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So I have all the OC's I want.

Hamesh (meister) Gertrude (weapon)

Isaac (meister) Ana (weapon

Danny (meister...jeez, all guys are meister.) Clara (weapon)



Gertrude's POV

The rest of the day had gone fine, after school around 7 at night another pair of Hybrids Danny and Clara were assigned to go on a mission with Hamesh and I that involved infiltrating a witch base. It was rumoured to have 3 witches inside all with a weakness to the cold, which comes in handy for Clara. See I was a bow and Clara was a master long sword that had fire and ice augments.

Danny and Clara were strange I guess. Danny was very formal and Clara is loud, lazy, and outgoing, at first they hated each other but Clara was the only weapon compatible to Danny. They were the only meister and weapon pair to also wear specific, matching mission wear. Now Hamesh and I have mission wear but it varies and we never match, but I guess with Danny being so...well...Danny...things had to be organized.

I put on a loose muscle tee with an a shinigami skull on it, I put a green utility jacket over with some ripped skinny jeans and combat boots. I throw my hair in a quick high ponytail putting a black, gold studded hair bow in it.

"Hamesh! Are ya ready?" I yell through his door and he grunts a response and I hear him shuffle to the door.

He walked up to me, his body towering over me.

"Let's go pipsqueak." He says and we grab our overnight bags and head to the airport to travel to California.

Clara's POV

We make it to Cali around 9 and we have the rest of the night to gather information on the witch base before we set out to infiltrate it tomorrow night. But man I could really use some food right now, I also want to make some new friends, Danny has like major jet lag so I probably shouldn't try to mess with him right now.

Fuck it.


"DANNY LET'S RIDE THE CONVEYER BELT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I grab his arm and drag him on my back, he wasn't even that heavy for his height!

"No, ugh Clara please! Not right now! I am tired! People are staring!" He complains and I start to do cartwheels on the belt.

"STOP! Seriously! You are embarrassing me! What if we get yelled at! We are supposed to be representing the DWMA!" He shouts and I spot out luggage quickly grabbing it before slapping it on his back

"Come on silly! I found our luggage now lets test out the moving sidewalk!" I exclaim dragging him along, Hamesh and Gertrude can hardly even keep up on their penny boards.

Hamesh's POV

An hour later we can feel the L.A air, a check was made from the DWMA to fix the broken walking sidewalk, and now we were hotel bound. I'm sure that's the only thing any of us could think about.

"OHMYGAWWWWDDD the hotel is legit like right on the beach!" Gertrude says, and did she seriously just say legit?

"Fuck sleeping let's hit the beachhh!" Clara says and Gertrude agrees.

"Well I don't know about you but I am sleeping!" Danny says and Clara pouts.

"I agree with the guy right here!" I say to Danny and he nods at both the girls.

"Whatever, be pussies, we are going to hit on hot guys." Gertrude says and I get a little mad at the idea of her and her nice body surrounded by guys at the beach, but I am NOT going to loose sleep just to be her guard dog.

"Fine go, we will check in, we have a suite with two rooms connected by a door on the inside so you get one side we get the other. At least get your key before you run out." Danny replies and we all walk into the nice hotel.

"I don't even understand why you want to go out it's almost 10 at night!" Danny says to Clara and she shakes her head.

"Yeah but the night is young! People are having fun out there and we want to join in!"


"Hey, I will catch up to you in an hour I guess." I say to Gertrude and she nods as she receives her key and puts it into her bag.

"Okay, bye!" She says and walks towards the bathrooms with Clara.

"Don't forget to be safe and stay clear of creepy guys that want to get in your pants, we aren't here to get you pregnant!" I yell and she turns around a little flushed.

"Don't worry about me! You are like my grandmother!" She giggles and the door to the bathroom clothes.

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