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The Arrogange of Man

by Falciatore1669

The young monk stared down at the beast that was once the sacred God-tree. Shinju it was called. God-Tree, most litteraly. And the world tree also, Yaggdrasil, and the tree of the forbidden fuit Cheit Eitz HaDa't or Eden. It's the origin of chakra and supposed shaper of the world that once towered over the clouds themselves in the centre of the lands. it united Yin and Yang, heaven and heart, death and life, dark and light, and the living eath was it's trone. It showed how truly tiny and insignificant mankind was in comparison to the gods themselves. It was the same tree that fathered the fruit his mother picked and ate from, acquiring the unlimited power to put an end to the incessant wars between the nations of men. Thanks to the efforts of his mother Kaguya Otsu-tsuki, those very same wars stopped.

Men, women and children started to gather to in order to give thanks, celebrate and worship the same woman that was once human, like many others, and was now a Goddess of peace, like a beacon of light to the people. However the real miracle his mother Kaguya performed was not from the power of the sacred tree, but the determination and resolve to protect her people from the pain and suffering caused by war. Because despite the rumours, Kaguya was a true human and her courage was her greatest strength.

Yet, despite their efforts, where there is light and love there is also darkness that stands back in the shadows and when the secret of his mother's power was unveiled, many fools tried to steal the sacred energy of the God-tree. Promises like omnipotence and immortality led the arrogant to quite possibly the biggest disaster of all time.

The earthly gods were infuriated by the arrogance of man, even though the tree had already shared his fruit, the insects were back and like parasites they tried to steal its sap. And now with the shape of a leviathan with ten tails and his all-seeing eye, he spread his punishment. Death and destruction on an apocalyptic scale crushed the nations. Nothing could even scratch the divine beast, the armies fell no matter how large and the defensive walls crumbled uselessly no matter how resistant.

Once again humanity was faced with problems caused by their own sin, and once again someone had to bear that weight and become a saviour. Thanks to the power given by his mother by birth, Hagoromo Otsu-tsuki was called upon to chase away the beast and restore order. His spiritual art and monk's doctrine made him widely known as the wandering sage, and later the six different expressions of his power gave him the name of the legendary Sage of the Six Paths

"Ruuagh!" The man swung up his palm and unleashed an incredible wave of pure gravitational force that held back the enormous claws of the Juubi. The indomitable physical strength of the monster could divide mountains and forced the Sage to ready his chakra in order to wear down the creature.

The next move was intended to unbalance the creature and in doing so gain him time. "Shinra Tensei!" the power of the great blast knocked the Juubi over onto his right side, creating a huge blast of air as the rippling shockwave crushed any trees nearby that were still standing, leaving it helpless for just a second, its tails were moving furiously like massive whips through the air and his horrible red eye with nine encircling tomoe watched with fury as the insects tried to trap it with great chains made from the most durable metal known at the time.

"Hurry up with those chains! Restrain his arms! Don't allow it to move again!" An army general cried to his men while other factions were desperately trying to shackle the monolithic body, the tails and the movement of Juubi.

Hagoromo watched the progress of the last army remaining after the ongoing massacres humanity had suffered, an army made up of almost everybody able, including farmers, traders and even teenagers alongside the veteran soldiers. The situation was desperate for all of mankind, despite Hagoromo continued attempts to subdue the beast or appease its anger, the Juubi continued to struggle and fight for its crusade of destruction.

At this point the sage came to the only possible solution to put an end to this chaos, to seal the beast inside him. The seal was his masterpiece, given the urgency of the situation, Hagoromo worked without sleep for days to create the seal's array in order to hold the beast's infinite chakra. However, to work the Juubi had to remain motionless until the end of the process. It was a large gamble, but the lives of his friends and loved ones depended on it.

"We are ready Hagoromo-sama!" Shouted a soldier from one of the six Divisions in charge of holding down the legs and tails of the monster. Soldiers coordinated with each other in the maximum efficiency as the giant, iron-reinforced chains were impaled deep into the ground or connected with gigantic columnar frameworks which acted as anchors, preventing the Juubi's limbs from moving.

"Good! Now I will start the sealing process so tell your soldiers to hold on until the very end!" The general quickly nodded and fell back to the rear of the formation. Metal, machine and sheer brute force of the soldiers forced the Juubi to kneel temporarily whilst the beast roared, fruitlessly trying to escape from its binding chains. Without wasting any more time Hagoromo began to run through the long and complex chain of hand-seals, chakra beginning to mix and mould within him to be gradually expelled from the coils of his system, taking form of a vibrant purple mist that enshrouded him.

