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So I have decided to embark on the crossover story of my career: AVENGERS AND CRIMINAL MINDS. Yes, I have decided to go there. In this tale we'll have an unsub who is also a super villain (much in the same way Tobias Hankle, Billy Flynn, or the Replicator could be considered), one of our favorite profiling hunks becoming a superhero, and, of course, some budding romances. Though not many will read this one because it's a crossover, I'm going to have the time of my life posting it, and hopefully all of you who do stumble upon it will enjoy :)

Many thanks to CeeCee333 for helping me beta this story!

Quantico, Virginia

"Talia! Tal, are you ready and dressed? The pancakes are gonna be cold if you don't hurry up," Penelope Morgan called up the stairs of her house to her six year old daughter. Today was Talia's first day of first grade, and both Penelope and her husband, Derek were taking her to school to see her off.

Talia appeared at the top of the stairs, her hair in a braid and her Disney princess backpack bouncing on her back as she trotted down the stairs. A smile was lighting up her face, her dimples standing at attention. Already the little girl looked exactly like her mother, only with darker features. And though she looked like a mini Penelope, her personality was nearly identical to Derek; she was fearless. "I just brushed my teeth, Mama!"

Penelope smiled and kissed her daughter's forehead. "Good work, sweetheart," she said, patting her daughter's cheek. She glanced around as she and Talia entered the kitchen. There was no sign of Derek anywhere. "Hot Stuff?" she called, heading to the archway that led to the living room. Still there was no sign of him. "Derek honey, where are you?" Rolling her eyes when she still received no answer, she went back into the kitchen and started serving pancakes onto her daughter's plate. She smiled as she added some fruit next to the pancakes, then leaned on her elbows on the counter. "You ready for your first day, sweetie?"

"Yep," Talia said, nodding vigorously. She took a gulp of her juice. "Will Daddy be home when I get home?"

"Well, it all depends if he has to go on a trip," Penelope responded. "Uncle Hotch didn't know if they have a case." As she was about to say more, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind and a gentle kiss was placed on her neck. Had she not recognized the strength of the grip around her she might have jumped in surprise. However, she knew at once that it was Derek who was holding her, and it came as no surprise at all. Closing her eyes, a purr escaped her lips and she murmured, "And speak of the devil…"

Derek's deep laugh filled her ears. "Devil, huh?" he asked.

Talia giggled. "Daddy's not the devil, Mama." She hopped off her stool at the counter and went to throw her arms around Derek's waist. "Hi, Daddy!" she chirped.

He let go of Penelope to lean down and hoist his daughter in his arms. Kissing her cheek, he said, "Morning, Baby Doll. You ready to go to school?"

"Mama already asked me that," she said as she was set back down on her feet. With a bright grin that rivaled her father's in brilliance, she added, "And the answer is yeah."

Penelope smiled at her husband and daughter as they both ate their pancakes. She was so glad the team wasn't on a case so that Derek could be there to see Talia off to school. In all likelihood, they would get one when they got to the round table room, but until then they were just the Morgans, no FBIs or SSAs attached to their names.

"Alright, you two," she said, planting kisses on both their cheeks. "Let's get moving."


Elsewhere in Quantico, Virginia

JJ stood at the coffeemaker, pouring herself a travel mug of the steaming liquid. It was a quiet morning before she had to be in at the office. Henry had been with Will over Labor Day, and therefore he was getting taken to school by him as well. She'd ended up spending the brief weekend holiday with the Morgans, the Hotchner boys, and Reid. And even though she'd been with her friends, she'd felt more lonely than she'd ever felt in her entire life.

The divorce that had gone on between her and Will was miserable. They'd been fighting for over a year, constant fights that sometimes made her feel more drained than a rough case. So in a year earlier, they decided to call it quits. It had torn her life in two, not because she missed Will, but because of her son. Henry was now spending every other weekend with his father, and with the case load she had on top of that, she was seeing him less and less.

She thought of the rest of her team. Morgan and Garcia were still happily married after three years of marriage and a child, Hotch and Beth had Jack and were expecting another baby by the start of the next year, Blake and her husband were still together — no matter how far apart they were — Rossi and Strauss had…something, and Reid seemed quite content on his own.

As she put the lid on top of her mug, she turned around and stared briefly around her completely empty kitchen. Silence was the only sound surrounding her. The fridge was the only bright spot, covered in pictures of her and Henry. She was so proud of her ten year old. She didn't know how, but the divorce seemed to be effecting him in meager ways. It was almost as if he had known something like this would happen. Heading into the living room, she flipped on the television to check the news before she went to work. The first thing, of course, had to do with the insane American politics going on. She stared at the screen mutely, not really caring very much about it much. However, one of the next things that appeared was a new press conference, conducted by Tony Stark.

For some reason this caught her attention.

Ever since the discovery of aliens and the near destruction of New York City, the whole world had been buzzing about the real-live superheroes that lived in the world. Who would have thought?

On the subject of Tony Stark though, she recalled his womanizing behavior, his cocky and narcissistic behavior, and his involvement with the weapons industry. How could people not have heard his name? Even young kids, like Henry, were crazy about him.

