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He would have been shouting at the horse's rider. I mean, who would dare hit a prince with their horse of all things! But once he caught sight of that horse's rider, everything changed. Alfred would admit the man was rather handsome with his pale skin, snow colored hair, and dazzling red eyes. Also the way his clothes fit him! Even with the man sitting on his horse, Alfred could not help but notice the curvature of the man's rear end. That was a really nice ass.

"Hey," chuckles Alfred nervous as he hastily began to notice the rather interesting position that he was in and the kelp on his head. "Ah ye-no, no I-I'm okay." He slid back slightly so that he may be sitting in a more comfortable position as he tossed the kelp back into the water.

"Are you sure?" asks the handsome man once again as he hopped off of his horse and began to make his way towards Alfred.

"I-I-I-I was just not looking at where I was going," replies Alfred as he continued pick kelp off of himself before looking back towards the man who was now standing before him in the rowboat with a hand outstretched to help him back to his feet. "I'm great!" says Alfred with a wide grin as he continued to lounge in the rowboat, "Actually."

"Oh," says the man as he drew back slightly before pushing his hand even closer. "Thank goodness."

Alfred eyes the man's gloved hand for a second. Was it like the glove that his brother wore? The type of glove that hid the hands of those who hide away from everyone around them? Or were these the gloved hands of someone who would welcome a person into their lives and never leave them? Alfred sat there, conflicted, before deciding on the latter option. With how the man in the black tailcoat was offering, he knew that he was not like his brother. Alfred carefully took the hand that was offered to him with a smile on his face. The man smiled back for a second before it dropped as he pulled Alfred to his feet.

"Oh, uh," he bowed his head. "Prince Gilbert of the German Empire."

Alfred bowed back. "Prince Alfred of America."

"Prince?" The next thing that Alfred knew, Gilbert was on his knee before him with his head bowed. "Your majesty."

At the same time, Gilbert's horse took the cue to bow as well and lifted his hoof off of the boat causing it to tilt. Alfred stumbled back while Gilbert was on top of him, holding him close. But when the equine finally realized what he was doing, he quickly brought his hoof back down. The force caused from that launched Alfred on top of Gilbert, forcing them into a rather compromising position once again. Maybe a rowboat was not the best place to meet a new person?

"Oh boy," chuckled Gilbert.

"This is awkward," breathed Alfred, still trying to control his racing heart. He quickly began to make his way off of Gilbert and tugged his blazer into place. "Not you're awkward, just 'cause we're, I'm awkward, you're gorgeous! Wait-what?"

Gilbert began to help him up. "I'd like to formally apologize for hitting the Prince of America with my horse." After Alfred was finally back on his feet, Gilbert began to brush off any dust that was on his clothing. "And for every moment after." He looked honestly sincere about every word that he said.

"No-no-no," stammers Alfred. "It's fine! I-I'm not that Prince!" He began to make his way past Gilbert. "I mean, if you'd hit my brother, Matthew, it would be yeesh! Cause ya know." He turned his attention over to Gilbert's horse. "Hello!" He began to scratch the horse under its mouth, getting a happy whinny from it. "But lucky you, it's just me." He finally made his way out of that tiny rowboat.

Gilbert chuckled. "Just you?"

For a minute, the just stood there smiling at each other. Alfred could feel a fluttering in his chest, one that he had never felt before. Was this love? He had read so many books over the years in his life trapped in that castle and most of them featured a prince and a princess meeting and falling in love at first sight. He always wondered if he would ever get the chance to experience something like that in his own lifetime trapped in the castle, but now that he had that day to explore the outside world, he knew that he could. Mainly because he just met his person.

But the coronation waits for no one. The bells began to toll and Alfred was brought out of his love sick stupor. Oh no, hopefully he wasn't late. Mattie would kill him if he was! Though then again, he had slight doubts about it.

"Oh no, the bells" he gasped as he began to look up in slight fear. "The bells, the coronation! I-I-I better go! I have to go!" He began to hurry away backwards but that wasn't the brightest idea as he bumped into a nearby railing. "I better go!" He turned around to prepare for his run, but before he left, he looked over his shoulder and gave Gilbert a small wave and smile. "Bye!

