Hello, my peeps! So, everyone seemed to enjoy my last story in the Frozen category. Like I said back there, I had several ideas floating around in my head in regards to that movie. This was another one. A bit more dramatic (hopefully) than the last one. I got the idea a while back while listening to the song "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. (We'll see how consistent I am with updating it though since I do have a job now.)


It was Anna's first official day at college. Arendelle University. She was beyond excited. Ever since her older sister had started attending two years earlier, Anna had wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps. She had been cooped up in her house her entire life, homeschooled all through high school. Finally she had a chance to get out and meet real people. She didn't get to live out on her own like her sister, she still had to live at home. But Elsa only got to because she basically ran away and secluded herself after her first year at college. Elsa was... Elsa was a bit a distant.

Still, at least Anna got to get out and meet new people. Maybe she would even meet The One! Who could tell! Anna had never been on a date in her life and the thought of standing alone and suddenly meeting eyes with a tall, handsome stranger across the room thrilled her. Then he walks over, tall and fine, introduces himself, and they spend the entire night talking and laughing. Then he asks to see her again. And then after some time of midnight call-ups, romantic dinners, and movie cuddle nights, he eventually proposes on bended knee, declaring his eternal love, and they get married in the mountains under the colorful sunset with that pine tree smell and fresh mountain air!

Anna turned her attention to her schedule. "Economics 101- Weselton- 10:00" was first on the list. "Weaseltown?" she questioned to herself.

"Actually, it's Weselton," a voice spoke up behind her.

Anna started and turned. A short, round boy who looked like he had never seen the sun a day in his life stood behind her, grinning, holding a small white backpack in his hands.

"Don't worry, everyone does it. Just don't ever say it to his face," the kid said, slipping the backpack over his shoulders.

"Oh, thanks for the warning," Anna said.

"Yeah. He'll get soooo mad!" he told her, "One time he actually threw his toupee at this guy when he said it."

"He wears a toupee?" Anna asked.

The kid nodded. Then he grinned once more, "I'm Olaf, by the way."

"I'm Anna," Anna replied, sticking out her hand.

"Hi, Anna! One thing you need to know about me is that I love warm hugs," Olaf said, tilting his head and looking at her with bright eyes.

"Oh, okay," Anna said, lowering her hand and spreading out her arms, "Have at it!"

Olaf happily wrapped his arms around her middle and squeezed. Anna gave a small smile. He barely came up to her chin. He was like a little, chubby kid who just loved everybody. She could tell.

He let her go. "It was great to meet you, Anna!"

"You too. Um, I'll see you around, I guess," Anna said, she wasn't really sure if she would or not, but it seemed like a good thing to say, "And thanks again for the warning about 'Weaseltown'."

He giggled. "Aw, no no problem," he replied, then he turned to leave, "Bye!"

He practically skipped away. Anna smiled after him. Well that was a good first encounter, she supposed. He was so happy and nice. She hoped she would meet more like Olaf. She turned to enter the building where her first class was located.

It was the most enormous building she thought she had ever seen. How was she supposed to find just one class inside such a massive structure? She should have asked Olaf for directions. Nevertheless, she marched inside optimistically. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe it would be one of the first doors when she walked in.

So much for hoping for an easy find. Doors upon doors upon doors! And students were everywhere rushing every which way. Not to mention several staircases going in every direction. Anna looked at her watch. She still had fifteen minutes. There was still time to sort all this out. She had time to find one classroom... Right?

She bravely marched forward into the hullaballoo of rushing students. She tried looking at some of the doors, looking for the room numbers, but it was hard to get a good view of them. She did manage to spot a room 113. No good. She was looking for a 404. She wasn't even close!

Where was she supposed to go? She didn't even know which direction to take. She would probably end up on the other side of campus and not even realize it. Was she even in the right building?

Students were bumping into her left and right, knocking her about, and not even realizing it (or maybe they were and just continued to rush past. Rude!). Anna was not a particularly large person and was struggling to keep her balance with all the pushing and shoving.

Suddenly, something very large and heavy crashed into her. She toppled backwards, arms flailing sending her schedule and binder flying out of her hands. She landed squarely on her behind, feet sprawled out in front of her.

