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Last time...

"What was that!?"I say in a threatening tone.

"N-nothing."He quickly says trying to compose his cool.

Ha! I intimidated the Natsume Hyuuga. I am officially Mikan the Great!

Score 1 for Mikan and 0 for Natsume.

And now...

Mikan's POV

The walk home was silent, although I could feel Natsume staring at me.

To be honest, I'm actually quite scared. Reo knows people and it won't sound good if he hears that his girlfriend is walking with the hottest rock star of the century. NOT my words, trust me. I didn't even know who he was until today.

We walked up to a small, simple white and blue house. It may seem as though a happy family were living there with a perfect life, which by the way is how it use to be. Sadly, everything is not what it seems at times. The walls are now full of distress and loneliness.

I sighed and turned around to Natsume with a smile on my face.

"Thanks for dropping me home. Bye,"I say walking towards the door.

"Hn,"He simply replies turning around leaving.

Opening the door, I call to see if my parents are home even though I know they're not.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home,"I call out. After hearing nothing but silence, I sigh and walk towards my room. Once I get there, I turn on my laptop. I open to a chat room that was made for just the girls and me.

TangerineKiss: Hey

MoneyIsLife: Mikan *glare*

PermyLove: Wow Hotaru wat's up ur ass?

MoneyIsLife: Permy *glare*

PinkPuff: No really Hotaru, what's the matter and Permy, USE SOME GRAMMER.

I laugh a little. Anna hates it when people don't use correct grammar. It annoys the shit out of her.

ScienceGeekXD: Hate to burst your bubble, but Anna you spelled GRAMMAR wrong.

PinkPuff: Oh

ToughCookie: Wasn't Hotaru mad at Mikan or something?

PinkPuff:Oh right. Why were you mad Hotaru?

MoneyIsLife: The idiot is keeping something between Hyuuga and herself.

PermyLove: ...

ScienceGeekXD: ...

PinkPuff: ...

ToughCookie: How could u D:

TangerineKiss: SorrySorrySorry I'll tell. I had a breakdown and cried and Hyuuga comforted me. I kinda might've asked him to stay longer than needed...


MoneyIsLife: $_$

PermyLove: Why didn't u tell us sooner D:

ToughCookie: Wait what about Reo?

TangerineKiss: Look that doesn't mean I like Natsume. I just wanted someone to comfort me and he was there so it was better than being alone.

PinkPuff: Whatever you say.

ScienceGeekXD: I totally ship Natsukan though. Or wait would it be Mitsune? Idk (READERS PLZ TELL ME THERE SHIP NAME I TOTALLY FORGOT SINCE I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN FOREVER)

TangerineKiss: There WON'T be a ship name since I have no feelings for him and he feels the same. We just met today feelings don't automatically appear.

PermyLove: Love at first sight?

ToughCookie: That's bullshit

MoneyIsLife: Agreed

TangerineKiss: Conversation done... I'm gonna start homework, eat dinner, shower, then possibly sleep after.

MoneyIsLife: Bye Baka

ToughCookie: Bye

PermyLife: Later

PinkPuff: Bye:)

ScienceGeekXD: Peace

After longing off I did exactly what I'd say I would do. Homework, dinner, shower, sleep. Honestly I can't wait for tomorrow. It will be the start of my temporary freedom.

*beep beep beep*

Groaning, I hit the metal contraption causing the noise that interrupted my beautiful dream of no Reo.

I turn over and try my best to focus on the red numbers staring at me on the digital clock.

4:30 am

Oh right I have to meet Reo at the airport to wish him off.

Slowly crawling out of the warmth of my cozy bed, I reached my closet and grabbed something random to wear.

I look in the mirror at my black hoodie and shorts with black leggings underneath. After deciding that Reo would just insult me about not looking good to see him off, I changed into something better.

I wore a floral skirt and pearly white tank top with a matching belt. To top it off, I added a light blue denim jacket.

Grabbing my brown ankle boots and purse, I walked to the airport. Yes WALKED. I don't have a ride or anything like that and I don't feel like spending money on a cab or bus. It's also not that far away from where I live so it shouldn't take too long.

