I'm in a poor man's mansion, or a janitors closet I have no idea. "Um, hello, is anyone here? I'd really like to have my pants back." A rat ran across the room, "and my boots to." A slight women with a tear shaped face walked from behind a curtain.

"Greetings serah, the healer is out with Hawk and his companions, apparently there is another spider infestation in the bone pit. Why anyone would want to work there after those blighted dragons ripped the mine apart last year is beyond me."

Completely unsure how to respond to dragons and a healer responding to spiders, Nathan simply decided to smile and nod. "Okay, then...dragons...and spiders. Any chance I can get those clothes. Preferably before nightfall, or a rat bites me." Or worse yet a spider, I have hated spiders since I was a child. Looking around, he noticed several cots and tents, made with dirty fabric, possible blood stains all along the wooden and dirt floors. "So, your healer believe in sanitation or has that not come into style yet?" The women gave him a quizzical look, "just my clothes please and I'll be out of your hair in no time."

"I'm sorry serah but the healer said he wanted to make sure you were fully healed. He noticed some abnormalities while administering to you so he would like you to wait." She was obviously his assistant or something. Sounds of a large scuffle come from outside the sanctuary. "Blighted carta again" the assistant turns towards the outside, "I would ask you remain here where it is safe, your clothes are in the case at the foot of your bed." Nathan hopped off the bed as the women went outside.

If she is in trouble, maybe a sentinel marine can help a bit. Dressing took only a handful of seconds, at least for the boots and pants. Leaving his torso bare, his muscles would be on display and if this was just some random street gang he would be more than enough to handle them. Before turning around, he saw his omni tool, unbroken from the fall thank God and placed it on his wrist. Walking towards the entrance he heard agitated voices. "Look here knife ear, were are offering you a great deal. Just ten silver and you can keep on healing. That or you can pay us in another fashion, I know you knife ears are very...flexible." The sinister laughing that ensues causes Nathans blood to boil, forcing down the desire just to warp and incinerate these scum he steps out.

Looking down at five short men accosting the nurse, "I bet you don't even have the reach to satisfy your own women much less this lovely young thing. How about you all just run back to the lollipop guild and we forget this all happened?" The men reacted by drawing all their weapons.

"How about we cut off yours?" Nathan sent out a blast of biotics, which should have hurled the men a good twenty feet, sadly all it managed to do was knock the front three down and stagger the back two. "Blight, it's another mage, kill him!"

"Well that didn't go too well," a predatory smile graced his face, "I guess we have to do this the fun way then." Activating his omni blade, sadly without his armor interface he wasn't able to bring both out and was without his tech armor, and taking a fighting stance drilled into him since boot camp. The first two charged while their companions were still getting off the ground. A massive war hammer, infinitely too big for his short stature came to smash Nathans head in. Bringing the omni blade up, the high energy plasma left the poll of the hammer a smoking stump causing the wielder to stumble suddenly without weight leaving himself wide open for a vicious kick to the face. Without a guard protecting him, blood squirted out of his broken nose. The other came around, smashing his shield shoving Nathan to the side. Why didn't I get my armor on, oh yea it was supposed to be an easy flight. Using the momentum, Nathan rolled back on to his feet and focused his biotics around the shield bearer and lifting him slightly into the air. That'll have to do, sending out a throw the coteri went sailing out the into the open air, dropping like a stone. Before he was able to consider what just happened, the other three were back into the fight with a vengeance bringing swords and daggers up to the kill. Nathan placed all his focus on dodging and weaving around the tight brawl, occasionally sending elbows into joints and jabs at pressure points. Before he was able to bring his omni blade back into the fight a dark skinned women dug a dagger deep into the neck joint of another fighter.

"Is this a private party, or can any pirate join in?" Laughing at the now even fight the well endowed women came in and joined the fray. It was over in under a minute. "Well, that could have been fun." She turned to face him, giving him an apprizing look which Nathan had seen many times from women in the communal showers, barracks, and occasional clubs. At least until they saw the wedding band, then most would have a look of disappointment. This one fell into the other category of a women whom didn't care and look forward to a challenge, until they learned that his wife was an asari commando whom could kill them with her mind. "Although we may just have our own party, I have a place at the Hanged Man and," showing off her rather ample assets, "just might need some company to celebrate."

"Sorry there kid, I'm a happily married man to a wonderfully dangerous women." Closing his omni tool behind his back. Reevaluating that women in front of him, he couldn't decided between pirate or street walker fresh off her shift.

