Rose woke up in a peaceful state, perhaps even more peaceful as she didn't have to worry about Adam. Of course she knew that their first trip to Satellite Five was up next, and that did need to be an adventure they have because it led to their second adventure on Satellite Five.

Rose woke up and got dressed.

"I have already landed us somewhere. They have good chips." The Doctor said happily.

"You had me sold before you mentioned chips. Now I wonder, what are we waiting for?" Rose asked with her signature grin.

The Doctor gave his equally playful grin before gesturing to Rose to lead the way. Rose took a step out of the door and was met with the scene of the food court like area on this level of the satellite.

"Kinda warm in here isn't it?" Rose asked, turning to the Doctor as he shut the Tardis door.

"It is, isn't it." The Doctor said with a shrug before leading Rose over to the tables before he went to get them some chips to share.

They were sitting there minding their own business when two women came and sat next to them and were caring about their own conversation. Rose could tell that the Doctor was listening in as they complained about the heat.

"I am sorry I couldn't help but overhear but you were talking about the heat. My colleague and I were sent to inspect the problem." The Doctor said flashing his psychic paper at the two.

They started describing what had been going on when the television flared to life announcing Suki as being promoted to Floor 500 while Cathica watched with jealousy.

"Don't worry, you do the real hard work. Your day will come." Rose said encouragingly.

The older woman still looked upset but she did look brighter than she did.

"I would like to see the gold halls of floor 500 though" She responded wistfully.

"Suki is your friend, why not visit her?" The Doctor asked as he went to a panel mounted near the elevator.

"You are only allowed to go there if you are promoted. What are you doing?" Cathica asked as he removed the protective plating.

"The heat, there has to be a reason for it." The Doctor said acting like her questions were annoying him.

"Don't mind him, do people that ever go to floor 500 come back? Maybe she could visit you?" Rose asked, leaning against the wall as the Doctor hacked into the program that was running the ventilation system.

"Halls line in gold and ultra luxury or this heat and average living. Who would want to come back to this?" Cathica huffed.

"The ventilation seems to be working but instead of cooling the entire installation it is all going up to floor 500. I wonder why that is." The Doctor said, pondering if they could be connected.

"I'll need to get to the top floor. Rose are you coming? Cathica, want to see?" He said.

"I wouldn't miss this for anything." Rose said grinning.

"We aren't supposed to," Cathica said, chewing her lip in worry.

"Come on live a little," Rose said, pulling the other woman onto the elevator.

"Well it is not like I have a choice now" Cathica said as the doors shut, not seeing the Doctor and Rose share a smirk.

The three rode the elevator through the levels in silence. The Doctor was excited at the adventure and mystery that needed to be solved. Cathica was silent with anxiety about being caught and punished or worse fired. Rose was silent with her own anxiety. Last time Adam had served as a distraction that allowed Cathica to save the day but they didn't have that this time. Rose's Tardis key was also hidden very well so that it wouldn't cause any problems like it did when Adam had it out in the open while he was being used.

When the elevator pinged they waited, impatiently, for the door to open. They shared a look before stepping into the freezing and decidedly not golden hall. Another thing to note about this supposedly immaculate area was that it was not unbearably hot like the lower levels but rather freezing and frozen.

"Well I think we now know why the lower levels are so warm," Rose said with a nervous laugh.

The Doctor shared his usual adventurous grin.

Cathica paled at the revelation that everything she had worked for the last several years was a total lie. As they grew closer to where she knew the control room was, icicles began to become present on the walls, her resolve to find out what was going on, not that she had any to begin with. She finally apologized before running back towards the elevator.

Rose and the doctor shrugged, their curiosity and sense of adventure we're not for everyone after all. They reached a door and went in. They snuck around for a few minutes before coming upon a locked door.

The Doctor smirked before using his sonic screwdriver on the lock. He opened the door and went into the room to make sure it was safe before pulling Rose in and closing the door. This ended up being the coldest room they had explored yet. Rose rubbed her arms to get some warmth as she adjusted to the freezing temps.

The next couple hours happened as Rose remembered. Getting captured by the Editor and finding out about the Jagrafess. As it turned out Suki had been a member of a rebel group that was suspicious of what was going on with Satellite Five. Before she got frozen to her work station she sent out a message to other agents to come to floor 500 if they didn't hear from her. The resistance assigned to the rescue mission came in with their weapons at the ready. Cathica who had come back saw everything and still ended up leaking everything about the satellite as she had in the previous timeline.

Also just like the other timeline Cathica's actions ultimately lead to the defeat and death of both the jagrafess and the Editor.

The Doctor sighed as their hands were released. It was more violent than he would prefer, but at the same time no shots were fired. Rose frowned not being able to assure the Doctor that things happened as they were supposed to.

As they returned to the Tardis, in the now bearable lower levels of the satellite Rose's anxiety spiked. When she could disclose everything about reliving her past would the Doctor hate her? He always went on about being careful about interfering and here she was rewriting her last two years so she could give him forever as she promised.

The Tardis sent her comforting waves as Rose prepared for a quiet night of relaxation before they headed to their next adventure.


A fairly short chapter that was difficult to work out. Without Adam I wasn't sure how I was going to rescue the Doctor and Rose while also giving Cathica her moment. Father's Day is the chapter and I may shorten it to a reference during an original adventure. Rose still wants to give her father someone hold his hand but she also has seen what happens when she saves him. At the same time like with Dalek and World War 3 I always felt Father's Day helped Rose and the Doctor's relationship progress. We we will just have to wait and see where my muse takes us.