Noting the potent chakra that slowly began to saturate the air around it, the Juubi began to squirm violently, letting out a roar so powerful that made the earth shake and the huge chains begin to fail under the incredible pressure. "Everybody hold still!" Commanded the General as some chains snapped with dull metallic cracks while elsewhere some unfortunates were thrown away by the enormous shock wave.

"Hagoromo the chains won't last much longer!" Hideyoshi, a childhood friend of the Sage and chief of the third division, shouted to his friend, his heavy armour made of red, interlocking metal plates distinguishing him from the lighter, more common soldier. He was a young man with a common brown eyes and hair the opposite of his Sagely friend, which was a more noticeable silvery-gray, and his legendary purple doujutsu.

"I'm almost done Hideyoshi, tell your men to fall back!" Hideyoshi immediately repeated the command to all the soldiers in the area to fall back to the rear; now it was all in the hands of his friend. When the soldiers where all at a safe distance from the battle he could only put his hands together in a short prayer and hope that the Gods were on their side.

The purple haze of chakra had begun to surround the entire battlefield. Hagoromo clasped his hands together to start the final portion of the technique. "Fuinjutsu: Rinne Chēnsei no keiyaku!" The mist began to take physical form as enormous purple chains, fit for the Gods themselves to hold; the chains dug into the flesh of the beast that immediately roared in pain from the sudden intrusion of foreign chakra.

The wise man gave one last look at what was once the divine tree, in a way he understood its rage toward men. Avarice and an unquenchable thirst for power led humanity to turn away from the mother-like being that once protected them. No one could claim to be free from such desires, not even himself, admittance to the contrary was pure arrogance.

"I'm sorry that it came to this… I can understood your anger toward us." said Hagormo "…but" He strengthened his gaze up at the eye of the Juubi as the beast noticed him, turning it's great stare towards the tiny man. Purple-rimmed eyes focused intently on the giant red eye with nine tomoe spinning around madly." I cannot let you destroy this world ... killing million of innocents with it; however I swear on you that I will lead my brothers and sisters in a better path to the best of my ability. That I promise you."

With that, Hagoromo completed the last step of the technique. The chakra chains began to rip all the power of the Bijuu, separating it from the body. Like a tsunami all the chakra of the Juubi was channelled into the body of the sage of the six paths leaving the Tailed Beast nothing more than a mere shell of flesh. For a moment, the monk sage was overwhelmed by the immense amount of chakra compressed in his body which in the meantime had undergone a distinct change.

'Incredible … is this the power of the Juubi's chakra?' The sensation was indescribable, he was …fine, better than ever, all the pain and the scars from his body vanished like they were never there to begin with and he had now two long horns on his forehead. The beast however was in bad shape, its body is shrunken to anorexic proportions while it struggled to stay on its feet.

The tailed beast was now overflowing with rage, its eye focused on the man that dared to steal its power. Now, its mind had lost all thoughts other than disintegrate the arrogant insect "GRRWWOOOOOOOHH!" Using every ounce of nature chakra that remained, the Tailed Beast started to generate a colossal bijudama that darkened the sky even as its body continued to wither away.

"Even without your chakra you still have that kind of power in you?" That worried the sage a little, he believed that without its chakra the God-tree would calm down or at least be stopped. Seeing no other choice Hagoromo clapped his hands together, focusing on his Deva path and his new resource of chakra . From the palms of his hands he generated a small dark sphere of energy that he quickly launched into the sky.

"Chibaku Tensei!" The sheer gravitational force of the tiny sphere began to attract anything and everything in its radius. The nearby mountains began to crumble upwards and the earth itself began to collapse towards the tiny ball. Debris began to pile up, creating a giant stone ball. Unable to maintain the control amongst the destruction, the bijudama simply dissipated into the air harmlessly as the Juubi lost adherence with the ground and even it started to be attracted by the primordial force of the universe

The body of the Juubi was incorporated by the newly formed planetary body and began to leave the earth's atmosphere. Hagoromo, affected by the aftermath of the incredibly Jutsu, fell wearily to the ground, he heard the screams of delight from his companions and let a small smile grow on his face.

The prison of the God shined brightly in the night sky, gently lighting the ground in its silvery glow, he was surprised how beautiful the new celestial body was. It seemed shaped by the hands of the gods of the night when it was really just the result of his technique. Hagoromo thought about it and decided to give it a name. "From now on it will be called …Tsuki"

That night, in the waning moments of the most legendary battle in human history, Hagoromo allowed himself to be carried away by the bliss of sleep, too tired to notice that the chakra inside him began to fidget incorrectly.

