"Hey, Henry, who's that boy?" Emma asked as she stared at the boy sitting down in a booth, blue hood up, and eating ice cream. She noticed him quite a few times, but always had something distracting her at the time. She turned to Henry with a puzzled look on her face.

Henry smiled. "Oh, that's Jackson," he said matter-of-factly.

Emma grinned dryly, not that Henry noticed. "Let me guess, Jack and the Beanstalk."


"Jackson, you know, he's Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk." Emma started confidently, but her tone was rather hesitant towards the end because of Henry's frown.

"Jackson isn't that Jack. He's Jack Frost!"

Emma started. "Jack Frost? As in nipping noses, Jack Frost? Well, I suppose it makes sense that he's eating ice cream in this weather…"

Henry laughed. "Jackson always eats ice cream! He loves anything cold, it reminds him of the frost and snow."

"Of course it does." Emma sighed as Henry started spouting off facts about Jackson, or Jack Frost, with smile on his face, before a certain realization hit her.

"Wait a minute Henry, isn't Jack Frost evil? Why do you—"

"No, Jack's not evil, he's really nice! He's a Guardian!"

"Guardian? Guardian of what?" Emma was ignored by Henry.

"Jack! Hey, Jackson!"


Emma froze, shocked by the Jackson's appearance, as he lifted his head and turned in their direction. Snow white hair, and wasn't that appropriate for the personification of winter,she thought, and red eyes connected with her gaze. Emma was certainly shocked, and not just by his looks. She knew the boy, Jackson, was young, but she never once had seen his face completely, it was always obscured by his hoodie.

Sitting in a booth, eating ice cream on a strangely cold day in Storybrooke, was an albino teenager. Teenager would never have come to her mind about Jack Frost before Storybrooke.

Emma snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Jackson smile breathtakingly towards their direction with a small wave.

Even though she knew this fairytale reality that Henry believed in wasn't real, she knew just then that this boy couldn't possibly be evil.