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December 31, 2014 11:30 PM

I stood with hundreds of other people in the middle of Times Square. As I had 365 days ago, despite the cold temperature, I was warmly wrapped up in Sheldon's coat.

365 days since he'd kissed mer. 365 days since he promised me we'd be together on this day. In all those days my life had changed more then I ever believed it could. Sheldon though, he believed in me.

I shuddered to think where I would be right now, if he hadn't stepped in and stood up for me.
I had no doubt I would still be with Leonard. I'd still be drinking. The worst though was I knew Sheldon had been right. Leonard would have continued to get physical with me. He'd been becoming more demanding. I never felt he truly believed in my ability to become an actress.

Sheldon believed though. Sheldon even figured out exactly what I needed to believe in myself again. My parents. That's who I had needed. I'd been shocked to see my parents on Valentine's Day. Sheldon having my father find me Albert Einstein the rabbit. Well I just didn't have any words for how sweet and loving that was. No one had ever listened to me like Sheldon did. Leonard probably would have gotten me some giant stuffed red bear to cuddle, with a box of chocolates. Not Sheldon though. He sought out my father and found out my greatest love as a child had been Mr. Thumper. Penny couldn't wait to see what Albert thought of Sheldon. The small bunny was very fussy about who he liked and who he didn't. Like Sheldon, Albert had schedules and got quite cantankerous when it was disrupted.

My mind drifted to the day three weeks after my parents had returned to Nebraska. A delivery truck had pulled up in front of my home. Delivery for me from one Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

It took two workers plus the driver of the truck to bring in all the boxes and take them up to the fourth floor.
All were thankful for the elevator.

13 dozen boxes. Each one filled with books. Books about everything. From Dr. Suess to some kind of science book, I couldn't even pronounce the title of. I went down to my bedroom grabbed my laptop and Albert and running back up the stairs.

I smiled at the memory of asking Sheldon what the heck I was supposed to do with 13 dozen boxes of books.

"Penny books are for reading and learning. Why even Dr. Suess is full of things to learn." He said smirking at her.

Sheldon had sighed as he watched me roll my eyes at him in exasperation.

"I wanted you to understand that while I always say I have a working knowledge of the universe, it didn't all just magically pop into my massive brain. I've read everyone of those books. Their all in order. Even I started out learning simply from Dr. Suess all the way up to Quantum Physics.

Penny to be a great actress you have to start simply from a grade school play and work your way up to Broadway or an Oscar winning film. You have to study your craft and learn everything you can about all aspects of it.

There is only one difference between my wanting to solve the mysteries of the universe and your wanting to win an Oscar or a Tony award.

Some where along the road to sucess, you stopped believeing in yourself. That's why I sent you to New York alone. It's why I sent your parents to you. Once you find that belief again nothing will stop you from attaining your goal. You will win your prize just as surely as I'm going to win a Nobel Prize. You just have to believe it and then work for it." Then Sheldon had smiled softly at me and logged off.

That was probably one of the most significant moments of my life. Something inside me gave way and I let go of all that self-doubt I'd been holding onto for far too many years. I threw myself full force into the opportunity Sheldon had given me. I didn't just go to one acting class I went to several I even signed up at the University and took a few summer theater courses. I even took a costuming and stage design course.

I threw myself as whole heartedly into all aspects of acting as Sheldon does his string theory. I found a quote by Albert Einstein in one of Sheldon's books. I live my life by it now.

"You never fail until you stop trying." Einstein was right. The only time I failed was when I stopped trying.
I had an artist friend paint that over the door so I see it everytime I leave home.

1 more minute until midnight. Sheldon promised me he'd be here. I scan the crowd but it's pointless.
There are simply too many people. I've even lost sight of the friends I came here with. Well he has the address for the house. I can always text him and tell him to meet me there when his plane lands. It must have been delayed by the weather. Otherwise Sheldon would have been here already.

I decide to head home, when suddenly everyone around me starts counting down, as loudly as they can.

TEN NINE EIGHT... Suddenly I hear the voice I've been longing for this past year.

"Turn around Kitten." I do as I'm told. Finally on the count of Four I find myself back in Sheldon's embrace.