"Mom, when I grow, I want to be just like Ironman," he stated. "Or Thor! They're so cool."

"Honey, you don't want to be like Ironman," she said with a laugh. "He's not a very nice guy. He's self-absorbed. You don't want to be that way."

He merely shrugged. "He's still super cool."

Rolling her eyes, she flipped the TV off and rose to her feet. She didn't have time for that shit. Time to get going to work. That she did have time for.


Malibu, California

Tony Stark sat in his garage, tinkering around with his machines and cars. Lately, since Pepper had left him, he'd been spending the majority of his time in his basement, only Jarvis for company. Rhody stopped by every now and then, but it was only to make sure he was alive.

The rare moments he got out, he gave the reporters cocky assessments of the incident in New York that he didn't actually mean. He also spent countless hours at the casino, drinking and gambling, adding two or three women to his arm. He was in a downward spiral essentially. Pepper hadn't been able to handle the stress of being with him, so she'd left. He had no idea where she went, but after a little while of searching for her off the grid, he gave up. She didn't want to be found, so he would give her space. He needed time to work on himself anyway. After going through the wormhole, he wasn't the same.

Maybe Pepper wasn't what he needed for that.

But that begged the question: who was what he needed for that?

"Sir, does this work on these cars actually have any purpose?" Jarvis, his computerized system, said, his voice breaking through his current tranquil state.

He rolled his eyes at his high tech computer, but continued turning his wrench. "I'm just keeping busy," he said. "So no, there is no point really. It's just how I'm choosing to spend my time."

"Do you want me to try and call Ms. Potts?"

Tony's head shot up, and he snapped, "No. Why the hell would I try that again? She very clearly doesn't want to be found, so I'm not going to push it."

"Have you decided what you're going to do about the panic attacks? They are coming more frequently."

"Yes, thank you for that little bit of information," he said in annoyance. "I'm pretty sure I know when my own fucking body is having a panic attack!"

"Have you considered contacting S.H.I.E.L.D. to ask for their assistance? Surely they'll know some —"

He dropped his wrench abruptly and hissed angrily, "Jarvis, do I need to turn you off?"

"Sir, I'm just trying to help."

"Yeah, well help a little less," he said. Rubbing his slightly sweaty face, he started for the stairs. "I'm going to take a shower. Turn off the lights in here, would you?"

"Of course, sir," the computer said respectively.

Using the keypad, he exited his garage and made his way up the stairs to his master bathroom to get a shower. Lately, he'd been nothing but depressed, trying to hide his pain in alcoholism and machines, particularly his suits. He'd been renovating them in case of another attack from space, but Thor had assured him if anything was to happen, he would be sure to warn them before anything could happen like what had happened New York.

Everything really had changed after the attack and the wormhole. He'd lost Pepper, he'd lost, what he felt like was, his sanity. He didn't know how to fix the spot he was in. Rhody assured him it wasn't through alcohol and gambling, but he didn't listen. Maybe it would be love with someone else, but he didn't know. He couldn't tell the future, so he didn't see any point in speculating. He would just bide his time, waiting for the world to need Ironman again. As far as he was concerned, that was all the world really needed him for.

Until that moment he was needed though, he would remain just as he was right then: Regularman.


Beneath the Tower of London - London, England

The pale, auburn haired woman stared at the global map she had tacked to the wall of her lair. It was dark and damp down beneath the Tower of London, but it was the best place she could hide. She'd been following leads all over the globe to find the Orb of Isis, and now she thought she'd finally found it. How could she not have figured out it was in the British Museum all this time? She scowled for her pure stupidity and moved on from the map to the portrait of the the Goddess Isis. The goddess was her inspiration; she was the patron of magic, after all.


She turned from gazing at the portrait and focussed on her second in command, Nigel. He was a bald man with an eyepatch and an extremely muscular build. He could easily take down any opponent. The best part of him: he was fiercely loyal to her. He was also the only one who wasn't frightened of her eyes, her ice blue eyes that appeared almost white. They'd been a constant reason behind her emotional torture ever since she was a child. And it had only gotten worse when her magic and telepathy evolved through adolescence. Her parents had wanted to suppress her power, to keep her locked away from the world. But that wouldn't do for her. She refused to hide who she was. She didn't care what any of them, family or peers, thought of her. No longer was she going to constrict herself to what they all wanted. She would make them pay for how they treated her.

And with the Orb of Isis to magnify her powers to a global level, she would be able to take revenge on all of them. Every last one of them.

"What is it, Nigel?" she asked hardly. "Is everything going according to plan with the boys in the lab?"

He nodded. "Yes," he said. "The bombs will be ready any day now, and then we can strike the Clock Tower as planned."

She smirked slightly. "This will be an excellent way to distract them all from us taking the Orb," she said. "They won't know what hit them."

"Are you going for a high body count, or mostly shock value?" he asked her with a smirk.

"What do you think?" she snapped. "Of course we're going for a high body count." Smiling mischievously and added, "And shock value."

He grinned wickedly and nodded. "Well then, I look forward to this plan."