The sun was out at last after days of gray clouds and it reflected down onto the snow, making everything seem absolutely magical. Anna skipped through a particularly large snow drift, scattering glittering particles in all directions. "Isn't snow great!?" she cried happily.

Kristoff plowed along behind her and couldn't help smiling at her antics. "Watch out, you might slip," he said.

"Me? Slip?" Anna gave an exaggerated scoff as she twirled in placed, "I don't think-"

Her feet suddenly slid right out from beneath her and she fell flat on her behind with an "oof!". Kristoff skidded over to her and knelt beside her. "Are you OK?" he asked.

Anna groaned slightly. "Yeah, just a tender tailbone," she said as Kristoff helped her to her feet, "I'll be fine."

Kristoff stared at her as he held her. The cut on her head was just beginning to heal and other traces of bruises and beatings were disappearing as well. Kristoff blinked, trying to erase those horrible memories from his mind. She was here, safe and with him, away from that monster.

He realized he was still holding onto Anna, arms wrapped around her. Funny how things like that can escape your notice. But she did not even seem to mind as she gazed up at him, the tiniest hint of a smile on her lips. Suddenly her face dropped. "Oh!" she cried.

"What? What happened?" Kristoff asked, concerned he had done something.

"I'm supposed to meet Elsa in a few minutes," Anna said, "I was going to take her to lunch."

Kristoff raised and eyebrow. "You convinced her to come to lunch?"

"Yeah! I know, isn't it great?" Anna said enthusiastically, grinning. She grabbed his hand and began to pull him along, "Come on!"

She was actually quite strong and very fast for one so small. Kristoff found himself stumbling over his feet several times as he trailed after her. They reached Elsa's apartment in good time though. Anna promptly knocked on the door.

After a moment, they heard it unlatching and it opened. "Anna?" came Elsa's voice.

"Yes! Elsa, you promised," Anna said, "Come on, let's go!"

Elsa sighed. "Alright," she said after a moment, "Just... give me a minute to grab my things."

She shut the door, leaving Anna and Kristoff standing in the doorway. A minute passed... then two. Kristoff glanced at Anna. "Are... are you sure she's coming?" he asked.

"Of course!" Anna declared optimistically, "She said she was and I believe her!"

Although feeling skeptical himself, Kristoff was glad to see that Anna was healing from the dark pit she had fallen into. She was returning to her old ways of boundless optimism and enthusiasm, and it was wonderful.

Finally, the door opened and Elsa appeared, wrapped up in her trench coat and holding a small bag. "Ready?" she asked.

Anna grinned. "Yep! Let's go."


"See? That wasn't so bad," Anna said as she, Elsa, and Kristoff exited the restaurant.

"You threw your mashed potatoes at that guy across the aisle," Kristoff said.

"Well he was being provocative," Anna said crossing her arms and sniffing.

"You screamed at the guy sitting behind us about being a porno freak," Elsa pointed out.

"He had it coming!" Anna said, "None of those guys should be treating you like that! I'm determined to turn your life back to normal."

Elsa smiled slightly. "Thanks," she said, "But you don't..."

"Of course I do. Just because that sleazeball scumbag ruined your life, it doesn't mean it can't be fixed," Anna said, "I know we can do it together."

Elsa gave a wide smile and wrapped an arm around her sister's shoulder in a hug. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Speaking of that sleazeball scumbag," Kristoff spoke up, "I haven't even seen him around since, you know... that night."

Elsa smiled smugly. "I know. He may be getting what's coming to him at last... I contacted his father."

Anna and Kristoff looked at her, shocked. "What?" Anna asked, "How did you do that?"

"I told you, I did my research while I've been locked away," Elsa replied, "I found out Ambassador South is a real stickler to social graces and making a good impression for their country. We'll see how he takes it when he finds out what his youngest son has been doing. However, he's been going back and forth between Norway and other places for the past couple years and it's been difficult to know when he would be around. So I haven't been able to get ahold of him, but now..."

She smirked, almost devilishly. Anna and Kristoff glanced at each other, impressed. They continued walking.

