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It had been so long ever since he had last seen – or even spoken to – his brother, Matthew. It was around the same amount of time that he had seen the windows and gates open. Alfred wondered what was going on to cause all of this. Why was everything shut so tightly? Why were there less people around their castle? With less people there and never seeing his brother, Alfred was a very bored boy.

He was passing by one of the many locked windows one chilly day when he saw it. The ground was covered in fluffy white snow and there were icicles hanging from the skeletal, bare branches of the trees. Snowflakes danced as they made their way to the ground and immediately joy began to flood him. A wide grin spreads across Alfred's face as the toddler rushes towards a familiar door – one decorated with snowflakes and blue icicles – and knocked on it.

"Matthew?" he chirps before knocking on the door.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Come on let's go and play

Noticing that his brother still hadn't emerged from the room, Alfred slumped against the older boy's door and slid down. He hoped that Matthew would come out soon. Alfred peeked under the door, hoping to catch sight of Matthew.

I never see you anymore

Come out the door,

It's like you've gone away

We used to be best buddies

And now we're not

I wish you would tell me why

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn't have to be a Snowman

"Go away Alfred," orders Matthew's voice through the door.

"Okay, bye…." Alfred sadly trudged away from the door. He tried.

Matthew was sitting at his own window and watching as the snow fell. It was so beautiful and it looked like so much fun. All that untouched snow just waiting to be played in. But as he leaned in to get a better look, his powers decided to show themselves again. Ice began to spread from where he placed his hands and on to the window, causing the young prince to jump back in fear.

That night his father came to his room with a gift. Matthew watched as he took out a pair of white gloves and slipped them on to his hands.

"The gloves will help you," explained his father. "See? Conceal it."

"Do feel it."

"Don't let it show," they say in unison.

Years passed and Alfred was now a little older. But age only made the young prince grow even more energetic. He wanted to play even more now and was known around the castle for being a bit of a hell raiser at times with the amount of energy at times. One day, he was passing by the familiar winter themed door and decided to knock.

Do you want to build a snowman

Or ride our bike around the halls?

Alfred loved trying to do tricks on the bike. He also enjoyed trying to ride it down stairs but that often ended up with him being held in the metal arms of one of the many suits of armor in the castle.

I think some company is overdue

I've started talking to

The pictures on the walls

Alfred spent numerous days in the castle's art gallery. If he wasn't allowed to go outside and make friends, he might as well make friends with all those in the paintings. At least they would never leave him. "Hang in there, Joan!"

It gets a little lonely,

All these empty rooms,

Just watching the hours tick by

(Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

Matthew looked at the ice that began crawling up the wall. This wasn't good; this was not good. He was supposed to be in control of his powers but it wasn't working. Why was there ice in his room again? Why was it growing? Why couldn't he stop it?

"I'm scared!" Matthew showed his gloved hands to his parents, he couldn't understand it. Weren't the gloves supposed to help him. "It's getting stronger!"

"Getting upset only makes it worse," says his father calmly as he began to carefully approach his frightened son. "Calm down."

"NO!" screams Matthew before pulling back. "Don't touch me." He pulls his hands close. He loved his parents and memories of what he had done to Alfred flooded his mind. "Please, I don't want to hurt you," he whispers as his parents look on at him sadly.

Several more years passed and now Alfred was a young teenage prince. He hadn't seen his elder brother in so many years. He passed by that door everyday but it had been years since he had last knocked on it, trying to get Matthew to open up to him. He was making his way past that door again but this time paused. The energetic blonde looked at it and considered knocking on the door but he knew what was bound to happen if he did. He would only be ignored again, so Alfred just kept on walking. He hurried down the hall until he reached his parents room. They were packing for an upcoming trip and once his mother caught sight of him, Alfred ran over and embraced them both.

"See you in two weeks," says Alfred happily.

As the king and queen made their way downstairs, they saw Matthew standing by the end. They could see that he was looking really nervous and that he was frightened. It broke the queen's heart to see her child in that state and she wanted nothing more than to take him into her arms and tell him that everything would be alright. But she knew that Matthew would shrink back and would not allow her to touch him. He was still very afraid of potentially harming them. Once they reached the end of the staircase, Matthew bowed to them and looked at them with a frightened look in his large purple eyes.

"Do you really have to go?" asks Matthew softly.

"You will be fine, Matthew," says the king as his wife tries to give Matthew a comforting look.

That night they board their ship, unknowing of what was going to happen. The seas were calm when they left the port but that changed rather quickly. Once they were out in the sea, a storm had swept in rather rapidly and tossed their ship to and fro before that ship just gave. It sank to the bottom of the sea that night.

The castle was silent. The only sounds that came were from the hushed whispers of the staff, saddened by the news of what had happened to their rulers. A black veil was placed before their portrait and a funeral was planned.

This killed Alfred more than anything. He stood there, alone. It was cold, misty morning and it was just him and the royal guards as well as a priest. There were two large stone slabs there that held the names of his parents. He wore a black cloak on top of his black dress shirt, black slacks and black shoes. There was no room for color when someone was in mourning. After the funeral, Alfred made his way down that ever familiar corridor. His steps echoed in the hallway before he finally reached his destination of a single, winter themed doorway and for the first time in years, he knocks.

"Matthew," he whispers.

Please I know you're in there,

People are asking where you've been,

They say "have courage";

And I'm trying to,

I'm right out here for you

Just let me in

His parents were gone and all he wanted was his Big Brother. He wanted Matthew to hold him like when they were children. Alfred never really grew out of that stage. He still wanted his older brother's love. He wanted his Matthew. Alfred leaned against the door, hoping to feel even the slightest bit of warmth and comfort coming from his brother on the other side.

We only have each other

It's just you and me

What are we gonna do?

Alfred slid down the door. Oh how he hoped that Matthew would hear him and how he wished that his older brother would respond. There was one thing that he could try, something that he hadn't done since they were children.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Matthew was sitting on the opposite side of the door. He could hear Alfred. He could hear his younger brother crying, desperately wanting familial comfort. It broke his heart to hear Alfred sounding so sad, but there was nothing he could do. Matthew's room was frozen solid, he couldn't control his powers after he heard that their parents had died. Because he lost control, he didn't trust himself to comfort Alfred so he had to leave the younger out there to comfort himself.

'I'm sorry Alfred,' thought Matthew as he curled in upon himself. He was dressed just like his brother, in mourning clothes. The snowflakes that had been falling in his room since the death of his parents were frozen in the air around him. He couldn't comfort his brother without risk of hurting him so they would each have to deal with the loss by themselves. 'I'm so sorry Alfred….'

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