Gilbert waved back, but his horse apparently had the same idea. He lifted his hoof off of the boat to wave to the retreating prince but that was when Gilbert caught sight of it.

"Oh no." The words had barely escaped his lips when he and the rowboat were suddenly pulled down into the water by the force of gravity.

The cathedral where the coronation was being held was one of the oldest in the kingdom. It had two levels, the first of which was where the coronation would take place and the guest could sit and the second level which was specifically crafted for the choir so that their lovely voice would rain down on those in attendance. The reason behind that was so that the choir could be like angel and grace all those who came with the gift of music. In the many pews on the first level sat the kingdom's nobles, visiting foreign dignitaries, wealthy merchants, and all of those who were considered important.

If one were to travel down the aisle, they would make their way over to where the two princes were standing. Matthew with his back to the crowd, his elegant purple cape fanning out behind him, and Alfred to his right dressed in green. Before them was the kingdom's head priest, holding the cushion that held the kingdom's scepter and holy crown.

Matthew didn't dare to look anywhere but front. He needed to focus. He didn't need anyone outside of himself to know what he could do. Today was important and if he messed up, that would be the end of him!

But he couldn't help but notice Alfred. Since when did his baby brother get so tall? The younger prince was nearly his height and he looked so handsome in that green outfit of his. But because he could see Alfred, he could see the younger trying to discreetly wave to someone in the crowd. Matthew couldn't help but feel rather jealous about that but he wouldn't dare let it show. Who did his brother meet that they deserved to have Alfred's attention all on them? Who dare try to come between him and Alfred? He knew that he would find out later and then he'll take all precautions to make sure that whoever that person was would be dealt with appropriately.

Matthew bowed his head and accepted the crown that would signify him as King of America. Everything seemed to be going well in the coronation. His powers were in check and everything was great! The priest then offered up the holy crown and scepter on the cushion. Matthew made a controlled reach for the two objects when he heard the priest's hoarse whisper.

"Your Majesty," he whispered, "the gloves."

This was the part that he dreaded. He looked down at his gloved hands and took a deep breath. He carefully began to remove the gloves that his powers from all those around him. This was the moment of truth; if he was able to keep everything in then it would be alright. If he didn't, then they would all know the truth about him and he would be shunned. His hands were trembling as he reached for the sacred items before picking them up and turning to face those behind him. This was his moment of truth.

He held his breath as the priest behind him spoke. Everybody in the pews got to their feet in order to greet him as the new king of America. His listened to the priest's Latin and began to silently beg for the man to finally get to the part where he could finally put the objects down. He took a slight peek at the crown and scepter and he could see that frost was beginning to form on them. This was not good. Not good at all!

"…King Matthew of America…"

And once those words left the lips of the priest, Matthew snapped around and placed the two items back down on the cushion and replaced the gloves on his hand. It had gotten much too close as he turned back to face the crowd. He could see out of his peripheral vision that Alfred was looking at him oddly, wondering why he needed to put his gloves back on so quickly. Part of him wished that he could just tell Alfred the truth but the reaction was what he feared. It was all for Alfred, hiding his powers and hiding himself away from Alfred was all for the best of his brother. His brother did not need to be pulled into the world that he lived in.

The party was a rather lively one. There was live band with a rather apparent tuba player. Ladies were dressed in their finest gowns and twirling around in the middle of the ballroom with their male partners dressed in their finest suits. They all danced to the beat the tuba played and once that dance was over a trumpet sounded. All eyes turned to the stage where the royal announcer, Francis Bonnefoy, stood in front of a throne. His hand was outstretch in the direction that Matthew was coming.

"King Matthew of America," he announced as Matthew stood tall on the stage before everyone, his purple cape dragging on the floor. "Prince Alfred of America." Alfred was running towards the stage, the boy obviously forgetting what he was supposed to do. At first he stood quite a ways away from Matthew so Francis sought to fix the problem. He began to move Alfred until he was standing right next to his brother.

"Are you sure?" Alfred asked during the move. "I'm not sure I'm supposed to stand here," the he was placed beside Matthew. "Okay." Alfred took one step away from Matthew, just to put a little bit of distance between them.