They reached campus and immediately they heard a voice calling them. "Anna! Kristoff!"

They saw Sven coming towards them. He stopped beside them. "Oh hi, Elsa," he said.

Elsa gave a small wave and Sven looked back at Anna and Kristoff. "What's up, Sven?" Kristoff asked.

"I was wondering if any of you knew why Hans was packing up all his stuff into boxes?" Sven asked.

"He's what?" Anna cried.

"Yeah. I was just walking back from downtown and I passed by his place. There's a whole bunch of boxes in front," Sven continued, "I mean, yeah, they could've been someone else's, but then I saw him carrying another one from out of his apartment."

Anna frowned. "Come on," she said to everybody and began to march off.

Everyone shrugged at one another and followed after her. She headed all the way down to Hans's apartment, where sure enough there were stacks of boxes. Anna stood, staring in confusion until her friends caught up with her. She spotted Hans stepping out of his apartment and beginning to come down the stairs, a large box in hand. She began to feel her blood boil at the sight of him.

"You know," she said, "I never really did get to give that guy a piece of my mind."

She began to move forward, but Kristoff grabbed her shoulder. "Whoa, wait," he said, "Are you sure? I mean, you've seen how nasty he can get."

"I know," Anna said, "I can handle him."

"Alright, but I'll be standing right here," Kristoff said slightly uneasy, removing his hand.

Anna marched towards Hans who had reached the bottom of the stairs and was now setting his box beside some of the others. She approached him and he looked up at her. "Anna?" he asked confused, standing up straight in order to face her, "What are you doing here?"

Anna just frowned at him. Then without warning, she drew back her fist and sent it straight into his face, hard. "That's for me!" she shouted. He stumbled back, groggily. Before he had a chance to recover, she reared back and pounded her fist into his face once more with even more force than the first time. "That's for my sister!" she cried.

As he moaned in pain, clutching at his nose as it gushed blood, Anna picked up her knee and shoved it firmly into his crotch with as much vehemence as possible. He collapsed to the ground, now practically wailing in pain. "And that's for everyone else, you bastard," Anna told him softly.

She held her head high and simply turned away from the moaning, pitiful mess on the ground and headed back towards her friends. They were all staring at her, wide-eyed and jaws dropped.

Anna cleared her throat and brushed some hair out of her face. "Well uh, I think his nose is probably broken and um... he'll definitely not be the same downstairs anymore."

They continued to gape at her, then all of a sudden, one by one they each broke into grins.

"Oh my... can I just kiss you right now?" Sven asked.

"Back off, slick. She's taken," Kristoff said, smiling and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"But a hug will do," Anna said, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

At that, Sven came towards her and they met halfway in a hug, giggling. They suddenly felt another pair of arms joining them. Anna looked and saw Elsa with her arms wrapped around her, smiling equally large. Anna beamed and then turned to look at Kristoff who was standing off to the side, watching.

"Kristoff," she said, "Group hug!"

Kristoff raised his hands slightly. "Oh no, I..."

"Come on, ya big grump!" Sven said.

Before Kristoff could react, Anna had reached out, grabbed the front of his coat, and pulled him into the circle of arms. He went with it and even began to laugh himself.

"Ooh! Group hug? Let me in!"

They all became aware of another small set of arms pushing their way into their hug. They all turned to look and saw Olaf standing in the midst of them, happily. Everyone stepped back.

"Olaf," Anna said, smiling at him.

"Hi, guys!" Olaf said, "What are we doing?"

"Oh well, we were just watching a marvelous performance by Anna as she beat the crap out of jerk-wad Hans over there," Sven said, pointing gleefully.

Olaf looked and saw Hans struggling to his feet, still clutching his groin with one hand and wiping at the blood that was flowing from his nose with the other. Olaf gasped. "Anna, you did that?" he asked.

Anna nodded. "Yep."

"What are all the boxes for?" Olaf asked.

"He's moving back to Norway," Anna replied.

"What?" everyone asked simultaneously, looking at Anna.

