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Updated: 18/05/2014

Gentle fingers are caressing my skin. I can feel the continuing stroking in every cell of my body. The rhythmical movement relaxing me completely. Soft whispers fill my ear as loving words are purred directly to my heart. A warm feeling spreads through me as my love and devotion for this hands, this voice, this person rise in unknown highs. A chaste kiss is planted on my head as I am pulled into a strong embrace. Feeling relaxed and hundred percent content I lean into the hug. Wanting more of the heat to envelop my body. I feel safe. So safe. I want to stay here in this arms. Near this voice.

The scent of grass and flowers overwhelms my senses as I try to cuddle deeper into this strong arms. Birds are singing their beautiful songs in the background as I try to take in as much as possible of this situation. So I will be able to remember even the smallest detail. There is the sound of wind slowly caressing trees and I can even hear the sound of flowing water in the distance. Soothing me as I lie on the floor with the arms still around me. Warmth flows through me as I lie there on the ground letting sunbeams caress my body. A gentle touch to my face gaines my attention as I slowly open my eyes. I blink a few times against the bright sun light before looking up in the even brighter eyes of them.

A gentle smile graces my lips as I look up at their smiling faces. My whole surrounding getting even brighter at their enlightening happy faces. They are always so beautiful when they smile. It's like seeing the first rays of sunlight in the morning or stars at an especially clear night. Their whole posture talks about love and absolute bliss. I look into their eyes again immediately captured by the fascinating sparkle in them. Their eyes are so very different and still similar.

I look down from their faces to their outstretched hands. I look up to see them suddenly standing in front of me. Their hands still outstretched to me. Their skin still shining brightly. I hold my hand out slowly moving it centimeter for centimeter closer to them. I stop just before touching them. I know, what will follow, but I still can't resist. I look up to their loving eyes before closing the distance between our hands. I feel their hands in mine and then….nothing. They are gone. Leave me alone…alone…alone…alone...

I startle awake with tears streaming down my cheeks. I curse as I whip the cold sweat from my forehead. I know, what happened. I know it just too good. The oh-so-familiar feelings start to rush through me as I remember the same dream, that has kept me awake for months now. It is always the same. They are always the same. The beautiful creatures, that not only haunt me in dreamland, but also when awake. Their soft features are always there as soon as I close my eyes. Like their faces have been printed on the inside of my lids. It's a sweet torture really. Seeing them all the time, but not being able to touch them, hold them, feel them. It's kind of ridiculous, how much I miss them without having met them once. Except for all this times I have seen them in my dreams of course.

I think back to my latest encounter with them. It gets clearer…it has gone clearer for some time now. Every night I can see a bit more, feel a bit more or even hear a bit more. It's always a similar scene, but it gets more intense with every day. Since my time in the hospital I can barely think about anything, but them. The problem with this is, that I know it is not like it seems. It's not just a dream. They are not just a dream. Not part of my imagination at all. Neither are most of my previous dreams.

I have figured out at a young age, that I am "special". I have abilities others haven't. Like this "dreams" for example. Whatever happens in my dreams tends to happen in reality too. This good things as well as the bad ones, but they don't always happen in the same order or the same way. I found out about that after an unpleasant event in my childhood. Since then I always listen to my dreams. Try to figure out, what they mean and prepare for it. It's not always easy, but I manage. But this one dream was different. I knew immediately, what it meant. I need to find them. They need to find me. Because we belong together. Are meant to be. Our fate is entangled together as we share the same future. I close my eyes letting the same words flood my mind as on the night I first awoke from this dream.

They are my mates as I am theirs.
Never alone after we begin to share

No need to search to be found.
My heartbeat will be their souls only sound.

And should it stop then I won't whine,
because blood will be my delicious wine.

We shall be together and never apart,
so it may beat the unbeating heart.