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It features the shippings; Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, Oldrivalshipping, Soulsilvershipping, Kalosshipping, Pokeshipping and Ferriswheelshipping, some not as much as others. And maybe more.

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Chapter I: The Letter

"May, you were so loved... so loved."



"May! Get down here at once!"

Up in her room, May Maple sighed. She was a medium height, skinny girl with medium-length brown hair. She had beautiful sapphire eyes which portrayed her mother's greatly. It was her birthday and yet, no one but her remembered. She hopped of her bed, and onto the creaking wooden tiles.

Her aunt was calling for her, obviously for a chore. May was still waiting for the day her life turned around, although that seemed like just a glinting hope at that time.

The brunette headed downstairs to see them all sitting around a table staring at her intently. If you're wondering why she lived with them in the first place, it's because a month after she was born, her parents went missing. No one had seen them ever since. May grew up with this family as they were her only living relatives.

"What's wrong?" May asked innocently, her hands behind her back. All she really wanted to do was get back to playing Pokémon on her DS, she only had the game and the DS since Albert chucked them out. How he could throw out such a wonderful game and console, she didn't know.

"You have a letter. From a boarding school," Aunt Jen said, her eyes narrowed.

Uncle Gus was going red with anger. "Why didn't you tell us you applied for a boarding school?!"

May was shocked, she couldn't remember applying for any schools. "What? I didn't even apply for any school!"

Her uncle slammed his hand on the table. "You liar! You're not going to this school! You will stay in your public school!"

She was quite skinny, and agile. An offer from a boarding school was her ticket out of her life filled with slavery and unfairness. Dodging around Uncle Gus and the twins, she snatched the letter from Aunt Jen's hand and ran for it out the main door.

She was laughing as she climbed up the high tree and sat on a high branch. Aunt Jen was the only one who wasn't overweight but she was far too frail to climb up the tree. Grinning, she tore open the letter. She was amazed by how pretty it was. Just like that effect when you put coffee on paper and maybe burn the edges.

Dear Maybelle Maple,

You have been offered a spot in Bordeaux School of Battling and Coordinating. You may not have applied but we know you'll be more than great at our school.

Your train (Arceus Express) will leave from platform 7 and a half from Southern Cross Station, 29th of January. If you're confused, ask around.

We look forward to your arrival.

Sincerely, Professor Salvatore

May frowned. Bordeaux School of Battling and Coodinating? Sounds a bit like Pokémon. She shrugged, any school was better than her one at that time.

"I'm going to that school!" she shouted down at her family who was still yelling at her to get down.

"No you're not!" Uncle Gus shouted back.

"Oh dear me, it seems I'm quite late!"

May looked around behind her to see gorgeous woman walking towards us. She had was wearing a stylish yellow top with black designs, black stockings, a headset with very long black antennas and yellow high heels. She had a perfect figure, short blonde hair and amazing icy blue eyes. Uncle Gus and Albert's jaws dropped at the same time.

"I'm Elesa, here to take Maybelle Maple?"

"I'm up here!" May said loudly, waving to her up from the high tree.

She looked up at her and smiled. "Oh there you are. Now you do want to come to this prestigious school, don't you?"

Thinking that her family couldn't do anything to while Elesa was around, she climbed down the tree skilfully and landed on both feet. "Of course I do!"

She smiled again, wider. "Great. Pack your stuff and let's go!"

Aunt Jen glared at her, a look of disbelief on her face. "You can't just take her! You don't have our permission!"

Elesa looked unimpressed, twirling her long antennas from her headset through her fingers. "Her parents left us an application for her before she was born and left their permission so she's allowed to come. Problem?"

May smiled, my parents did do something for me after all. Giggling, she ran into the house to pack her trunk. Her family just stared in disbelief, their jaws wide open. Finally, she was going to get out of that mess she called her life.

Elesa's heels were clattering on the hard cement platform and she got many looks from the guys walking past. They were at Southern Cross Station, walking to platform 7 and a half.

"Here. Go through this wall here and you'll be on platform 7 and a half," Elesa told May.

Her jaw dropped. Go through the wall? Is she out of her mind?! "How am I meant to go through a wall? And how does that even work?"

The blonde woman sighed. "It works because of the magic within us, watch me and then do the same." After making sure no one was watching, Elesa casually leaned on the wall and went straight through. May was baffled as to how it worked, she cocked her head and stared at the wall.

A boy around her age appeared with what seemed like his parents. He had chartreuse hair and matching emerald eyes. "Go on, Drew!" his mother said, pushing him along slightly.

He watched parents go through the wall, he seemed to be hesitant. He looked over at the nearby brunette and raised an eyebrow. "What are you looking at? Too scared to go through the wall?" he said, smirking.

"Of course not!" May replied, glaring at him.

"Then you go first," he replied smugly.

"Why? That means you're the scared one!" she snapped back at him.

"Ladies first. That is if you are a girl," he said, holding back a chuckle.

May huffed and walked over to the wall, not before whacking him on the head with her fist. Taking a deep breath, she shut her eyes and walked straight through the wall to see saw Elesa standing nearby, an eyebrow raised.

"What took you so long May? The train is going to leave soon, you better hurry!" she said, pulling her along to the door. "Oh, and May," Elesa said, stopping the brunette.