After walking about 20-25 minutes, I made it to the airport. Walking in, I was surprised that I was the only one there to see Reo off.

"Hey Reo," I said to him giving him a beautiful, loving, FAKE smile. He luckily fell for it though.

"Hey babe," He said smirking. "Looking good."

"Thanks," I said.

He suddenly glared at me. Wow, bipolar much?

"You're not planning to screw any guys right?"He says clenching his teeth. Oh so that's why. Reo should know by now that I'm too innocent to cheat.

I widen my eyes slightly.

"What-no of course not,"I say hoping he would buy it. I don't know, maybe it's because we're in a crowded airport, but he didn't hurt me at all like he normally would.

Leaning in he whispers to my ear.

"Good because if I hear that something happened, I'm flying home and I'm gonna make sure that every part of you is aching. Understand?"He threateningly asks.

Gulping, I quickly nodding my head too intimidated to speak, not knowing the consequences.

"Good," He says pulling me closer to him engulfing me into a hug. 3 years ago, I would've loved the hug, thinking it felt right. Now it just feels incredibly uncomfortable that words can't even describe.

Pulling out of the hug, he leans in for a passionate and aggressive kiss. I felt no spark. He must have felt like he was kissing a lifeless doll because he stopped and looked at me. I could tell by the fury swimming in his eyes that he wasn't pleased, but again, we were in a public place so he couldn't do anything.

"Leave,"He grumbled, turning away to walk away from me.

I sigh. Wow I've been doing that a lot lately. I don't know though, a part of me still loves him and feels heartbroken when he treats me like this.

Turning around I made my way home, making sure to take the longest route. School didn't start for a while anyway and I was planning on skipping breakfast.

6:30 am

After walking a while I decided to stop by the diner close to school. It was a small diner, almost not noticeable. Not a lot of people go there, but enough to keep it open. Most of the people at school don't know about it. I don't blame them though, it's hardly visible with the other restaurants, cafes, and stores around it.

The only reason why I know about it is because my grandpa use to go there on a normal basis. It's actually the place where he met my grandma and where he proposed to her. He use to take me here a lot.

"Ohayo mina-san,"I greet the few people. The only ones there were a few waitresses, the chef in the back, an elderly couple, and a man in his late 30s.

"Morning Mikan-chan,"A waitress says to me with a smile.

"Off to school?"Another one says.

"Yeah I just wanted to stop by and say hi."I replied with a smile of my own. The workers here were like another family to me. Though they were all in their 30s-50s, I felt that I could trust them the most besides Hotaru and the rest.

"Are you hungry? I got your favorite strawberry pancakes all ready for you," Said Daichi, the chef in the back.

"Not really," I answer only to be proven wrong by the earthquake in my stomach causing a blush to creep onto my face.

"Nice try, but you're not getting away that easily. We promised your grandfather to take care of you as a dying wish since your parents are always busy," Daichi said laughing a little.

I sit down on a stool by the counter and patiently waited for my food. Deciding to rest a little, I close my eyes and smell the delectable aroma, my mouth watering almost immediately. With a clank on the counter, my eyes open and I was greeted with strawberry pancakes drenched in strawberry syrup, just the way I liked them. Just as I was about to take a huge bite of my breakfast, the door to the diner opened loudly and chattering filled the diner.

"-so Grandpa use to take us here," I hear an all too familiar voice say. Knowing too well who it was, I once again put my head down, hoping that they wouldn't notice me. However, the gods above didn't hear my pray because I soon felt a person plopping down next to me with many more following. Though I already had a good idea as to who it was, I glanced at the people in a way that wouldn't blow my cover.

"Koko! Kitsu! Long time so see," Daichi exclaimed as he comes up to the front to engulf the two in hugs.

"Daichi my man!' Koko and Kitsu exclaimed in sync. It's creepy how they do that, almost as creepy as when Anna and Nonoko do.

"So what brings you in town? Are you guys here to meet up with Mi-chan?" The old man asks and his eyes twinkled in delight to be reunited with his favorite twins.

