"Where did you get this scar?" Newt said, indicating a small white indent in the shape of a crescent moon on Hermann's chest

"My adviser had a cat. It didn't much care for me. Mr. Tingles ruined my shirt giving me that," he replied with a small chuckle

Newt laughed and kissed the scar gently, "I never was much of a cat person, little shits, all of them." after he kissed that particular scar a few more times he leaned down to kiss a birthmark he particularly liked on Hermann's left shoulder. "I almost forgot about this one…" he muttered against the skin.

A shift in Newts weight caused a groan from the man underneath him and he grinned. "I missed that too," he said with an obvious sense of satisfaction.

"I-ah-rather had as well. It's strange, seeing everything the same"

"What's this one?" Hermann asked, indicating a small scar on the pad of Newts finger that wrapped around to his nail.

"I got lazy with a scalpel in my first year teaching." Hermann kissed his finger and Newt laughed. It was odd seeing the other man like this, not only because there had been so much animosity between them the past few years, but also because he had once known Hermann's body so well and here he was, laid but more...colorful."

"Yeah, that must be weird for you." Newt muttered. He hadn't actually thought about that. That must be weird. That thought was pushed out of his mind when Hermann tugged on his last remaining article of clothing. He slipped it off and bent down to kiss Hermann's neck. "I still think you're gorgeous, you know…" Newt said softly, trailing kisses down his body until he reached his hip "Even this…" He kissed the scarring and frowned. "How did that happen anyways?"

"It's not the dramatic story you might think. A motorbike hit me as I crossed the street. It was my fault, a paper I was marking had flown into my face."

If the injury hadn't been life altering, Newt would have laughed, but he stopped himself by kissing the scarring a few more times.

Newt didn't know how long they spent going over every inch of each others bodies. It was slow and by far the most intimate thing he had ever experienced. Sure they had had sex before, but it was never like this. This was slow and personal and there was so much more emotion involved than any of the previous times. They had both been so deprived of each other so long.

"I love you, man." Newt said with a smile, really enjoying the fact that he could now talk to Hermann like he was a person and not something he should avoid at all costs.

"I love you, too." Hermann smiled sadly and Newt leaned down to kiss it off of him.

"Don't look so upset…" He mumbled against the other man's lips.

"I'm not upset, I just...if I hadn't been a such a fool-"

"Hush your mouth" Newt interrupted, kissing down his neck until he got to a point where he knew Hermann was very sensitive, sucking a bit here and there.

"Not possible if you keep doing that. Good to know you r-ah-remembered."

Newt smirked and sucked a bit harder, "Oh you can make all the noise you want, as long as it's happy noise." A shift of the hips and he felt Hermanns arms clench into fists behind his back "Good to know you're enjoying yourself," He said with a groan of his own.

Some time later, when they had finished, they held onto each other, comforted by the feel of a warm body and the sound of another heartbeat. This was going to be hard. They certainly had a lot of issues they needed to work out. They couldn't just ignore everything that had happened, not to mention the fact that they couldn't stay at the Shatterdome forever…but they would cross those bridges when they got to them. Those were all things to think about later. For now they were more content in one another's arms than they had been in fifteen years, and they were happy.