Hey guys! I know I'm suppose to be working on my other two stories, but this story just came to my mind and I had to write it before I forgot the plot. Usually when I think of a new fanfic, I prevent myself from publishing it until I'm done with one of my stories. As you can see though, I couldn't control myself this time and HAD to type it. I might not update it as much as my other stories though. I just want to finish them so I can type other stories. I thought of this story when listening to the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuits Apparatus. LISTEN TO THE SONG!Anyway here are the characters.

Natsume Hyuuga- A world-famous rock star that's in the band Crimson Fever. He's the lead singer and guitarist. 17 years old and is an 11th grader. Has inky black hair and beautiful deep, ruby-red eyes.

Mikan Sakura- A girl who has a possessive boyfriend that barely lets her out of his sight. Her boyfriend is abusive to her and always breaks her heart. She can't break up with him though because she is scared of what will happen if she does. 16 years old and is an 11th grader. Has long shiny light brown hair that sometimes looks dirty blonde and hazel eyes that are mostly green.

Ruka Nogi- A famous band member in Crimson Fever. He's play the bass guitar and is one of Natsume's best friend. He has light blonde hair and ocean blue eyes.

Hotaru Imai- Mikan's best friend and is always there when Mikan needs her even though she doesn't admit it out loud. She is cold to others but deep down she cares for certain people that are her friends. She is cousins with Reo Mouri,Mikan's boyfriend,but truly despises him for hurting Mikan both emotianally and physically. She is 16 and an 11th grader. She has raven black hair and amethyst eyes.

Reo Mouri- Mikan's boyfriend. He always breaks her heart by cheating on her and always being cruel to her. She can't break up with him because he always threatens her. He doesn't let Mikan talk to boys and fawn over idols. He has orange-red hair and dark amethyst eyes.

Kokoro (Koko) Yome- Twin of Kistuneme and is the drummer of the band Crimson Fever. He is one of Natsume's best friends. He is Mikan's cousin but doesn't know anything about her boyfriend. He's a joker and loves to play pranks but if you mess with Mikan, he becomes this over-protective brother she never had. 17 years old and is an 11th grader. Dirty blonde hair and chocolate-brown eyes.

Kistuneme (Kitsu) Yome- Twin of Koko and is the third guitarist of the band Crimson Fever. He is one of Natsume's best friends and Mikan's cousin. He's 17 years old and an 11th grader. He's a jokester and pranker. He has dirty blonde hair and fox-like, chocolate-brown eyes.

Anna Umenomiya- One of Mikan's best friends and tries her best to help her in the times Reo loses control. Is cousins with Nonoko and is 16 years old and an 11th grader. She has bubble gum pink hair and crystal blue eyes.

Nonoko Ogasawara- One of Mikan's best friends and also tries to help her when Reo loses control. She's cousins with Anna and is a 16 year old 11th grader. She has midnight blue hair and crystal blue eyes.

Yuu Tobita- A kind-hearted guy that's plays the keyboard for the Crimson Fever. He is one of Natsumes's best friends. He's a 17 year old and an 11th grader. He has dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Sumire Shouda-One of Mikan's best friend and is often called Permy. She's 16 and is in 11th grade. She has curly forest green hair and dark green eyes to match.

Tsubasa Andou- A playboy guy that is one of Natsume's best friends. He's the second guitarist in Crimson Fever and sometimes play acoustic. He's 18 and is an 11th grader due to him repeating a grade. Has midnight blue hair and navy blue eyes. He also has a star tattoo under his left eye.

Misaki Harada- One of Mikan's best friends even though she is older by a year. She tries to help Mikan when Reo becomes a jerk. She is 18 but an 11th grader because she once got suspended for a month for beating up a guy. That caused her to not be in school for more than 18 day causing her to repeat a grade. She has Carmine hair and hot pink eyes.

That's all the important characters.:) Enjoy!

I started typing this chapter on 1-11-13


Mikan's POV

"You bitch!"He screamed slapping me across the face leaving it a sore, stinging feeling. "Are you cheating on me?!"

"N-no Reo. I was just giving him the homework Misaki-sensei told me to-"I tried to say but was interpreted by a slap across the face.