The first thing that he felt was the sense of being lost in the 'abnormal white world around him; everywhere he allowed his eyes to rest he could could see the lack of detail; there was no wind, horizon or even ground. The strangest thing was that he had no idea how he got here.

It did not feel like a genjutsu since his and the Juubi's chakra flowed normally, every illusory technique forced the chakra in the victim to move erratically and his eyes could see through anything. So, discarding the first hypothesis Hagoromo began to scrutinize with is purple-rimmed eyes the alien world around him in order to catch the slightest presence of chakra; however finding none he began to draw, perhaps, the only possible solution.

"Am I dead?" Thought the sage.


A voice took him by surprise in the vastness of the absolute white. It took a few second as he turning around to realize That a person, or what seems like a person, had appeared out of nowhere. Rinnegan eyes glanced over to the white humanoid in front of him; whatever it was did not have chakra. On the other hand, his eyes caught a strange aura of energy that he did not recognize.

"Who are you?" Asked the sage.

"That, is an interesting question." Said Truth. "I'm what you humans call "the World". And olso knows as the "Universe", and "God", and "the Truth", and "All of it", and "None of it" Stated the Truth matter-of-factly.

"And-" A hand was raised and pointed a single finger to the monk "I'm also …yourself."

Despite his initial confusion, it did not take much for Hagoromo to understand that hestood in front of a deity of some sort, in a place which he should not be.

"Welcome, foolish one who has lost his way home." there was a large, slow omious creak behind him. Suddenly he felt a shiver down his spine; turning, he saw a portal open to reveal an eye similar to the Rinnegan staring at him intensely. From the darkness came hands that clung to his clothes with the intent to drag him into the void. Trying to fight, his chakra suddenly throbbed inside his body before a malevolent red eye with nine tomoe opened from his abdomen.

He swore that he saw the eye behind the door widen in surprise, the hands that held him by force, dissolving into thin air as the portal closed itself. Hagoromo blinked once, then twice and when he returned his gaze to the deity he saw it grin with… amusement?

"I see you have a tenant ... an interesting one at that." Truth watched the man with newly kindled interest, it was not every day that neighbours come to visit him.

The wise man stiffened, waiting for any kind of trick from the deity.

"Relax human. You don't belong to my domain, so I don't have jurisdiction over you." Spoke the Truth, raising his hands in defence, however his grin never left his face.

The Sage remained on alert anyway as he began to analyze his situation, having no idea where he was and how he got to this place; the only thing that was certain was that he was trapped here with that being He figured he had better start asking some questions.

"Can you tell me what this place is?" Asked the Sage, straining his voice to remain as polite as possible.

"You came from very far away...and I think it's the first time I've seen someone from the other side of that portal." The humanoid remained in his seat, seemingly oblivious to the very presence of Hagoromo, but the wise man had the impression that it was scrutinizing him all the same.

"What do you mean?" Asked the monk to the Truth but the God chose not to answer, preferring to remain silent instead.

Seeing that he would not get any kind of response from the being, Hagoromo thought long and hard about his words, things like "domain" and "other side" turned about in his head as he came to a conclusion.

"You said that I lost my way home ... then that means that I do not belong here right?"

"Yes" This lifted him up a bit, the last thing he remembered was his victory against the Tailed Beast and falling asleep from the exhaustion; he also felt rather alive so perhaps this was not the other world. But then the main problem was that he was here and not on earth.

"Can you help me get back?"

"Why should I? you were the one to get here, and you'll be the one to leave." The humanoid casually replied before returning to his silence, mocking the ignorance of the monk.

The Sage couldn't help but frown; the being did not seem to want to help even though his world was in ruins from the escalation of the Juubi. After undergoing so much effort to seal its body in the moon and the chakra inside himself he was now stuck in this limbo. Hagoromo closed his eyes, breathed a sigh to calm down and took a meditative position. If the deity had nothing to do with his arrival, then he must have brought himself here unconsciously, the only thing certain was that it would take a lot before he can figure something out.

How long was he in the room of nothingness, simply meditating? Not having even the sun to orient himself Hagoromo had soon lost track of time. Had an hour passed? Two hours? A whole day? The monk had tried everything he knew from yin-yang manipulation to the ten-tails' chakra, but in truth he had no idea where to start, the most likely option is that some kind of space-time technique brought him here but since he did not know the exact makings of such a technique there was a strong possibility that he would be stuck here forever.

The monk sighed heavily and cast out the unproductive, negative thoughts. He glanced at the humanoid self-proclaimed deity, noting that it has not moved an inch; it was still sitting on the infinite white floor like some kind of statue. After denying him any form of help it had not spoken or moved since but even though it didn't have a face the monk suspected that it was looking directly at him since his arrival. He shrugged and went back to gently manipulating the flow of his chakra.

