Hehe…so I won't tell you the pairing right from the start. Don't worry you will figure it out soon.

But I will tell you one thing: It will be a pairing, that is not really common and in my opinion totally underappreciated.

So have fun reading.

Updated: 28/08/2014

I am lonely…so very lonely. Why is no one here….Why am I all alone? Do they not care about me? Don't they need me like I need them? Don't they want me? But why?

So lonely…I am so very lonely. It's freezing cold here and it's dark. Too dark. I am afraid. I feel like someone is watching me and nobody is here to protect me. They are not here to protect me. But why? Why? What did I do wrong? Why am I not good enough? Why won't they come for me?

I am a good girl always tried to help others and help wherever I could. I never had a childhood or at least not for long. As soon as we left my father I couldn't be a child any longer. I needed to act like the mother. Care for my mother and protect her like she was supposed to do for me. But she didn't. Never did. Lonely…so lonely…

Why are they not here to take care of me? Why don't they hold me in their arms telling me, that everything is going to be fine? Why am I alone? Am I not good enough?

I went to my father to help my mother be happy. I gave my own happiness for hers. Left all my friends behind. Everyone I knew there. I was happy to see my father again sure, but to be completely honest I only did it for her. I only went to him for her. Like I always did. Always trying to be good. To help. To be the perfect little daughter.

So why don't they come for me? Why am I still lonely. It's dark. So very dark. It's getting colder and colder as the seconds go by. But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Because the intense feeling of loneliness is slowly taking over. Freezing me in place and makes me curl even further into myself. It's so cold and it still gets colder. I slowly begin to get numb. Trying to look away from the mocking image in front of me. Their beautiful smiles and outstretched hands are not really there. I know this. Had to learn it the hard way. The image is just mocking me. Trying to get me to touch it only for it to vanish afterwards. I can't bear it…it's so cold …I am so lonely…where are they?

Where are you? Please come…come and save me…I am so lonely so afraid…Please…PLEASE! I need you! PLEASE!...please…oh…please