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Rose Marion Tyler stood apart from her mother, father, and best friend on a cold desolate beach in Norway. She had been so hopeful that the man she loved had found a way back to her to take her home. You see about six months before she had been trapped in an alternate universe. It could have been worse, she could have been sucked into the void where there was nothing but Daleks and Cybermen had it not been for the parallel version of her father Pete Tyler popping in and catching her just in time, at least now she could have some hope that she would see the Doctor again.

She heard her name called again and turned to see a fairly transparent version of the Doctor. She made a comment about how he was see through and she saw as he pointed his sonic screw driver at something behind him and he transformed into a solid man.

"Can I?" She asked trailing off.

"No still just an image." He said sadly.

Rose let out a sob "Will I ever see you again?" She asked through the block forming in her throat.

"It's impossible. The walls between the worlds are closing; it would make both worlds collapse." He said looking more broken than she had ever seen him appear.

"I..I..can't breath" she gasped before he could continue.

"Rose what's wrong? Rose?" he said starting to panic as she clutched at her chest.

"Doctor. I love you." She wheezed out before falling to the ground.

He dropped to his knees tears clearly streaming from his eyes know. "JACKIE! PETE! MICKEY!" he called to the group who was already running at the spot.

"What happened?" Pete said dropping to the beach as he reached, for all intense purposes, daughter and laying two fingers on her neck to look for a pulse.

"I don't know. She said she couldn't breath after I told her we would never see each other" He said in a hurry knowing he only had about a minute left.

Pete looked at the girl sadly after a few moments of looking for a pulse and coming up with nothing. He looked at the Doctor sadly before shaking his head. Jackie had just reached them as the doctor began to fade away. The last thing before he was staring at the wall of the TARDIS was Jackie's scream of anguish.

~~~The stuff of legends~~~

Rose groaned and rubbed the back of her head tangling her blond hair more than it already was. She looked around looking for any exit or anything, all she could see was a in a large off white room. There were no windows or doors that she could see. Letting out another groan she got slowly to her feet and began to set about exploring the strange room. She figured she would be safer if she kept quiet so as much as she wanted to call out for the Doctor or Pete or anyone she kept her mouth shut.

She walked for about 20 minutes before she came to a large spot in the floor. It was about the size of an olypic sized swimming pool but was round and looked inky black with a bunch of twinkling lights of varying colors. She recognized this as deep space.

"You are outside the universe, outside the void, basically outside of reality." A woman's voice said. She turned and saw what looked like an angel statue standing next to her looking at the pool.

"How is that possible? And what are you?" She asked trying to be polite as possible.

"It is possible because the Doctor has done so much to protect all the worlds and we, the watchers have decided to give him a reward. As for your second question I am a Weeping Angel. The watchers are made up of some of the toughest, oldest, and most influential species in all the worlds. There are well over a million of us and that is why we are able to do this. Also you must know that those of our species are different than us. We are here to make sure nothing falls apart.

"Ok so what do I have to do with this?" Rose asked

"As I said we are rewarding the Doctor. We are going to send you back so you can redo the timeline. When you get back you will be a little more durable and be able to tell between those that you can save and those you can not and if all goes as planned and you manage to stay together after Canary Wharf we will give you a further reward but that is to be a surprise." The angel said.

"Really? I doubt I will be able to tell him though." Rose said a little sad

"No you cannot tell him. You can tell others that you meet, and you will know who they are and when to tell them. You will also know when you can tell him."

"That is a plus I think. So how do we do this?" Rose asked.

"My dear angel you forgot something." A man's voice said

"And what was that oh ye wise one?" The angel asked as they both turned their backs to the pool to see a man in a strange red robe with a really weird hat. He looked human but Rose could tell there was something different. He had dark brown eyes and red hair.

"Well not that it really matters because I am sure she would do it anyway but you have to become Bad Wolf Miss. Tyler, It will set in motion the ability for the surprise change." The man explained.

Rose nodded in understanding. "Very well." She said

"Now we just have to wait for the watchers from your original world and we will be able to send you back. It will be a little uncomfortable and we can not guarantee how long before you meet the Doctor you will be sent but It will be within six months of the first meeting." The woman said.

"That should clear up some romantic problems I may have with Mickey" Rose said.

The man walked up and stood to her left while the angel remained on her right side as they continued to look into the pool. Once the pool was completely surrounded by various creatures she was instructed to walk into the middle. She did so nervously and looked around as everyone around her looked towards the ceiling and those that could closed their eyes and raised their arms as well. They stood like this for several seconds as she watched as a gold light started with the man, went around the area going through each creature and then shooting at her from where she had been standing as they waited. When the beam connected with her chest she couldn't help but scream in agony. This lasted for nearly a minute before she dissolved into a golden cloud and shot into the universe at her feet.

~~~the stuff of legends~~~

*New Years 2005*

A man in a long brown trench coat watched two blond women from the shadows wincing in pain. As the women separated and went in different directions he made an audible gasp of pain catching the attention of the younger of the two. He had a short exchange with her, telling her that she was going to have a great year. After she headed into her building he turned and saw an ood who offered a little comfort. He stumbled his way into the blue police box.

Because he was distracted he missed the golden beam shoot into the building that Rose Tyler just went into and certainly didn't see the words Bad Wolf written in the sky in the same golden color in the sky above the Estate building.

Up in her flat Rose Tyler made her way into her bedroom. She fell to her bed as soon as she stepped into the room and gasped as a gold light hit her in the chest causing a bright flash to shine from her window before fading away, taking the tell tale words Bad Wolf with it.


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