"Ow!" she groaned, reaching back for her now very tender tailbone.

Now pushing and shoving was one thing, but full on knocking someone off their feet was another! She was ready to give whoever had done this a piece of her mind. She glared up at them. "Excuse you!" she cried out.

She suddenly became speechless as her eyes met with to most sunning set of green eyes she had ever seen in her entire life. The owner, a tall guy wearing a gray jacket and dark blue backpack, was staring down at her with concern. "I am so sorry!" he said, "Are you hurt?"

As if his eyes weren't enough. His face. His face was gorgeous! His high cheekbones, low-set eyebrows, perfectly sculpted lips, a nose that was perfectly proportioned with the rest of his face... she could go on! But at the moment, she had to reply to him.

"I, uh... no, no," she stammered slightly, a bit flustered, "I'm fine, I'm okay."

He bent down and began to pick up her binder and schedule for her. "Are you sure? That looked like a pretty hard fall."

"Yeah, yeah! I just wasn't looking where I was going because I was trying to find my class and then, you know," she said, "But it's fine. I'm great."

He handed her things to her. "I can help you find your class if you'd like," he said, smiling. Wow, that was one a dashing smile. So many pearly whiles there.

Anna returned the smile. "Sure," she said coyly.

They began to walk through the crowd of students.

"Is it always this busy?" Anna wondered.

"Well this is the Castle Building. It's the main center. Usually in the morning, especially at the beginning of the year when everyone's trying to find their classes, it gets pretty crazy," he explained. He paused, "So the way it works here, and in practically every building for that matter, is that the first number of the the room number is the floor number. Like a hotel. So if your room number is...?"

"404," Anna replied.

"404. Then your class is on the fourth floor."

Anna nodded. That would make it much easier now. Hopefully she wouldn't have to go through so much trouble trying to find her other classes.

"Oh. By the way, my name's Hans South," her escort suddenly spoke up.

Anna nodded, drinking in everything about him. The name just suited him perfectly. But then it dawned on her that he was expecting her to introduce herself as well. He had said his last name. Did that mean she had to also? She guessed so. "Um, I'm Anna Fjord."

He smiled at her. But then, it slowly faded and he peered closely at her. "Wait, Fjord?" he asked.

"Yeah," Anna said, confused, "Why?"

"Are you, by any chance, related to Elsa Fjord?" he wondered.

Okay, she had not expected that. "Yeah, actually," Anna replied, "She's my sister."

"Oh, okay," he said nodding, "I thought the name sounded familiar."

Anna raised her eyebrows. "Wow, I didn't think anyone knew my sister," she said, "She's such a recluse."

Hans smiled. "Yeah, actually lots of people know her. She used to come around here a lot, but then suddenly for some reason she just disappeared."

"So did you like... talk to her?"

"Once or twice," he replied, "I just remembered her because she had stunningly platinum blonde hair. I had never seen anything like it."

"Oh I know! I don't know where she gets it! Everyone in my family has dark hair," Anna said.

"Yours isn't very dark," he remarked.

Anna eyed one of the braids hanging at the side of her head. "Well red is definitely no platinum blonde."

Hans smiled again. "You know, I've always liked a redhead."

Anna felt herself blush slightly. "Well your hair's kind of red, isn't it?"

Hans shrugged. "I guess," he replied, "But yours is a better red by far."

"But it's not totally red," she said, blushing again, "I mean, it's like a brownish red. And what about this random streak of white?"

Hans suddenly looked around to her other side. "I didn't even notice that," he remarked, "Wow. How did that happen?"

"I was born with it," Anna replied, "Although I dreamt I was kissed by a troll."

Ugh. She did not just say that she dreams about trolls, especially kissing trolls to a stunningly gorgeous guy. But he just chuckled. "Here's your class," he said.

Anna finally looked away from him and to the door he was pointing at. 404, yep that was it. How did they get there so fast?

"I guess this is where I leave you," Hans said.

"Yeah," Anna sighed.

"But I'll see you later," Hans said.

He would? Would they actually see each other again? "Yeah?" Anna asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Hans replied, smiling, "Have fun in class."