Hi all thought I'd have a try at doing a crossover of Dirty Dancing with Stefan and Caroline as the main two characters. Let me know what you think and if I should carry on or not. I do not own Dirty Dancing, The Vampire Diaries or the characters in them. Hope you enjoy :)

It was the beginning of the summer and Caroline and her parents were on their way to the Lockwood Family Resort for their summer vacation. Caroline had graduated high school a week before and her mom and dad had decided that they would have one last family vacation together. When they would get back Caroline would be getting ready and heading off to college with her two best friends Bonnie and Elena so her mom and dad wanted to spend some quality time with her before she went.

They had been driving in the car now for about 6 hours and even though they had stopped only an hour and a half ago Caroline could feel her legs starting to cramp up, so she was relieved when she seen the sign "Lockwood Family Resort 1 mile up ahead"

After a couple of minutes after seeing the sign Caroline's dad Bill took a right turn and that's when Caroline saw a beautiful old fashioned hotel that looked like it was made out of stone on top of a hill, the drive up the drive way took about five minutes to reach. When they came to a halt, a man who had been waiting by the entrance made his way over to them. He opened the door and held out a hand for Elizabeth to take to help her out of the car.

"Welcome to Lockwood Family Resort" he smiled at her.

"Hello Richard" Caroline's mom said and placed a kiss on the man's cheek.

"As always Elizabeth, looking beautiful."

"Oh please" she smiled back at him.

Caroline's dad approached this Richard person and they both shook hands and had big grins on their faces.

"Bill, I'm so glad I finally managed to get you and the family up here for a vacation."

"I know, it's been too long old friend. Richard as you'll remember this is our daughter Caroline, Caroline this is mine and your moms good old friend Richard Lockwood."

Caroline held a hand out for Richard to shake.

"Nice to meet you."

"My gosh you was just a little dot last time I saw you, look how grown up you are now."

Just then a tall boy with blonde hair and big blue sparkling eyes came outside to them and went to the boot of the car to retrieve the luggage.

"This is Matthew Donovan, he'll bring your bags up for you." Richard said to them all.

Caroline also went to the back of the car to help this Donovan kid with the bags.

"Hi, I'm Caroline."

"Hi, as you know I'm Matthew, but you can call me Matt" he smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you Matt, here let me help you with them" pointing her head towards the bags.

"There is no need I can manage" he replied to her.

"Please let me help" Caroline said this as she grabbed one of her bags.

Knowing that he probably wasn't going to win with her Matt just nodded his head.

After an hour of arriving Caroline and her mom had everything unpacked and neatly put away in the drawers and wardrobes.

"Hey do you guys mind if I go take a little tour of this place?"

"Sure honey, just be back in time to get ready for dinner okay" Elizabeth replied to her daughter.

"Okay mom, love you guys" she said as she walked out of the door.

Caroline had been wondering around the resort and had so far discovered that this place had three swimming pools, one inside the resort and two on the outside, there was also a massive golf course that Caroline knew her dad would love to, a driving range that her dad would also love and a beach just on the outskirts of it.

She was making her way back to her room when she heard a couple of voices coming from the dinning room area, curiosity getting the better of her she poked her head around the entrance, but only a little bit so that no one would be able to see her if they looked this way.

"Yeah you just keep doing what daddy keeps telling you to do" said this man with perfect gelled up brown hair, a black tight top which showed his very toned abs underneath, black skinny jeans, black boots and also black sunglasses.

He looks well hot Caroline thought to herself.

"Whatever man, I could have you fired like this" the other man said as he clicked his fingers, he had brown eyes and dark brown hair, he was wearing a dark green tight top which also showed his perfect toned abs underneath with dark denim jeans and also black boots.

Just then a older man walked in and Caroline recognised that it was Richard Lockwood, he didn't look impressed with how these two were behaving.

"Can you two just be civil for one night, Tyler you know that the guests love to pay to have a few dance lessons with Stefan and his dance friends, it helps bring some of the money into this place, and Stefan stop winding Tyler up."

Caroline decides its time to head back to her room and to get ready for dinner, her mom had told her earlier that they would be sitting down with the Lockwoods for the evening and by judging by what she'd just heard she'd gathered that she'd just meet the Lockwood son and would have to act surprised when she'd be introduced to him at dinner later.

Because it was a warm summer evening Caroline had decided to wear a white summer dress with lemon spots on it, and white dolly shoes, she left her natural curls to rest on to her shoulders and put a little bit of make up on. In case it got a little bit chilli later she decided to take her pale lemon cardigan with her to match her dress.