"I saw it written on the boxes," Anna replied, "They're all addressed to somewhere in Norway, I can only assume it's his home. And I saw some suitcases over there too, not just boxes. He's leaving as well, not just his stuff. He's moving back to Norway to his family."

"Hmm," Elsa said, looking at Hans once more as he limped up the stairs into his apartment and disappeared, "Well I'm sorry for Norway."

Everyone was so distracted with Hans that they did not even notice that Olaf had someone else with him. A girl to be exact. Anna was the first to notice her, however.

"Olaf?" Anna asked, nudging her friend and gesturing to the girl standing awkwardly to the side.

"Oh!" Olaf cried and he ran over to the girl, "Everyone, this is Summer. The lovely girl who's going with me to the Winter Ball." He grinned proudly. "I told you I could find somebody. And this girl is wonderful!"

"Hi!" Summer said, giving a little wave and smiling. She had intense blue eyes and chubby red cheeks framed by bright, golden hair. She wasn't really any taller than Olaf and had the same childish look about her.

"Hi, Summer! It's great to meet you," Anna greeted her, then she paused as she remembered, "Oh yeah, the ball. That's this Saturday... and I guess my date is kind of moving to Norway." She looked up and Kristoff with a half a smile and hopeful eyes. "I don't suppose you know anybody who could help me out with that?"

Kristoff smiled down at her.


"Wow, look at this place!" Anna declared.

She and Kristoff entered the dance, arm in arm. It was like a winter wonderland. Although the place was beautiful, Kristoff was more blown away by the girl at his side. She had managed to get her hands on a dress in time, a simple, green, off-the-shoulder one with a black bodice, and she had her hair pulled back into an elegant bun. The cut on her forehead was barely even visible and all other cuts and bruises were gone save the gauze that was still wrapped around her wrist, but it was hardly noticeable. She could easily be the most stunning sight in the room... and she was his date. He could hardly believe that.

"There you guys are! We were beginning to wonder."

They both turned to see Elsa, Sven, and Olaf and Summer approaching them. Olaf's bowtie and waistcoat were color-coordinated with Summer's orange dress. Sven actually made an attempt to tame his wild mass of mangled hair and almost looked dapper in the tuxedo that he managed to get his hands on. Elsa was breathtaking. With her sparkling sky-blue dress with sheer snowflake-patterned sleeves. She even had small snowflakes interwoven into her hair.

"I see you're keeping with the theme?" Kristoff remarked, gesturing to Elsa.

Elsa shrugged. "Hey, I had the dress and I thought why not accessorize for the occasion?"

Anna nodded. "She's a really good seamstress, you know."

"Well I wouldn't know about that..." Elsa said.

"And you guys all look really great too," Anna said to the others.

They all smiled at her. Elsa suddenly sniffed the air. "Mmm, what is that amazing smell?" she asked.

Anna sniffed as well. "Chocolate!" they said at the same time and then giggled.

"I don't know about you, but I am going to go get some of that chocolate," Elsa said.

"OK," Anna said, "Hey, bring me some!"

Elsa headed over to the refreshments table and found it covered in all sorts of goodies. She reached out to take one of the truffles, but someone stepped in her way. A boy about her age. He grinned down at her.

"Hey, aren't you...?" he began, then he nodded as he looked closer at her, "You are!"

He called to a couple of guys standing nearby. "Hey, guys! Look, it's the Ice Queen."

Elsa felt her stomach drop at the mention of that name. The two other boys approached her and peered at her. "Are you sure?" one of them asked, "It's kind of hard to tell from this angle."

He suddenly grabbed her and forced her to turn around. Elsa cried out, but was unable to fight back. "Yep. That's her," the guy said.

He released her and Elsa straightened up. She held her head high and tried to walk away. "Wait! Queeny!" one of them called after her, "We want to ask you something!"

"Yeah, about your technique!" another one said as they caught up to her, "You looked pretty solid for most of it, but if you want you practice a little more on me..."

Elsa just curled up against herself and tried to keep walking, but the boys's taunts just kept coming. She shut her eyes, trying to shut it out.