"I don't want to see you talking to him again!"He yells again before giving me one last slap and leaving me there against the wall behind the school as he walks to his next class.

I'm tired of this. Acting like his personal slave. All he does is abuse and hurt me. He tells me not to talk to any guy when he practically flirts with girls right in front of me! One time I confronted him, it didn't end well.

I probably should go to my next class. I walk into the building and down the corridor to my math class. As I stumble in, everyone including the teacher Jinno-sensei looks at me but said nothing. They couldn't. They all knew what was happening but I told them not to tell anyone. One teacher tried to help me, she was never seen again. If you're wondering about my parents, they're almost never home. Always at work. When I get home from school, they're not there and come home when I'm asleep. When I wake up, they're already at work. On weekends and day offs I have to go over to Reo's house. This causes them to not know about his abusiveness because when I do see them which is 2 hours a week, I have makeup on that covers the cuts and bruises.

I walk into class as Jinno-sensei marks me present. He knew I was getting beaten so he didn't want to mark me late because I didn't want to intentionally.

"Baka, are you alright? What did my idiot cousin do this time."My best friend Hotaru said as I sit down in the behind her.

I gave her a small, sad smile.

"I'll tell you after class. Kay?" I ask her not wanting to think about it now.

"Okay"She says as she turns back to face the front.

When will this end? I silently ask myself.

The next day

Natsume's POV

I can't believe that I had to wake up early for this. I can't believe I have to go back to school and it's in another town! I turn on the radio in the limo and hear one of my band's songs turn on.

(I don't own this song! All rights go to the original singers The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

They say that life would be it's hardest in your teenage years
Well, some of what they say is really true
They say that life will come and find you when your heart is new
I don't believe it from the mouths of fools

So hang on, hang on

We got a million different ways to see our emotions
We got a million different ways to trick our heads to bring us down
We got a million different colors to see in the ocean
But every time I analyze it plays a trick upon my eyes I'm lost
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)

Living in a world that only takes from you
Makes you want to give in and give up (Don't give up)
But soon you realize that you are not alone
Innocence disguises what you love
So do what you love

We got a million different ways to see our emotions
We got a million different ways to trick our heads to bring us down
We got a million different colors to see in the ocean
But every time I analyze it plays a trick upon my eyes I'm lost
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)

Hold on to the things that keep you young
Nothing lasts forever, gone is gone ('Til we find our way)
Don't be so hard on yourself
There will always be a chance to make it better
Things will get better

We got a million different ways to see our emotions
We got a million different ways to trick our heads to bring us down
We got a million different colors to see in the ocean
But every time I analyze it plays a trick upon my eyes I'm lost
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)
I'm finding my way back to my dreams (Whoa)

I'm finding my way back to my dreams
Back to my dreams

And that was Crimson Fever with their latest song Salvation! Wow another great song. Their songs never get old-

The radio turned off.

"Yo Ruka, why'd you turn the radio off?"I ask.

"Well 1 We sang that song. You're ego needs to shrink a little because we aren't the best band in the world. 2 we're at the school."He says as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Our band tops every other. It made it to number one on the charts."I said back."Lets just get out, my back's tired from the ride all the way from Tokyo."

"Okay fine, let's get out."He said knowing that this conversation wouldn't go anywhere.

Everyone got out of the limo and by everyone I mean me whole band including the manager. My band consists of 6 people. Ruka, Koko, Kitsu, Yuu, Tsubasa, and me. Our manager Persona walks towards the building.

"Come on, I need to check you guys in since it's your first day. After you get your schedule, go to your class and I don't want you skipping unless it relates to the band."He says."Remember to be careful with the fangirls."

We quickly followed him not wanting to face the consequences of not listening to him.

"Finally, we're home Koko!"Kitsu said to his twin.

"I know right! We can finally meet up with Mi-chan! I haven't seen her since Jii-chan passed away."Koko said. I wonder who this Mi-chan is considering the fact that Koko and Kitsu don't talk about girls. I also remember when Koko and Kitsu took a month break 3 years ago due to their grandfather's death.

"You guys need to hurry up. I need you in class now."Persona said as he noticed our slow pace. Time for hell.

Mikan's POV

I was leaning against the wall behind the school again. Reo called, the only thing is that I don't know what I did wrong.