"I would leave that one alone serah mage, if you value you and your wife's health." A mousy red headed women came from the planks which acted as a bridge, with the last of the goons laying dead at her feet. "Guardswomen Brennan, just glad to be of service, and looking for Anders." He could see that she was hurt, no blood but nothing a quick look at wouldn't hurt. Besides, she might just be willing to help me get out of here.

"I could have a look at that, if you don't mind. Field medicine is required teaching back in boot camp." Both women looked at him oddly, "I'm a combat marine back home, seen plenty of injuries and patched up more than my fair share." They nodded and returned to the clinic, the pirate kept trying to grab his ass. "Um...Guardswomen Brennan, if I could just have you hop on to one of the cots I can take a quick peek and see what I can do."

"Just Brennan for you serah...?"

"Cross will work," as he opened his omni tool he saw a bit of fear in her eyes, "relax, it won't hurt."

"It looked like it hurt those drawfs, sliced clean thru their armor. I'm Isabela, captain if you will, in case you were wondering." She gave him a look which probably worked to get tough men into her sheets, very similar to a look a few of Miriani's squad mates would use on occasion when we were all too drunk. Didn't work then, sure as hell won't work now.

"That is because I had the blade deployed, typically I have two, but I didn't put my armor on before my ship crashed.."

"You have a ship," the pirate, Isabela, interrupted. "I had a ship, if you're looking for someone whom's good at hoisting some rigging. I could be of great help." There it is again, oye can't this women take a hint.

"I'll be fine, I just have to get back to it and get out...to sea." Yea, cause these guys probably think that flight is only capable for birds...or dragon hah, mental sarcasm for the win. "Back to what I was saying, it can be a blade, but right now I'm using it to see what is wrong with your side Brennan. Here see, I'll show you mine then you show me yours," damn it, I hope that pirate....

"Ha, done that one before." Yea, I saw that one coming anyway.

Appearing to have ignored Isabela's innuendo, Nathan showed Brennan his lungs and intestinal track. "Blighter, I've only seen that after a man's been carved up but good. You can see all that using that fire on your arm?"

"It's not fire, but let's not get into now." Swinging his arm over her, she had some heavy bruising over her kidney, maybe even some on it. She must have been hit with a mace, even in my armor I would have felt that. Walking over to the chest with his stuff, he found the three vials of medigel he kept in his vest. "I'm going to inject you with a vial which should help with the pain, prevent infection, and stop any internal bleeding I may have not seen." Noticing the questionable look on her face, "I'm a sentinel class marine, not a medic. The tech is only as good as the guy whom reads it." Adjusting the dosage so that it uses a third of the vial he inject the medigel. The effect is immediate as the inflammation and discoloration start to decrease.

"I may have no idea what this is serah Cross, but that sure as Andraste's knickers feels like magic." Shrugging his shoulders he walks over to Isabela, to do the same with her, leaving Brennan to put her armor back on.

"So, what seems to be the problem with you?" Looking at her attempt to look seductive on the cot while he puts on his shirt, noticing a good bit of dried blood and how torn up it must have been. Odd, I don't see any stitches, maybe it healed on its own, or maybe Magic did it hah. Unable to shake the uneasy feeling over torn shirt he notices Isabela saying something but not listening. "Sorry what was that?"
"I said you could take my shirt if you want?" Tired of dealing with her continual flirtations he fixed the pirate captain with his best Shut up marine before I feed you to a krogan glare. "Fine, I'm fine actually, just wanted to have Ander's give me a salve for some lady issues."

"Nurse, can you come over here," Ander's assistant walked on over. He unscrewed the top of the medigel lid giving the nurse a glob of the miracle substance. "Rub this on the infected area and tell her to stay out of bed for two days." Isabela responded by sticking her tongue out at Nathan, which he reciprocated. He heard Isabela curse as the medigel got to work. "I forgot to mention that it may burn a bit in sensitive areas, it is a reaction to the disinfectant properties." A small smile broke Nathans face as the pirate captain continued to curse him out. Hehehe, that will teach her not to mess with married men for a few days. Putting on his vest and fingerless pilot gloves on, he turned to Brennan. "Excuse me, Guardswomen Brennan, I'm a bit of a new arrival in this city, not entirely sure how I even arrived here. Would you mind taking me on a tour or giving me the direction to the best view in the city?"

"For that show, and patching me up, I give yea a full escort to where ever it is you need to go." Seeing that she was done with her armor, he took notice of the fact that she had a full if beat up shield and a long sword. Missing his K-bar knife dearly he motioned for her to lead the way.