Truth was not easily impressed, but this human intrigued him and it was not just the fact that it seemed to have been excluded from the equivalent exchange or that he carried a minor deity in his stomach, even if they were strong points, but the fact that he continued to ignore its presence. Since he passed the door he did not ask anything from the Truth except to help him get back home.

Many come so far trying to override the laws that rule the world, steal his powers or bring the dead to life, those humans were arrogant ants and swiftly received their punishment. However until now nobody really bothered him like this monk, he could challenge him using the gifts of the lesser god as anyone else would do, but instead he left them, manipulating his energy and trying to get back into his own world.

Truth wondered if it should tell the monk to cross the door again which had been forcibly accessed; in the end Truth was not the only God existing and the man seemed blessed. Others might get angry and the last thing he wanted was to bring destruction upon itself. Then suddenly it hit him and a grin adorned his face blank face, such an opportunity is rare, perhaps unique; Truth decided to help the monk, even though he was excluded from the equivalent exchange… there are other forms of exchange.

"Maybe there IS something I can do for you!" It exclaimed with that same wide grin that couldn't be seen.

The monk came out of his meditation and focused is gaze on the divine entity curiously.

"...such as?" All attempts from the Sage had failed so far, he might as well listen to what it had to say.

"A barter." Truth said with a bright smile, even though he was dead serious; when Hagoromo didn't speak, truth continued on.

"I'll take you into the mundane world, however, it will not be the world where you came from ... but it is a world no less, where you can live, grow old and die just like the other humans." concluded the Truth.

Hagoromo didn't like the tone of the divine being, it smelled too much of a scam of some sort but he let speak all the same; it might be the only option he have to get out of this impossible room. However, the fact that it couldn't get him back into his own world saddened him, even though he didn't have all that many loved ones left. Hideyoshi apart, he did not have many friends, not even a lover and his chief-monk and master Iwao was dead because of Juubi, like so many others he had known and befriended.

"...and what do you want in return?" Asked the Sage cautiously.

Truth's invisible smile became maniacal. "The minor god in your belly."

"I'm sorry but no, I can't." Even though it was a polite refusal, it contained a dry derision. The sage had suspected the self-proclaimed God would ask for the Juubi, men had for thousands of years tried to steal the powers of the Gods, who was to say that the Gods would not do the same with their own kind?

"Are you sure you should refuse?" Questioned the Truth, still smiling deviously.

"Shinju is the creator of my world." he said firmly "There is nothing that you can offer in exchange for it. I am not so arrogant to think that just because I own his chakra in my belly, its power belong to me. Plus, if I accepted it would be an affront to people who lost their lives in order to imprison him."

"And what about the lives of others?" Hagoromo opened his eyes surprised.

"The prison of the minor deity is your body yes? Then it will find freedom in your death will it not?" Truth pointed to the Sage, making the man unconsciously nod as he waited for the humanoid being to explain itself.

"Just as I do not have jurisdiction over you, I have even less power over the minor deity, it seems intrinsically linked to the earthly world…and when you will die, it will pour out over my realm, I cannot prevent it!"

Understanding what the gods meant he paled significantly.

"Oh, don't look me like that! It was your fault to come here in the fist place."

The sage fixed hard a hard glare on the deity that had forced him into corner "You would let it instead destroy the earth and the people who live there? ... do you not value human life at all?" Hagoromo raise his voice with that phrase, angry with the nonchalance of the deity.

"I already told you! I have no direct power over the minor deity but I can lock it here if you accept... what do you say?" Truth responded with almost childlike glee, already sensing the man's answer.

He was being forced to choose over a world alien to him, risking the revival of the Ten Tails and he could not do anything to prevent it. The possibility that he might die here were not so scarce, he could die of thirst if he could resist the hunger, and despite his training as a monk, medical techniques and even the chakra of the Juubi, he was still only mortal. How much time he can resist here before death took him? a week? two weeks?

The sage decided then and there.

"I accept, but with one condition; if I find a way to get back in my world then I will take the Ten tails with me… either this or the pact fades."

The truth said nothing, letting its practised smile spreading further across its blank face speak for itself. The stone door form before suddenly opened again showing the eye as well as the black hands that lung back to the Sage's clothes. The eye of the Juubi opened again on his abdomen but this time it made no resistance, as if it had accepted the embrace of the void.

Hagoromo had one last time to see the smile of the God of Truth before the door closed and darkness engulfed him.

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