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Hey, all! Alright, so I'm back in the States, meaning much more regulated posting lol. Here's an Ironman POV chapter, finally after a long break from him. This is pretty much the last one of the battle on the Helicarrier that has been stretching for the last several chapters. The story is about to get to the final battle, then it'll be finished. Thanks so much for the reviews, and let me know what you're thinking about where we are now :)


The explosion rocked the whole of the ship, unbalancing Tony so he fell from the edge of JJ's infirmary bed and onto his back. JJ gasped, ripping her IV line out of her arm.

"Sounds like we've got company," Tony grumbled, rising to his feet. He looked at JJ, giving her a stern look. "Stay here. You're not in any condition to fight right now."

She shook her head, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "You're kidding yourself if you think I'm not helping," she snapped, hurrying toward the door.

Tony followed after her swiftly, placing his hand on her shoulder. She whirled around and glared at him with a ferocity he had not seen in a long time on the face of any woman.

"Don't even try to stop me, Stark!" she said, slamming her palm down on the door pad to open the infirmary doors and rush down the hall. Tony had no idea where she was headed, but instead of following after her, he shook his head, cursing. If JJ was going to fight, he was going to let her.

But if he wanted to protect her, he needed the suit.

When Tony reached his workshop, he nearly threw himself into his suit. "Jarvis," he ordered. "Get me a reading of the entire ship. Where are most of those bastards?"

"Sir, I'm receiving massive thermal readings from the main deck," Jarvis replied. "It would appear as though SHIELD agents are fighting the enali creatures in there."

"Bellaria isn't going to be there," Tony said, heading back to the hall. He needed to find JJ immediately. "Are there any other more isolated heat signals on the ship?"

"There are," Jarvis answered. "I'll analyze them and use the video surveillance from the Helicarrier's system to find who those signals belong to."

Tony grumbled, retracing his path to try and find where JJ might have gone. Another explosion rocked the Helicarrier, causing Tony to lose his balance and hit the wall. He cursed loudly, wondering just how much damage would have been done to the ship this time.

As he hurried around the corner, calling JJ's name in an attempt to find her, he felt a softer, but still obvious explosion. Impatient, he turned his attention back to Jarvis, who had been silent the whole time he looked for JJ.

"Jarvis, you better have found something for me," Tony growled, more frustrated with each passing second.

Jarvis' response came swiftly. "Sir, I've analyzed footage from the Helicarrier, and it would appear as though Bellaria is headed toward the interrogation room where her companion, Nigel is being held…and Agent Jareau is running down the hall straight toward her."

Tony cursed loudly. "God damn it, JJ!" he snapped, hurrying in the direction of the interrogation rooms.

He hurried forward and raced through the winding halls. Jarvis reported to him that the fighting was still on the main deck, and he rushed in the direction of the interrogation rooms.

"JJ!" Tony hollered when he reached the corridor that led to the inner parts of the ship. JJ may have been a fierce fighter, able to hold her own against Bellaria in hand-to-hand combat, but with the injuries she had sustained in Abydos, she would have a much harder time. He needed to help her. "JJ, where the hell are you?"

Up ahead, just before the stairwell that would go down to the interrogation chambers, he saw her leaning against the doorframe. "I'm here," she grunted.

He stopped next to her, putting his hand on her good shoulder. Turning her ever so slightly, he noticed the dark stain on the new suit she had put on. One of her stitches must have ripped open.

"You need to go back to the infirmary," he demanded. "Now."

JJ faced him, her eyes piercing through his mask in a fiery gaze. "I'm fine, Stark," she snapped, pulling her gun from her hip holster. "That bitch is going to come down here for her buddy, and I'm going to end this."

"She's already down there," Tony ground out, keeping his grasp on her upper arm. "And you're hurt."

"I've had worse," she growled at him. "So you can either help me, or get the fuck out of my way!"

Taken aback at the pure fury on her face, Tony released her arm. Willful as JJ was, she wasn't going to be able to shake him, though. He would follow her wherever she went right now.