"Mikan, there you are."Reo said showing me one of his smiles. A long time ago I would've fallen for that smile, only now it terrifies and disgusts me.

"Yes Reo? Why did you call me?"I ask with a smile.

"Do I need a reason to visit my beautiful girlfriend?"He asks. He must be happy, but yes he always has a reason.

"If it's you then yes."I unconsciously said.

His happiness slowly dispersed to anger.

"What was that?!"He ask me as he grabbed my hair.

"I-I was just kidding! It was a joke!"I yell trying to convince him. Luckily he let go off my hair.

"I wanted to tell you something."He said once he let go. I can tell he's still angry.

"And what's that."I asks curiously.

"I'm going to America for a month to visit my aunt."He said.

"Oh."I said.

"Don't worry, I'll be back and I won't repeat a grade because I'll be studying there until I come back."He said.

"Okay."I said.

"Aren't you going to say you'll miss me?"He asked his voice dripping with menace and anger. Before I answer back, he slapped me hard across the face. Tears started spilling out of my eyes. He quickly kiss me but when he noticed that I wasn't kissing back, he grabbed my arm and squeezed it hard. I'm going to be expecting a bruise there. Reo shoved his tongue into my mouth getting me more disgusted due to the fact that he also put his hand under my shirt and bra.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of torture he pulled away.

"Remember I love you. Don't you dare try to cheat on me while I'm away. I'm making Imai in charge of watching you."He says as he throws me against the wall and walked away. I felt like a doll. Always played with then thrown away but later picked back up to play with again and the cycle repeats.

I quickly picked myself up and made my way to my English class. It's my favorite considering that the teacher Narumi teaches it. He's like a second father to me.

I walk into the room emotionlessly. Everyone turned their attention from the front of the classroom to me. Including the people up front. They must be new students.

"Ah Mikan there you are!"Narumi-sensei said as he quickly marked me present."We have new students. They're from the band Crimson Fever. Can you guys introduce yourself?"Narumi asked as he turned his attention from me to the boys.

They're from a band. Well how would I know. I'm only allowed to listen to female idols thanks to my oh-so-caring boyfriend. Please make a note to sarcasm.

The boys seemed surprised that Narumi-sensei asked them that considering the fact that almost everyone knows them. Before the boys could introduce themselves, two of the boys interrupted.

"MIKAN-CHAN!"They yelled as they tackled me with a hug. Ouch. That hurts, but I can't believe it! My favorite cousins are right in front of me! Before I could hug back I saw Reo from the window probably passing by. He looked at me with a glare. My eyes widened. Great, just when I thought I was done with talking to him for now. Well, to get beat up less I probably should push them off me.

"Get off me right now idiots."I say as I pushed them off and greeting them with a glare.

They seemed surprised. I mean who wouldn't? I'm apparently the 'sunshine' of the family.

"Ahem. Can you guys please introduce yourselves now."Narumi said as I walked towards my seat.

"Oh right well I'm Kokoro Yome from the band Crimson Fever. Call me Koko."Koko said. "And I'm Kistuneme Yome but call me Kitsu, I'm also from Crimson Fever."Kistu said as a bunch of fangirls screamed and had hearts in their eyes.

"I'm Tsubasa Andou. Also from the band Crimson Fever."The blue-haired guy said.

"I'm Yuu Tobita and I'm also in the band Crimson Fever."A dirty blonde with glasses said.

"I'm Ruka Nogi and for those of you that don't know, I'm in Crimson Fever."A blonde said with a kind smile.

"Natsume Hyuuga. For those idiots that don't know, I'm the lead singer in the band Crimson Fever."The guy with crimson eyes said. Wow, talk about arrogant.

Each time a guy introduced themself, fangirls screamed louder. This Hyuuga guy got the loudest screams.

"Tsubasa your partner is Misaki, the girl with carmine hair. Yuu, your partner is Sumire, the girl with permy hair. Koko your partner is Anna the pinkette. Kitsu, your parnter is the blue headed girl named Nonoko. Ruka, your partner is Hotaru the scary one with purple eyes. Natsume your partner is Mikan, the one that walked in a few minutes ago. Sit next to your partners. To celebrate the arrival of our new students, free period!"Narumi said as he pranced out of the room making me sigh. Yeah he's like my second father, but sometimes he acts to gay.