"THREE"The crowd bellows. I never heard the Two One. The moment Sheldon's lips touched mine the rest of the crowd just disappeared. When Sheldon pulled back and smiled at me, I realized that for the first time in a year I took a breath. All the failures were worth it. Every single one of them brought me to this moment. The moment where I truly realized where I belonged.

January 1, 2015 7:12AM

Sheldon what heard what could only describe as a muffled thump. Light was just starting to come through the heavy drapes of Penny's bedroom. He felt Penny squirm for a moment. Despite her trials Sheldon knew she couldn't get any closer to him, unless she slid upon his chest. Sheldon very gently ran his fingers through her long blonde locks. Moving them softly away from her face.

He'd never felt more content in his life. This had by far been the longest year he'd ever spent.
Sheldon couldn't even tell you the number of times he'd had to stop himself from getting on a plane and coming here. He knew though he'd been right. Penny needed to make it on her own. Slowly through the year, the confident young woman he'd met all those years ago began to reappear.

Leonard had moved out as per their contract. Sheldon wished he could say he was surprised when he learned that two weeks later Leonard was back in a relationship with Leslie Winkle.
6 weeks later Winkle was offered a position at University in Colorado. She accepted and Leonard followed her.

Amy tried for 45 days to get him to reinstate their contract. He refused. She finally got the hint when Bernadette took him to a lawyer cousin of Howard's. Who let Amy know in terms she could understand that her behavior would no longer be tolerated. If Sheldon so much as got a whiff of her anywhere near him. Well the lawyer would see to it the restraing order he'd gotten was put to good use.

A month after that Amy was working in a lab in Norway.

6 months after Penny had gone Raj meet the new International Studies professor CalTech hired.
Oddly enough she grew up in a town twenty miles from where Raj grew up. Sheldon had their wedding invitation in his messenger bag. If Penny wasn't filming, he was going to insist the two of them fly to India for the wedding.

Sheldon smiled fondly as he thought of Bernadette and Howard. They had truly become his very good friends. Howard truly disgusted by Leonard's behavior cut off all ties with the man.
He made sure that Sheldon went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Bernadette who was still friends with the cook always mad sure his BBCheesburger was made exactly to his specifications. Howard also made sure they had game night. Bernadette set everything up so that Howard, Raj, and Sheldon went to Comic Con.

He couldn't hide the relief he felt when Bernadette informed him the lab company she worked for was opening a new division just outside of N.Y.C. She'd been offered a leading positon.
Howard encouraged her to take it. Howard managed to get himself a teaching post in small community college nearby.


Sheldon turned his head peering over the side of the bed. Suddenly his blue jeans, that Penny had stripped him of when they'd gotten to the bedroom last night. Started to make their way across the hard wood floor.

Tapping Penny three times on her shoulder Sheldon whispered..."Penny. Penny." THUMP

"PENNY" He squawked.

Pulling my head off of Sheldon's chest I peered at him through bleary green eyes.

"I love you to death Sheldon. But if this place isn't on fire, I'm going to make you suffer for waking me up from such a delicous sleeping postion!" I snarled at him.

"We must call an exterminator immediately!" He whined at me.

"Sheldon, we don't have any bugs. I haven't seen even an ant since I've been here."

"Not bugs Penny. Rats look at the floor! One is inside my blue jeans!" He snapped at me practically shoving me over his chest so I can see the floor.

As I finally make eye contact with Sheldon's jeans. There they go moving across the floor.

I break out into a fit of giggles. This isn't the first time I've seen clothing move across the floor.

"What the heck is so funny pray tell?" Sheldon demands.

"Watch" Is all I say to him. Then I let out a whistle. Sheldons jeans twitched a couple of more times and I watched in delight as a small black and white face with long fuzzy ears popped out of the bottom of his pants.

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper may I present Dr. Albert Einstein." I let out a gasp as I suddenly found myself on my back looking up into smouldering blue eyes.

"We're going to have a long talk about that rabbit getting into my pants." Sheldon said. I gave a small wiggle underneath him causing him to let out a deep growl. He suddenly forgot all about Albert. Just before his lips met mine he whispered..."I love you Penny."

They Lived Happily Ever After.