"Alright, let's get this over with," she said as they went down the stairs with care. "I want this over."

They reached the bottom of the steps into the dimly lit interrogation hall. Up ahead where Fury had ordered Nigel be kept, the two SHIELD agents supposed to be standing watch had their guns in their mouths. In front of them stood Bellaria.

"Oh my God," JJ breathed, just before the shots rang out.

"NO!" Tony bellowed, activating his right hand blaster. He fired straight toward Bellaria, hoping to blast her to pieces. Bellaria ducked, though. Because she had dodged out of the way, Tony's shot went straight through the door. It burst open, and with a delighted cackle, Bellaria ran through to the interrogation room.

Beside him, Tony could almost feel JJ's wrath radiating off of her. Before even he himself could go after Bellaria, JJ was halfway down the hall. Tony followed after her. Raising her gun, JJ prepared to enter in pursuit of Bellaria. As she and Tony stepped over the threshold he had just blasted, another explosion erupted and the lights blew out. JJ fell against Tony when the bomb went off, and both of them toppled into the wall. The Helicarrier's backup generators kicked in almost immediately, bringing back some light, but they did little to help with line of sight.

"You alright?" Tony asked, grappling with JJ in the darkness.

She held onto him to steady herself. "I'm fine," she said. "I just wanna take care of this bitch, and – "

"Oh, JJ," Bellaria cooed, interrupting her. Neither Tony nor JJ could see the telepath, but her voice echoed off the walls. Her voice was so chilly that even Tony felt a shiver run through his skin. "You're so naïve. You really think this is going to end now, so soon before the real fun has even started? You're a Descendant of Isis. You and I have so much more to go through before we are done."

Tony placed a hand on JJ's shoulder, trying to calm her, but it was too late. She fired into the interrogation room, nothing holding her back. Her face was blackened with fury, colored even darker by the dimness of the room. The bullet hit nothing, instead sounding off against the steel of the walls.

Rationale told Tony to play things safe, to try and dissuade JJ from her path of revenge. But logic and Tony Stark had never mixed well. He raised his arm, ready to aid her in that vengeance she sought.

After the bullet flew, both Bellaria and Nigel materialized in the dim light. Murderous glares met their eyes, and the four stood, staring. No one fired a shot; they were just frozen in the moment of pure hatred that festered between them. Tony ground his jaw, every muscle in his body a livewire.

"You're not going anywhere," JJ hissed. "Either of you." Her gun, directed at Bellaria, and she prepared to fire.

As the shot went off, though, Nigel let out a roar. He launched himself at JJ, knocking her to the ground. Unconsciously Tony fired, his instincts taking over before he could realize he might hit JJ with the blast.

JJ was fine, though. His blast, along with JJ's bullet meant for Bellaria, struck Nigel fatally. JJ's eyes went wide as the full weight of the man's bulky form pinned her to the ground and her head knocked against the ground with a loud thump. Immediately Tony leapt forward to throw Nigel off JJ. He thrust Nigel toward Bellaria. When Tony looked up at Bellaria's face momentarily, he saw something he had never seen from the telepath: devastation.

When Nigel's body fell at her feet, lifeless as stone, a mournful shriek released from her throat. Her fingers scratched at her cheeks as she fell to her knees and cradled his body. Tears fell from her eyes, and she looked up at Tony with pure hatred. As he raised his arm, ready to blow the bitch away, a strange sensation took over his body. He lost control of everything. He knew what was happening: she was taking over his body in the same way she had taken over the guards' and forced them to put their guns in their mouths.

"You're going to lose someone, just in the way I have," she hissed, as she held Nigel's head in her lap. Turning her attention to JJ, she added, "And you! I'm going to destroy you. You'll lose everything you hold dear in this world."

Bellaria rose to her feet, towering over the kneeling Tony and dazed JJ. "You're all going to die," she howled.

And then, before she ran off, Tony's blasters were aimed toward the ground. Bellaria wasn't going to make him kill himself; she was going to make him kill JJ.