Elesa smiled. "Happy birthday."

May smiled in return and got on the train, pulling her luggage after her. "Thank you for everything, Elesa."

"No problem. I'll see you soon, May."

The brunette smiled to herself. That's the first time someone's ever wished me a happy birthday.

May walked through the train, looking around for a seat. She found one, there were two girls sitting in there.

"May I sit here?" she asked politely. There were small compartments with seats, and a table in between. The train wasn't too large, but it was cosy.

A girl with two brown pigtails and a large white hat grinned. "Of course! Take a seat."

The other girl had long, straight midnight blue hair. They were both beautiful and healthy, making May feel a bit out of place. "Hi, I'm Dawn! Nice to meet you," the girl with the blue hair said.

"I'm Lyra!" the girl with the brown pigtails introduced cheerfully. Her smile could possibly be the happiest smile May had ever seen.

"My names May, nice to meet you guys!" May replied in the same cheerful tone as Lyra.

Dawn's eyes widened. "May? As in May Maple?" She looked at May curiously, as if studying her.

May exchanged the curious look. "Yeah, how do you know my name?"

Dawn grinned, pointing a finger at May. "You're the girl who's parents went missing when you were just a baby! Dad said it was pretty big news at the time. Your parents, Caroline and Norman, were really well-known-"

"Are these seats free?" The girls looked over, there was a girl with long ash-brown hair and sharp green eyes standing at the door of our cabin.

Lyra nodded, giving a cheerful smile again. "Sure, take a seat!"

"Thanks. My names Leaf by the way." Leaf had a strong English accent. May wondered why she was wearing a trench coat, it was the middle of summer. Leaf stored her luggage in the over head storage and took a seat opposite May.

They all introduced themselves and Leaf recognised May too. Lyra seemed like the only one at that moment who hadn't heard of her. "So which country did you come on from?" Dawn asked May.

May frowned. What does she mean what country? Weren't we all from Australia going somewhere else in Australia? "What do you mean? Didn't we all come from Southern Cross Station?"

Leaf looked at May with her eyebrows raised. "I came from London."

Her jaw dropped. "Then how did the train pick me up here in Australia?!"

Lyra looked at May, confused. "Wait, so you don't know?"

May looked back with even more confusion in her eyes. "Know what?"

Lyra looked over at Dawn as if saying, You explain it.

Dawn started talking slowly, like she was explaining something to a little kid, "We're going to Bordeaux School of Battling and Coordinating, as in, Pokémon!"

May giggled. "Pokémon? But that's just a game!" She really thought they were kidding.

Leaf face-palmed and sighed. Dawn looked at her with amusement. "You really don't know do you? This is a school where you battle and coordinate Pokémon. Of course there's breeders and berry planters and things like that but they're not studied as much."

She didn't know if Dawn was being serious. "Pokémon is real?! Then where is this train going now? China?" She looked out of the window, they were currently passing through fields of grass, and there were mountains in the distance.

Lyra sighed. "We all got on at the same time from different countries because of some Pokémon's psychic powers, you know?"

May couldn't believe it, wondering if her parents had something to do with it. She asked more questions about the school and realised it might actually be very much real. She learnt that there were 18 types (just like the games) and everyone had one, their first Pokémon had their type.

Lyra grinned. "The four houses are Entei, for the brave, Lugia, for the intelligent, Giratina, for the kind and Rayquaza, for the cunning. Which do you think you'll be in, May?"

Happiness came upon May's features, wondering if it was all a dream. I definitely won't be in in Rayquaza, probably not in Lugia either. I'll most likely be in Giratina, maybe Entei. "Giratina or Entei, probably," she replied.

Lyra looked at May excitedly. "Me too!"

Leaf smiled. "I think I would be in Lugia or Rayquaza," she concluded thoughtfully.

"I would be in either Lugia, Giratina, or even Entei," Dawn said with a grin. S

"How do they pick the houses?" May asked curiously.

"There's a special Alakazam that reads your mind or something and there's a special ceremony at the start of every year that sorts the first years into their houses," Lyra explained.

"Apparently the Alakazam is over a thousand years old and will live forever," Leaf stated randomly.

"So, what does Bordeaux mean?" May asked, again.

"Well, there's a few meanings to it but the main reason why it's called Bordeaux is actually because of an old place in France, it's said that that's the place where people from the human world found discovered Pokémon, some type of portal or something. Also because our school is by a riverbank, another meaning of Bordeaux in French. We'll learn more about it in school probably," Dawn explained, barely taking a breath.

She sighed in a daydream-like way. "The school is so beautiful, it's like a huge castle and there's an amazing river and-"

"We get it Dawn. Save your excitement for later, I'm going to try and sleep," Leaf said with a yawn.

Leaf wasn't a mean person, she just liked to get down to the point. May still had one more question though.

"So where exactly is this school?" she asked, once again she thought she had asked a stupid question. She was mostly curious to find out where the school was and how it was kept hidden.

Leaf looked at her in annoyance for like the third time. She sighed, her sharp green eyes looking into May's own blue ones. "It's where the train is headed now, the Pokémon world."

The Pokémon world?!

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