Fred Said

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even Helga, as she is based off a real girl I knew in high school. Despite the name change, "Helga" owns herself.

Fred Dukes sat at lunch, eating enough for several normal teenage guys. His Brotherhood buddies were at the table with him. Wanda was across from Fred, while Todd was on Fred's right, and Lance was between Wanda and Pietro. After eating the students were allowed to go outside and relax. Call it recess. Call it an excuse for the teachers to have about fifteen minutes of extra sanity. Call it what you will. It is a good thing for all concerned, Except those persecuted by their peers. After eating, the Brotherhood went outside. Pietro needed to run around, literally. Todd wanted to catch the flies near the dumpster. Lance went looking for Kitty. Wanda just wanted to be left alone and glared at anyone who got too close. Fred was bored.

Walking around to the end of Gymnasium, Fred heard five female voices. Only one was crying. The others were obviously picking on her. Again. Gina started the torment with "Helga, you fat pig! Why did you wear that?" Jenny picked up with "Because the circus took back their tents!" Mary laughed as she added "Maybe Helga, here just got stranded on the shore!" Alexis purred in an evil voice "What I wanna know is, why haven't you just ended it by now, you stinking cow?" The four mean girls were not even all that pretty. Average looking, really. Still, they sought to climb the social ladder at poor Helga's expense. Blubbering in tears, poor Helga could not take it any more, and blindly ran right past the mean girls, and even Fred.

Fred was ANGRY! He HATED fat jokes. He'd been on the receiving end of them for so long!

The mean girls noticed Fred and suddenly shut up. The look on Fred's face was unmistakable. Turning around, Fred walked after Helga. Without even thinking about why he was doing this, Fred found Helga at the side of the school, near where the woods stop, and the parking lot begins. Helga was sobbing uncontrollably. Just sitting on one of the benches that are often found at such places. Helga was so distraught, that she did not even notice Fred, at first.

Fred sat on the ground next to Helga and looked at her. When she stands upright, Helga must be about six feet tall. Big bone structure, made her naturally heavier. She has a bust line, that on any other girl, would be envied. Her hair, in disarray, was a natural wheat blonde color. Helga's eyes were blue as water, as she looked at Fred. Helga was sniffling more than bawling, she pleaded with Fred, who seemed kind, and sympathetic "P-p-please hold me?"

Fred said "OK."