"We're starting school here again with our bandmates, and we wanted to show them the best diner in town. By the way, what do you mean meet up with Mi-chan? Is she here?" Kitsu asks as he looks around.

Daichi, finding Kitsu's cluelessness hilarious, goes into a small fit of laughter.

"Well she's right there," He states as he motions towards me with his head. Hearing this said, I decided it was pointless in trying to hide and got up.

"Geez Daichi, I really wanted to eat my breakfast in peace," I say, followed by a pout.

"Mi-chan, you of all people know that if you're looking for a peaceful breakfast, it's not here,"He replies with a chuckle.

I turn to look at the twins only to find them gaping at me.

"M-Mi-chan! How could you hide from us?!" Koko said as crocodile tears began to spurt out of his eyes.

"Wait, AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WANTED YOUR BREAKFAST IN PEACE?! ARE YOU SAYING WE'RE NOT PEACEFUL?!" Kitsu exclaimed, obviously taking the situation differently as Koko.

Putting on my best poker face, I reply in a monotone voice.

"Actually you are quite the opposite dear cousins," I tell them. Though my poker face and voice seemed to show I didn't care, the amusement in my eyes was a dead giveaway that I found the situation hilarious. I mean come on, it's not everyday that you see the twins freaking out in opposite manners. One is crying and the other looks like he's about to explode.

"I hate to burst you guys' bubble, but school's gonna start in less than an hour," A frantic voice interrupts. I turn my head to see that it was Yuu.

"Yeah let's just order our breakfast first, then we can talk," Ruka says. Following his lead, they all sit down and placed their orders. They soon got their orders and it was silent for a good 10 minutes until someone decided to break it.

"So, Mikan is it?" Tsubasa says with a smirk, "What did you get, it looks delicious. Well, not as delicious as you."

I blush at this, because, well, it's not everyday I get a compliment like that. Especially not with Reo around.

"S-strawberry pancakes with strawberry s-syrup," I fluster as I stare at him. Feeling a deadly aura, I turn to look at the others. Koko, Kitsu, and surprisingly Natsume were glaring at him, the aura getting thicker by the minute. Yuu and Ruka just seemed to be annoyed.

"Hey, Tsubasa, knock it off will you. The last thing we want is for you to sleep with the twins' cousin," Ruka said, clearly irritated by his player attitude.

"Heh sorry," Tsubasa said as he puts his hands up and sweatdrops at everyone's reaction.

Being the slow person I am, Ruka's words finally started to register my system. Did he just imply that I will sleep around with a player?

Clenching my fists I look at my plate of now cold pancakes. I can already feel the aura I am emitting.

Natsume's POV

Okay I'll be honest, I was pissed of with Tsubasa's comment, but only because I told Serina-sensei I'd watch Mikan. So when Ruka made that comment, I was glad that not only I was annoyed. However, I didn't expect the reaction Mikan returned. If anything, she should be grateful, I mean he just saved her from a huge heartbreak with a rockstar who was notorious for hooking up with several girls.

Saying that she was mad would be an understatement. She looked like a bomb that was about to explode. Her face was red and steam was coming out. Daichi might as well cook with eggs on her head to save energy.

"Calm down Mikan, calm down," I hear her mutter to herself. She then turns around and faces Ruka.

"For you infomation bunny boy, I have a boyfriend, and I am not a slut so no I won't be sleeping with a player, or anyone, when I am currently not single," She spat, "My appetite is now ruined. Goodbye. See you later Daichi."

Ruka was paralyzed from fear. I'm sure he didn't mean to say it in that way. Before I could retort something to defend my best friend from the bipolar chick, the said person placed a few dollar bills on her plate and left, probably headed to school.

"Tch," I say clearly not pleased that she had upset Ruka when he was trying to protect her. I don't care what Serina-sensei said or that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she can't just treat Ruka like trash. Mikan Sakura is going to pay the price, whether she likes it or not. Get ready for war because if you mess with Ruka, you mess with Natsume Hyuuga.

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