As they entered the dinning room, she spotted the table where Richard and Tyler were sitting with a woman with short bobbed brown hair, Caroline guessed that, that was Carol Lockwood. They approached the table and Carol and Elizabeth embraced in a hug and started some small talk about how it had been too long since they'd last saw each other, Bill and Richard again shook hands and were smiling at one another, Caroline and Tyler just looked at each other and gave an awkward smile. Finally Elizabeth and Carol managed to stop talking for a few minutes to introduce Tyler and Caroline to one another.

"Tyler this is Caroline, Caroline this is Tyler" her mom said.

"Hi" Caroline said feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

"Hi" Tyler replied back.

After dinner Caroline thought to herself that this Tyler kid wasn't so bad, yeah he seemed a little bit up his own ass and knew that he was a charmer with his good looks, but they had a couple of things in common. Before Caroline knew it they were moving into another room that had a stage with a live band playing some mamba and a dance floor where people had started to dance.

"So, do you wanna dance?" Tyler asked her.

"Sure why not" she smiled at him.

They had been dancing for about ten minutes when all of a sudden the band changed their song to a more up beat rhythm and there was a small space in the middle of the dance floor when all of a sudden this light beamed on the middle of the space and revealed there was two people there. Caroline immediately recognises the man from who she'd seen earlier having some sort of quarrel with Tyler.

"Who's that?"

"Oh them, they're the dance people, they show people how good they can dance hoping to sell dance lessons to the guests here."

"Oh right" she replied back.

Caroline could tell why as well when this Stefan person danced with this girl who had long dark blonde all the way down to her bottom, wearing this red hugging figure dress that showed off just how perfectly curved her body was, they looked so intimate dancing with one another she thought they would start to make out right here on the stage. When the song ended everybody clapped and they both disappeared into the crowd of people.

It was about 10 o'clock when Caroline and her family said their goodbyes to the Lockwoods for the evening and thanking them for a lovely night. Caroline decided she wanted to take a walk before heading to bed, so she let her parents know and started to walk where she had been earlier today. When she was at the back of the hotel she could hear music coming from somewhere up a hill and thought she'd come and take a better look from where it was coming from. Just as she got to a bridge there was a sign that read "staff quarters NO GUESTS ALLOWED!" she ignored the sign and decided to carry on up ahead anyway only to be stopped by someone.

"Hey, what are you doing up here? Matt asked her with his hands full of three watermelons.

"I wanted to take a walk, what's up there?" she asked.

"Ohhh that's for staff only no guests allowed, sorry."

"Well I was going to offer you a hand but if you can manage" she said and turned around to walk back.

"Fine, here grab one."

Caroline manages to take a watermelon from him and gives him a little grin, Matt just smiles and shakes his head at her.

When they finally reach where the music is coming from, Matt bursts the doors open almost dropping the other two watermelons in the process, and reveals about fifteen couple dancing. Caroline struggles to keep her eyes off of them, she's never seen people dancing so intimate and close together. Half n hour passes when the crowd erupts when two people walk in, Caroline looks and sees it's the couple from before who she'd seen dancing when she was with Tyler. As soon as they set foot in the place the pair start dancing along to the music.

"That's Stefan and Lexi" Matt says to Caroline seeing her looking at them.

"Oh right, are they...?"

"No, No just really old friends, Stefan is actually my cousin and Lexi is our childhood friend, they haven't been together since we were little."

Caroline just nods her head at Matt.

About an hour passes and Caroline sees Stefan approaching to where she and Matt are standing and he doesn't look impressed that she's here.

"What's she doing here cuz?"

"She's with me, she came with me" Matt smiles to him.

"I carried a watermelon."

Stefan just looks at her and then walks away from them.

"I carried a watermelon? Caroline says again to herself a little horrified that, that's all she said to him.

Caroline can see Lexi and Stefan dancing when all of a sudden her twirls her around and she goes in the opposite direction to Stefan as he's heading over Caroline's way and stops just in front of her and moves his index finger backwards and forwards signalling for her to go to him. Caroline looks at Matt and he nods his head for her to go.

He moves her onto the dance floor and is in front of her, he pushes her down on her shoulders a little bit and starts to move his hips around in small circles, showing her what to do and Caroline copies what Stefan's doing. He then places one leg in the middle of hers and they start to move their hips together, She looks at him to see if she's doing it right.

"That's good" he says to Caroline and places a hand on her lower back.

"Now try it the other way" he says now putting both hands on Caroline's hips and showing her what to do.

When Caroline gets the hang of it Stefan puts both of her arms around his neck and they dance together, both of them dance together moving their hips in time with the music. He then dips Caroline's back swaying her around a little bit and does this a couple of times, then puts her arms back around his neck as the song begins to finish, Stefan twirls her around when she spins about three times, when she stops Stefan is no longer in sight and Caroline wonders where he might of possibly gone.