The new students walked to their designated seats and everyone but me and their partners. They walked up to me.

"Mikan! Did he do it again?"Misaki asked.

"Yes and unfortunantly he saw Koko and Kitsu hug me."I said with a frown."I have to explain to him that they're my cousins but knowing him, he's going to beat me up anyway."I said as I slumped into my chair.

"B-but you just came back from visiting him!"Exclaimed Anna causing the class to look over at us. The part that makes me mad is that most of them had pity all over their faces. They all understood what Anna meant. Well all except the new kids.

"Anna shh! I'm going or it'll be an even more painful beating if he waits."I tell them.

"Okay but at least let us go with you."Nonoko said.

"Yeah!He can't hurt you if we're with you."Misaki said."He wouldn't even try if Horatu and I'm there."She continued.

Yup that's right. Reo only has one weakness. He's scared of Hotaru and Misaki. They are the toughest in the school. Reo's scared of Hotaru because Hotaru's well, Hotaru. She didn't get dubbed the ice queen for nothing. Even though they're cousins, they're not at all close. He's scared of Misaki because she really is strong. She always picks fights and is the captain of the wrestling team. Well was. She quit because it bored her.

"Okay fine."I said knowing I can't win this battle.

We got up and walked towards the door.

We walked behind the school and sure enough, Reo was there.

"You bit-"He didn't finish because he saw that my friends were with me. So he just glared.

"Reo! They're my cousins and I haven't seen them in 3 years so they hugged me! I told them to get off me though and pushed them away."I said trying to reassure him.

"I know for a fact that I can't leave you alone without you cheating on me. So I'm going to put a few of my friends in charge of watching you."Reo said angerly.

"Mouri. I'm positive that your friends are going to try to rape her. Every time your friends are with you and Mikan they look as if they want to pounce her."Hotaru said causing Reo to growl.

"Fine, then you better watch her Imai."He said as he walks away. Remember, I said that they aren't that close.

"Hey Hotaru, why did Reo ask you to watch her? You guys don't get along and you hate him."Nonoko asks.

"That baka thinks that I'd choose family over her. Mikan is my family more than him. All of you guys are like my sisters."Hotaru said letting out a rare smile.

"Awww!"All of us said as we went in to tackle Hotaru with a hug. I think that we were hugging too hard because she lost her patience.

"When are you guys gonna let go of me!"She yells making us laugh. I'm so happy Reo won't be here for a while. I can finally live the life I never got to for 3 years.

Natsume's POV

We were led into a classroom by some gay freak named Narumi. He was in the middle of introducing us when a girl who looked beaten up staggered in. I wonder what happened to her. What made me wonder more is when Koko and Kitsu attacked her with a hug. Something tells me that she's the 'Mi-chan' they were talking about.

What made me more surprised is that she pushed them away and acted cold towards them. It not only shocked me, but shocked them too.

After we introduced ourselves to the class, Narumi told us where our seats are and who's are partner. I got that girl they call Mikan.

Just as we sat in our seats people started crowding us. When her pink haired friend name Anna, who also happened to be Koko's partner, said something about visiting someone, everyone turned to face them. They all had pity on their faces. After they talked for a while, I noticed that the Mikan girl and her friends started slipping out of the classroom. Tch aren't they suppose to be our partners?

"Um can you guys please give us some space."Yuu politely asked causing girls to have hearts in their eyes and guys to look at him in awe. Nevertheless, they obeyed and went back to their seats still staring at us. Luckily, we all sat close to each other so we can talk in private. Ruka sat in front of me, Koko sat next to me, Kitsu sat in front on him, Tsubasa sitting behind me, and Yuu sitting behind Koko.

"So who's that weird chick?"I ask Koko and Kitsu who had this gloomy look on their face and this sad aura.

"Oh Mikan? She's our cousin."Koko said.

"Yeah I wonder what happened to her. She's use to be so sweet and greet us back whenever we saw each other."Kitsu said.

"Maybe she's on her period?"I suggested causing the group to laugh.

Maybe this school won't be so bad. I mean, I already found someone interesting.

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