Suddenly, it all stopped. She opened her eyes and looked around. She saw one of the most enormous boys she had ever seen in her life holding not one, but two of the harassing boys up off the ground by their collars. He was scowling at them ferociously.

"You leave her alone, you hear?" he boomed in a deep voice, "You come near her again and I'll rip your heads off!"

He dropped the boys onto the ground. They immediately scrambled to their feet and took off running into the crowd of people. Elsa looked up (like way, way up) at the boy who had saved her. "Thank you," she said.

"I don't like to see anyone get pushed around like that," the boy replied.

"Yes... Well, thanks again," Elsa said.

"I'm Marshall," the boy said, "But most people call me Marshmallow."

"Marshmallow?" Elsa asked.

He leaned down to her level. "I'm really not as scary as I look," he muttered, "But don't let that get too far."

Elsa smiled and stuck out her hand. "OK. Glad to meet you then, Marshmallow. I'm Elsa."

"Do you often get bothered like that?" Marshmallow wondered.

"Um, well..." Elsa stammered, "I suppose. Erm... a bit. Yes."

Marshmallow straightened up. "Miss Elsa, with your permission, I would happily like to fend off any miscreants that come your way and try to bother you."

"Oh no, really you don't have to. I can cope," Elsa said, "I have my sister and..."

"I can help you. It would be my pleasure," Marshmallow said, "I can just stand in front of you and glare at any suspicious character that comes your way."

Elsa smiled. "Oh alright, you've convinced me," she said, "But only if you really want to."

"Sounds like a deal, Miss Elsa." And they shook on it, smiling.

Meanwhile a slow song had started on the dance floor. Anna enthusiastically dragged Kristoff into the center claiming "I've never had a slow dance before!". Although Kristoff could have sworn she had once been raving about Hans taking her dancing before and he suspected this was only a ploy to get him on the dance floor.

However, he would have come out with her, ploy or not, because it was Anna. Despite the fact that he himself had never had a slow dance before (at least with no one outside his family), he made a valiant attempt to not trip over his own feet. But soon, he managed to find his footing and they were spinning slowly round and round, arms around each other.

Anna had her head resting against Kristoff's chest. She let out a small sigh. Kristoff looked down at her. "What?" he asked.

"We can start our new lives now," she said softly.

"Yeah," Kristoff agreed.

They continued to spin in silence for a moment. Then Anna spoke up again, "We can start over with school, we can start over with people. We can have a whole new life... with reindeers!

Kristoff chuckled. ""Reindeers"?" he repeated.

"Yeah. Don't you want some reindeers?" Anna asked.

"It's reindeer," Kristoff said, "No "S"."

"You started that!" Anna declared.

"And now I'm ending it," Kristoff said, smirking.

"You can't do that! It's part of your identity now, sorry," Anna said, sticking her nose in the air.

Kristoff smiled, amused at her determined resolve. "So are you," he said.

Anna looked up at him and he suddenly realized how that sounded. "What I mean is... if you want. Er... if you're ready. No!... It's not like I'm asking you to marry me or anything!... Not that I wouldn't want to. Not that I'm thinking about that already... What I'm trying to say is..."

"You are too."

Kristoff stopped babbling and looked down at Anna. "What?"

"You are too," Anna said again, her eyes glowing, "A part of my identity now. You are too."

The corner of Kristoff's mouth tweaked up. He never would have thought when he met this amazing girl just a few short months ago that she would actually end up being one of the most important things in his life. She had been through so much, suffered so many hardships, but now like she had said, it was time to start a new life.

Kristoff bent down and planted a kiss firmly on her mouth. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer. A new life she has found.


And that's that! Phew! *wipes brow* I'm kinda sad it's over, what will I do in my spare time now? Anyways, as a bonus, someone recommended me to a fanmade Frozen video to the song that inspired this fanfic. It's AMAZING! No, it wasn't made because of the fanfic, nor did I write the fanfic because of the video. Both are made because of the song. The link is on my page if you want to check it out.