People bowed and clapped for them before the music started up again and they all began to dance. Alfred began to move around awkwardly and Matthew found it secretly amusing. His little brother was acting so cute, acting all nervous like that.

"Hi," he whispered.

Alfred jumped slightly before turning to face him. "H-hi me?" he asked. He saw Matthew nod slightly. "Oh, um, hi?" Alfred's attention was now turned to his feet.

"You look handsome."

Alfred looked at him in surprise before smiling. "Thank you. You look beautifuller! Well not fuller, more handsome!"

"So," said Matthew, "this is what a party looks like."

"It's warmer than I thought," commented Alfred.

Suddenly a heavenly scent began to tickle the noses of the two brothers.

"What's that amazing smell?" asked Matthew.

As if on cue, both brothers began to smell at the same time. Taking in the scent of what could have been heaven on earth.

"Chocolate," they said together before beginning to laugh.

Alfred couldn't believe that Matthew loved chocolate too. He could feel the excitement start to bubble within him. He was curious to see what else Matthew liked. He felt as if he desperately needed to know if his brother shared any other similarities with him. But before he could say anything, Francis interrupted to introduce someone.

"Your Majesty," he said, "the duke of Chin-nah."

"China," corrected the man, "Duke of China, your majesty." He began to make his way towards the two brothers. "As your closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting if I offer you, your first dance as king." He began doing what looked to be a cross between the funky chicken, the disco, and whatever the hell else there was in the dancing world. But as soon as he bowed, his comb over flopped forward revealing a rather large bald spot causing the two brother to start quietly laughing.

Matthew quickly regained his composure and cleared his throat. "Ah, thank you," he said, "only I don't dance."


Matthew then gestured over to Alfred. "But my brother does."

Alfred tried to denying it by laughing but the shorter Duke of China quickly grabbed his hand elbow.

"Well lucky you," said the Duke as he yanked Alfred towards the dance floor.

"Oh I don't think!" He tried to reach other to his brother.

"If you swoon, I'll catch you," calls the Duke.

"I'm sorry," whispered Matthew, still laughing softly.

Alfred as soon stand still as the Duke of China was dancing around him in a circle. Alfred was a little afraid to make a move out into the circle. As the man danced, he was saying rather odd things that Alfred just couldn't take in.

"So glad to have the gates open," he said, "One question, why did they shut them in the first place? Do you know the reason?" He leaned in uncomfortably close to Alfred. "Hmm?"

"No," replied Alfred unsurely as he tried to lean back to create some distance between him and the other man.

"Well…" the Duke drawls as he grabbed Alfred's hand. "Alright then! Hang on!" He then dipped Alfred.

At that moment Alfred stared over at his older brother and saw him laughing. In return for that, Alfred glared at Matthew for making him do this.

"They don't call me the little dipper for nothing!" He began to twirl Alfred around before letting him go and starting to dance around the prince again.

Matthew had just finished meeting another couple attending the ball when he saw his Alfred walking up to him. His brother had a slight limp to his step and that made Matthew a little bit worried. Hopefully that wild duke hadn't done too much damage to Alfred. But he couldn't let Alfred see him like that so he chuckled.

"Well he was frightening," he commented.

"Especially for a man in heels," groaned Alfred, his feet hurt from being under the Duke's heels so many times.

"Are you okay?" asks Matthew.

"I've never been better," replies Alfred. "This is so nice! I wish it could be like this all the time!"

Matthew smiled warmly at his brother. "I know," he said. But then the realization came to him. "But it can't."

Alfred couldn't understand it. "But why not?"

"It just can't," said Matthew as he turned his back to Alfred. This event was hard enough on him to try and conceal his powers; he couldn't try another one. He knew that Alfred would be saddened by the news but that was just how life was going to work for them.

Alfred backed away from his older brother. He didn't understand it, why was Matthew doing this? He wanted to say something but right now, he just had to back away.

"'scuse me for a minute," he then walked away from Matthew, not looking back at him.

Matthew watched as Alfred began to walk away into the crowd without looking back. They were back to square one all over again.

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